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Here’s Everything You Need To DIY A “Backpack Kid” Halloween Costume

The Internet is no stranger to child stars that seem to gain popularity overnight - remember "Cash Me Outside" Girl? So when Instagram star “Backpack Kid” captivated audiences during Katy Perry’s SNL performance back in May, we knew kids all around the nation would be eager to copy his signature moves and universal style. Managing to steal the spotlight from the iconic pop singer, who was dressed in a quirky Beetlejuice-inspired coat, the young boy quickly won over our hearts with his hilarious “too cool for school” vibes. Needless to say, we knew from the moment we saw him, his look (and persona) would make history. In fact, we think his outfit is so great that it will make the perfect (and oh-so easy) Halloween costume this year! The best part? You may even have all the necessary items to recreate the look right in your very own home. Here’s everything you’ll need to make the clever costume so you won’t have to scramble to find everything at the very last minute. Trust us, this costume will make you the life of the party, and could even earn you the “Best Costume” of the night award! Starting from the top, you’ll simply need a plain gray T-shirt. Any high collar cotton tee will do. Try this Hanes version from Amazon, starting at only $2.66! It's super simple and just what you'll need to look like "Backpack Kid." [caption id="attachment_616727" align="aligncenter" width="196"] Hanes Ecosmart T-Shirt, $2.66[/caption] "Backpack Kid" clearly gets his groove on by wearing a comfortable pair of sweatpants. To nail the ensemble, try this sleek black pair from Fruit of the Loom, available at Amazon for $20. What's more, this version includes handy pockets for storing those extra pieces of candy. Enough said. [caption id="attachment_616725" align="aligncenter" width="196"] Fruit of the Loom Men's Pocketed Open-Bottom Sweatpants, $20[/caption] Here's the part that really makes the costume. You'll want to get specific for this item, so all the kids will be able to identify the character from a mile away. This MATMO camouflaged backpack from Amazon ($28.99) is a dead ringer for the real deal seen in the viral video. Plus, it’s not only a cool addition, but it’s also quite handy, too! Think of all that extra storage space it provides, when buckets and pockets simply aren’t enough to hold all those sweets. [caption id="attachment_616726" align="aligncenter" width="196"] MATMO Kids Backpack Waterproof Camouflage Student Backpack School Bag Bookbag, $28.99[/caption] Last but not least, the look wouldn’t be complete without "Backpack Kid’s" trusty watch. Of course, you couldn’t miss the piece as Perry’s backup dancer swung his arms from left to right in a hilarious new dance move he now dubs “The Russell.” Get your groove on with this G-Shock World Time Black Dial Men's watch, available for $69.99 on Amazon. Although it will probably be the most expensive part of the outfit, the authenticity it brings to the look is definitely worth the price. So what are you waiting for? Get the full outfit before "Backpack Kid's" fans get them first!   [caption id="attachment_616724" align="aligncenter" width="196"] Casio G-Shock World Time Black Dial Men's watch, $69.99[/caption] [Photos: Youtube, Amazon]

Here’s How To DIY A Gigi and Bella Hadid Halloween Costume

Name a more powerful (and good looking) dynamic sister duo than Gigi and Bella Hadid, we dare you. From landing spreads in almost every major mag to stealing the show at New York Fashion Week, these genetically-blessed siblings have accomplished a lot more than their average 20 and 22-year-old counterparts. If you're not a celebrity junkie and you've somehow managed to avoid encountering any news on the Hadids, A.K.A. the new Kardashian family, here's a quick recap. One of their first claims to fame was appearing on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills with their mom, Yolanda. Now, they're huge names in the fashion industry and have landed themselves the notorious title of "it-girls." Woah. They've also made their marks on the celebrity dating scene—Bella used to date rapper The Weeknd, and Gigi is currently dating former One Direction singer Zayn Malik. These gals pretty much have it all, which makes them the perfect alter egos for Halloween. We rounded up all the DIY essentials to channel your inner style queen and grab a friend for Bella and Gigi Hadid Halloween costumes. First, decide which sister you want to dress as. Their mom describes Gigi as the blonde girl next door, and Bella as an edgy brunette. Choose wisely. For either of their costumes, it wouldn't be complete without a little Tommy Hilfiger action. Gigi actually has her own Tommy line, and is set to design another two collections in the future, so you obviously need to show that you're a true Tommy Girl in your Halloween outfit. Naturally, in true Hadid sister style, your Tommy Hilfiger top of choice should be of some sort of cropped variation. Not all of us can boast having chiseled cores like Bella and Gigi, so if you feel uncomfortable wearing a midriff-baring top, no worries. Pair it with super high waisted jeans or just tuck a regular length Tommy tee into your pants. Tommy Hilfiger Crop Top ($25) Here's an excuse to buy new jeans! The Hadid sisters are active wearers of ripped, high-waisted boyfriend style denim. Even though the modeling mavens have legs for days and the rest of us mere mortals have average-length stems, high waisted jeans give you the illusion of taller legs. Bella wears all-black more often, so look for darker jeans if she's your costume inspiration. Boyfriend Low Ripped Jeans ($39.99) What better way to show off your newly discovered longer legs than with sleek black booties? When they're not on the runway, both Bella and Gigi top off their street style looks with some elevated leather kicks. Opening Ceremony Livv Leather Bootie ($99.99) Even indoors in late October, you still need a pair of sunnies to block out the paparazzi, duh. The Hadid sisters frequently sport round shades, because they're super in right now, so this cheap pair can do the trick. H&M Round Sunglasses ($9.99) Since both Bella and Hadid are photo-taking extraordinares (as referenced by their combined 49+ million combined Instagram followers), use a selfie case as a prop for the finishing touch on your DIY costume. You can look and act the part with the Allure x Case-Mate light up selfie case to snap pictures in style. For more DIY 2017 Halloween costumes, check out a Wonder Woman costume, an Eleven from Stranger Things costume, and a Belle from Beauty and the Beast costume. [Photo: Splash]

