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Yes, You CAN Wear Oxfords: Here Are 9 Best Sellers We’re Loving Now

There are now so many different iterations of oxfords, there's really no excuse to not have a pair (in some form or another) in your spring wardrobe arsenal. Feeling open-minded? Wear them with maxi skirts, trousers, dresses, skinny jeans...there are so many ways to work this menswear-inspired trend in...without looking like a schoolboy. Check out 6 more of our favorite picks in our shopping guide to oxford shoes.

Best Sellers: The Key To Getting Through The Rest Of Winter: Big, Bright Handbags Do The Trick

It's not really warm enough to go crazy buying a spring wardrobe, but the first step to transitioning to next season is the handbag. Think of how easily these bright handbags transform your wardrobe--especially your tired winter coat. Check out our entire guide to bright handbags--there are 6 more to choose from.

Bestsellers: Stylish Rain Boots That Do Double Duty During Snowstorms

What's worse than an unexpected snowstorm? Not being dressed to handle it. Take a cue from Alexa Chung, Kate Moss and Gwyneth Paltrow, and grab yourself a  new pair of You’re welcome. Follow the author of this post on Twitter @shefindseileen." target="_blank">stylish rain boots, and we guarantee next time it starts coming down, you'll be so excited, you may even hop in a few puddles on the way to work. You’re welcome. Follow the author of this post on Twitter @shefindseileen.

The 9 Bestselling Stylish Rain Boots That Pass The Icy Puddle Test

The frigid weather is here to stay this winter--so stop ruining your boots and finally invest in a pair of stylish rain boots. What are you waiting for? Those icy puddles are unforgiving, so we've rounded up the best 9 pairs that will keep you warm, dry and (of course) looking cool. Stash a pair of our favorite pumps in your desk for your office meetings and you're good to go, oh, and grab some comfortable leggings, a faux fur vest and some cashmere while you're at it. You're welcome. Follow the author of this post on Twitter @shefindseileen.

E-Mail Ann Taylor Now To Get Their Sold Out Lace Dress (For The Real Price)

We showed you some cute alternatives to this sold out Ann Taylor lace dress (above) that's still available on eBay for up to $500--but now you can get the dress for its real price ($198). According to InStyle, Ann Taylor will announce today at 12 pm EST on their Facebook page (under the AT INSIDER tab) the specific details about the flash sale that will feature 100 made-to-order dresses. A SHEfinds reader said the thick lace on the dress bulks you up, and it's not slimming, but somebody must love it--apparently it sold out in stores after a record two days. We will keep you updated on the flash sale's exact time and date. UPDATE: The first 100 women who e-mail [email protected] with "lace dress" and their size in the subject line will get the coveted dress. It's available in sizes 00-18 and petite sizes 00-16. Include your phone number, and if you're a part of the first 100 requests, you will get a call back. For more great dresses, check out our guides to the best summer dresses, the best floral dresses, and the best cocktail dresses.

Awards Season Isn’t Over Yet.. CEW Brings On The Best Of Beauty

Cosmetic Executive Women, Inc. (CEW) just announced the finalists for their annual beauty awards, and everyone in the cosmetics, fragrance and skincare industries will be on pins and needles until May 1 when the winners are announced. If we were filling out brackets, we'd definitely have Avon and Olay going all the way in their categories. After all, the odds are in their favor: Avon scored noms in 11 categories, while Olay got noticed in all the "mass" skincare and bath and body categories but one.  And of course, our writers could have predicted some of the winners. Rebekah has already professed her love for Philosophy's Hope in a Jar moisturizer ($15-$60), one of the contenders in the prestige moisturizer category. And Bryn has been heard singing the praises of Bumble and Bumble Spray de Mode ($28). I've had great luck with nominated bargain beauty finds L'Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara ($11) and Clairol Perfect 10 ($14), which we tested for our Hair at Home Guide. Which nominees do think are shoo-ins? Did CEW overlook any of your beauty faves? Make your predictions in our comments section, and check back in May for a rundown of the winners.

Apologize To Your Hair By Way Of Kerastase Shampoo

What: Kérastase Nutritive Bain Satin 2 Complete Nutrition Shampoo for Dry and Sensitized Hair ($26.40)Why This Works: For those of us who punish our hair on a regular basis (chemical relaxers, bleaching, heat styling) this shampoo is the haircare equivalent of sending your hair flowers to say you’re sorry.  It cleans my hair and scalp while replacing essential proteins and moisture I basically beat out of my hair on a daily basis. My hair is shiny and prettier than it’s ever been because I continually apologize with a nice daily dose of Kérastase Bain Satin.Get Yours: amazon.comCheck out our Hair at Home Guide for ways to maintain your style without schlepping to the salon. 

