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12 Things You’ll Regret Not Doing At Your Wedding

There are lots of things that are always bad ideas at your wedding but then there are others things you may overlook, because you've never had a wedding before. Some things, like a videographer, may seem like a vendor you could easily scratch from your list (who really watches their wedding video?) but people will tell you not to do this. Then there are little things, like comfortable shoes, that you won't think about until it is difficult to dance. And you should be dancing. It's your wedding. Click through the slideshow and see 12 things that brides have told us you will totally regret not doing at your wedding. You're welcome. Need even more wedding advice? Check out the best gold wedding dresses, things to tell your husband the right before your wedding and 10 things to do as soon as you are back from your honeymoon.

10 Things To Do The Night Before Your Wedding

It's the night before your wedding and all through the house, not many creatures are stirring, and certainly not your future spouse... Once everyone's dispersed after the rehearsal dinner, you, the bride, may be slightly on your own. Like everything else involved with planning this wedding, though, there are a few low-key to-do's for the hours between giving your beloved a final kiss goodnight and traipsing down the aisle.  You can be practical and check-in for honeymoon flight and go over final details with your wedding planner or indulge in a girly sleepover with your Maid of Honor, complete with chick flicks and face masques. Either way, it's a time to really get excited about the big changes to come and maybe relish your last few hours as a single woman. This is really happening! READ NOW >> You can never have too much wedding advice. Check out 25 updos that are anything but uptight, 17 ideas for wedding makeup and 16 new ideas for 'Something Blue'.

Satisfy Your ‘Something Blue’ With Ombré Nails #Genius

Blue is big for weddings. You need something blue as a matter of tradition, and blue pedicures have become quite popular among brides (just ask Pinterest). If you're the kind of bride who wants to be anything but cookie cutter, here's a #genius idea for your something blue: blue ombré nails! We spotted this The New Black Blue Ombre Nail Polish Set ($22) in the Nordstrom Wedding Boutique and immediately fell for the idea. What an awesome way to satisfy your something blue, while also make your overall wedding look one-of-a-kind. Plus, ombré is incredibly on-trend (again, check Pinterest for proof): first came ombré cakes, then dresses, decor and pretty much everything else. Grab The New Black kit's now, then get more ombré nailspiration: individual nails with the effect, ombre tips and lots of glitter. So many interpretations, so few weddings. Looking for more wedding style? Check out 5 bridal accessories we are obsessed with, scalloped wedding dressesstatement headpieces.

How To Throw The Best Bachelorette Party Ever

For a lot of brides, the bachelorette party is their favorite event -- next to the actual wedding. Decorum and rules tend to fall by the wayside for the sake of a good time. It's a night -- or even a weekend --  of fun and debauchery with your besties. And it's all for you! In order to have the best time allowed by law, a little planning goes a long way.  Sort out where you want to go in advance and understand that small ideas -- such as preparing for the hangovers in advance -- is abslute genius. Throw in a few games that aren't lame and let the good times roll. 1. Pick a ridiculous theme. Picking a theme will allow for the rest of the planning to fall right in to place. Gold rush? Parisian? Disney princesses? No judgement. Giving your bachelorette a theme will also make buying favors and choosing bachelorette games easier for the person who is planning. It will also spark some creative outfits. 2. Put your most organized friend and your most fun friend in charge. It's a two person job, and your type-A friend will work out all the logistics while your party girl friend will think of the most outrageous and awesome ideas for celebrating. If you put the kibosh on strippers and wearing a goofy veil, your fun friend will find plenty of other ways to keep everyone entertained. 3. Give at least two months notice. Send out a "bachelorette save the date" e-mail at least two to four months prior to the weekend. We all loves the idea of a weekend in Vegas, but if the trip involves buying an airline ticket, giving advanced notice is the right thing to do. Even if the event is local, it also gives people a chance to budget, since bachelorette parties can involve outlays of cash. Everyone wants to have a good time, but not if it's the week that the rent is due. 4. Think local. Vegas is great in theory - but traveling can be costly, not to mention hotels, meals and drinks. Find a local stretch of bars where you can have just as much fun. Consider renting a party bus and go wine tasting at the nearest winery. The photos will be amazing. Rent a hotel suite at your city's swankiest hotel, and have a mini spa day. Take the money saved by not having to fly somewhere and put it right back in to the party. 5. Ask for discounts. Just like you would for your honeymoon, be shameless about asking for discounts on everything from hotel rooms to transportation to complimentary champagne. Tell everyone in the bar its your big day, and don't be afraid to ask the bartender for a free round. Call ahead if you must and speak with the manager. You'll be surprised by what you may get. In this age of social media, every bar wants to be known as the hot spot. And nothing says "fun" more than a bunch of drunk girls at a bachelorette party. 6. Designate a sober sister. If all your friends are lushes, (and you know they are), invite someone who doesn't drink to act as an unofficial chaperone. She could be the designated driver, if necessary, but at the very least she can keep all your drunk asses in line. She is a good person to hold the cash in case you need cabs home or to take care of the bill if you order round after rounds of drinks. 7. Assign a photographer: This is the job for your friend who is the amateur photographer or who takes her Instagram account very seriously. Make sure, though, that you have final say on what gets posted to social media -- you need complete veto powers on this one. What if you want to run for political office one day? 8. Pre-game with a signature cocktail: Look online for a signature cocktail that fits your theme, and pre-game with it before going out to the bars. This will save you money on drinks in the long run. Note that vodka can make for angry drunks, while tequila usually makes people happy drunk. Ask whoever is mixing to keep drinks on the weak side. Prepare in pitchers and go heavy on the mixers. This is a perfect opportunity to use some of the margherita glasses you got at your shower. 9. Have hangover provisions ready: Ask your maid of honor to create hangover kits for all the guests - including a bottle of water, alka seltzer packets, aspirin or tylenol.  Scout out a diner ahead of time for a hangover breakfast, or at least one where you can order egg and cheese sandwiches from. 10. Decide who is paying for what before the check comes: Ask whoever is in charge of planning the weekend to give everyone a heads-up about how the bill is going to be split. If it's a big group encourage everyone to bring cash, so that you're not playing the awkward credit card split with eight different debit cards. Forward around menus, websites of bars so that everyone know what's planned. Everyone loathes girl who orders water at the $15 martini places because she thinks it's overpriced. Then why did she come along? Have the best wedding ever. Check out shoes you can actually dance in,  things to tell your husband right before your wedding and  Pinterest wedding cliches to avoid. [Photo: Shutterstock]

Never Iron An Oxford Shirt Again With Foxcroft’s Non-Iron Oxford Shirts

A good Oxford shirt is hard to find, and yet they are an absolute wardrobe staple. They need to be smooth and crisp and can't pucker in the front. Wash and wear is ideal, since no one wants to iron between all those little buttons. Enter Foxcroft, a clothing line with a casual but polished look. In addition to their classic Oxford shirts they offer blouses and bottoms in signature patterns, vibrant colors with trend-right details. You can wear a Foxcroft shirt as a 'shirt-jacket' with a camisole and pencil skirt one day, then tied up with shorts on the next. All styles are denim and khaki friendly. You don't even have to iron them. Foxcroft’s non-iron styles are made with premium cotton to stay smooth. O The Oprah Magazine's Creative Director Adam Glassman recently featured Foxcroft in his column claiming he's crazy for their striped blouses! Marie Claire, More, and In Style are also fans of Foxcroft. Check out the slideshow to see their styles.      

