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Guy Friday: John Varvatos Wants Men To Smell Nice, Not Sweaty, When Warm Weather Finally Hits

What: John Varvatos Artisan Fragrance , $75Why: February is nearly behind us, which means spring is almost (and finally) here. Help your guy get ready for the warmer weather with the new Artisan fragrance from John Varvatos. I sensed a strong citrus scent after the first spritz, but with woodsy undertones, so I didn't smell like a Glade air freshener. And in typical John Varvatos fashion, it’s all about the details. The fragrance flask is housed in hand-woven rattan making it a smart addition to my bathroom display.Get Yours: Exclusively available at

Guy Friday: Help Your Man Get A Job By Making Him Look Presentable

With 11.1 million people unemployed, it’s safe to say that making a positive, memorable impression during an interview is even more essential today. So we have five, recession-friendly (inexpensive) style tips to help your guy look more polished when he walks into the room to meet his future boss. Black or brown shoes? The Nordstrom Reversible Leather Belt ($49.50) will allow him to match either pair. It’s two belts in one! Speaking of shoes, use the Kiwi Shoe Shine Sponge ($4.75) if there’s no time for a proper polish. Keep those collars crisp and in place with Macy’s Brass Collar Stays ($18). If your guy is over 30, it’s time to have “the talk”—clip that nasty nose and ear hair with the Target Nose & Ear Trimmer ($10). Interview lunch? Bring along some old school Binaca ($11) - it refreshes instantly and discreetly.   And one final suggestion, bring the suit and shirt to an experienced tailor to ensure they properly fit. Many off-the-rack clothes need to be tweaked here and there to make them look like they were made for him. Good luck!   

Guy Friday: Resolve To Smell Good This Year

Guys and cologne are an interesting combination. Whenever I buy cologne, the goal is to find a personal connection with the smell. Ii don't want the smell to be overbearing, but at the same time it's a great feeling when a complete stranger passes by and twirls around as to keep your air around just a bit longer.  As you walk through the men's cologne aisle looking for that perfect scent for your man, be sure to sample some of the great scents below: Davidoff Adventure ($33.33) can best be described as woody and earthy with a great subtle clean smell that is perfect for everyday use at work. There is a great consistent sweet/fresh smell amongst the diesel products (cologne, aftershave, lotions) that I just love. This Diesel Limited Edition Gift Set ($65.50) will keep your guy smelling great both day and night. I finished this bottle of Ed Hardy's Men Fragrance ($75) quickly. It's become one of my faves for going out at night - a great combination of citrus, sage and sensual musks. A must smell.

Guy Friday: Yes, Patchouli Has Returned Thanks To Le Labo

What: Le Labo Patchouli 24, $52Why: We know what you’re thinking….patchouli? But Le Labo Patchouli 24 won’t make your guy smell like the Haight-Ashbury. The smoky, leathery character of birch with a touch of vanilla is unique and sexy and unlike any cologne we’ve ever tried. And what makes Le Labo even more special is you can personalize the bottle by adding a name on the label. “A scent filled with danger for those of us who like to walk a tight rope.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.Get Yours:

Burger King Body Spray: For The Man Good Enough To Eat

Your man is hot, right? Do you think about a juicy, flame-broiled hamburger whenever you think of him? Because if you do, Burger King has a body spray for your dude. In what is surely a sign of the apocalypse, the fast food chain that brought you the Whopper and those creepy commercials with the guy in the King mask has decided to move their marketing appeal into the fragrance arena with Flame, a new body spray for men that, according to the press release, “features the scent of seduction with the hint of flame-broiled meat.” The limited edition fragrance WAS available for $4 online, but is already sold out. However, you must take time to watch the cheesiest and funniest online commercial we have ever seen. Go on, we’ll give you a moment to collect yourself. If you’ve got a thing for unusual fragrances, we suggest something a tad classier. Demeter makes some great fragrances based on everything from Gin and Tonic ($20) to Dirt ($20) and even Rubber ($26).  Whatever gets your personal fire going, we’re here for you.But don't ask your man for fries to go with that shake. That's just wrong. Check out our Fragrance Guide for other scents. 

Guy Friday: Mistral Soap Is Perfect For MEN Who Think Moisturizer Is For Girls

What: Mistral Soap for Men, $5 and $14Why: Pssst…do the men in your life know that they need to moisturize their skin? Many men shave, shower, and leave it at that, so Mistral Soap for Men has made it an easy part of their rather minimalist morning regimen. Mixed with green coffee and white ginseng extracts, organic shea butter and pumpkin seed oil to refresh, cleanse, and moisturize men’s skin, Mistral keeps it simple and effective. The bars I tried lasted almost twice as long as a traditional bar of soap. Available in travel and full-size bars, these indulgent yet practical soaps make great stocking stuffers this holiday season. And if you offer to lather him up, I’m sure he’ll love them even more!Need more guy gift ideas? Check out our picks for the Top 11 Online Gifts for Guys on YourTango.comGet Yours:

Guy Friday: Farfalla Cream Is For Guys Who May Care About Their Skin More Than Women Do

What: Farfalla Sandalwood Moisturizing Cream, $40 Why: I won’t kid you – this is a high quality product that your man may never buy himself, but will love you for getting into his hands. The Farfalla Sandalwood Moisturizing Cream is a Swiss product designed exclusively for men which claims to reduce wrinkles by 33%. Over 70% of the raw ingredients are grown organically and contain no petrochemicals or synthetic fragrances or colors. But here is the most important thing aside from any percentages – it feels great on the skin every morning. Bonus: Thankfully, this product is not tested on animals. Get Yours:

Guy Friday: Peppermint Foot Care Will Make Your Guy’s Feet Smooth, Refreshed, And Okay To Be Around

What: Peppermint Foot Care Kit, $17.50Why: Let’s paint a picture together. You come home from work, your man follows soon after. Both of you have had a long day and the first thing you both want to do is kick off your shoes and relax.  You have some dinner, watch a little TV, and begin the process of decompressing. Then – you become a rockstar. Why? Because you've purchased Peppermint Foot Therapy for your man – a foot scrub and cream that will alleviate foot dryness and shed away damaged skin – but more importantly, massaging your man’s feet after a long day will earn you HUGE bonus points. Created exclusively for men, the Peppermint Foot Therapy products smell fantastic and should counteract any other interesting smells that come from the foot. The kit also comes with a deodorant foot stick!Bonus: Chances are you’ll get some reciprocal foot love after hooking your man up.Get Yours: 

Guy Friday: The Tanita InnerScan Scale Does Everything But Exercise For You

What: Tanita BC-533 InnerScan Body Composition Monitor, $115Why: It’s hard to believe we are in the year 2008 – and it’s about time the technology of the scale caught up to modern times. Introducing the Tania InnerScan Body Composition Monitor – a revolutionary scale that will analyze every ounce of your man and then some. In addition to weight, it will calculate body fat percentage, body water percentage, daily caloric intake, muscle mass, bone mass, and give anyone who steps on it an overall physique rating.  Unbelievable, right? Now you can play along at home with ‘America’s Biggest Loser’ and help keep accurate tabs on your man’s health and overall physical activity – although of course he’ll have to exercise and eat right first.Bonus: This is a perfect gift for the household and even looks like it's from the future.  Get Yours: 

Guy Friday: Philosophy’s Haunted House Is The Perfect Halloween Gift (If You Need A Halloween Gift)

What: Philosophy’s Haunted House Set , $30Why: Halloween is almost here – and this is the perfect fun gift for your man to help spice up the festivities. Philosophy has come up with 3 wonderful flavors – Caramel Apple, Spicy Pumpkin Muffin, and Black Licorice – each wrapped into a high foaming shampoo, shower gel, and most important – bubble bath.  Now this sounds like fun now matter how you slice it. Slice it – Halloween - get it? I strongly encourage sharing this product and even carrying the fun over through Thanksgiving. You can buy each gooey bottle individually, although the Haunted House pack gets you all three. Bonus:  Each bottle has real holiday cooking/baking instructions on the front. Get Yours:

HeFinds Guy Friday: How To Get The Perfect Shave

Check out these tips from Anthony Sosnick, the grooming guru behind Anthony Logistics for Men, on what every guy needs to know about how to achieve the perfect shave. 1. Start with a clean face. Apply Glycolic Facial Cleanser ($18) or Algae Facial Cleanser ($20) to damp skin. Use warm water soften the beard and prepare the skin for shaving. Both cleansers buff away dirt and oil, which allows your razor to glide more easily against the skin. Rinse with warm water and leave wet.2. Apply a thin layer of the Pre Shave Oil ($18) to soften the beard and add more glide to the razor. The Shave Cream ($15) or Shave Gel($14) is applied over the oil in an even thin layer.3. Shave in the direction of the beard growth. Shaving in the shower or applying a warm towel prior to shaving will help soften the beard.4. Rinse your face with cool water and gently pat your face dry. Do not rub.5. Finish your shave by applying Aftershave Balm ($18) to keep your skin soft and hydrated, or Razor Burn Repair ($22) to soothe and calm razor burn. Your girlfriend will thank you. Make Life Easy: Get The Perfect Shave Kit that includes everything you need for the perfect shave for just $50.

Guy Friday: Diddy’s Shower Gel Is Unforgivable — Yes, That’s The Name

What: Sean John Unforgivable Shower Gel, $20Why: The man of many names (P Diddy, Puffy, Sean Combs, Puff Daddy, The Puffmeister - ok I made that one up) has personally launched a collection of scents under the name, Unforgivable. One item under that collection is the Unforgivable Shower Gel. Now most guys probably have no idea what a shower gel is so you may have to help out after you buy it for him. And by help out, I'm referring to in the shower - I'm sure The Puffmeister would not want it any other way. The Unforgivable Shower Gel smells great and it does a nice job of cleansing and softening the skin. Perfect for an active lifestyle, this stylish shower gel is easy to travel with - especially thrown in your man's gym bag (after your detailed explanation in the shower). Keep it sexy people.Bonus: Like the scent of the shower gel? Pick up the Unforgivable cologne - their scent is one in the same!Get Yours:

Guy Friday: Ditch The Can Of Shave Cream And Take Some Space.NK

What: Space.NK.Man Blue Shave Cream, $22Why: If you find a can that squirts aerosol shave cream in your guy’s bathroom, it’s time to take drastic action and toss it. There are countless, higher quality options that are better for his face and promise the closest shave ever. All make similar claims about “essential oils,” “vitamin C” and other mysteriously wonderful moisturizing ingredients. But Space.NK.Man Blue Shave Cream is the new mainstay in my morning shave ritual for one main reason: it does not break down and get all runny when I shave. This is a “must have” attribute in my book to make shaving an enjoyable and relaxing experience.   Get Yours:

Guy Friday: An Experience For Your Man At Truman’s

 What: Straight-Edge Shave, Truman's Gentleman's Groomers, $75   Why: Life is about experiences - and this one is not only affordable, but something your man will absolutely love.   Recently, I had the opportunity to get a straight-edge shave from Truman's Gentleman's Groomers in New York City. Their store in midtown Manhattan provided an incredibly relaxed atmosphere for this first time experience. Most men spend 5 minutes in the bathroom quickly shaving here and there while leaving a few whiskers flailing in all different directions. The straight-edge shave is a completely different experience. First, your man will relax in a comfortable chair while a hot towel settles on his face - and then a professional shaving wizard will spend 25-30 minutes carefully cleaning each angle of the skin with the utmost precision and grace. And here is the thing I never could imagine - it's unbelievably relaxing! Your man will absolutely love the experience along with the best shave he has ever received. If you are with your guy in Manhattan on vacation - this is the perfect gift. And if you have no NYC plans soon (what is wrong with you!) than find a straight-edge shave location in your hometown. It's also a perfect Father's Day gift!   Get Yours: Truman' (Get your gift card and plan ahead if you're on your way to the Big Apple.) And if your man can't make it to NYC to experience a shave, then buy him Anthony Shave Cream used at Truman's.  

Guy Friday: Make Your Man’s Head Tingle With L’Anza

What: L'ANZA Mint Revitalizer   Why: As a guy, I was always thrown off by the word "conditioner". I mean shampoo made perfect sense - it cleans the hair, right? But what the heck does a conditioner do I ask you kindly? I'm guessing most men would not know this answer.  Well, I get it now and it's time to do some explainin' (Lucy) to your guy.   L'ANZA Mint Revitalizer is a unisex product (yes, you can share) that invigorates and rejuvenates the hair and scalp. This conditioner, infused with tea tree and peppermint oils, contains vitamins and nutrients to make your man's hair healthier and stronger. But I've got to be honest - I just love the tingling. The tingling sensation along with the great mint smell on my scalp makes me feel like this product is working overtime. It's the perfect item to share and save some space in the shower.   Bonus: L'ANZA shampoo is a perfect compliment before tingle time. Get Yours:  

Guy Friday: Deodorant With Style?

What: Calvin Klein MAN Deodorant Stick, $16Why: Your man has probably been using the same type of deodorant since he was 13 years old. Granted, you probably haven't discussed why he chose that particular brand and chances are you don't care. The most important thing to you is that he doesn't smell like feet. Well deodorant has grown up, and it's time to make a formal introduction to your guy. Introducing Calvin Klein MAN Deodorant Stick. Calvin Klein has stepped into the ring and declared that deodorant can be cool and sexy. Deodorant, my friends, can be sleek and stylish. This is the absolute perfect item to throw into a gym bag or travel kit. The size is ideal and the stylish black packaging omits a sophistication you just don't get with other deodorants. The most important thing - it smells great and will keep your man dry. Bonus: The Calvin Klein MAN collection also includes a body wash, aftershave, and great smelling cologne.Get Yours:  

Guy Friday: Get Your Man A Daily Dose Of Papaya

What: Molton Brown Papain Daily Facial Wash, $29   Why: Molton Brown may have one of the best lines of products for men. Their items can be found in the bathrooms of some of the finest hotels in the world and the most elegant department stores in the country. One such item you need to grab your man is the Molton Brown Papain Facial Wash. The perfect size for the shower, this facial wash is different than many popular sandy scrubs used for deep cleaning. Smooth on the skin and with a fantastic papaya odor, the Molton Brown Papain Daily Facial Wash unblocks pores, deep cleans, restores skin vitality, and is perfect for preparing the skin for a super close shave. But the true selling point - it will smell really really good on your man (papaya - who knew?)   Bonus: You'll love sharing this item with your man - after all, you have a face and it needs some daily washin' (and it's that good).   Get Yours:

Guy Friday: The Perfect Man Tool

What: The Clipper Swiss Army Knife, $22.46Why: You remember the Swiss Army Knife, right? Every boy scout in America had one tucked in their shirt pocket to provide safety for all. Well, today that little red package of goodness has a new purpose - and that is to save nails. The Clipper Swiss Army Knife was made specifically to be a personal manicure tool. Lightweight and perfect for travel, the Clipper contains six features - a strong compact nail clipper, nail file, nail cleaner, tweezers, toothpick, and scissors. (I'm guessing the toothpick is a bonus feature for use while your man is grooming his hands.) Either way, you know you have a quality product when you see the famed Swiss Army cross embossed across the top. And I checked - they are in fact made in Switzerland.Bonus: The tools on this bad boy are no longer on the FAA's list of prohibited items so feel free to carry it on any U.S. Airline.Double Bonus: The Clipper Swiss Army Knife comes in multiple colors including translucent pink and purple (sounds like a gift for you?)Get Yours:

Guy Friday: A New York State Of Mind

What: John Allan's The Full Service, $65  Why: Behold - a new trend has started in New York City and it will soon sweep the country. Women of the world - listen closely as you will be able to tell all of your friends you heard it first. John Allan, a leader in men's grooming, has created several fantastic clubs specifically for men that accomplish two key goals: speed and luxury.   Here's how it works - buy your man a gift certificate for The Full Service at any one of the four John Allans in New York City. Once he walks through the door he will be whisked to a scalp massaging shampoo and conditioning treatment. From there he will get a hot towel treatment that feels incredible on the skin. Next stop, haircut and manicure - at the same time! After a final shoe shine your man will be ready to roll - all under 45 minutes (unless his hair is of Fabio length.)   When in NYC, this is a perfect gift experience to give your man so he can feel like a king in one of the biggest cities in the world. And if you're not in town - check out John Allan's list of great men's grooming products that they use at all of their club locations.   Bonus: If your man lives in NYC, buy him an annual membership - one of the best deals around. Unlimited haircuts, manicures, shoe shines (oh my!) for a low price - find out how low here.   Double Bonus: Wednesdays are 'Scotch Wednesdays' at John Allan's - while getting groomed your man can enjoy a tasty beverage. If you buy him the year long membership - he can keep bottles of his preferred drink at the location. Get Yours:

GuyFinds: Sex, Drugs, Rock n’ Roll….And Face Cream?