The Best Sites To Buy Jeans (One More Pair Won’t Hurt)

Denim shopping is intimidating enough in a dressing room, so making the switch to a virtual store can be positively scary. Don't worry, we’re here to help. We've browsed and tested a bunch of denim sites to bring you the best of the best when it comes to helping you score that perfect pair of jeans.   1. Shopbop: The most extensive collection. Editors scour known and little-known brands to bring the best selection available to their customers. From William Rast to Levi’s to Current/Elliott, Shopbop has a covetable list of drool-worthy brands. They also offer video fit guides for all the brands they carry (their True Religion fit guide is shown above). We’re snagging a pair of these classic, comfy Bobby Jeans ($168). 2. True Jeans: A virtual dressing room.   It's not easy to recreate a dressing room experience online, but True Jeans sure comes close by offering a Best Fit Guide, downloadable tape measure, and professional tips to help you select the right pair of denim. You create your own unique profile, enter your measurements, and the site pulls the best jeans for your body. Our profile recommended these J and Company Beverly High Rise Bootcut Jeans ($61.60). 3. Revolve Clothing: Find the next big denim designer.Revolve Clothing is like your edgy, cool girlfriend who always looks effortlessly chic. With a keen eye for indie brands like Nudie, Found, and Joyrich, Revolve finds jeans that everyone is going to want. Each pair comes with its own fit guide tab, and the site has free ground shipping and free returns! We’re in love with these Nudie High Kai Jeans in Black Black ($215).

Want Sarah Palin’s Alaskan King Salmon-Enriched Skin? You Betcha.

Racked recently picked up on TalkingShopping’s interview with Amy Strozzi, Sarah Palin’s makeup artist on the campaign trail (the one who was paid $22,800 for two weeks of work in October). When asked about the Alaskan Governor’s flawless complexion on camera, Strozzi said that Palin had the most beautiful skin she had ever worked with, that obviously makeup created the canvas but that clean Alaskan air, lots of fresh fish and protein, and a good fitness regime was the key to that Palin-esque look. What to do if you can’t eat tons of fish while running on the treadmill in Alaska by Saturday?  Here are some items to create that photo-ready look: This Smashbox Photo Foundation Primer ($45) soothes and nourishes your skin while giving you a flawless complexion. It’s worth the investment. Another favorite is the Benefit Eye Bright Pencil ($20). Swipe under the eyes, blend to erase under-eye baggage, and then line the inside of your eyes with it.  You’ll look like you’ve been on vacation for a week. Give your face a healthy glow with another tried-and-true secret weapon, NARS Orgasm Blush ($20).  It gives anyone a healthy flush and translates well on camera.  Yes, it really does work on all skin tones. Last but not least, brighten those eyes before you get in front of the lens with the ModelCo Lash Wand Heated Eyelash Curler ($30), which gently curls your lashes into eye-popping curves before you even put on a coat of mascara.  You look instantly more awake and alert in pictures.No longer should you fear the close-up, ladies.  Whether or not you incorporate the pageant wave is totally up to you.

Best Seller: Chinese Laundry Strate Boots Spotted On Gossip Girl

What: Chinese Laundry's Strate boot, $100Why: Why not? This adorable over-the-knee boot was featured on one of tv's most stylish gals, and we all know a one-time appearance on a Gossip Girl's foot is enough to become a best seller. But the fact that the boots cost only $100 made this design a home run. And with plenty of colors to choose from, we think this makes a perfect addition to anyone's closet. Plenty of places have marked down the remaining sizes they do have to a lowly $60, too, so if you happen to wear a 6, you are seriously in luck.As an alternative, you can also try the Chinese Laundry Top boot, which sports a similar look but a wider top to accomodate jeans. Get Yours: Finding the exact color and size you want can be tough at this point, but keep an eye on Zappos, Endless, and Shoemall.

Oprah Gives Us A New President, Now A Perfect Skin Regimen

Yesterday's Oprah had Dr. Oz talking about the science of beauty for his new book, You: Being Beautiful. I was happy that Big O reinforced what we’ve been telling you all along -  you don’t have to spend tons of money to get gorgeous skin! All of us are afraid of wrinkles and dramatic skin changes, even the non-sunscreen wearing surfer mom on the show yesterday (yes, she surfs every day but doesn’t wear sunscreen and is afraid of wrinkles – marinate on that for a moment).  Dr Oz says anyone concerned about wrinkles should use products that contain Vitamin A, C, and E – key anti-oxidants that cause cellular turnover, put niacin cream on your skin, and exfoliate. Beauty expert Paula Begoun went on to recommend products for your own skin regimen: Everyone should be using a gentle cleanser to clean your skin daily (the trick is that if you splashed it in your eye, it doesn’t hurt, like baby shampoo). They recommend Olay Foaming Face Wash ($4.40) and so do we! Your next step is to exfoliate the skin to stimulate cellular turnover and an alpha-hydrox lotion does the trick.  This Alpha Hydrox AHA Enhanced Lotion ($11.99) is a one-step process that gently exfoliates. Moisturizers are the most baffling key to any beauty regimen and the key is what’s in them; antioxidants along with Vitamins A, C, and E are vitally important.  Clinique's Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief ($34) contains these important ingredients.