How To Be The Happiest Bride Ever

Planning a wedding will probably turn you into a giant stress ball--but it doesn't have to. Yes, there are lots of major decisions to make (find a dress, pick a venue, etc), money issues to discuss, and familial expectations to manage. But it's still the best day of your day life. Ever. You should be bursting with fruit flavor, not on the verge of a meltdown . There are plenty of ways to be the happiest bride ever -- as you should be! Click through the slideshow and see how little things like exercisinf and taking a weekend away can, that will keep you the cheerful bride that nature intended. Need more wedding planning advice? Check out 7 wedding battles to let your in-laws win, things you'll regret not doing at your wedding (so do them!) and things to tell your husband right before your wedding. [Photo: Brooklyn Photography]

7 Wedding Battles To Let Your In-Laws Win

We all know there are decisions that only the bride can make, when it comes to wedding planning, but when dealing with two families and many opinions, eventually someone else, usually your future in-laws, is going to want a say in the event. Fair enough. While too many cooks in the kitchen can be a bad thing, it doesn't have to be that way. There are a few areas where you should probably just let your in-laws have their way. Most of the time it can benefit you. (Another shower? Sure!) So save your foot stomping for when your mother-in-law wants to tag along to your bachelorette party. (True story.) 1. If they want to pay: If your in-laws insist on paying for an aspect of your wedding  - let them! (It's an outdated idea that only that bride's family should pay.) Sure, they'll have a say in it if they pay, or want to be named on the invite, but trust us, it's worth it. You may be able to invite more guests, have a better band or  a better photographer. Other areas that are great for in-laws to cover if they want to be more involved are transportation for the guests, welcome bags or even groomsmen gifts. Spend the money saved on something else like your dress or a pair of designer shoes. 2. If they want to invite a few extra guests: If she wants her buddies from the Garden Club there, let her have them. The more guests, the merrier! It's not as if she wants to invite someone who you should never invite to your wedding.  You can expect that at least 20% won't be able to make it, so it doesn't hurt to invite someone. 3. If they're devout and want a traditional ceremony: Anything that has to do with cultural traditions such as readings, a Greek Orthodox ceremony, etc. should not spark an argument. Chances are if something is culturally important to your in-laws, it's important to your fiance as well. You also don't want to offend anyone by ix-naying the Horah. It's actually a great way to get everyone dancing. 4. If your M-I-L wants to throw you a shower: You can't throw your own shower, so it might as well be her. Some people love planning events, and if she falls in that camp, you know it's going to be a good time. It's more about her getting attention from her friends and showing off that her son is getting married - but hey, who doesn't need another Le Crueset pot?! Let her invite friends who are not invited to the wedding, or if she's in another town or state, use it as a chance to invite wedding guests who may be geographically closer to her than to you. Above all, enjoy it, add some more items to your registry and grin through any bridal shower games. 5. Anything to do with the rehearsal dinner: This is typically an area that in laws pay for anyway, so let them take care of everything, from the location, to the menu, to the number of guests (as long as it it's equal on both sides). It's nice to have an event that you don't have to give any thought to, so see it as a treat, and an excuse to drink wine. 6. Seating for their side of the family: If they have specific requests, hand over the seating chart and see if they can make the requested changes without screwing up any of your guest seating or your parents'. They'll know the interpersonal dynamics of their side way better than you will. In the long run, where people sit isn't that big of a deal, since you want people up and mingling most of the night. They just have to sit for dinner. 7. Paying for your honeymoon: Don't bite the hand that feeds you. A free trip to Hawaii? Yes, please. It'll be a welcome break since when you get back, there will still be plenty of things for you to take care of. We're a neutral party, so our wedding advice has no agenda: 5 bridal accessories we're obsessed with, 15 polishes for your "Something Blue" pedicure and statement headpieces.

10 Wedding Shoes You Can Actually Dance In–Promise

If you're not dancing at your wedding, then you're doing it wrong. As a bride, dancing is built in to things you have to do: dance with your groom, dance with your dad, maybe even dance a little Horah. But in those shoes? You so crazy! Never fear: we found 10 shoes that you can wear all day at your wedding with no fear of having to stop moving and grooving. Some are flat, some are heels and we couldn't resist including perennial favorite, TOMS crochet flats. You can never have too many shoes. Check out Jimmy Choo's bridal collection, metallic wedding shoes and Charlotte Olympia's 'Runaway Bride'. [Photo: Ovation Images]

The 20 Happiest Songs To Play At Your Wedding

A first dance with your new hubs is great, but you want people to stay on the dance floor. One bad song can send everyone to the bar, never to return again. There are songs we all know you should never play at your wedding: The Chicken Dance, The Macarena, etc.  It's also good to stay away from heavy metal, gangsta rap and, according to DJs, Dave Matthews. (You can't really dance to it.) You're looking for songs that appeal to everyone, from your college friends to your ancient Aunt Agnes. We came up  with 20 songs -- both classic and modern -- that will get everyone on the dance floor and keep them there. Hand this list to your DJ or rock out on own your here. (Playlist opens in Spotify.) 1. "Celebration," by Kool & The Gang 2. "Good Feeling," by Flo Rida 3. "I Gotta Feeling," by The Black Eyed Peas 4. "Brown Eyed Girl," by Van Morrison 5. "Dynamite," by Taio Cruz 6. "Crazy Little Thing Called Love," by Queen 7. "Zoot Suit Riot," By Cherry Poppin' Daddies 8. "Let's Groove," by Earth, Wind & Fire 9. "What Makes You Beautiful," by One Direction 10. "Freedom '90," by George Michael 11. "ABC," by The Jackson 5 12. "Marry You," by Bruno Mars 13. "I Wanna Dance With Somebody," by Whitney Houston 14. "Bust A Move," by Young MC 15. "Love Shack," by The B-52's 16. "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)," by Beyonce 17. "Pon De Replay," by Rihanna 18. "Dancing On The Ceiling," by Lionel Richie 19. "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La Da," by The Beatles 20."Burning Love," by Elvis Presley What is life without music? Check out wedding songs that aren't Canon in D, 50 celebrity first dance songs and the top 20 wedding songs. [Photo: Carlie Statsky Photography]

Does Your Dress Match Your Wedding Venue?

Your venue and your wedding dress are two of the biggest decisions you have to make for your wedding, and they need to be more in sync than you may realize. If you've always dreamed of wearing a big, poofy, dress, then you need to find a venue that is as close to a ballroom as you can get.  If you're not into the fuss of a traditional wedding dress, then you need a venue that's a little more relaxed. Click through the slideshow for some tips about how to get your dress in line with your venue -- and of course, actual dresses that you can buy right now. Love wedding dresses? Check out the gold wedding dress trend, scalloped wedding dresses and Net-A-Porter's capsule bridal collection. [Photos: Dave Robbins, Shutterstock and Flickr]

