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Need A Mid-Summer Sandal Refresh? Get Over To Sole Society ASAP

If the sandals you've been wearing all summer have seen better days, here's the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to a new pair. Sole Society just did further markdowns and super cute leather sandals start at just $27! Our favorites from the sale? These strappy ankle wrap sandals, which come in three versatile colors. Unlike trendier styles, these simple leather sandals will never go out of style, so they're a super smart investment at just $31. Koko Strappy Flat Sandal ($31.98, down from $79.95)   Koko Strappy Flat Sandal ($31.98, down from $79.95)   Koko Strappy Flat Sandal ($31.98, down from $79.95) But don't stop there! There are loads more cute styles on sale, so stock up! Clover Lace-Up Espadrille ($31.98, down from $79.95) Fauna Fringe Flat Sandal ($31.98, down from $79.95) Koa Fringe Flat Sandal ($31.98, down from $79.95) Pandora Fringe Flat Sandal ($27.95, down from $69.95) Ananda Knotted Flat ($33.98, down from $84.95) Celine Gladiator Flat Sandal ($33.98, down from $84.95) So what are you waiting for!? Snag one (or more) of these sale pairs now! SHOP SOLE SOCIETY SALE NOW Don't forget to check out best selling Tarte lip products for just $10 and $11 leggings at Nordstrom's anniversary sale! [Photo: Sole Society]

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How To Find The Perfect Wedding Dress Under $500

Before you try on the dress of your dreams, it's crucial that you set aside a chunk of your budget for your wedding dress and alterations (don't forget about those!). With that being said, many brides are clueless about where to cap the dress cost, especially if they're avid viewers of TV shows like "Say Yes To The Dress," where brides spend tens of thousands of dollars on wedding dresses alone. Let's be real—that's just not feasible, and you're only wearing the dress once. There's absolutely nothing wrong with splurging on your wedding dress but, for brides with tight budgets, it's not a necessity. According to The Knot, brides typically spend an average of $1,564 on their wedding dresses. Which isn't too bad, right!? But, we challenge you to go even lower. Check out how to find your ideal wedding dress for $500 or less. And, don't worry—you won't have to sacrifice style. If you're sick of looking at department stores, you now have it easy with the rise in retailers and fashion lines designing affordable, trendy wedding dresses with budget-friendly brides in mind. Online shopping has also ushered in a new era of wedding dress hunting, with many stores offering free shipping and returns. Take a look at a few examples. Revolve: Thanks to Revolve Clothing's new wedding line, you have access to a radically wide range of wedding dresses under $500, which you can order online for free delivery straight to your door. Sacrificing trendiness for cost is definitely not an issue here, with options like an off-the-shoulder gown and a sexy deep-V fitted dress well within your budget. They even have a few lace high-nick options if you're in to that kind of thing. Their dresses err on the simpler, more casual side, so this can be your go-to shopping destination if you're having a less formal wedding. [caption id="attachment_610822" align="aligncenter" width="270"] Katie May Legacy Gown ($295)[/caption] For Love & Lemons: If you've ever shopped on Revolve, you're probably familiar with this recognizable brand, which also launched its own wedding line. Their collection currently offers five diverse and exquisite wedding dresses, and only one of them costs more than $500. Prices range from $252-$330. [caption id="attachment_610826" align="aligncenter" width="200"] For Love & Lemons Isabella Halter Maxi Dress ($252)[/caption] Modcloth: For any brides in search of vintage wedding dresses, check out Modcloth's non-traditional assortment of affordable gowns. They even have an entire line of plus-size dresses. From sophisticated, short A-lines to  stunning tiered maxis, Modcloth has a little bit of everything in the wedding dress department. With the exception of two dresses, you don't have to splurge more than $400. [caption id="attachment_610843" align="aligncenter" width="210"] Modcloth Graceful Grandeur Maxi Dress In Ivory ($300)[/caption] ASOS: The ever-popular online retailer offers a bridal collection just as cheap and stylish as the rest of their vast network of clothes. An added perk? The most expensive ASOS wedding dress currently costs $395! Just like Modcloth, ASOS's Curve brand caters to plus-size brides. And, if you've ordered from them before, they'll give you recommended sizes for each dress. They even have all your other wedding day attire needs covered, like shoes and hair accessories, so you can make ASOS your one-stop shop. [caption id="attachment_610846" align="aligncenter" width="229"] ASOS Bridal Trumpet Hem Maxi Dress ($316)[/caption] Reformation: This LA-based clothing brand makes a mix of feminine lacy numbers and fitted sweetheart styles with sustainability in mind. The silk Eliana Dress is one of their most expensive at $598, but it's reminiscent of a 1920s celebrity and would look completely timeless if you're willing to stretch your budget a tiny bit. [caption id="attachment_610860" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Reformation Poppy Dress ($388)[/caption] Consignment Stores: You can also consider looking for bargains in high-end consignment stores or on websites like Ebay and Craigslist. It's not like you can wear your wedding dress for a night out, so many brides sell theirs for discounted prices after their weddings. But, be cautious with this method. See if the consignment store or online seller has a return policy, just in case you find a stain somewhere on the dress or it doesn't fit the way you imagined. No matter how much you spend on your wedding dress, you're bound to look like a million bucks!