Tell Us What’s Selling Out – We Know The Kindle Is Because Oprah’s Obsessed With It

We can't wait to put out our 2008 Sold Out Guide in November and let you in on what items will be flying off shelves for the holiday season. But we want to hear it straight from you -- what already has top billing on your holiday wish lists? And don't lie-- we know you've been making mental notes for when December rolls around. Are there any fashion or beauty items that you've been coveting and have already had a hard time finding? Below are a few items we know will definitely be hot for the holidays--  stores already can't keep them in stock! The Amazon Kindle ($359) is Oprah's new favorite gadget - so much so that she's offering a discount to her readers that's only good through tomorrow. Enter code OPRAHWINFREY at and get $50 off your magical wireless reader.  Available at Macy's this month, Monkee Genes' organic line is sure to cause a ruckus. You can order the regular styles online now, but we can't guarantee they'll be there for long. (We hear Diesel's Dirty Thirties are also insanely popular this season.) Those gosh darned Kawasaki glasses are still a hot topic since VP candidate Sarah Palin showed up in them only a few months ago. We wonder if they'll remain sold out if the election goes blue. Even though Kitson wasn't a big fan, Lauren Conrad's collection has been called one of the most popular celeb lines and will definitely be a rarity on the racks. We also feature gadgets, and we hear the T-Mobile G1, has caused a shopping frenzy among the tech savvy population. So write in to SheFinds, either in our comments section below or to [email protected], and tell us what item you know will be beyond hot for the holidays. And make sure to sign up for our newsletter so November's Sold Out Guide will be sure to arrive directly to your inbox. 

Battle Of The Waterproof (Contact Lens Safe) Mascaras

As a contact lens wearer, I usually wind up writhing in agony as mascara debris (read: clumps) falls into my eyes and causes searing pain around my lenses. I needed a gym-ready, changing-weather friendly, contact lens safe mascara, so I road-tested some mascaras for SheFinds. Here are the winners: Bronze Medal: Clinique Gentle Waterproof Mascara in Black ($14)One to two coats will enhance the lashes as if you have naturally thicker lashes. The formula comes off with a little soap and water or a cleansing cloth, and had people staring into my eyes while I was running errands.  Silver Medal: L'Oreal Voluminous Waterproof Volume Building Mascara in Black ($7)This thickening, easy-to-apply formula is excellent for evening. The mascara went on smoothly, stayed on through a spinning class, shower, and drinks with friends. No clumps, no debris and no “raccoon eye”, it came off easily with makeup remover.   Gold Medal: Maybelline Great Lash Washable Mascara in Very Black ($7)The tried-and-tested favorite of makeup artists, beauty editors, and consumers alike, this was my hands-down favorite. I don’t understand how you can heap this stuff on and it just never gets tacky or falls apart but win it does for giving long, believable lashes that are thick, glossy, and quite come-hither without being dangerous to contact lenses. It went a full day from a morning workout complete with steam room and shower clear through to another layer before a girl’s night out. This is a great purchase for day or night. And check out our Beauty Bestsellers Guide for other mascara faves.  

Celeb Style: Cameron Diaz In Paige’s Calabasas Jean

Who: Cameron DiazWhat: Hanging out with “What Happens in Vegas” co-star Lake Bell for a girls' night on the townWearing: Paige Premium Denim in Calabasas ($198) Why This is Hot: We’ve covered Paige Premium Denim quite a bit on this site but it bears repeating: these jeans are hot. Cameron’s rocking the Calabasas style, based on the classic 70’s low-rise flare jean. These gorgeous button fly closure jeans have enhancing flap pockets, which draw all the right things together for a curve and bootie-enhancing style. Think Cameron was out to break a few hearts the night she wore these jeans? We think so and we think you should grab yourself a pair for your next girls’ night out to see what damage you can do.Get yours: shopbop.comCheck out our Denim Guide for our readers' favorite denim picks.  

Women’s Health Magazine Picks Their Favorite Beauty Stuff; We Agreed A While Ago

The ladies over at Women’s Health just revealed their second-ever list of Beauty All-Stars – chosen by a team of experts in their respective beauty niches – and a bunch of our all-time favorites are on there. Check out the fabulous beauty buys below for three things we can all agree on. The Find: Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanner ($29)WH Says: Best Self-TannerWe Say: Subtle color that doesn’t streak – self-tanner bliss. The Find: Benefit Benetint ($28)WH Says: Best Cheek ColorWe Say: Keep this little bottle close at hand for a super quick pick-me-up before you run out the door. The Find: DiorShow Mascara ($24)WH Says: Best Thickening MascaraWe Say: Makes lashes so luscious, they almost look like falsies. And it smells pretty, too. Woah.And check out our Beauty Bestsellers Guide for other quite popular picks.  

Packing Cubes Make Travel Tetris A Little Easier

What: Packing Cubes from eBags Why: You may think that the whole "sitting on an overstuffed suitcase and baaarely being able to zip it up" thing is a movie cliche... until you try to pack for that week-long trip. Then you realize how much stuff you actually use on a day-to-day basis, and how unwieldy most of that stuff is.Getting it all to fit is like playing a game of Tetris, where you're required to fit odd shapes into one another, leaving no space unused.Enter eBags' packing cubes. To me, these suitcase organizers seem like they'd just be excess baggage, but more than 4,000 travelers were enamored enough to write glowing recommendations on the site.Basically, you pack your larger clothes (dresses, slacks, blouses) in the large cube, your undies, pj's and swimwear in the medium cube, and your toiletries, appliances, or cords in the small cube. Then, when you reach your final destination, boom—large cube goes in the closet, medium cube in the drawer, and small cube on the bathroom vanity. They do sound like they would make unpacking easier, but once you take the clothes out, wear them, get them all wrinkly and dirty, are they easy to repack?Being a Tetris master, I'm a pretty great packer but I'm admittedly a terrible repacker. As much as I'd like to think these cubes would work both ways, and that I'd have a nice, easy, throw-in-the-laundry-room cube instead of a suitcase full of balled up dirties to dig through when I get back home, I'm not sure I'm disciplined enough to make the most of these. Still, some reviews mention how helpful the packing cubes' accompanying tips guide is, so perhaps with the proper motivation, I could learn to become a cube packer.Price: $25 for a 3-piece set (a small, a medium, and a large)