What: Zirh Rejuvenate Anti-Aging Face Cream, $43 Why: That’s right, ladies – and face cream. Many guys love to tie one on from time to time, and usually the next morning his face bears the startling effects. Zirh Rejuvenate Anti-Aging Face Cream is a moisturizer (or as I call it, “an elixir”) that brightens and evens skin tone. This very light, easily absorbed cream restores cell vitality and protects skin from free radicals, booze-induced and otherwise. And although reducing the appearance of fine lines with daily use is its primary use (and not a post-partying face remedy), I personally think it’s a testament to its genuine effectiveness. Get Yours:

Guy Friday: A New Reason To Go To Banana Republic

What: Slate Men's Fragrance, $58  Why: When you think of Banana Republic - what crosses your mind?  A perfect button-down for your man or perhaps that no-pleat khaki you want him to wear?  There is new reason, my friend, to walk the aisles of the BR and its name is Slate. While Slate is self-described as 'a crisp blend of refreshing citrus and invigorating ginger', I'd use a different description to put this fantastic aroma into better context. Imagine for a second your man is in an orange grove on a clear crisp day - and that orange grove happens to be on a huge yacht that is cruising through the Caribbean waters at ten knots. A cool breeze is blowing across the bow of the yacht and your man has a giant (but sexy) smile on his face. Now bottle that up and sell it in a beautiful 100ml. bottle and you have (wait for it) - Slate.Bonus: A bottle of Slate comes in a very slick black box that is worth keeping for storage. Get Yours:

Guy Friday: Your Man Can Smell Like Derek Jeter

What: The Derek Jeter Driven Line Why: The team captain of the New York Yankees is already a legend in the game of baseball. Most women would love to meet him, and most men (including yours) would like to be him.Now you can let the fantasy take one step forward. Derek Jeter recently launched the Driven Series -  a large array of fantastic products for your man that include cologne, body spray, deodorant, and classic skin care products. And of course all products were closely monitored and designed by Derek himself - so that means you are getting a little Jeter in every bottle. Just what you've always wanted. Be sure to check out all of the items to find the right product for your slugger - my favorite is the deodorant body spray that has a fresh clean scent you both will love.Bonus: All products are quite affordable and available through a partnership with Avon. Get Yours:  

Guy Finds: Clean Up Your Act With VedaDude

What: vedaDude Clean Face Wash, $20Why: There are so many face washes out there, many promising all natural ingredients, miraculous cleansing properties, and luscious scents that are almost good enough to eat. But every so often we come across a product that really stands out. You must check out vedaDude Clean, a face wash that will leave your guy squeaky clean, saturated with antioxidants, and simply refreshed. By combining green clay and vitamin C, this powerful face wash cleans while expunging your face from free radicals. And why is this important? It’ll protect your guy’s face from environmental toxins and sun damage year-round. Besides, to use plain old soap today is sheer blasphemy.Get Yours: 

Guy Friday: Learn The Art Of Shaving (And Then Teach Your Man)

What: The Art of Shaving Starter Kit, $38  Why: Welcome everyone to Shaving 101. By the end of this lesson you will have a greater understanding of the male art of shaving.   An average man shaves over 20,000 times in his life - and there has been a great effort put into the ideal way a man should shave. Chances are your man throws some shaving cream on his face and goes to town with a razor - or maybe he has an electric razor that doesn't always do the trick?  Now you have the opportunity to bring something new into his life and recommend a great starter kit that walks him through the four steps in a clear, simple format.   The Art of Shaving (that's the company's name so you know they are serious about this)  offers an affordable starter kit that includes: Step 1 - pre-shave oil to provide a protective barrier against the razor. Step 2 - deluxe shaving cream and a fantastic old-school brush to provide a thick lather on your man's face before the shave. Step 3 - Shave Away. Step 4 - Alcohol free moisturizer to help sooth the skin.   This kit is perfect for traveling or that simple introduction to the true art of shaving.  It's also a perfect, fun gift. Not only will your man have healthier and smoother skin, but the experience of shaving will become that much more enjoyable.  Shaving Class is adjourned.   Bonus: The Art of Shaving now has over 26 shops across the country (with more coming) that offers haircuts, traditional shaves, and free shaving consultations! Get Yours:

Guy Friday: Lather Him Up With A Men’s Power Pack

What: The Men's Power Pack by Lather, $50Why: Listen up ladies - this is the gift your man will never buy himself. But it's the gift he really needs - and he is only going to get it from you! Lather, a California based company whose focus is using only natural products, has created the Men's Power Pack - a fantastic combination of scrubs, lotions, and soaps created specifically for the man who needs a little extra grooming. Each sleek sports kit comes with an Ultra Light Face Lotion, a Bamboo Silk Foaming Face Scrub with Lemongrass, Almond Shave Creme, Clove Soap, and a Spearmint and Tea Tree Lip Balm. What makes this package so great are the incredible smells that come from each item. When your man opens up the box (which is cool itself) the smells that pour out make you feel as if you just entered a spa. These aren't frilly smells but deep masculine smells that both of you will love. The shaving creme in particular evokes this amazing almond flavor that will make your man's shaving experience feel like an autumn afternoon. Yes - that sounds cheesy but it just makes sense when it's on his skin - trust me. It's the affordable gift your guy will truly appreciate while helping reinvigorate and hydrate his skin at the same time. Get Yours: 

GuyFriday Find: The High End Toothbrush Has Arrived

Here's the latest find from our GuyFriday Contributor Adam:  What: Oral-B Triumph With SmartguideWhy: The toothbrush and technology have finally come together to produce a product that not only looks incredibly cool but is good for your man's mouth. What makes this product different than all the others? It teaches you how to clean those pearly whites. The Oral B Triumph with SmartGuide comes with a wireless display that tells you when to move to a different area of your mouth, when you are brushing too hard, and when it is time to wrap up. How the heck does it do that? The oscillating, rotating brushhead and handle are embedded with microchips that talk to the wireless display when you are brushing, producing visual cues and instructions that turn most men's 20 second splattering of toothpaste into an enhanced 2 minute purification of the mouth. Welcome to 2008 everyone.The cool thing about this toothbrush is that it turns one of those mundane daily activities into a bit of a fun game. Your man will focus on brushing correctly while reversing gingivitis and removing plaque. It's time to throw your man's two year old toothbrush away and buy him a product that will keep that smile you love glistening for years to come.Bonus: The brushhead comes with Oral-B's patented Micropulse and Power Polisher to erase 60% more stains for whiter teeth. Double Bonus: It's great for you too - easy to switch brushheads (or share one if you are into that kind of thing).Suggested Retail Price: $129.99Get Yours:

Guy Friday: Time to Slough-Off 2007

What: Origins Modern Friction Nature’s Gentle Dermabrasion , $36 Why: As we ring in the New Year, it’s a good time to shed unwanted remnants from 2007—both figuratively and literally. Let Origins Modern Friction dermabrasion cream rid your face of dead skin cells commonly found during the dry winter. Ideal for all skin types, including super sensitive skin like yours truly, the secret is rice starch instead of salt or course sand found in many exfoliators. And all the natural, essential oils you’d expect from Origins are in there to moisturize the skin and zap those free radicals. A tip: I found it works best when your face is lightly wet and your hands are dry. Excess water seems to rapidly dilute the cream and its effectiveness, so avoid using it in the shower.  Get Yours: Nordstrom

GuyFriday: One Sexy Razor

What: John Allan 63R Series Razor (Limited Edition), $195Why: There is an art to the shave. Men have particular nuances of course. Some do it after a shower, some before. Some shave down, while others shave up. What most men don’t tell you though is the instrument is key. John Allan, a stylish New Yorker who knows a thing or two about men’s high end grooming, recently introduced the world to the 63R Series Razor. Inspired by the roadsters of the 60’s (one of the coolest cars ever made), this razor will look stunning in your man’s hands. Not only is it incredibly sleek, but it’s also built for the perfect shave. The ideal weight and balance are key to this razor – the first to use anodized zinc, an element that looks as sexy as it sounds. The 63R Series has such a sleek, sophisticated design that it takes the art of shaving to a new level. Trust me--every time your guys is ready to shave, he’ll be sure to think of (and thank) you. Bonus: This razor comes in a beautiful leather box that’s just waiting for a bow.Extra Bonus: The 63R Razor uses Gillette Mach 3 or Mach 3 turbo blades. Get Yours: (Only 1,000 made!)

Guy Friday: Have Some Good, Clean Fun in the Shower With Baxter

What: Baxter Invigorating Body Wash, $12.50Why: One of the perks to staying with friends or family during the holidays is the chance to raid their shower products. This past Thanksgiving, I found myself thankful for discovering Baxter Invigorating Body Wash. This boutique, California-based product line includes all the necessary grooming products, but I loved showering with the hydrating body wash infused with Italian lime-pomegranate Essence. Just a dab in a washcloth mixed with water creates a rich lather that adds moisture to the skin while cleaning away the day’s damage. Also available in bergamot-pear essence, this stuff makes a great stocking stuffer this ChristmasGet Yours: Amazon P.S.    Checkout our recent Hippify Your Guy article for more gift ideas for all the men in your life.

Beauty Find: A Body Cleanser That Might Start A Battle Of The Sexes

What: Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash , $17.26 for a three-packWhy:  When I lived with my sister, everything seemed to disappear - my favorite jeans, my mascara, and always, always my shampoo.When I moved in with my boyfriend, I thought that would be the end of beauty products doing the Houdini. However, I managed to overlook one thing: my Body Clear Body Wash from Neutrogena.It's no surprise that he likes it, really. With a neutral, non-floral scent, a satisfying foaming and scrubbing action and a non-pink color, Neutrogena's body wash is dirty hands and feet above my oh-so-fruity gels from Bath and Body Works. Add in the neutral brand name like Neutrogena and suddenly, I'm the one scrambling for the soap at 6 a.m. when he's already used the rest of the wash.If you're ready for a compromise on the body wash with your man, look for a scent that's mild and non-gender specific, such as tea tree, and a brand that you'll both use. Then, buy two so you're never left out in the cold water.Get Yours:  Amazon.comLooking for other ways to hippify your guy? We've got a few easy ways to update his wardrobe with this season's best styles. 