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These Overnight Eye Masks Really Make Your Skin Brighter And Less Puffy

My one weakness when it comes to skincare? Eye masks. I am always buying and trying new eye masks to see which help my dark undereyes the most. One of my latest favorites? Musely's Hydrogel Eye Masks. What makes these different than the rest? You can sleep in them! Yes, really! Unlike other skincare products that you need to wait and rinse within a few minutes, these masks work their magic while you sleep. Simply cleanse your skin before you go to bed, apply the masks before bed and then remove once you wake up. Just apply some serum and you're good to. The result when you wake up? Brighter and more hydrated under eyes. Even better, these eye masks also help to reduce under eye bags and wrinkles. Could you ask for anything more? If you want to say goodbye to puffiness, wrinkles and dark circles (like me!), then you need these masks in your life. Get a pack of 10 for just $39. SHOP MUSELY'S HYDROGEL  EYE MASKS NOW Be sure to also check out 4 ways to instantly soften and soothe dry hair and how to pack your clothes without them wrinkling.

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Don’t Miss Your Chance To Snag A Bestselling tarte Lip Gloss, Lip Tint Or Lip Creme For Just $10

A woman can never have too many lip products, which means there's no reason you should pass up this insane tarte makeup sale. For a limited time only Spring  has tons of tarte products on sale for super cheap; we're talking prices you probably won't see again anytime soon. The items you should add to your cart ASAP? The tarte lip products on sale! Everyone knows tarte makes so many incredible lip goodies from their glosses to my personal fave, the Lipsurgence Matte Lip Tint. This sale ends tonight, so stock up right away!     LipSurgence Lip Gloss ($10, down from $19) Skintuitive Lip Tint ($10, down from $19) Matte Lip Tint ($10, down from $24) Lip Tint ($10, down from $24) Lip Creme ($10, down from $24)   Amazonian Butter Lipstick ($13, down from $17) Limited Edition Lip Paint ($13, down from $20) limited-edition tarteist™ lip wardrobe vol. II ($9, down from $12) limited-edition lip treats lip sculptor duo ($9, down from $12) And these lip products aren't the only things on sale, so check out the full sale and stock up on a full face up makeup! SHOP THE TARTE MAKEUP SALE NOW Be sure to check out amazing ballet flats you need and the 5 jewelry pieces every woman should have in her closet. [Photo: Spring]

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Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale Is Live And Their Bestselling Black Leggings Are Only $11!

Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale has officially begun and there are so. many. amazing deals. One of the best you need to take advantage of ASAP? These simple and classic black leggings. The editors here at SHEfinds and our readers love these leggings. They're so comfy, perfect for all seasons and go with seriously everything. Whether it be sneakers and a tee or a nice blouse and sandals, these leggings are so flattering and versatile. We also love them because they never go see-through, even after several washes! Best of all, these bestselling leggings are on sale for just $11.90 right now! Act fast because these leggings sell out when they're regular price, so you know they're going to go fast now that they are on sale. SHOP BP.'S CLASSIC LEGGINGS NOW Be sure to check out our favorite platform espadrilles on sale. [Photo: Nordstrom/Instagram]

Weekend Project: Make Your Own Relaxing–Edible!–Face Mask

Had a rough week? Nothing is more relaxing than treating yourself to a soothing face mask before bed. But before you head to your local beauty store and splurge on something fancy, why not make your own? We have super cooling and stress-relieving face mask recipe that will work wonders after a stressful week. Even better, this mask is actually edible! Cool, right?? Here's what you'll need to make it happen: - 3 tablespoons Greek yogurt - 1 tsp. cocoa powder 1 tsp. buttermilk - 1/2 of a banana mashed - 1 tsp. honey - 1 tsp. lemon juice Once you have all your ingredients handy, just mix them together to a smooth consistency. Apply the mask liberally, let it sit for a few minutes then rinse with warm water. Be sure to follow up with a hydrating moisturizer or night cream. Don't forget to check out DIY coconut and sugar skin scrub and DIY coffee eye mask for dark circles and puffy eyes.