Our No-Stress Guide To Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

There's a huge emphasis lately on creating a truly unique wedding experience. A large part of that includes writing your own vows. While some people love traditional vows, writing your own can be the most meaningful part of your ceremony. Where to even begin? Above all, remember that at the heart of every wedding vow is the idea that you're making a pact. Vows should have three distinctive features: a declaration of love, promises for the future and some personal touches. Use language that is as simple and natural as possible. No one is asking you to be the second coming of Shakespeare. Nor do we want you to try. Below, we have a few other pointers for writing your own vows and making them sound exactly the way you want. 1. Make sure that you can: Some houses of worship may require you recite a specific set of traditional vows. Some officiants may want to review your vows before the ceremony. Make sure you get the all clear when you have your first meeting with your officiant. If you get the okay and then get stuck writing your vows, your officiant can be a great resource. He or she can probably offer some structure and pointers. This is, after all, what they do for a living. 2. Get your fiance on board: Writing your own vows is a very public and very personal expression of love -- and not everyone is totally comfortable with that. Sure, You know he loves you -- he's marrying you -- but the idea idea of getting into specifics in front of all their family and friends scares some people. If your fiance isn't into it, you may have to stick with the traditional vows. If he's into it, one of the first things you need to agree on is the tone of the vows. Will your vows include humor, or will they be serious? Decide on this early, even if the final draft will be a surprise during the ceremony. 3. Don't procrastinate: The night before your wedding is not that time to sit down and start writing a draft of your vows. Like any piece of writing, you need to take a few shots at it. Give yourself a deadline of at least a week or so before the big day. So start brainstorming! What did you think when you first met him? When did you realize you were in love? How has your life gotten better since meeting your mate? What do you miss most about them when you're apart? What qualities do you most admire about him? What do you have now that you didn't have before you met? A few prompts can really get the creative juices flowing. You can also approach it as a love letter. What would you tell your fiance if you were far away from him and weren't sure when you would see him again? Check out this link for great tips on what kinds of words to use, length and even more questions to ask yourself as you write them. This site offers more examples than you will know what to do with, depending on how you want to frame the vows. (Traditional, interfaith, etc.) 4. Keep it classy: The vows should be personal, but not so inside baseball that your guests have no idea what you're talking about. In the interest of taste, limit inside jokes or anything that may seem a little TMI. Never say anything even the slightest bit inappropriate. No references to sex or to exes. And obviously no profanity. If there are personal stories you want to share with him, a letter to your fiance before your wedding is a good place to write about them. 5. Borrow ideas from everywhere: You've probably never written wedding vows before, but lots of other people have.  Look to what is already out there from real weddings and work some of it into your vows. Classic literature has some lovely passages that may inspire you as well. If you need examples for different faiths and denominations, check this out. 6. Practice reciting them out loud: You want your vows to be no more than one to three minutes long. So get in front of your mirror and practice. This will teach you where to stop, pause, and general pacing. You're going to read these in front of a room full of your nearest and dearest, you're going to be nervous, so the more familiar you are with your vows, the better. So much wedding planning, so little time. Save some by checking out: 12 thing you will regret not doing at your wedding. (So do them!), 10 things to tell your husband right before your wedding and 8 things to do between your ceremony and your reception.

5 Bridal Accessories We’re Obsessed With Right Now

As winter melts into spring, all we can think about is wedding season. That glorious time of year when weddings and open bars become part of our weekend routine, when "Mazel tov!" seems like an appropriate response to any question asked of us. (Paper or plastic? Mazel tov!) We found five bridal accessories that, much like our true loves, we can't stop thinking about. From "something blue" earrings from Oscar de la Renta's new bridal portal, to a rhinestone bow belt from J.Crew that is the perfect topper for any simple dress, to Sergio Rossi's cage booties from his debut bridal line. And who says you even need to be engaged to love these pieces? 1. J. Crew Collection Rhinestone Bow Belt ($225) 2. Tom Binns Dumont Crystal Bib Necklace ($150) 3. Oscar De La Renta Swarovski Abstract Faceted Crystal Earrings ($375) 4. Sergio Rossi Mermaid Swarovski Crystal Booties ($1,670) 5. Kotur Margo Floral-Lace Box Clutch ($395) Need even more wedding style? Check out scalloped wedding dresses, 15 great polishes for your "Something Blue" pedicure and statement wedding headpieces.

Scallops: A Little Detail That Goes A Long Way On Wedding Dresses

The devil is in the details, and when it comes to wedding dresses it's the difference being wearing a white dress and wearing an amazing white dress. Some are obvious: beading, lace, maybe even a little bling. One detail that we're seeing a lot of is scallop. Since it's just a different way to cut a fabric it doesn't necessarily make a dress more expensive, the way lace can, and it isn't heavy, which beading is known to do. Click through the slide to take a look at eight scalloped wedding dresses and how this easy detail makes a big difference. Love wedding dresses? Check out gold wedding dresses, Net-A-Porter's capsule collection and 50 wedding dresses to swoon over.

15 Best Polishes For A “Something Blue” Pedicure

Nail art is huge, especially for weddings, so it makes sense to consider a blue pedicure for your "Something Blue." Designers lately have been catering to brides by creating blue polishes specifically for the big day. Essie's "Borrowed and Blue" and their Razzle Dazzle Manicure, a trio of blues, are great choices for your wedding pedicure. It doesn't just have to be pale, pastel blues . Try on-trend cobalt, midnight blue or even glittery blues.  Essie's "Lapis of Luxury" is a particular favorite among brides. You can display them with open toe shoes or keep it your little secret until you peel out of everything on your wedding night. We found 15 polishes to choose from for this trend. Click through the slideshow and see how the options range from light turquoise to deep navy. Love wedding beauty? Check out 25 wedding up-dos, fresh ideas for wedding and make up and Oscar De La Renta launches 'Something Blue' fragrance, nail polish and candle.

10 Things To Tell Your Husband Before Your Wedding

Brides spend a lot of time thinking about and planning their weddings: the dress, the venue, what kinds of little hats the bridesmaids will wear, etc. They may have a groom but sometimes he gets overlooked because there is a shower to go to and a bachelorette party to get fluffed up for. If you have the ring, you also have the groom, and that's something to be grateful for. Since no one is a mind reader, it's a good idea to let you man know before the ceremony why you chose him and why you're marrying him. Because realistically, you want to see him at the other end of that aisle. Some brides like to tell their husbands this outright, others like to write a letter the night before the wedding and give it to their fiance before they part for the evening after the rehearsal dinner. Either way, we have ideas about what to include to get your sentimental side spinning. Not much of a wordsmith? Not to worry. There are even more ways to surprise your husband on your wedding day. 1. He matters, too: Weddings tend to be all about the bride, but you can't have one without a groom. It's important to let your man know that even though pretty much everyone will be focused on you, that you will be focused on him. One bride we know made a beer cake with her husband's college colors and sent it over to him while he and his groomsmen were getting ready. Little gestures like that will let him know that he's not just a prop at this big party. 2. We're a team: Planning a wedding can get a little hairy, since you're mixing family and money and logistics. Now that the big day is here, let him know that it's officially you and him against the world. 3. Not to get drunk:  While shaving and getting ready with his boys, a few shots of Patron may seem like a festive idea. But not if he'll be swaying during the ceremony. You need him to be lucid for at least the "I do" part. After that, all bets are off. 4. He'll make a great father: Even if you don't plan on having kids right away, let him know that it's a part of life you'll be excited to take on with him. Parenthood is very much a two-person job and he's definitely qualified. 5. Specific things you love about him: Don't just tell him that he's thoughtful, give specific examples. It shows that you've been paying attention when he always remembered to order the sushi you like or booked that weekend getaway for your birthday. Everyone loves to be validated, and it's important to tell your fiance that you've appreciated everything he's done for you thus far. 6. Our engagement was the happiest day of my life: Because it was! Deep down we're all romantic saps, and every girl wants a guy on his knee, professing his love for her, with a serious piece of bling. Most important, your engagement meant you two had a real future together, and what could be more exciting than that? 7. I really want to be a good wife: Which is modern terms means being a great partner. That means a future of entertaining his guests, being his arm charm at social events and assuring him that he'll be fine when he's lying in bed useless with an overblown case of the sniffles. It's the banal moments of life that make a marriage great, and tell him you're looking forward to all of them. 8. I'm scared of the unknown: Marriage is likely new territory for both of you.  Even with all the advice and books out there, to a large degree you have to play it by ear. Admit you'll make some mistakes, but you'll make them together. 9. I know that we're going to fight: Remind him that no matter what you squabble about, at the end of the day it's him you want to curl up with. And that you were right all along. 10. What you plan to do to him on your wedding night: Everyone loves a preview, so before he scoots off for the night mention what you have in mind for your personal after party. Cold feet won't be an issue for him, guaranteed. You can never get too much wedding advice. Check out: 8 things to do between your ceremony and reception,  Pinterest cliches to avoid and 10 things to do as soon as you are back from your honeymoon.