Beauty Goes Both Ways With Thibiant Face Scrub

What: Thibiant Organic Face ScrubWhy: My SO can be a little OS – Over Sensitive. Everything seems to irritate him, well his skin anyway. Anything with artificial colors or dyes gives him a nasty case of hives, and for him, shaving is an often painful ritual which leads to uncomfortable and unsightly razor burn. One thing that seems to help his tender skin is exfoliating pre-shave. But due to his aforementioned allergy prone, easily irritated skin, not just any old exfoliant will do. He’s taken to using one of my favorites, Thibiant Organic Face Scrub every time he shaves. The organic rainforest seeds slough off any dead skin, giving a cleaner, closer shave, and the organic rolled oats work as an anti-inflammatory while the organic aloe vera soothes and cools. It took some getting used too, his seemingly giant hands digging into my precious scrub, but the look of comfort on his bump free face post-shave is totally worth the sacrafice.Price: $42Find It:

A Cover-Up For Guys And Girls

What:  The Body Shop Cover Stick, $8Why:  Ever find a random fingerprint in your concealer because “someone” either doesn’t know where the brush is or is too manly to use it? Whether they'll admit it or not, men love to borrow concealer from the women in their lives. To limit your guy's imprint on your beauty products, try leaving The Body Shop Cover Stick in the medicine cabinet. This easy application stick rolls up like lipstick and can be dabbed right onto your facial blemishes. You’ll still want to blend it in with your finger, but it’s much easier to apply. And the tea tree oil ingredient has natural purifying antibacterial properties to more quickly eliminate ghastly blemishes. Get Yours:  AmazonFor other ways to improve your man's style, check out our guide to hippifying your guy.

HeFinds Guy Friday: Save Face With Nomad Shaving Cream

What: Crabtree & Evelyn Nomad Shaving Cream, $15Why: My husband's not normally cheap; he'll splurge on a pair of Ferragamo loafers or nice jeans and doesn't blink twice if I do the same. But when it comes to his grooming, he's as much a penny pincher as anyone I've met. Nasty drugstore gel and age-old shaving cream have always clogged our bathroom, which is why last year I set out a mission to change some of his ways.First, I cured him of his hair product issues, and then I took on the shaving supplies. Although it took a lot of convincing to make him try Crabtree & Evelyn's Nomad Shaving Cream , once he'd used it, he was hooked. Crabtree's formula comes loaded with vitamin E to both moisturize the skin and protect against razor burn. He'll love that it still lathers like his regular product; you'll love the great scent of ginger, citron, and bamboo plus the pretty packaging. (Let's be honest--this matters because guys almost never remember to put their shaving goods back in the cabinet where they belong.)Sure, at $15, the Nomad may cost a bit more than his normal Gillette. But, in my book, marital bliss is priceless.Get Yours: Crabtree & Evelyn Your guy got a favorite shaving cream? Let us know in the comments section!  

We Were Right! Male Primping Is On The Rise

Didn't we say so? Getting your guy to take care of himself isn't totally impossible. Check out this guy's shopping confession where he fesses up to his beauty splurges.  Be sure to check our our guide to grooming your guy! 

HeFinds Guy Friday: Kiehl’s Creme For Groovy Grooming

What: Kiehl's Creme with Silk Groom Why: Get real, guys--you must do something about that mop. And the nasty drugstore gel you've been using makes you look like a bad extra from one of your favorite gangster flicks. If you want to impress us, use a product that will control that lovely head of hair without making it greasy. Need a suggestion? Kiehl's, one of our favorite brands, has a fantastic grooming creme that uses natural ingredients to give your locks a little direction without oiling them up. Just put a small dab in your hands, rub in through your hair, and voila! Now we might actually say yes to Friday night drinks. Price: $17.50--a helluva bargain considering it's as good for the ladies as it is for the men. Share away! Available at

The Bosom Button Solution: Say Goodbye to Boob Blunders

OK, so you’re at a business meeting/dinner/important event and you’re wearing your new blouse. Your make-up looks fabulous and your hair looks great.  Mid-conversation, you notice the person you’re speaking with is distracted from your witty banter and you begin to think, “What? Do I have a stain on my shirt or something?” You casually glance down and there they are: the twins have escaped again. Your cleavage looks like the cover of a bodice-ripper novel and your new top looks like it’s straining to keep it all together. Ugh. What’s a girl to do?Don’t fret, ladies. Help is here in the form of the Bosom Button. Each little button is made with quality stones to jazz up any outfit, but it serves one purpose: keeping cleavage from escaping. Just place one right above the gape in the shirt/wrap dress and it stylishly holds the garment together.Great cleavage and smart? You little vixen, there’s no stopping you.Get yours: Bonus: Get 20% off your order. Use code "SheFinds" at checkout.