Clinique 3-Step System For Stubborn, Hard-To-Manage Skin

Recently, I've settled on the fact that I'll just have to live the rest of my life with erratic skin. My mom still has acne in her mid-fifties and has convinced me that she's tried everything, it's genetic, and basically, I'm screwed for life. Thanks Mom! One positive note from mother – apparently I can look forward to clear skin when I'm pregnant. If you could only hear the sarcasm. I've tried everything. From dermatologist prescribed creams like Retin A, to Acutane and other oral medications, to every over-the-counter face wash, toner, scrubber, exfoliator, cream, lotion, serum you can imagine. Even the 3-step celebrity-guaranteed system that need-not-be-named didn't work for me. So what's a gal to do? I've always seen Clinique's 3-Step System in friends' medicine cabinets, but thought, how can something so generic work for my complicated skin? Turns out, Clinique has turned with the tides and created different 3-Step System products for every skin type from oily to dry. Their website has this great questionnaire that helped me figure out which products I needed. Turns out, I needed all three products in the "you have acne" strength. Big surprise. The Acne Solution cleansing foam ($17.50) is mild yet effective and made my face feel amazingly smooth.   The Acne Solutions clarifying lotion ($13.50) - or exfoliating toner as I know it - cleans off all that extra makep that my face-washing regime missed. It really gets rid of all the excess oil on my face and neck.   The Acne Solutions clearing moisturizer ($16) has that amazing acne zapper we know as benzoyl peroxide that helps control oil throughout my day. It's lightly hydrating so it is great for my dry cheeks and oily forehead and nose.  This three step system is bound to last me about two to three months – absolutely worth the price for the beautiful skin it's giving me. All 3 products add up to $47. Or get the 4-week starter kit for just $32. Smaller sizes, but at least they'll let you try it out.Get Yours:

Beauty Bestseller: Neutrogena Helps My Face Get Out Of High School Mode

What: Neutrogena Oil-Free Anti-Acne Moisturizer, $4.54 Why: One would assume after a quarter-century of existence, that blemishes would be a thing of the past - something you'd leave behind in adolescence along with braces, training bras, and virginity. But once in a while, under times of intense stress (or when you-know-what comes to visit) my skin tends to misbehave. Normally I am randomly blessed with a decent complexion - which I have no business having, seeing as how I don't drink enough water, don't take my vitamins, abhor fruits and vegetables, and partake too heartily in the weekend cocktail.  But I mention this not to make enemies, but rather to drive home the benefits of my all-time favorite little life-saving product. Neutrogena's  Oil-Free Anti-Acne Moisturizer is perfect for skin that needs a little help keeping blemishes under control. The low concentration of salicylic acid is not too intense, so it won't dry out your skin. I have been a fan of this product for years now due to its mild blemish fighting power combined with soothing moisturizing benefits. And I love that since it's actually a moisturizer, there's no extra cream I have to apply after washing my face. So when my job, my social life, or my hormones have me under the gun, Neutrogena is there to keep my skin from giving me away - and for that I will remain a very loyal customer.Get Yours:  

CEW Announces Beauty Oscar Nominees

Recently, the beauty industry's equivalent of Oscar nominations were announced by the Cosmetic Executive Women group. CEW, comprised of top beauty editors and other high-profile industry pros, voted on nearly 600 product finalists for their 2008 Beauty Awards. Of course there's always some office politics going around, and some of these products have massive advertising campaigns with the budgets to match, but isn't it the same kind of story when it's time to choose a best picture? Nonetheless, it is pretty cool to see what the best of the best choose to keep in their medicine cabinets. The categories were extensive, ranging from bath care to men's fragrance, so we chose our top 3 preferences from the Body, Face, and Hair Care nominees. For a complete list, check out, and check back with SheFinds after the May 2nd ceremony for a commentary on the winners. Dove's Cream Oil Body Wash in Ultra Rich ($5.29) is probably the lushest body wash I have ever used. Its thick, silky concentration won't wash right off in the shower, which allows your skin to absorb the moisture and soothing fragrance. The Philosophy Inner Grace Perfumed Shampoo, Bath & Shower Gel ($22) is a 3-in-1 cleanser for your body and hair, with a sweet feminine fragrance that doesn't overpower. For afterbath care, the editors are ga-ga over Burt's Bees Radiance Lotion ($9) for all-over-body moisture. For fighting blemishes, nothing beats Bare Escentuals RareMinerals Blemish Therapy ($28). It's a zit-zapper for grown-ups, without the nasty drying effects of adolescent creams. The Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream ($26) is highly recommended for replenishing skin's elasticity and helping your face appear smoother. For ladies with little time on their hands (that would be all of us, right?) these Garnier Nutritioniste Nutri-Pure Detoxifying Wet Cleansing Towelettes ($6) are quick, easy, and super efficient. When you just need your hair to shut up and behave, Frederic Fekkai Coiff Controle Ironless Straightening Balm ($25) will take control of the situation, smoothing out unwanted frizz. For a healthy dose of vitamins and nutrients, try L'Oreal's Vive Pro Nutri Gloss Shampoo ($5). And color-treated hair will love Clairol Nice'n Easy Colorseal Conditioning Gloss ($4.59) for its sexy shine.