Here’s What You’ll Need For The Perfect Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman Halloween Costume

Ariana Grande has continued to rise to queen superstar status in 2017, so it doesn’t come as a shock that you’re thinking of dressing up as the pop singer for Halloween this year. It’s certainly not a secret that Ariana loves to switch up her look, whether it’s for a music video, while she slays on the red carpet, or for her Dangerous Woman world tour style. While some of her street style looks resemble pieces you probably already have in your closet, other looks are definitely more elaborate. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to create an Ariana Grande “Dangerous Woman” Halloween costume inspired by her album artwork. This red hot look is sure to be a hit, especially since the outfit has already caught the attention of more than 66 million viewers in Ariana’s acapella music video. Everyone’s eyes will surely be all on you this Halloween. The styling options that are at your fingertips are endless when it comes to creating an exact replica of the "Dangerous Woman" look. Thankfully, many of the pieces that you can purchase are both affordable and stylish— you may even sport them after Oct. 31! For starters, it's time to hunt for that little black dress. Ariana's black latex look can be turned into a more practical outfit with this simple faux leather dress from Forever 21. While you could opt for an all latex look, sticking to this simple look can help you to save major bucks while also keeping your future outfit possibilities in mind. Let's be honest, a full-out latex look would only really work on Halloween. You could also pick up this affordable black bodysuit from H&M that’s more fit for everyday wear if you want to go for a skater skirt and bodysuit look. Faux Leather Mini Cami Dress ($11.99) Adding a little extra bling to an outfit never hurt anyone, right? Ariana flawlessly wears a crystal choker necklace to make her "Dangerous Woman" look truly sparkle. You can dish out some extra cash on such a beautiful piece yourself to add even more style to your everyday outfits. Nordstrom offers this Rose Station Choker Necklace that closely resembles to the one Ariana has. Rose Station Choker Necklace ($78) You can also copy the Dangerous Woman signature look with shoulder length black gloves as they will instantly give you major classy throwback vibes. While you certainly wouldn’t sport these every day, they are a fun addition to your Ariana-inspired Halloween costume. The best part? You can order them online or pick them up at your local Party City for an affordable cost. Adult Extra Long Black Gloves ($12.99) Saving the best part of the look for last, you’ll definitely want to recreate the iconic bunny headpiece that Ariana has donned to promote her album. While any rabbit ears would get the point across, you can copy the style with this black rabbit ear mask. Black Rabbit Ear Mask ($3.48) Gaining some inspiration from these pieces and ordering them for yourself will give you the perfect Ariana Grande "Dangerous Woman" Halloween costume in no time. You can check out these revealing Halloween costumes for more DIY ideas. [Photo: Instagram]

Once And For All, Here’s How To Remove Yellow Stains From The Underarms Of White Shirts #SHEfindsSolutions

We've all been there: your favorite white shirt that fits so well and goes with everything starts to develop those unsightly yellow underarm stains. Ew! It may feel like tossing your beloved shirt in the garbage is the only option once those stains develop, but not so fast! You can actually remove those nasty yellow stains and have your white shirt looking as good as new. Here's how: Start with two simple ingredients: vinegar and water. Yup, it's that easy. Mix equal parts water and vinegar in a spray bottle. Generously spray this solution all over the stain so that it is saturated with your homemade stain remover. Let that sit and soak in for about 45 minutes to an hour. After your shirt has soaked, wash it in cold water. If you feel like it isn't completely clean before drying, repeat these steps once more and then dry. Be sure to check out how to stop a hangnail from getting worse and how to stop lipstick from sinking into the creases on your lips. [Photo: Always Judging]