The Price Of Gold Is Up — And So Is the Demand For Gold Wedding Dresses

One of our favorite trends for 2013 is the gold wedding dress. Shown on the 2013 runways of THEIA, Badgley Mischka, Leila Hafzi and more, this vintage, regal trend is perfect for a Great Gatsby or Roaring 20s-themed wedding. (But don't stop at the dress, adorn the decor with gold as well.) Gold fits all seasons and bridal styles. If you are traditional you can use gold as an accent on your dress, or go all the way in a jacquard or gold-finished gown. (There are several in the slideshow above.) Love modern wedding stlye? Check out statement headpieces (they're a thing), Jimmy Choo's bridal line and Net-A-Porter's capsule bridal collection.

Jennifer Aniston’s Wedding Date Revealed…

After months of speculation and wondering when and where Jennifer Aniston will get married, the world actually has a legitimate lead. People magazine is reporting that the actress, 44, will wed her screenwriter beau, Justin Theroux, 41, in March, after the movie she is working on wraps in early March. Sources close to Aniston say she has set a date and picked a dress. Fans should expect that the event be a small affair, just close friends and family. Aniston may also privately change her last name to 'Theroux'. The two got engaged back in August 2012, on Theroux's birthday. They had been dating for about a year. Everyone loves a [celebrity] wedding. Check out Olivia Wilde's engagement ring, the best celebrity weddings of 2012 and Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake's wedding.

14 Statement Headpieces: The Bigger, The Better For Brides This Year

Wedding style has been expanding quite a bit lately. Dresses come in everything from blush to gold and shoes are popping up in all kinds of colors. Headpieces, it seems, are following suit. If you've never seen yourself as a bride with a giant veil on top of her head don't fret: everything from flower crowns to elegant birdcage veils are here in a big way. It's not just us saying this. At the Fall 2013 Bridal Market designers such as Claire Pettibone, Eve of Milady and Sarah Jassir all used flower crowns, fascinators and other kinds of headpieces with their dresses, even formal ones. Take a look also at modern wedding sites such as Style Me Pretty. Statement headpieces are on real brides everywhere, and we see more of it everyday. Since loose hair is a big trend for brides, these kinds of headpieces work really well with a relaxed bun or chignon. Want to wear your hair down? A flower crown will give you a bohemian look without being too hippie. A crystal headband will also bring a little glam to an otherwise casual look. Click through the slideshow for 14 ideas for statement headpieces that you can shop now. Need more wedding fashion? Check out Net-A-Porter's bridal capsule collection, Charlotte Olympia's 'Runaway Bride' Collection and Gray is the new black for bridesmaids.

Glitter Is Good, According To Jimmy Choo’s New Bridal Collection

If there were ever a day to indulge in a serious shoe, your wedding day would be it. And Jimmy Choo's just gave you 52 reasons to splurge. Their new bridal collection just hit, and runs the gamut from traditional white to metallics, blushes and enough glitter on one shoe to last you a lifetime. There are sky-high stilettos, flats for dancing and clutches to pull it all together --and even pops of color (since colorful wedding shoes are such a trend these days). They even have shoes for the bridesmaids and mother of the bride. Click through the slideshow to shop now. Love wedding shoes? Check out Charlotte Olympia's 'Runaway Bride' collection, metallic wedding shoes and PVC pumps.

10 Things To Do As Soon As You Get Back From Your Honeymoon

The honeymoon may be over, but you still have a few more to-do's to knock out before crossing over into full-blown newlywed territory. While you were out, gifts came in and your wedding photos may be ready for a look. Before your tan fades, knock out these 10 to-do's. You may not have a wedding to plan anymore but you are a newlywed. And that's a whole other adventure. Plan the perfect wedding. Check out 17 fresh idea for wedding makeup, new ideas for 'Something Blue' and 50 wedding dresses to swoon over.

Net-A-Porter Launches Bridal Capsule Collection With 8 Major Designers

Here's a new outlet for extremely stylish designer gowns: Net-A-Porter just launched a bridal capsule collection with designs from 8 bridal and non-bridal brands. The lineup includes dresses by Antonio Berardi, Lover, Jay Ahr, Chalayan, Rochas, Issa, Nina Ricci and Giambattista Valli, who most recently did Jessica Biel's blush wedding dress. The resulting collection is truly a work of art; you'll find traditional gown materials like silk and taffeta adorned with intricate lace and beading detail, while the silhouettes vary from biased hemlines to big, ballgown skirts. If you've ever wondered what your dream wedding dress might look like (obviously, you have!) -- there's a good chance it's in this collection. Shop the available collection here or click through the slideshow for an even better look at the designs. The Giambatista Valli and Jay Ahr dresses will be available later this month. Love designer wedding gear? Check out Charlotte Olympia's 'Runaway Bride' collection, Anthropolgie x Peter Som and Oscar De La Renta's 'Something Blue' perfume. [Photo: Grazia]