Beauty Solution: Shadow Behaves When This Primer’s Around

 What: Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion ($16)Why: In the land of makeup, my final frontier is eyeshadow. I have mastered how to apply my foundation so it’s not too heavy. I have learned how to give myself a rosy glow with blush and sultry lips with lipsticks and glosses. I even recently discovered how to give myself dramatic lashes. But eyeshadow, well, that’s another story. I can apply the stuff just fine, but about fifteen minutes after applying it, I’d be horrified to discover thick lines of eye shadow goop in the creases of my lids. Not to mention my matte shadows would go all shiny on me. So for a long time, I gave up on eye shadow.  But then I discovered a modern day miracle beauty product - for me, a life changing product. Called the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, it’s an eyeshadow primer in a cute genie shaped bottle that actually makes your eyeshadow apply more smoothly and keeps it there all day and night.  There really must be a genie in this cute little bottle because now my eyeshadow stays put for hours.  Get yours:  

Beauty Bestsellers: A Wild, Wonderful Blast From The Past — For Pennies

What: Wet N Wild Crème Lipliner #666 (Brandy Wine) Why: For me, high school was a time of electric blue eyeshadow and fuschia nail polish. Looking at me now, in all my Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier glory, you’d never know I went through a white-eyeliner phase (and we’re talking full eyeliner, not just a little swipe for brightness in the corners of the eyelids). However, my makeup bag has one holdover from those not-so-glory days. This product is so spectacular, so versatile, and so inexpensive that I’ve never been able to give it up. It’s my trusty Wet N Wild Crème Lipliner #666 (Brandywine).The color is purely, simply “lip.” It melts into any berry, mauve, or rust-colored lipstick like it was specifically made for it. Lipstick stays firmly in place with this liner – in my 11 years of using it, I’ve never had a single smear or bleed. It also looks smashing as an all-over lip color – just use the liner to fill in your lips and top it off with clear gloss (such as MAC Clear Lipglass). The color is flattering on a huge range of skin tones because of its chameleon-like abilities. If you’re extremely pale and want to use it as an all-over lip color, consider topping it off with a light pink or coral tint to lessen the intensity of the color.Even better: It costs 99 cents. That’s it. One George Washington (or Sacagawea, if you’re dollar-coin inclined) for perfection. Just one more reason to hold on to the past, or at least a part of it.Get yours: Wet N Wild is available at most major drugstores nationwide, or check in at Amazon for limited availability.Check it out, along with other lipliner shades and more beauty products on the Wet N Wild Web site. 

Beauty Bestseller: Trish McEvoy Is Like Xanax For Anxious Lashes

What: Trish McEvoy Lash Curling Mascara, $28Why: Ever since I tried out lash extensions and got a bunch of compliments (except from my mother who said she liked me just the way I am - thanks, Mom) I have been on a quest for a mascara that can duplicate the same volume, drama, and color that the falsies did. Well, after a small fortune spent on disappointing mascaras, I finally found one that did the trick - Trish McEvoy's Lash Curling Mascara. I was used to buying my foundations and powders from Trish, so I trusted the brand, but never thought to venture into eye territory. Little did I know that this mascara has actually been a bestseller for the line for years - it's been featured in Allure Magazine as a must-have product, and continues to fly off the shelves. The wand glides ever so smoothly over my lashes with no fuss and no clumps - and I can actually see my lashes curling on impact. Nifty little parlor trick. So if you are lash obsessed as well, and don't mind spending the money on a good mascara, opt for Trish McEvoy and stay lash happy forever - or at least until the tube runs out. Get Yours:  

Best Seller: Lancome Le Magnetique Nail Lacquer

(photo courtesy of All Laquered Up ) What:  Lancome Le Magnetique Nail Lacquer Why:  I recently fell upon a coveted bottle of Lancome Le Magnetique Nail Lacquer in Bordeaux. Upon first sight, the color is a wonderful mixture of dark, vixenish plum and subtle bronze. It's a stylish reinvention of the hot black shades that are coating the famous fingers of Lindsay Lohan, Hillary Duff, Lauren Conrad, and a cadre of other fashionable celebrities. After all, plum has been touted as "the new black," and, even if black is still the old black, a dark plum nail avoids any association with the Hipsteratti (who originally stole black nail polish from the Goths, who wore the polish to punish their parents). However, the true amazement is an original creation of famed makeup artist (and wife of Rag & Bone co-founder David Neville) Gucci Westman. She's fashioned a magnetic bottle clip, that, when hovered close to the wet nails, creates a shimmery starburst pattern through its manipulation of iron particles within the polish.Although I prefer to leave my nailpolish simple and without embellishment, a decorated dark nail is in perfect sync with this season's style. And, besides the magnetic starburst, this nail lacquer has other outstanding attributes. I've long relegated my nail polish purchases to the local Walgreens. And, therefore, I began to accept that all nail polish application is a frustratingly clumpy, uneven, multi-layer pursuit. But the quality of Lancome's Le Magnetique is such that it practically slithers onto your nails. With little effort, an even, seamless coat forms. And, you can totally get away with just the one.    In a few minutes I had fashionable, vampy nails that would have looked like I came straight from the manicurist...if I weren't such a nail biter. Get Yours: Although stocks in the main retailers sold out, you can still find this polish on eBay.