Kendra Scott’s Fall Collection Just Dropped And You’re Going To Want Everything

If a whole new wardrobe isn't in the cards for you this fall, why not upgrade items you already own with some sparkling new jewelry? Kendra Scott just released her fall 2017 collection and it is good. Featuring renaissance-inspired details in rich jewel tones like ruby red and emerald green, these are the perfect accents to breathe new life into the pretty fall sweaters and dresses in your closet. Shop our faves from the collection below: Annora Lariat Necklace In Green Ocean Jasper ($125) Gigi Ear Jackets In Bordeaux Tiger's Eye ($80) Heidi Choker Necklace In Brass ($150) Mary Caroline Bangle Bracelet In Gold ($45) SHOP KENDRA SCOTT'S NEW FALL COLLECTION NOW Be sure to check out our favorite shorts under $25. [Photo: Kendra Scott]

This Under-The-Radar Brand Makes The Best Leggings Ever

I'm here to rave about my new favorite pair of workout leggings. If you're looking for a pair of workout leggings that are actually fashionable and won't cost you tons of money, you need to check out Motion by Coalition's Avery leggings. I live in these leggings. Not only are they perfect (and super comfortable) for any type of workout, but they're stylish enough to wear beyond the gym. They're great for heading to class, running errands, lounging around the house--anything that is on your to-do list! The material is breathable, the mesh detailing totally slims your legs and there are actually hidden pockets (cool, right?). Yes, I'm basically in love. You'll have to rip these leggings off of me because I can't stop wearing them. Treat yourself to a pair, too! SHOP MOTION BY COALITION'S AVERY LEGGINGS NOW Be sure to check out Kendra Scott's new fall 2017 collection. [Photo: Motion by Coalition]

This $7 Liquid Eyeliner Creates The Perfect Cat Eye And Legit Lasts All. Day.

There was once a time that I was terrified of liquid eyeliner. I have a shaky hand and super sensitive eyes, so most of my early attempts resulted in disaster. But, the more I practiced, the better I got. I also quickly came to learn that not all liquid eyeliners are created equal. Nailing that perfectly thin straight line has a lot to do with the product you're using. If you've been struggling to master liquid eyeliner, here's a super affordable product you should invest in ASAP: L'Oreal's Infallible Super Slim Liquid Eyeliner. I can't believe how amazing this liner is--for just $7! First things first, the applicator tip is amazing. It's nice and pointy so you can create a precise line and it doesn't dry out like so many liquid liners tend to do. The liner itself has serious staying power--I'm always amazed when I come home after a 10-hour day and it looks just as good as it did when I left the house that morning. Last but not least, how could you not love a liquid eyeliner that's easy to use and actually lasts all day at this price?! Sure, there are great $20 and $30 liquid eyeliners out there, but this one is just as good. Try it for yourself and you'll be Team Liquid Liner in no time. SHOP L'OREAL'S SUPER SLIM LIQUID EYELINER NOW Be sure to shop the best drugstore beauty products! [Photo: Walmart]

Use These Tricks To Make Your Nails Dry Faster #SHEfindsSolutions

I love painting my nails in fun colors each season, but the one thing I can't stand? Having to wait for the polish to dry. Sitting there waiting just feels like a huge waste of time. Luckily, there are a few ways to get your nails to dry faster when you're in a hurry. Try these tricks the next time you need your nails to dry in a flash. Tip 1: Switch up your top coat. Try using a quick dry top coat that is meant to dry your polish in no time. Tip 2: Soak your nails. After you are done painting your nails, allow them to air dry for at least one minute. Then, soak them in a bowl of cold water for a couple of minutes to speed up the drying process. Tip 3: Use a hair dryer. Just like the nail salon dryers, using warm air on your nails can help them dry faster than air-drying. Tip 4: This may sound weird, but try cooking oil spray. After you are done painting your nails, lightly spray the oil over your nails and allow it to sit for a couple of minutes. Then, wash off your hands to find completely dried nails. Be sure to also check out the perfect leggings for fall and the best foundation for every skin tone.