8 Things To Do Between Your Ceremony & Reception

OMG! You, like, just got married. A lifelong dream of walking down the aisle in a gorgeous dress surrounded by your nearest and dearest has been fulfilled. You have the guy of your dreams. And the rings to prove it. Now what? Before you have your first dance with your beloved and party with your besties, before the open bar is abused and mistakes are made among your friends, you have a window of time. How to fill it best? Like everything else involved with a wedding: you need a plan. We have eight things to do during this time that are practical and will you serve you well for the rest of the day. Once you decide what you want to do between the reception and ceremony, be sure you and your planner are on the same page so it is scheduled in to the wedding timelines. She can direct guests to the tent or cocktail hour and away from you and your husband, so you have the alone time, time to freshen up, etc. 1. Take 10 minutes to be alone as a couple:  These are your first minutes as a married couple! Feel free to make out or just stare in to each others eyes. It's a good time to read him a pre-written letter. Whatever you do, make sure you are sitting down because you are going to spend a lot of time standing up the rest of the day. In the Jewish tradition, it's common that immediately after the ceremony and just before the wedding reception that the new couple share a few minutes alone. It's called Yichud, literally meaning, "to becoming one." It's a sweet tradition you can adopt as well. 2. Eat!: This is an order, not a suggestion. Now that the dress is on, you totally can! Ask your planner to bring you a plate of the hors d'oeuvres, because chances are you won't have time to hunt down a waiter while you are greeting guests. You probably didn't eat much before the ceremony, so before you pass out, chow down. 3. Touch up your hair and makeup. This is very important, especially since more photos are about to be taken of you then ever before in your life, prom night being a close second. Either arrange for your hair stylist to touch you up, or have your Maid of Honor carry a comb, travel sized hair spray and bobby pins in her clutch. Tell her it's a traditional Maid of Honor duty. If you need hair ideas, we have a few. Also: blot your T-Zone with oil-absorbing sheets and reapply lipstick and lip liner. 4. Take photos while your hair still looks good: And before your dress is crumpled, your veil is off, etc. Sneak off with the photographer for a few minutes and take some couple photos while you both look your best and the lighting is good. 5. Thank your parents and in laws. Take a moment to thank them for all their support before you all get separated entertaining your guests at the reception. It's an emotional day for them, too. 6. Switch shoes: You're going to be dancing soon and pretty much on your feet until your send-off. Put on flats or kitten heels or even crochet TOMS so you can enjoy your party in comfort. Even Kate Middleton wore flats at her wedding. You can call them slippers, too. 7. Have a receiving line:  It's an easy way to greet guests. Just make sure you don't have any lipstick on your teeth. If you're at the cocktail hour, make a point to mingle with people who came a long way or you haven't seen in a while. It makes a huge impression. 8. Have some of your signature cocktail: You spent so much time planning, you should be able to appreciate all the small details before they are all gone. This is definitely a detail to set up before you walk down the aisle. Maybe it can be waiting for you when you walk out of the ceremony and before you start you receiving line. Consider it your first celebratory drink. Wondering what else you may be forgetting for your wedding? Check out 10 things to do the night before your wedding, 16 ideas for 'Something Blue', and 10 Pinterest cliches to avoid.

Engagement Season Just Ended: Guess Which Celebs Got The Ring This Year

Celebrities, they're just like us -- they also mostly get engaged between Thanksgiving and the New Year. Engagement season is coming to a close and we counted nine couples who are ready to take their relationship to a permanent new level. Click through the slideshow and see who said yes...and who's pairing that ring with a baby, a college degree and even a new television show. Of course, their weddings will likely be covered by the tabloids and full of their famous friends, but it's refreshing to think that they also likely got a little anxious around the holidays. Will he or won't he pop the question? Love celebrity news? Check out the 12 best celebrity weddings of 2012, 13 celebrities getting married in 2013 and you can snag a pair of Kate Middleton's earrings. [Photos: Splash News]

25 Wedding Updos That Are Anything But Uptight

Among all the advice you'll get for your wedding day, you'll often be told to wear your hair off your face.  Updos, though, may conjure up bad memories of prom night bouffants and corkscrew tendrils. Definitely not a look you want for your wedding. An updo definitely doesn't have to be uptight. Soft, natural hair is the look that most brides go for nowadays. Top buns are big and an obvious choice, and with a little practice (and sometimes a sock) you can rock one, too. Braids are back in town, but loose, in multiples and often pulled askance. Think side braids, crown braids and braids wrapped around pony tails. If you like a little dazzle, hair accessories like headbands, barrettes and clips are everywhere right now and an easy way to glam up a classic chignon. Or you can tease the crown of your head into a poof for a little height and drama. Whatever you choose, go light on on the hairspray and consider other products such as mousse or gel to hold your style. And as few bobby pins as possible. It's okay if a few pieces go stray. Click through the slideshow for 25 updos that are soft, glamorous and totally modern. Need more inspiration for your wedding look? Check out  17 fresh idea for wedding makeup, Charlotte Olympia's 'Runaway Bride' collection and 16 ideas for 'Something Blue'.

Don’t Throw Your Money Away: 10 Save The Dates Guests Will Actually Save

Got the ring and a a date? Congrats! Choosing a wedding date is a huge weight off your shoulders, but only if your guests know about it. Enter the save the date. Not only is it designed to help guests plan accordingly to attend your nuptials, but save the dates also set the tone for your wedding. What that means for you? Choose wisely! Now it only takes one Google search to find out that there are a million choices for save the dates out there. Picking the best one for your wedding is all up to you, but please, forget a generic photo magnet. Save the dates are your first chance to give guests a heads up about all the fun they can expect from your wedding, so think outside of the box. And let's remember, you're paying for these bad boys. Do you like the idea of throwing your money in the trash? No? Didn't think so. But choose a lame save the date and that's just what guests are bound to do. Feeling overwhelmed? Need help? Click through the slideshow for 10 creative save the date ideas. Everyone from comic geeks to musicians will find a little inspiration. Looking for more wedding inspiration? Check out 16 ideas for 'Something Blue', Gray is the new black for bridesmaid dresses and fresh ideas for wedding makeup.

10 Things You Should Never Say To A Bride

Few occasions in life are as genuinely exciting as when you are engaged. A new chapter of your life is about to start, and as a bride you get to plan the kick-off, the wedding. And everyone wants to talk to you! About the ring, the proposal, have you found a dress? Among all this excitement are well-meaning, but clueless people who blurt out things that can hurt a bride's feelings. Much like the decisions that only are a bride can make, there are things you should never say to a bride, or risk dulling her halcyon glow. And every time a bride is sad, God kills a kitten. (It could be worse. If you think people ask you strange things when you're a bride, just wait until you're pregnant.) 1. What's your budget? Why on earth would you even ask this? Does it even matter? Just like you would never ask someone how much money they make, asking a bride about her wedding budget falls into the same category. It tops the list of things that are none of your business.  Brides have enough stress when coming up with a budget, they certainly don't need input from others. 2. Have you checked the weather? You know what people talk about when they have nothing else to say? The weather. There is no need to bring up the weather to a bride. It will stress her out and it's not like she can do anything about it if it's bad. And really, what's a little rain? Umnbrellas were invented four thousand years ago and they've been working pretty well every since. 3. I love that idea - did you find it on Pinterest? We all want to feel like special snowflakes, especially when it comes to our weddings.  But Pinterest has perpetuated a few wedding cliches that started out as great ideas but are now overdone. It's a shame. We actually love chevrons. Instead of asking about Pinterest, ask where she got the idea or how she thought of  it. It's a much more open-ended way of keeping up the conversation. 4. How many carats is your ring? When I was coming up in the game in Manhattan, I had some fancy friends who said that in New York City there was a two-carat minimum when it came to engagement rings. Every gal may love a little bling, but it's not just about the carats.  There are so many other factors, like if it's vintage, a family ring,  or maybe it's the one she wanted. Emily Post recommends changing the subject or deflecting if someone starts going Dectective Columbo on your ring about carat size, designer, etc. 5. Are you losing weight for the wedding? It's common for brides to lose weight before the wedding. Wedding gowns are rarely made of Lycra and come in a sizing system that is not seen anywhere else in fashion. But there are quite a few women who won't have any inclination to lose an ounce. They either don't need to, or they're happy with their size. (Wedding dresses even come in maternity sizes, so have another Twinkie.) When you ask someone about their shape-up plan, you could be inadvertently insulting them. Unless the bride brings it up, don't ask about an exercise regime. 6. You think you'll have kids soon?: Just when the bride has gotten into the best shape of her life for the biggest day of her life, someone starts asking about babies. One thing at a time, kids. Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither will the life that the bride and groom are planning. 7. Is your dad walking you down the aisle?: This seems like an innocuous question, except when there are legitimate daddy issues with the bride.  I've personally known a handful of brides where this was not a topic to bring up. Neither should you, especially if there's a chance it could create an awkward conversation. 8. Will I be invited?: No matter how well you think you know someone, such as a college friend or co-worker, never assume you are invited until there is an envelope in your mailbox. Wedding guest lists are dictated by a million factors, location and budget being the biggest two. If you think you're a guest who may be on the fence, steer the conversation away from who's in and who's out. Early on in the engagement, the bride may not even know. 9. A destination wedding? That's a lot of money for guests to shell out: When families are spread out all over the country, sometimes a destination wedding is the best idea. If you live in a big metropolitan area, such as New York City, it is often less expensive to have a wedding in, say, Mexico, than at the Four Seasons. Instead of questioning her logic, ask  a bride why they chose their location, etc. Is that where they met? Emily Post says that if you plan a destination wedding expect a smaller guest list and that a welcome party is good form if people have come a great distance for your big day. 10. Didn't you just meet him?:  Romantic comedies have taught us that everyone's love story is different, and the kookier it is, the better. Maybe the bride and groom only met six months ago. They're probably aware of that. Don't be the person who doubts their union. Whether someone's been together six months or six years, only time will tell if they were really meant to be. Dealing with difficult wedding people? Then check out 10 bridesmaid questions answered, 10 annoying wedding guests and wedding disasters that really aren't.