Eco Find: Natural Hand Soap from Burt’s Bees

What: Burt's Bees Hand Soap, Citrus and GingerWhy: Although words like 'natural', 'organic' and 'eco' are the craze, there are a few companies that have been in the game for a long time and show the newcomers how it works. One of them, Burt’s Bees, is most famous for its legendary (and fantastic!) lip balm, but that’s not all this skincare line does.Burt’s Bees focuses on 'natural' ingredients -- while they are not necessarily organic, the company doesn’t rely on the synthetic stuff coming out of labs, either. One of their latest and greatest products, Citrus & Ginger Root Hand Soap, doesn’t stray from this ethos. The product incorporates essential coconut and sunflower oils to scrub away the dirt while ginger root, a natural antioxidant, soothes skin. There’s no greasy residue and a lightly sweet smell lingers after rising your hands.Newcomers, take note!Price: $7Get Yours:

SheFinds Solution: Do-It-Yourself Eyebrow Kit

There are certain beauty processes you know not to do yourself: plastic surgery, haircuts, extreme changes in hair color. Most women are also afraid to pluck their own eyebrows, fearing they’ll over-pluck them or wind up with mismatched shapes and sizes.Fear this process no more. Anastasia Soare, the “Queen of Brows” -- and the only woman to touch Oprah Winfrey’s arches -- has created the perfect at-home solution with the Anastasia Five Item Brow Kit. The kit comes complete with different stencils (because not all brows are for all faces), brow powder matched to your hair and skin tone, complete with an angled application brush, tweezers and brow gel to hold those new brows in place.Here’s how you do it:Step One: Do not panic and do not do other things while you perform this process. This is not the time to multi-task.   Step Two:  Choose the appropriate stencil. Step Three: Put the stencil over your brow and brush brow powder into the stencil.  Step Four: Remove the stencil and pluck anything outside the stenciled area.Step Five: Apply brow gel in an up-and-out motion (same as with mascara) to the groomed area.Step Six: Repeat on the other side by flipping the stencil. Be sure to use the same one for both brows -- we’re not kidding, we know someone who didn’t do this.Voilà! Fab new brows! Want more tricks and tips? Check out our Solutions page.Get Better Brows:

SheFinds Solution: Salvation from Flaming Thighs

What: Chub Rub Why: If you've ever experienced the uncomfortable chafing that can result from constant thigh rubbing -- hello mini dress and 100 degree weather -- or the more severe Flammable Thigh Syndrome, which can feel like actual spontaneous combustion between your thighs (and not the good kind), try Chub Rub. Though purchasing any product that announces to the world you have "chub," may seem embarrassing, this lotion is so darn-right effective I guarantee you'll be willing to take the leap. Simply apply the lotion to your inner thighs, and within minutes the white powder residue will absorb into the skin, leaving nothing but smooth and silky thighs for the next several hours. Leather mini skirt, come to mama. Price: $12.95 Get Yours:

HeFinds Guy Friday Solution: A Cure for B.O.

What: Kiehl's Superbly Efficient Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant CreamWhy: Nothing is more embarrassing and a bigger turn-off than B.O. And for some guys, finding the right anti-perspirant and deodorant is so elusive that all they can do is hope and pray they stay dry. We found Kiehl's Superbly Efficient Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant Cream to be an excellent and effective solution. Dab a little in your finger, rub it into your armpits and give it a second to absorb. It’s unscented, leaves no shirt stains or residue, and conditions the skin with its citrus oil extracts. This product works -- from stuffy conference rooms to 95-degree heat humidity in New York. Price: $11 - $16 Get Yours:

HeFinds Guy Friday: A Woodsy Scrub for “Real” Men

What: Lather Bamboo Lemongrass Foaming Body Scrub Why: Have you noticed that it’s all about bamboo these days? From floors and clothes to towels and sheets, bamboo has now found its way into a body scrub. Lather Bamboo Lemongrass Foaming Body Scrub is made with powdered bamboo (from India, no less) to slough away callus and dried skin. It looks and feels like sand, giving you a non-abrasive exfoliating experience. And because of the foaming action, we found it washes away easier than other scrubs. You’ll feel smooth and smell fresh.Price: 8 oz. $38, 16 oz. $68Get Yours:  

Shave Find: Minty Fresh Legs from Aveda

What: Aveda Rosemary Mint Shaving Gel Why: Shaving cream that increases lubrication is good. Shaving cream that does that and prevent razor burn is great. One that smells fresh, feels great on the skin, cools, refreshes and does all that a shaving cream should -- that's priceless. Enter Aveda's Mint Rosemary Shave Gel, built on certified organic lavender, marjoram, peppermint and rosemary. Sound like a recipe for the kitchen rather than for the bathtub, but this is an honest to goodness ultra-sensitive shave cream that while eco-friendly acts as good, if not better than any Gilette foam can. The all natural scent makes it perfect for the girlfriend plus one, or the stag gal if she so chooses. You'll love the slight tingle and refreshing feel on your skin during and after your shave. Razor burn, stubble and irritation don't stand a chance against this all-natural shave wonder from Aveda. Price: $17.50 for 5 ounces Get Yours:

Stain Solutions TIp: How to Remove Blood Stains

Though most of us think the death of our fabric is blood, think again. Blood stains are easily the quickest stains to lift with these super easy solutions. But remember, don't wait; the sooner you attack a stain, the better. And of course, never just toss a soiled garment into the washer. You must remove the stain before laundering, otherwise, you'll never get the stain out. When at HomeThere are many things you probably already own that are perfect for removing blood stains. The simplest of products is in your freezer. Place an ice cube (or cubes, depending on the size) over the fresh blood stain and wait until the cubes melt. By the time they do, you can bet the blood will be gone. Wash immediately in cold water with your favorite detergent.Another great tool is hydrogen peroxide, which is ideal on dried blood stains. Pour some into a bowl and sumberge the stained clothing into the bowl and let sit for 15 minutes. Rinse with cool water and the stain should be gone. Follow up by laundering the garment in cold water. When on the GoSometimes we just simply don't have the luxury of a nearby washer and dryer. While blotting with club soda is a common remedy for removing stains in public (along with the less feminine spit and rub method), we're also fond of carrying a stain wipe in our purse as a discrete and effective alternative that really gets the job done with minimal effort.You can try OxiClean Instant Spot Remover Wipes or Shout Wipes, Portable Stain Treater Towelettes. Both are color-safe, individually wrapped and easy to use when you're out and about. Our favorite part is that they won't leave you with a big wet stain on the front of your shirt like you get when dousing yourself with club soda. Both cost less than $3 each.  