Goth Waitresses From Coney Island Love OPI Nails (And So Do We)

And OPI said, "Let there be I'm Not Really A Waitress." And it was good. So was Lincoln Park After Dark and Coney Island Cotton Candy. So good, in fact, that these cleverly-named colors became OPI's best-selling nail polishes ever. Why? Well, we like to think it has something to do with the kitschy names, but mere words do not a beauty best-seller make. It takes more than that to earn a coveted spot in the Hall of Fame. I'm absolutely not a manicurist (in fact I'm an exceedingly terrible nail-painter), so I was thrilled when Lincoln Park After Dark went on cleanly, without gloppiness--quite professional looking, really. This miracle was due primarily to the extra-thick brush, designed to hold more paint and spread it more evenly. The polish is also thick enough to only need two layers, which saved me from my own future mistakes. This OPI polish left my nails nicely glossy, and the deep purple, almost black color is just rich enough to be intriguing without looking goth.I did up most of my toes with I'm Not Really A Waitress, a reliable red that's attention-grabbing but not drastically so, and one lone big toe with the pinkish Coney Island Cotton Candy. Personally I preferred the red for my toes, because it's a stronger color, and would probably reserve the subtle Cotton Candy for day-to-day use on my hands. These three colors are OPI's best-sellers for good reason. They're classic and sophisticated, fast-drying, and hard to chip. But the company has also come out with some new bolder, funkier colors, so check out their website for more options. Get Yours: $7.50 at or Amazon.

Clean Up Your Act With Lancome Beauty Best-Sellers

In my house, "spring cleaning" doesn't just mean getting my place spic 'n' span. I take the phrase "out with the old and in with the new" to heart, using my big seasonal cleanup as the perfect excuse to dump all my old cosmetics and start fresh. Crisp, clean brushes, bright shadows, gloss pots that aren't scraped dry, powder that actually matches my new springtime glow... it's the most wonderful time of the year.Each time I restock, I like to get a mix of old favorites I know will last me through the year and new, trendy colors that I can experiment with. Luckily, Lancome provides a one-stop spring makeup shop, with a blend of the quality and innovation that make makeup buying fun. Like most of my friends, I'm always finding Juicy Tubes Lip Glosses ($18) in my purse, my desk drawer, and my jacket pockets. With just the right amount of moisturizing, shine, and sweet berry taste, they're a makeup maven's must-have. My current favorite is the baby pink Spring Fling, which is sweet, subtle, and so feminine.As far as experimenting goes, I've invested in the Color Design Artist Palette in Stylish Neutrals ($70). The eight-shadow palette comes in complementary colors and three finishes, so I feel like a total artiste, whether I'm getting ready for work (shimmery mauve, dove gray, and pearlescent bone) or a night out (dramatic glittery black and plum). The palette is also available in tawny Couture Warms and blue-based Best Dressed Cools.Finally, no spring makeup regimen is complete without a little bronzing boost. Lancome's best-selling Flash Bronzer Glow 'n Wear ($31) is essential for breaking skin out of the pale winter doldrums. The silky gel dries in a snap and stays on my skin without that nasty rub-off (after all, no one who's been through spring cleaning likes the thought of murky bronzer stains.) Five minutes after applying, I'm out the door getting some real sun and showing off my spring makeover.

Lift Your Spirits (And Your Skin) With Lancome’s Best-Selling Creams

What: Lancôme's Rénergie Microlift R.A.R.E.™ Superior Lifting Cream SPF 15 Sunscreen ($78) and Superior Lifting Eye Cream ($58) Why: Unlike white hair on aging men, wrinkles don't make us ladies look distinguished. So, of course, there are countless anti-aging, wrinkle-decreasing products on the market for you to choose from, including these two best sellers from Lancôme, which we particularly like for their rich texture, signature floral scent and easy-absorption properties. Of course, the creams are similar because they both feature Lancôme's R.A.R.E. technology, but the eye cream is specially formulated for that particularly delicate area. Get ready to say goodbye to saggy lids, dark circles, and wrinkles! Have a little lift on Lancôme. Get Yours:

A Threesome Made In Heaven: Lancome’s Best Selling Mascara, Mascara Base, And You

What: Lancôme's Cils Booster XL Super-Enhancing Mascara Base ($21.50) and Définicils Pro High Definition Curved Brush Mascara ($23.50)Why: I’ve been hurt before by smooth talking beauty copy, so I’ll admit to a healthy dose of skepticism when I read such sweet nothings as "fuller, more intense" and “enhanced effect…” I don’t know if it’s because of the way my eyelids are shaped or what, but I have the hardest time finding mascara that not only looks great but STAYS great. Either it fades away into oblivion after a few hours or migrates en masse to just below my actual eyes, which is a good look if you’re Courtney Love or a raccoon. It seems, however, as though my search for The One has finally come to an end. Only instead of The One, I found… a dynamic duo. I know – kinky. But trust me -- short of applying Eva Longoria-style fakies, this is the fullest and flutteriest your lashes are going to get. The recipe: Start with a nice coating of Lancôme's Cils Booster XL Super-Enhancing Mascara Base. I don’t know exactly how it works, but it does – gives you just the boost you need. Follow with a liberal application of their Définicils Pro High Definition Curved Brush Mascara. The thick, curved brush makes an eyelash curler obsolete, and the luxe formula really does go on “smoothly and evenly.” The result: Lashes worth batting. You’ll need to use remover to get clean again – but isn’t it all about staying power anyway?Get yours:  And check out our other Lancôme reviews of their best-selling creams and classic makeup. 