11 Decisions Only The Bride Can Make (So Everyone Else Can STFU!)

Weddings have a way of opening the floor for every second cousin, mother-in-law and friend-of-a-friend to chime in with opinions about how they think the day should go. But this is not open mic night; hearing other people's opinions can be incredibly stressful and distracting. Not only does it make you second guess your own decisions, but it requires a lot of energy to tastefully decline them all. This is a problem many of you had - and we hear you. That's why we came up with a list of 11 things that the bride and only the bride should have final say on--no ifs ands or buts. If you want to serve red cupcakes while wearing a pink dress, then it is written. It's rare in life to get a day that you can plan however you'd like, with a big budget and all your friends and family in attendance, so cherish these decisions and the process of making them. And tell everyone they can bugger off if they don't agree. #sorryimnotsorry Realistically, though, the only wedding advice you should listen to is ours. Especially when it comes to buying a dress, picking a venue and staying away from Pinterest cliches.

10 Ways To Work Neon In To Your Wedding (Without It Looking Like A Rave)

Neon as a trend has proven its staying power. It works on handbags and shoes and can even be worked into your wedding. We found 10 new ways to work neon into your wedding -- especially if you are planning a summer or beach event. Shoes are an obvious choice, but the cake or even your flowers can have a tasteful, Day-Glo edge. The trick is to start with a neutral color, like white, which will provide a base so the neon does not overwhelm. Then layer in the pops of color for a modern and whimsical feel. Need more neon in your life? Check out  fluorescent lace, nude and neon and Cambridge Satchel just launched e-commerce.

SLIDESHOW: 17 Fresh Ideas For Your Wedding Makeup

Makeup is a major part of your wedding look (and captured in photos forever!) but choosing from the plethora of inspiration photos, celebrities, wedding magazines and now Pinterest, can seem impossible. There are so many different directions you can go – but that’s the fun part. Whether you want a dramatic, evening look complete with smokey eyes and red lips, or a fresh face with minimal makeup (the “no makeup makeup” trend – so hot right now), there are so many options to choose from. And we’ve helped to narrow them down a bit; click through the slideshow above for the most gorgeous and current makeup looks from around the web. All you have to do is pick 1, print it out and bring it to your makeup artist. We’ve found 17 inspired beauty ideas: retro cat eyes, fluttery lashes, gold shadow (to go along with 2013’s gold rush trend), dewey skin and more. The key is to pick a look that works not only with your complexion and coloring, but also your personality and personal style. Make your statement with lipstick, blush, bronzer or all of the above. Unexpected shadow colors like gold and purple are also part of the mix. Dig in. Take your wedding look to the next level. Check out 16 new ideas for 'Something Blue', Charlotte Olympia's Runaway Bride collection and gray is the new black for bridesmaid dresses.

Anthropologie’s Bridal Line BHLDN Taps Peter Som For A Wedding Dress Collection

Peter Som is pairing up with Anthropologie’s bridal label, BHLDN, for a line of wedding gowns. His creations will be available starting next month on their website. The designer drew inspiration from his ready-to-wear for his debut in wedding gowns. The romantic line features sheer embellishments, ruffles and other details for the modern bohemian bride. Prices range from $2,500 to $3,000. Other designer collaborations will follow in the months ahead. Som will being doing a virtual runway show this year at New York Fashion Week. You can see it , and all of SheFinds Fashion Week coverage, here. There's lots more designer collaboration news such as Vena Cava's "Marfa" line, Man Repeller x PJK and the DKNY x Opening Ceremony capsule collection.

Get Shoes For Your Entire Bridal Party + Yourself With Our Exclusive Nina Sale Code

No matter where you are in your wedding day shape-up (or how many wings you ate on Superbowl Sunday) shoes will always fit. That's great news becaused Nina is offering SHEfinds readers 20% off any full price item and free shipping with code SHEFINDS20. That includes bridal styles such as the Electra, the Ferrara, the Forbes and the Brynn. (It's blue! And only $29.99!) Shop all the looks here, including flats and new arrivals. You can never have too many shoes. Check out metallic wedding shoes, Charlotte Olympia's Runaway Bride collection and lucite heels.

Oscar de la Renta Releases ‘Something Blue’ Fragrance, Nail Polish & Candle

Last week we had 16 ways to work 'Something Blue' into your wedding look. The new perfume from Oscar De La Renta -- which just landed exclusively as Saks -- is a total bridal two-fer. You get to smell amazing on your big day and you can check off a big wedding tradition. Attraction is linked firmly to smell so on your wedding day you want to bring your A-game when it comes to fragrance. The venerable fashion designer just released his first bridal fragrance called "Something Blue." The signature note of Something Blue is a flower called Stephanotis, which is often called “bridal veil” because of its traditional use in wedding bouquets. It's a wedding fragrance, so it comes with a gift. The bottle has a removable ring engraved with the designer’s logo. The Larimar cap, which is blue, reflects Oscar de la Renta’s adoration for the rare blue stone found only in his native Dominican Republic, bringing love and good luck to the wearer. Buy the Eau de Parfum Spray ($85) the fragrance candle ($65) or even the Larimar nail lacquer ($22) So many wedding details, so little time. Save some by checking out grey is the new black for wedding dresses, how to avoid Pinterest wedding cliches and 10 things to know before buying a wedding dress.

16 New Ideas For ‘Something Blue’ That Don’t Involve A Garter Belt

You may be the most modern bride on the planet, but when it comes to "Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue," most brides like to keep the tradition/superstition. According to lore, each item represents a good-luck token for the bride. If she carries all of them on her wedding day, her marriage will be happy. Blue has been connected to weddings for centuries. Brides in ancient Rome wore blue to symbolize love, modesty, and fidelity. Christianity has long dressed the Virgin Mary in blue, so purity is link to the color. Blue was a popular color for wedding gowns before the 19th Century, as evidenced in proverbs like, "Marry in blue, lover be true." We found lots of ideas for working blue into your wedding look. Some are obvious, such as shoes and earrings, others not as much, such as blue toenails and patches on your dress. Click through the slideshow to be inspired. Need more wedding gear? Check out Charlotte Olympia's Runaway Bride collection, Gray is the new black for bridesmaid dresses and 50 wedding dresses to swoon over.

