We Loved Jessica Alba's Alice + Olivia Sweater So Much, We Made It Ourselves

Irina Grechko
May 11, 2012

Final Product

You did it!

DIY Supplies

Sweater, collared shirt (or just a collar if you have one around), 1/2 yard of sequined fabric, needle, thread and scissors

Step 1

Begin by cutting around the collar as if to make a bib

Step 2

Prepare a needle and thread. Tie a knot approximately 3 inches from the top of the sequined fabric. Fold the bottom of the fabric diagonally to make into a triangle-shaped end. Sew the fold so it stays in place.

Step 3

From the inside, sew the collar into the sweater's neckline

Step 4

Sew the extra 3 inches of fabric above the knot into the inside of the sweater's collar neck.

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