Why Look Your Age? Author Charla Krupp Shows Us How To Fool Them All – 5 Of You Will Win Her Book

In today's youth-obsessed culture, women go to extreme lengths to fight Father Time - from multiple cosmetic surgeries to unrealistic diet and beauty rituals. Well, style expert and best-selling author Charla Krupp feels our pain. She understands the pressures us women are under - even starting in our 20s - to look youthful when our birthdays say otherwise. But instead of resorting to crazy, unrealistic measures, Charla gives down-to-earth, candid, and useful tips in her book, How Not To Look Old: Fast and Effortless Ways to 10 Years Younger, 10 Pounds Lighter, 10 Times Better. From the right colors and shapes to complement your shape to which treatments will battle the signs of aging, Charla's straightforward approach has helped numerous women feel more beautiful and comfortable in their own skin. She should know - Charla's been doling out fashion advice on the Today show for nearly 10 years! And now, we are giving away copies of Charla's book to 5 lucky readers. In order to be considered, you have to write to us in the comments section and tell us what fashion find or beauty product keeps you feeling young and fabulous. Below, Charla has shared with SheFinds her Top 5 Ways to Dress Your Age While Keeping with the Trends: 1. Color: Spring is all about a carnival of color. Indulge! Yellow, pink, orange, lime, cobalt, lilac…but better to wear the bright color on your upper half—top, blouse, shirt, jacket. Keep the bottom half simple in black pants or pencil skirt...or jeans or white pants or white jeans. SheFinds suggests the Saks Fifth Avenue Sport Cotton Sateen Blouse in flattering coral ($195). 2. The dress: Choose a shift dress or a womanly dress that gives you a great shape. Skip the baby doll and empire styles—too young and not flattering. SheFinds suggests the Stretch Cross-Dyed Shift Dress with a unique tie-belt ($119). 3. Sculptural jackets: Go for it! But keep to solid colors as the shape of the jacket is enough of a statement. SheFinds suggests the Banana Republic Monogram Suit Jacket in steel grey ($225). 4. Belts! It’s all about middle management. Cinch in your middle and give yourself the hourglass figure you’ve worked so hard to maintain. SheFinds suggests Ann Taylor's Dora Belt in brown leather ($58). 5. Heels: Killer sculptural heels - skip it. Wear heels, but not killer ones. Instead, go for a chunky heel or a wedge or a kitten heel. SheFinds suggests the Pura Lopex pump ($360) with an edgy bow detail and sexy pointy toe.Want more expert style advice from Charla? Pick up a copy of her book, How Not To Look Old, available on Amazon. Or…Win a copy of the book from SheFinds! We are giving away copies to 5 lucky readers. In order to be considered, you have to write to us in the comments section and share with us what fashion find or beauty product keeps you feeling young. On Friday, we will choose the 5 winners! And check out the Top 5's from our other experts: Nadine Haobsh, author of Beauty Confidential, Kat James, author of The Truth About Beauty, and Nada Manley, author of Secrets of the Beauty Insiders. 

Best Sellers: LAI Crocodile North Star Totes

What: LAI Crocodile North Star Tote, $2200Why: This large tote featuring gorgeous crocodile material and a sleek of-the-moment structured design isn't just beautiful, it's practical too. It has a removable matching snap-out pouch, two outer side pockets, multiple interior pockets, and a contrasting suede lining. You'll be able to carry this bag everywhere - shopping in jeans and a sweater on the weekend, or to work with a white button-down and black pencil skirt. And at $2,200, you'll definitely want to get your money's worth. Get Yours: LuxCouture is offering SheFinds readers 20% off all LAI bags and all special order North Star bags available in a multitude of colors. Still not your pricepoint? Why not opt for the Cole Haan Doctor's Bag ($495) or the Furla Leather Croc Shopper ($165) which are just as chic for a fraction of the price. 

Freebie Friday: Win A Limited Edition Her Glossiness Gift Set From Benefit Cosmetics

What: Benefit Cosmetics Her Glossiness Gift Set Why: Where has the time gone? You read about this amazing, limited-edition set a while back, but you still haven't managed to get your hands on one. In fact, what you really need is two--one to give to your fashionista sister and another to keep for yourself. Well, we're about to make that a little easier. This week we are giving away a Her Glossiness set to one lucky SheFinds reader. The adorably packaged collection of glosses features six shades of super flattering colors conveniently fitted into three tubes--easy to pack for the trip home, hard to give away once you're there. So be sure to enter to win a set you can keep on hand. What you decide to do with it is your business, but we'll just give you one word of advice: the supply of these fabulous collections won't last forever, so we personally wouldn't pass ours on to anyone else.How to Enter: 1. Reply to this post in the comments section below and be sure to include why you'd like to win. One comment per person, please. 2. You must supply us with a valid email address. 3. The contest starts now and entries must be date stamped by our server no later than Friday, December 7th, 2007 at 11:59 AM Eastern Time to be eligible. 4. One winner will be selected during a random drawing and will be notified via e-mail to receive the prize. 5. No prize substitutions. 6. You must be 18 years old or older to enter. 7. No purchase necessary. 8. Void where prohibited. 9. Click here for the full rules. Good luck! And don't forget to check out the great giveaway at to this week's winner, Kim!  