Shop The Latest Styles From The Charlotte Olympia ‘Runaway Bride’ Collection

Say what you will about Valentine's Day, but it's the perfect excuse to indulge in some seriously girly heels. They've been around since May, and Charlotte Olympia's Runaway Bride heels are  accented with everything from hearts to poms poms -- just the touch for Valentine's Day or for a pop of intrigue under your wedding dress. Click through the slideshow and shop the collection --  even if you're your own Valentine this year. Indulge your shoe fetish even more with metallic wedding shoes, the Milly and Sperry collaboration and the ripped-off Kardashian shoe kollection.

Paperless Post Expands Their Wedding Line, Collaborates With Kate Spade

Paperless Post gave e-vites a tasteful look, and now the online stationary site is adding Save The Dates to their wedding line. No need to alter an existing invitations anymore, since there are lots of styles to tell your guests about your big day. An even bigger bonus is that you can also now send the same card to different people on your guest list either online or via snail mail with just a click of the mouse. So, if Grandma has never even turned on a computer, she can get a paper version while your friends get e-versions. Total genius. Collaborations will also be available with designers such as Mr. Boddington, Linda & Harriett, The Indigo Bunting, Bernard Maisner (launching February 8), and Kate Spade New York (launching February 1). Full wedding suites, letterpress and engraving are also planned. Both online and print version are available of many of Paperless Posts' wedding invitations and save-the-dates.  Even more will roll out over the next month. Electronic invites cost about 25 cents each and snail mail copies are approximately $1.85 each (with envelopes, of course). Shop the whole wedding collection here and be sure to check back for the new collaborations. Bridal shower and bachelorette invitations are also available. You can never have too much wedding advice. Check out 10 Pinterest cliches to avoid, 50 wedding dresses to swoon over and 10 things to do before you start planning your wedding.

How Not To Screw Up Writing Your Wedding Thank You Notes

Half the fun of getting married is openings all your gifts. But all those consumer goods don't come without a small price. You need to sit down and thank every single person who sent something over, or else risk being considered tacky. Writing a good thank you note is an art. Is has to be short, but it also has to be personal. No one wants to open that pretty envelope only to be greeted by, "Thank you for your generous gift."  Talk about anti-climactic. Think of it like Twitter, but on paper. And with a stamp. Click through the slideshow for 10 great tips for nailing all your thank-you notes. For the record, it starts with not waiting until the last minute. Getting married? We've got nothing but advice. Check out 10 things to know before buying your dress, how to pick a venue and 13 wedding trends for 2013.

Metallic Wedding Shoes Give Your Diamond A Run For It’s Money

Last year was all about the pop of color under the dress, but this year's stand out wedding shoe trend is his metallic. We're seeing them everywhere! Designers like Badgley Mischka, Alexandre Birman and Sergio Rossi all have bride-friendly metallics in their new collections. And whether you're a golden girl or a copper goddess, we found 9 shiny happy styles that you can shop right now. And even if you're not walking down the aisle anytime soon, you can pair these shoes with metallic looks for the office and metallic nails. Love accessories? Check out fur accessories for the bride, colorful jewelry for winter blues and Sydney Evan's cursive "Love" rings.

Gray Is The New Black For Bridesmaid Dresses In 2013

Deep down you really do want your girls to be able to wear that bridesmaid dress again. A neutral color is an obvious choice, but who needs yet another black dress? Wedding experts say that gray is going to be a big color this year, as well it should be. It looks great on everyone and can be dressed up or down. Add the right accessories and your girls will look fabulous. Monique Lhullier, Jenny Yoo, WTOO were just a few of the designers who used the color in their Spring 2013 collections. We found nine new gray bridesmaid dresses that could be worked into any wedding, be it formal or backyard. From cocktail to ballgown, it's a color (or shade?) worth considering. Check out everything you ever wanted to know about bridesmaids, places to buy bridesmaid dresses online and how to avoid Pinterest wedding cliches.

10 Pinterest Cliches To Avoid – Or Your Wedding Will Look Like Everyone Else’s

Pinterest may be the greatest gift to wedding inspiration that the brides (and wanna-be brides) have ever had. There is an endless source of ideas for any theme. Who needs heavy wedding magazines when you can click around Pinterest all day long? (Even if you're nowhere near getting engaged?) Despite the depth of the site, the same photos get shared over and over again, creating a culture of sameness. We've warned about the risks of leaning on it too much for wedding planning as well as for fashion inspiration. Today we look at what your wedding will look like if you used Pinterest cliches to plan it. Let's plan a  wedding! Get started by checking out 10 things to know before buying your dress, how to pick a venue and 13 wedding trends for 2013.

You Can Now Shop Beyonce’s Wedding Dress

It's one thing to wear your grandmother's wedding dress, but to really upstage your friends (especially if they are Sasha Fierce fans), check this out: Beyonce's wedding dress is now up for sale. You heard right. The Baracci wedding gown worn by Beyonce in the video for "The Best Thing I Never Had" has just been listed for sale on It's not the one she wore to her super-secret 2008 wedding to Jay-Z, but it's close enough. [youtube][/youtube] One lucky, size 4 gal with $30,000 burning a hole in her pocket can now get the off-white strapless ballgown featuring flecks of gold and hand-sewn Swarovski crystals. It's even discounted down from the original $85,000 price tag! What a bargain. No one is sure who who actual seller is: a stylist, a friend or even Beyonce herself. Celebrity weddings are everyone's hobby. Check out how 2013 is the year of the crazy celebrity bride, 12 celebrity weddings of 2012 and 'He Put A Ring On It' gear.

See The First Photos Of Olivia Wilde’s Engagement Ring

Just when you thought the onslaught of holiday celebrity engagements was coming to a close, Olivia Wilde went and got engaged to love Jason Sudeikis! And People just released the first photo of her engagement ring right here. The SNL alum, 37, and actress, 28, have been together since November 2011 and moved in together last fall. Wilde will be seen next in The Incredible Burt Wonderstone in March and Ron Howard's Rush, out in September, while Sudeikis is set to launch a film career after leaving SNL this year. This is the second marriage for both stars. She eloped with Italian prince Tao Ruspoli when she was 18 and ended it when she was 27. Sudekis was married to 30 Rock writer-producer Kay Cannon in 2004. They divorced in 2010. No wedding date has been set - but check back in for more news! Love celebrity wedding news? Check out 2013 is the year of the crazy celebrity bride, the best celebrity weddings of 2012 and 13 celebs who will marry in 2013.

Shop Now: The Warmest Fur Accessories For Winter Brides

Winter weddings inspire a romance unto themselves. The cold air encourages nothing but cuddling with your groom, hot chocolate can be served to guests and who needs decor if you're getting married on a mountain covered in snow? Winter weddings also have luxe factor, which is where fur comes in. No June bride can adorn herself with a mink wrap or offer furry gloves to her bridesmaids. (That's a gift they'll use again and again.) We rounded up eight amazing fur bridal accessories that should get you in touch with your inner Dr. Zhivago. And keep you warm. [Photo: Ruffled Blog] Love wedding accessories? Check out 27 engagement rings to swoon over,  'He Put a Ring On It' gear and laser-cut invitations.