Here’s Everything You Need To DIY A Belle Costume From Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast fans dream's came true this past March with the release of the live-action remake of the beloved "tale as old as time." Emma Watson naturally did an amazing job playing Belle because she's, like, gorgeous. And, who knew she could sing!? If you're a die-hard Beauty and the Beast fan, this Halloween is the perfect opportunity to bust out a golden gown and dress up as Belle. We rounded up everything you need to DIY a Belle costume, with or without a Beast counterpart. None of us will probably ever look as good as Emma Watson did in this get-up, but we can sure try! For the main component of the DIY costume, you obviously need a yellow gown. Before you resort to buying one, see if any of your friends happen to have any old yellow prom or bridesmaid dress you could borrow. If not, this bridesmaid dress under $50 is the next best thing without costing a fortune, or this $65 Sienna Dress from Revolve that's waaaaay on sale. You can also look on used clothing websites for cheap, gently used yellow gowns. If you're really feeling adventurous, buy a tulle skirt and wear it under your dress of choice for a more authentic, ballgown-esque feel that Belle herself would approve of. Strapless Maxi Evening Prom Bridesmaid Chiffon Dress ($48.99) Next, you need matching yellow gloves. And we're not talking latex dishwashing gloves. You're a princess, after all, so you need the finest satin gloves the Internet can offer...but under $10. Your arms will look classier than ever before in this bright princess necessity from Oriental Trading. Pinkies out, ladies! Long Yellow Satin Gloves ($9.99) In the recent version of the film, Emma Watson's character actually wore a gold "Tree of Life" pendant necklace. Conveniently, Macy's carries an exact replica (that's currently on sale!) with small crystal droplets. There's also a simpler version of this movie jewel for $29.99 on Etsy, where you can customize your chain length. Beauty and the Beast "Tree of Life" Crystal Drop Cord Pendant Necklace ($11.96) No Beauty and the Beast costume could be complete without a fake enchanted red rose! Nothing screams sophisticated (and boujee) more than holding this prop in one of your satin-cloaked hands. Single Micro Peach Rose with Leaves ($1.07) Let's not forget about hair and makeup, too, especially since you're putting the "Beauty" in Beauty and the Beast. Watson wore her hair down in a middle part, slightly curled, and twisted into a bun in the back of her head with some bejeweled accessories. If you're far from a hair styling expert, you can curl the ends and tie your front pieces back with a yellow ribbon that matches your dress. For the finishing touch, add a bold red lip to go with your fake rose. Last item on the agenda is finding your Beast. For more 2017 DIY Halloween costumes, check out a Wonder Woman costume, a "cash me outside girl" costume, an Eleven from Stranger Things costume, and a fidget spinner costume. [Photo: Disney]

3 Brands With The Best Cheap Black Leggings That Don’t Turn See-Through After 1 Wash

I'm 100% team "leggings are not pants." I rarely wear them outside of my apartment, but when I am home they're pretty much the only thing I wear. And being that I'm a homebody and I'm home a lot, I have tons of black leggings. I used to buy them in massive quantities from Forever 21 and H&M, but then I had a revelation. I wasn't actually getting that great of a deal on these $5 leggings because I had to replace them after two washes. We all know what happens--you wash cheap leggings a few times and boom, they're see through. I hate that. I rounded up the three brands I've found to be the most durable and comfortable, so if you love leggings as much as I do I encourage you to splurge just once, too. I have no doubt you'll see the light. Also, if you have leggings that you love that don't get all flimsy and see-through after a few washes, please share in the comments! 1) Fabletics. Given how much I love leggings, I decided to do something I would usually never do--pay more than $20 for a pair. Blasphemy! I "splurged" on the Salar Leggings from Fabletics for $40 and when I say they were a game-changer, I really can't convey how much I love these freakin' leggings. I've had the same pair of over a year and they are still as thick and stretchy and amazing as the first time I wore them. They are so good that I sometimes even sneak and wear them to the grocery story even though I despise wearing leggings beyond the confines of my house. My point is, cheap leggings are as good as the expensive ones. Fabletics Salar Legging ($49.95) 2) Nike. I got my first pair of Nike leggings in one of their factory stores last summer, and I've never looked back. The sportswear brand has a great selection of printed leggings, too, so you don't have to limit yourself to black. I have a blue and back patterned pair that goes perfectly with all my athleisure outfits and my black sneakers (which are also Nike...LOL). At less than $50, you're totally getting the most bang for your buck in terms of quality and style. After a year of wear and tear and many, many washes, my Nike leggings prove they can stand the tests of time. Even the color hasn't shown any signs of fading. I also love them because they're high-waisted, so they tuck in my tummy. Nike Sportswear Leg-A-See ($45) 3) Lou & Grey. This sister brand to Ann Taylor and Loft exclusively designs comfortable, casual clothing. Seriously— when we say comfort, we're talking cloud-like material here. And, this pair isn't called the "Essential" legging for nothing. These are also high-waisted with an elastic band, and are equal amounts comfortable and stretchy. The cozy material is high-quality and thick enough to ensure that you won't get any sudden rips or tears, and they'll stand their ground even after a few run-ins with the washing machine. Lou & Grey Essential Leggings ($24.50) Be sure to check out Jessica Alba's cool black booties and hats, gloves and scarves on sale. [Photo: Trop Rouge]