Give Uncomfortable Feet The Boot With A Few Pairs That Look Good And Wear Better

What: Frye BootsWhy: I'm on the hunt for something comfortable that will allow me to do my shopping, run up and down the subway steps, and still arrive to dinner looking reasonably good. And though I love the sexy sky-high heels on many of this season's hottest boots, that look simply doesn't cut it when I'm on the go all day.Thankfully, Frye figured out a way to make sensible shoes look incredibly stylish. The Frye Page Riding Boot ($352) looks equally good with jeans or a skirt, while the slouchy Veronica version ($304) easily adds a rocker edge to an otherwise conservative outfit. But my absolute favorite is probably the Dorado 3 Strap ($475), a multi-buckled beauty in a gorgeous tan leather than looks as if it's been well-broken in over the years (hint--that's the secret to not looking like you're trying too hard). But these styles, like so many of this season's fashion best sellers, are quickly disappearing off store's shelves. To be sure you get the gift you want, check out our guide to finding this year's most coveted styles or hit Zappos for both the Riding and Veronica boots and Piperlime for the Dorado.

Best Sellers: An Entire Outfit From Armani Exchange

What: Armani Exchange's Best Selling ClothesWhy: Sometimes shopping for gits is as easy as picking up the latest limited-edition perfume or tracking down that super chic handbag. But other times you really want to impress someone with an entirely new outfit. Maybe it's just a kind way of telling your best friend her fashion sense needs some updating, or maybe you're helping fill your stylish kid sister's closet with some goodies she couldn't afford on her own. Either way, you know this gift won't soon be forgotten.So here are our picks for pulling together a great new look from the best selling items at Armani Exchange. Buy them all, buy them separately, just be sure you buy them fast, since stocks are dwindling as we speak. 1. Cocoon Shape Jacket ($195)  2. Tweed Wool Trouser ($98)  3. Chain Belt Wool Coat ($375)  4. Braided Patent Belt (on sale for $30 through December 9--see other last chance sale items here) Be sure to accessorize this stylish new outfit with figure-flattering jewelry, too. Who knew the right rings, bracelets, and necklaces could disguise the stubby fingers and thick wrists you hate?

Great Alternatives To Mauro Zagliani’s Sold Out Python Bag

What: Mauro Zagliani Python Puffy BagWhy: Obviously we're not the only ones who fell in love with this gorgeous handbag. The pricey design would likely have sold out on its own, but with celebs like Cindy Crawford and Jennifer Lopez sporting it as their latest arm candy, the Zagliani was guaranteed to become hard to find. At this point, even eBay isn't showing much available.So we've done what any good fashionista would want--we've found you some similarly styled alternatives. They ain't the real deal, of course, but they still look awfully good, plus they come at a much lower price point. Try these on for size and see if you don't feel at least a little more fabulous. Banana Republic's Fillmore Snake-Embossed Deep Satchel ($248) isn't made of true python, but it sure does a good job of faking it. A Ginette Etc Mama Bag ($624) has the same snake-embossed patent leather look plus the pleating that we love on the Puffy bag. This Nancy Gonzalez Crocodile & Python Satchel bears an uncanny resemblence to the lighter version of Mauro Zagliani's design. The only problem--it also costs about the same. Want to know what other handbags celebrities are carrying? Check out our guide to the season's best bag designs. 

Which Beauty Best Seller Are You Buying?

Given all the amazing cosmetics that are hitting shelves now, even the most clued-in woman can have a hard time deciding which new fragrance she has to have and which lip gloss is not worth the wait in Sephora. But there are a few that stand out no matter how thick the crowd gets, and those are the best sellers beauty addicts are fighting for on eBay and in stores all season long. So which one do you have to have for someone on your gift list (or yourself, for that matter): Lancome's PS Kiss lipstick , Estee Lauder's Swarovski Fashion Rocks compact, Marc Jacob's Limited Edition Modern Gardenia perfume, or the super sexy Agent Provocateur Maitresse Gold Edition?PS Kiss   Fashion Rocks Compact Modern Gardenia  Maitresse Gold  Be sure to take a look at which gadgets, handbags, and apparel and accessories people are snapping up to and cast your vote for your seasonal must-haves.  

Which Fashion Fad Tops Your Gift List?

Okay, we'll admit it: we're nosy. All week we're running polls so we can find out what you guys are dying to buy this year. Do your tastes match ours? Are you more iPod versus iPhone people, or would you prefer a Linea Pelle bag instead? Today we want to know which of these fashionable items top your gift list: Tory Burch ballet flats, Hudson wide-leg jeans, whimsical Dior jewelry, or the cozy UGGs even Oprah adores. We know our friends, aunts, sisters, and mothers are all hankering for at least one of these goodies. Which one will you get?Tory Burch Ballet Flats  Hudson Wide-Leg Jeans   Dior Oui Ring   UGGs Classic Crochet BootWhatever it is you want, be sure to check out our guide to finding the season's most coveted gifts. And if the UGGs are really your thing, we've even got an entire page devoted to all the styles you'll need to keep your feet warm this winter.  

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