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DIY Face Masks For Dry Skin

In the era of at-home remedies and DIY projects, anything is possible (and cheaper) to make instead of buy. From rosé gummy bears to a studded chambray shirt, the DIY options are endless. You cut back on major costs by taking matters into your own hands, and you don't even have to consider yourself a crafty person to successfully tackle a new DIY. Now, you can add another project to your to-do list: face masks. Making your own mask ensures that you use completely natural ingredients without any harsh chemicals or irritants. Check out how to DIY your own face mask specifically for dry skin. Your skin will look and feel better, and you can use ingredients already laying around your kitchen. There are a few different ways to go about making moisturizing masks with various ingredients, so feel free to add your own variations if you're already a DIY face mask pro. Most DIY face masks for dry skin include honey and/or avocado, so you'll want to stick with these basics to start. We'll delve into a few different recipes. Pro tip: before applying each homemade remedy to your entire face, test the mask on a small spot to see how your skin reacts. Avocado and Honey: It's kind of an exciting prospect to put avocado on your face, and a lot of celebs have already hopped on board with this face mask trend. You eat this trendy fruit in various forms, so it just makes sense to also put it to good use on your skin. You can make a face mask and a snack all in one. For this face mask, you'll obviously need avocado, along with honey and coconut oil. According to Huffington Post, avocados make the perfect dry skin remedy because they have natural oils that can dive deep into your skin. They can also help fight off aging. All hail avocados! Get the full recipe here. Coconut Oil and Honey: For those of you new to face masks, slathering coconut oil and honey on your face can seem slightly intimidating. But, according to Women's Health, honey has the magical ability to draw in moisture from the air and redirect it into your dry skin for instant relief and hydration. Honey, honey, how you thrill us! Try to buy raw or organic brands of honey to apply on your face. As for coconut oil, it has natural antibacterial and moisturizing powers, according to Prevention. This mask only requires two ingredients, but you can also throw in lavender essential oil if you have acne-prone or irritated skin. Get the full recipe here. Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey: This honey face mask works with uncooked oatmeal and milk to help refresh sensitive, acne-prone skin. This mask runs on the chunkier side, so lie down after you apply it and send funny selfies to all your girlfriends. If you were feeling iffy about rubbing honey on your face, milk might open up a completely new bag of worms. But, according to a dermatologist, the amounts of water, fat, and proteins within milk make it the perfect moisturizing face mask ingredient. However, if you have a milk allergy, this mask might not be your best option. Get the full recipe here.   Avocado and Egg White: Your favorite fruit comes to the rescue for your skin again in this easy to make mask. The egg whites work with the avocado to give your skin even more moisture, while also tightening you skin and shrinking your pores. Who knew your favorite foods would look so good on your face!? If you have leftovers of this mask, you can also use it on your neck and hands for all-over hydrated skin. Get the full recipe here. [Photos: Shutterstock]

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Here’s How To Ensure Your Makeup Stays Put, Even On The Hottest, Most Humid Summer Days

Wondering how to make your makeup last all day long? I have the solution! These two amazing products from Smashbox are all you need: the Photo Finish Foundation Primer and the Photo Finish Primer Water. I used to not believe in using makeup primer; I mean, how much can one product really do? Well, I can admit now that I was oh so wrong. The first thing I put on my face every day is the Photo Finish Primer Water. It is such a cool, refreshing feeling and really helps hydrate your skin before applying makeup. I also love that you can apply this water over makeup and use it as a mid-day makeup refresher. After the Primer Water, I moisturize my face and follow up with the Photo Finish Foundation Primer. You can actually feel this primer smoothing out your skin as you apply it and it makes for easy and beautiful makeup application. What's more is it also helps your makeup last for hours! Really! If you're tired of feeling like your makeup is melting off your face after a summer commute, you need to add these two products to your makeup routine ASAP. You'll be hooked in no time. Don't forget to check out the best denim shorts for summer and why Nars Sheer Glow Foundation is the best for dry skin. [Photo: Smashbox]