Fresh Find: Sayonara, Deodorant Stains

What:Dove Antiperspirant Deodorant, Ultimate Clear Why: Over the years we all come up with strategies for preventing white deodorant streaks while getting dressed, and solutions for removing errant marks when said strategies didn’t quite work. But wouldn’t it just be easier to prevent the stains altogether? Dove Ultimate Clear Antiperspirant Deodorant actually delivers on its claim to go on without the white stuff, plus the smooth formula soothes sensitive underarm skin. So go out and rock black camis with reckless abandon! Price: $4.49 Get Yours:

A Find: Post-Shave Pampering by Lola Marie

What: Aftershave Soother by The Lola Marie Co. Why: With dresses dominating summer fashion -- a trend that’s set to last through the fall -- your legs will be on display for the next several months before they can retreat back into the comfort and safety of winter’s tweed trousers. Until then, be good to your gams by following up razor work with Lola Marie’s Aftershave Soother. Packed with ingredients like organic coconut, aloe leaf juice and witch hazel, this super natural soothing lotion will leave your legs smooth and skirt ready. Price: $7 Find it:

A Find: Ebon-Aide Bandages

What: Ebon-Aide -- Skin-Colored First Aid StripsWhy: I admit, I've never had a problem with Band-Aid brand or any other adhesive bandage brands because they've always been the same color as my skin. I can imagine, though, that people who aren't of the pasty pale set, like myself, would want their Band-Aids to blend in.Enter Ebon-Aide, the first ever adhesive bandage strips that conceal as they heal no matter what color skin you have. From licorice to mocha, coffee, cinnamon or honey, Ebon-Aide has you covered.Thanks to ThisNext and Trend Hunter for spotting this find.Price: $2Get Yours:  

Always be Ready to Smile with Floss To Go

What: Crest Glide Floss To Go Packets Why: That wonderful meal should always stay in your memory, not on your teeth. Keeping a toothbrush in your purse may make your dentist happy, but that's not very practical. Instead, toss in a few Crest Glide Floss To Go Packets. These individually wrapped, single-use, packets tear open in the middle and contain just the right amount of floss to help you restore your smile after a meal -- not to mention keep your gums healthy. Now, that's enough to make you and your dentist smile. Price: $18.60 for a pack of six. Get Yours:

Last Minute Father’s Day Find: vedaDUDE

What: vedaDUDE Why: Deadlines are not my best friend. They’re barely an acquaintance. I tend to wait until the very last second to get on the ball which leads to missed birthdays, anniversaries, and of course, Father’s Day. So instead of spending my life apologizing to my loved one’s, I’ve decided to embrace my procrastinating nature, and not worry if people get their gifts a few days late. I know that my dad will appreciate this fresh, simple skin care collection whenever he gets it. The gift set contains four sleek aluminum bottles which include CLEAN (Face Cleanser), GLIDE (Shave Gel), SPLASH (After Shave) and CHILL (Face Moisturizer). This skincare collection was formulated using a combination of ancient ayurvedic principles of balance and health with herbal remedies for calming and soothing the skin. Remember, it’s the thought that counts. Price: $75 Find It:

Father’s Day Find: Smooth Operator

What: C.O. Bigelow Barber Duo Gift Set Why: My dad is not like other dad’s, and I mean that in the best possible way. He gets mellow, sings Sade (Smooth Operator….he’s a smooth operator), and proudly refers to himself as a metrosexual. He uses fancy face cream, shampoo to enhance his natural blonde highlights, and has a deep appreciation for a good body wash. Budget products for my dad just won’t cut it. Problem is, I happen to be on a very tight budget. Which is why I’m getting my dad this Barber kit that’s so chic, even Lance Bass would have to approve. The kit includes a black canvas bag, an 8 oz. hair and body wash, a 2.5 oz. cologne and a passbook of coupons with $35 worth of offers for future purchases. This is a great gift for all types of men -– whether they’ve fully embraced their metrosexuality or whether they need a gentle push in the grooming direction. Price: $24.50 Find it:

HeFinds Guy Friday: No Hassle Travel Treasure

What: Anthony Logistics Grab + Go Travel Kit Why: Men have finally accepted that there’s more to grooming than a bar of soap. So, there’s no need to let all that good training go down the drain just because you’re hopping on a plane. All hotel products are not created equal, so keep your man’s skin in the tip-top condition to which it has become accustomed. This travel kit includes Glycolic Facial Cleanser, Facial Scrub, Shave Cream, Astringent, Coconut Shampoo, and Cleansing Gel. The products are in special bottles that are 3oz. or less, and all fit into the one-quart clear zip top plastic bag that comes with the kit, so the whole kit can be taken on the airplane. Which is clutch, because men will go to great lengths to avoid checking baggage. With this kit, your man can enjoy a vacation from daily life, without taking a vacation from his skin care routine. Price: $35 Feel Good Fact: A percentage of all sales from Anthony Logistics will be donated to prostate cancer awareness charities. Find It:

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