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We Saw All The ‘It’ Girls Wearing Wool Fedoras, So We Want Wool Fedoras

I never thought I would say this, but I am seriously considering buying a hat this fall. We spotted quite a few models and street style bloggers wearing rag and bone's Wide Brim Fedora ($195) at New York Fashion Week, so naturally a few of the SHEfinds staffers followed suit and got their own headgear for fall. Just because some of the best hats, or as I like to call them "head warmers," are made by designers like Lanvin, Gucci and Eugenia Kim, you don't have to spend a fortune to pull of this trend. Nasty Gal and Urban Outfitters make great knock-offs of the rag and bone "it" girl hat. So whether you're on a big 'ole budget or you're just looking for something simple to cover that pretty head of yours, we've got a wooly fedora for you in our slideshow. Be sure to check out: Burberry ponchos, Nicole Richie's jewelry line and shop the fall runway.

The 7 Fall Accessory Trends That Actually Matter (Plus, How To Rock Them)

With each new season comes a bevy of new trends - especially in the accessories department. Lucky for you, we've honed in on the 7 fall accessory trends that actually matter, and we've got tips on how to make them work for you. Cross Jewelry: As a result of this fall's gothic trend, cross jewelry is no longer just for the religiously devout. We prefer this trend in small doses (bracelets and rings), but if you're adventurous, take a cue from the runways with a dramatic pendant necklace. Giant Waist Belts: Aka, the easiest way to fake an hour-glass shape. These belts cinch you in, in all the right places. Go for a monochrome look - black belt, black outfit - to maximize this trend's slimming effects. Hinged Rings: An update on the "tough" jewelry trend, hinged rings pack all the punch of their knuckle ring counterparts, but are more practical. Cameo Jewelry: Miu Miu and Lanvin had us falling in love with cameo jewelry earlier this year, and the trend isn't going anywhere soon - cameo earrings, necklaces, and rings are all on-trend this fall. Statement Collars: Detachable, embellished collars are legitimately a thing. Embrace it, and shop it! Geode Jewelry: Chanel made geodes cool with their Fall/Winter runway show - but you don't have to be on a Chanel budget to "rock" (pardon the pun) this trend: just throw on an easy-breezy pendant necklace. Rose Gold Jewelry: Elle Woods would approve of this trend, why not add a hint of pink to your gold? We love this trend in all its forms, but we're especially big fans of watches. For more on fall trends, read up on the 7 fall beauty trends, the Navajo trend, and doctor bags for fall.