These Are The Five Pieces Every Woman Should Have In Her Jewelry Box

There comes a time in a woman’s life when she’s ready to stop chasing every passing jewelry trend and finally invest in timeless classics. These are the items that never go out of style; look good year after year, can be styled together or alone for a range of customizable looks and deliver the most justifiable cost per wear Ready to start building your perfect jewelry collection? We’re here to help. Here are five pieces that are worth the treating yourself for. You need them in your jewelry box. 1. Diamond Eternity Ring Whether you're married or not, every woman deserves a versatile diamond ring. The eternity style is perfect for stacking, plus it’s simple enough to be worn with statement rings on your other fingers or an elegant accent on its own. 2. Cuff Bracelet Cuff bracelets are adjustable, which makes them a great option if you’re looking to invest in a piece that truly lasts a lifetime. Stack them with chains and bangles to change up the look and if you’re really looking to treat yourself, find a style with some diamonds. 3. Stud Earrings Need a pair of earrings that will look good with any outfit? Understated studs are a no-brainer. Diamonds are classic, but consider having a little fun with studs in a unique shape, like these pebble style earrings or a non-traditional metal like rose gold. 4. Pendant Necklace The perfect everyday necklace, no jewelry box is complete without a simple pendant. This piece works whether you’re headed to the office or just running errands on the weekend because it looks good with blouses, tees and activewear alike. 5. Cocktail Ring Cocktail rings are always a good way to accessorize for a formal occasion. They’re timeless and a simple way to spice up any look. Whether for a wedding, cocktail party or a gala, every woman should have a stunning, attention-grabbing cocktail ring in her collection. Learn more about Monica Vinader here. [Photo: Monica Vinader]

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Check Out All The Pretty Pieces You Can Have Engraved For Free At Monica Vinader

Most women love jewelry, but add some engraving and a nice piece instantly goes from special to spectacular. Whether you customize a bracelet with your name or necklace charm with your child’s initials (or even their hand drawn illustration!), who can resist personalized jewelry, something that feels made especially for you? One of our favorite places for gorgeous jewelry that can be customized with engraving? Monica Vinader. Whether you're shopping for a sure-to-wow gift or just looking to treat yourself, they offer free engraving on over 240 of their styles. We're talking bracelets galore, necklace charms and even cufflinks that can be personalized to your liking. Monica Vinader's engravable friendship bracelets are wildly popular because they come in tons of fun colors, look great when stacked with other bracelets and can be personalized in so many cool ways. It’s no wonder they're one of the brand's bestsellers. Here are a few more of the pretty pieces you can have engraved at Monica Vinader: FIJI FRIENDSHIP BRACELET ($195) SIGNATURE LARGE BANGLE ($425) NECKLACE PENDANTS (starting at $55) LINEAR FRIENDSHIP BRACELET ($160) SHOP MONICA VINADER ENGRAVING NOW Learn more about Monica Vinader here. [Photo: Monica Vinader]

Learn How To Engrave, Stack And Style Like A Pro At Monica Vinader’s New Shop-In-Shop

When it comes to styling jewelry, stacking never goes out of style. Whether you're mixing and matching bracelets or choosing charms for a necklace, the right accessories can totally elevate any look. If you haven't mastered the art of stacking and styling, jewelry designer Monica Vinader and her experts are here to help. Hot on the heels of their NYC store opening, the brand just debuted a shop-in-shop at the Nordstrom in South Coast Plaza, CA. When visiting either location, you can work with the MV team to create stunning layered looks. Yes, jewelry styling at your service! But that's not all; Monica Vinader also offers free engraving so you can personalize your look even further. From the brand's signature bangles to the perfect-for-stacking ID bracelets, you can choose to have tons of Monica Vinader pieces customized with your name, initials or anything else you'd like. If you’re ready to update your jewelry box with a few new timeless treasures, Monica Vinader is the way to go. Beloved by trendsetters, style bloggers and celebrities alike, they make it so easy to engrave, stack and style–why not add a few items to your collection? Not in NYC or California? No worries! You can still shop Monica Vinader's gorgeous pieces online, plus get tons of stacking and styling tips from their blog and Instagram. Even better, engraving is free when your order online, too! SHOP MONICA VINADER JEWELRY NOW Learn more about Monica Vinader here. [Photo: Monica Vinader]  

