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Buying Fall Jackets In This Heat Would Be Totally Crazy…If They Weren’t On Sale

While shopping for a jacket in this heat may seem crazy, we can assure you that it is definitely not too soon to start thinking about fall. Right now, even thinking about putting sleeves on your body may seem absurd, but in a few weeks you'll be frantically digging your jackets out of your closet. Soon, the temps will drop, the leaves will change and it will be fall before you know it! Where has the time gone?! If you feel like summer just started, we're right there with ya, but it's almost time to retire our shorts and tanks and switch to jeans and jackets. A since jackets aren't in demand right now, they're are super cheap. We don't know why, but some retailers are even putting their new styles on sale, which seems totally crazy, but we aren't complaining. You need to take advantage of all the markdowns now, before it's too late. Because once fall hits, you won't be able to find deals like these, and you'll be stuck in the cold with no new outerwear and last year's styles. So to help you prepare for the seasons to come (and save you some cash), we found dozens of jackets on sale from leather styles and bombers to trenchcoats and anoracks by so many great brands and designeres like Tibi, Vince, Michael Kors and even Marc Jacobs. There's no need to thank us, just shop our slideshow. And do it now, before it's too late! It's better to save than be sorry. And don't forget to check out: Boots on sale, Kim Kardashian's sunglasses and Taylor Swift's $55 dress. [Photo: Always Judging]

Just Say ‘No’ To Motos: The Best Leather Jackets Of The Season Are Draped

Clothes this season tend to err a bit more on the comfy side with oversized and PJ-like everything. It's a bit of an androgynous season, then, to say the very least, but don't think that to fit in with the trend you need to buy outwear that will swallow you whole. Filling in the voids left behind by the usual jacket culprits -- think leather, fitted, puffy, tweed -- are a droopier breed of jacket that won't overwhelm your shape, but that will still fit in with this fall's casual vibe: the drapey leather jacket. Drapey enough to wear over your sleepwear-inspired work attire, but also thick enough to actually keep you warm when the breeze starts to get cooler, these jackets take the fitted feel of blazers and mix it up with the looser look of a sweater. Turns out that this casual and comfy fall trend is even restructuring the traditional leather jacket -- and in the best way possible. [Photo: Be Frassy]