2013 Is The Year Of The… Crazy Batsh*t Bride

Celebrities get married all the time; this usually involves a super-secret location, a designer dress, a few tasteful photos released to the press, a People mag cover... and then we all go on our merry way. Then there's that other breed of celeb, the one whose wedding destroys everything in its wake. These involve tiaras and television specials and matching tattoos and a paparazzi circus and -- and ultimately, divorce (sometimes as soon as 72 days later). Well, lucky for the viewing public, this year is slated to be filled with plenty of these events. We're calling it now: 2013 is going to be the year of the crazy ass bride and the over-the-top wedding. Well, just look at who's engaged! You've got over-the-hill pop stars Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson, unlucky-in-love spinster Jennifer Aniston (proving all those tabloids covers wrong!) AND her nemesis and husband-stealer Angelina Jolie. Hell, you've got a god damn Jersey Shore cast member! Yes, yes, yes. Expect more pink wedding dresses, public meltdowns, and quickie divorces than you can shake a stick at. It's like that Kardashian fiasco x 10 (heck, she might even get married, too!). BRING IT ON. Love wedding news? Check out the 12 best celebrity weddings of 2012, Vogue releases a weddings book and 13 wedding trends for 2013.  

50 Wedding Dresses To Swoon Over Today

You got the ring (or are about to, at least), so now it's time to time to start thinking about the most important purchase for the wedding (in our humble opinion): the dress! We rounded up 50--phew!--of the season's most gorgeous wedding dresses - from on-trend peplum, to sequins, to ones featuring the ever-popular overlay - all of which you can shop right now. But you probably won't. You'll probably just click through the slideshow until it's time to leave the office, right? That's okay. Ain't no shame in the wedding dress stalking game. Just don't forget to add any ones you like to your wedding dress Pinterest board (we know you have one). Getting into wedding planning? Check out 10 things to know before buying your dress, how to get someone else to plan your entire wedding and 10 things to do before you start planning your wedding.

8 Wedding Dress Trends For 2013, According To The Today Show

The holidays may be over, but that just means wedding planning season has officially kicked off. 40% of all couples get engaged over the holidays (and your Facebook feed can prove it), so a lot of you probably have weddings on the brain. This morning on the Today show, Anja Winikka of presented some of the new dress trends brides and bridesmaids should hone in on for 2013. In case you wondered, today is "White Wednesday," the day when recently engaged brides start looking at dresses (now that they've gotten over the initial shock of getting the ring). Among the revelations, peplum, sheer overlays and ruffles will be huge (but you already knew that). Click through the slideshow above and shop the trends from the show, none of which will break the bank. (All the wedding dresses are $1,500 or less). Ready to kick start your wedding planning? Check out 10 things to know before buying your wedding dress, how to pick a wedding venue and get ready to throw the best engagement party ever.

Whoa, Whoa, Whoa: Are Brad & Angelina Married?

Could it be...? UK's Telegraph is reporting that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie secretly wed on Christmas Day at Donna Karan's Parrot Cay estate in the Turks and Caicos. The couple, who have been engaged since April 2012, spent the holiday at the estate along with their six children and Brad's parents, brother and sister. The venue is an 11-bedroom house that Karan built as a sanctuary; it features eco-wood furnishings (Brad's favorite!) and a makeshift gazebo on the beach (can you say "destination wedding"?). Pitt recently hinted that they would be heading down the aisle sooner than later, at the urging of their children, it was reported in December that Brad and Angie had already purchased their wedding bands. A source said that a stylist for the actress picked up the rings from Neil Lane jewelers at the end of the year.  No confirmation yet from the tight-lipped couple. For more celebrity weddings news, check out Kim and Kanye are having a baby (?!?!), 12 celebrity trends we couldn't get enough of and the 12 best celebrity weddings. [Photo: Splash News]

You’re Engaged! Now Let The World Know With This ‘He Put A Ring On It’ Gear

Mission accomplished: he proposed! This is a monumentally exciting time, and now that you got the ring, you'll want to flaunt your newly engaged status. In addition to your bling, click through our selection of "He Put A Ring On It" gear. These also make great gifts if someone you know got a romantic, holiday proposal. Be sure to also check out our list of 10 thing to do as soon as you get engaged and things to do before you even start wedding planning. Now that you've got the rock you need to start planning everything else. Here's what to know in order to throw a rockin' engagement party,  before buying your dress, and why you need to stay away from Pinterest.

The 12 Best Celebrity Weddings Of 2012

2012 was a big year for celebrity weddings. Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel  had one of the most exotic weddings of the year. After years of living together and raising a few kids, Camila Alves and Matthew McConaughey finally made their union official. From pink wedding dresses to campground wedding sites, click through the slideshow and revisit some of the most high profile weddings of the year. Love over the top weddings? Check out 13 celebs who will marry in 2013, 27 engagement rings to obsess over and Vogue releases a weddings book.

5 People To Call When You Get Engaged

We know you're going to call your parents and your brothers and sisters when you get engaged. The bigger issue is who to call next. Before you make your engagement Facebook official, here are a few people you absolutely must call. 1. Your very best girl friends: You guys have probably have an unofficial over/under on when he was going to do it anyway, so be sure to let them know asap. If anyone deserves a text of a gratuitous photo of the ring, it's these gals. Be careful not to commit anyone to being a bridesmaid, though, until you know more about the big day, the date and your venue. 2. Your fabulous gay friend: No one is going to be more excited about this wedding than your gay boyfriend/work husband, so be sure to give him a call and let him know.  He may have even better insights for colors and decor than you do, so keep him close. 3. Your favorite aunt and other cool relatives:  You may not be besties with every member of your extended family, but everyone has that cool aunt or cousin that they love hanging out with, every chance they get. Even if you only see them on big holidays and at funerals, they will be tickled pink if you take the time to tell them your big news. If you can, work them into the ceremony some way with a reading or putting them in the bridal party. 4. Your chronically single girlfriend: We all have this friend, the one who makes it her life's work to find a man and constantly fails in the process, most likely because she tries too hard. The point of this call is not to gloat. This will make her feel valued and may stop the shame spiral she would fall into if she heard it through the grapevine. Hey, maybe she'll even meet a nice guy at your reception. 5. A wedding planner: Even if you don't have the budget for a platinum-level wedding planner, you will most likely need someone, at least the day of, to coordinate details and vendors. Get a few recommendation and line one up. Like men, the good ones are snatched early. Saying yes was easy, now it's time to hunker down and make some real decisions. Check out 10 things to know before buying your wedding dress, how to throw the best engagement party ever and tips for picking your venue.

SLIDESHOW: 27 Engagements Rings To Obsess Over Today

We can't overstate how many people get engaged over the holidays. A proposal is the ultimate gift, and it comes in the smallest of boxes. (Or in your champagne glass, over dessert. Or in a bed of rose petals and candles. Here's hoping!) Diamonds are a girl's best friend, even if it's not literally Prince Charming on bended knee offering you one. Heck, according to Pinterest, you don't even have to be engaged to fantasize about that big hunk of rock. Since we know everybody likes eye candy, we rounded up the most jaw-dropping rings out there. It was a tough job. From platinum to rose gold, we have a gaggle of outrageous rings to either shop or day dream about. These aren't just fantasy items; you can buy almost every single one online. Just forward the link to your man. Dreaming of the perfect wedding? Check out 10 things to know before buying your dress,  non diamond engagement rings and how to get someone else to plan your entire wedding.

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