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Store Tour! Take A Peek Inside Monica Vinader’s First American Boutique

Anyone who's ever shopped for fine jewelry knows there is something special about visiting a boutique and finding that perfect piece in person. Don't get me wrong; I love online shopping as much as the next woman, but sometimes a computer screen just doesn't do a gorgeous ring, bracelet or necklace justice. That's why we're so thrilled that British jewelry designer Monica Vinader finally opened her first store here in the states. It's located in the Soho neighborhood in New York City and stunning doesn't even begin to do this space justice. Monica herself helped design the gorgeous space with the same architects behind her gorgeous European stores. Described as her "first home in New York," Monica Vinader's Soho boutique features cozy blue velvet sofas, a vintage Stilnovo chandelier and a breathtaking Harry Cory-wright photo of the Norfolk marshes that border Monica’s UK home. This piece is actually straight from her personal collection! Decor aside, there’s also all the amazing jewelry in the store. The pieces are housed in the brand’s distinctive gold and glass jewelry cabinets, which are like works of art themselves. Whether you’re shopping for Monica’s iconic engravable bracelets (complimentary engraving is offered on the spot) or looking to splurge on a piece with shimmering diamonds, this is the place to treat yourself. If you live in NYC or are planning a visit soon, Monica Vinader's Soho store needs to be on your must-see list. It’s located at 151 Spring Street and is sure to be one of the highlights of your NYC shopping experience. SHOP MONICA VINADER JEWELRY NOW Learn more about Monica Vinader here. [Photo: Monica Vinader]

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How To Properly Clean Suede Shoes

Few things are sadder than busting out a glorious new pair of suede shoes, only to find that it's raining outside and there's no way to protect them from the elements. Or, you mistakenly wear them out with friends and get a drink spilled all over them. RIP. We've all been there. Suede is such a timeless look for our beloved shoes and bags (and even clothes), so that makes it even more unfortunate that the soft, luxurious material doesn't mesh well with liquids. That's where we come in. No more saying goodbye to ruined suede accessories! Once and for all, this is how to properly clean your suede shoes. Take note. A lot of people don't know that suede is actually a type of leather, which should definitely make you rethink wearing suede shoes in wet or tumultuous situations. I mean, you would never in a million years get your leather wet either, right!? But, when the situation inevitably arises, don't fret—your shoes can be mended. Suede shows stains better than most materials (unfortunately), so you'll definitely be able to tell when your favorite pair of suede shoes has a new scuff. Once you notice one, you need to act fast so that's it not permanently embedded in your shoe. First, grab a cloth or toothbrush and rub your shoe in the same direction to get rid of any dirt and grime. You also might want to consider investing in a suede brush, which is specially designed for cleaning suede. You can find one at Target or J. Crew. Your shoes will already start to look noticeably cleaner after this step. Next, according to Clark's, mix water (*GASP*) and a little bit of vinegar in a small bowl, and use a cloth to gently rub the solution all over the entire shoe. Don't freak out about the water part—just apply a small amount and make sure you cover every area of the shoes for a consistent clean. Then, take a dry towel or cloth and gently dab the shoes to soak up any extra water. Stick a few wads of paper inside the shoes to absorb any interior water, and let them air dry. They'll be ready to hit the town again in no time. If a full-blown shoe crisis emerges and you get mud on your suede kicks, not all hope is lost, either. You can wipe off any large extra pieces initially, but wait for the yucky substance to dry and harden before you move forward. Once it's dry, use a suede brush to get rid of the mud chunks, according to WikiHow. As for those "I have no idea what that is" type of stains, your best bet is to apply a little bit of cornstarch or vinegar directly on the trouble spot with a cloth or towel. Then, use a suede brush or toothbrush to blend it in. You can even buy kits with solutions specifically made for removing suede stains, like the Angelus Easy Cleaner Suede Cleaning Kit from Etsy or the KIWI Suede and Nubuck Cleaner Spray from Walmart. To prevent irreparable damage from the get-go, you should always spray your suede products with a protectant or waterproofing spray. You should also re-spray your shoes each time you clean them. Put your best foot forward in perpetually clean suede shoes! [Photos: Shutterstock]

Madame Tussauds Just Whitewashed Beyoncé, And Everyone Is Pissed Off

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