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Here’s Everything You Need To DIY A Katy Perry ‘Swish Swish’ Costume

Katy Perry's outfits typically verge on hilarious, outrageous, and downright magical, so we're not surprised that you want to dress up as the pop star for Halloween. But while many of her looks will require some hardcore crafting skills (because it's not everyday you can find a frosting gun or a cupcake bra), this "Swish Swish" costume is actually quite simple to create! Here, we've uncovered everything you'll need to emulate the sexy and sporty look from her latest music video. First off, we have mention that we love the irony of the video. As Katy Perry sings about making "another one in the basket," she seems to do everything but that while dribbling down the court with her team of non-athletes. To embody the humor of this look, start with a pair of spandex tiger print shorts. Not only do they reflect the spirit of her team's name (the Tigers), but their flexible material will provide ultimate comfort throughout the night! Let's just say that Jessica in the latex cop costume will be jealous after hour three.   Q-Sport Wild Orange & Black Tiger Stripe Printed Spandex Athletic Shorts ($15.95) For the top, you can really choose any jersey you like. A plain black version is always a safe bet. But if you really want to go the extra mile, there are a variety of sites you can use to personally design your own option - from the shirt style to the monogrammed name! You'll obviously want it to say "Tigers" across the front, but you can also choose a tight front zip construction to really nail Katy's look. Pair the piece with a cute bandeau underneath for an extra ounce of flirty flair - because even in gym clothes, Katy is always the queen of style and sass. Basically, that's pretty much all there is to it. You can top off the outfit with some sporty accessories like a wrist sweatband and add your favorite pair of kicks into the mix. We're currently digging Adidas Stan Smiths and the sleek Nike Cortez shoe. We don't about you, but we think this is a great excuse to indulge in our latest sneaker obsessions. And if you want to really convince everyone that you're Ms. Perry's alter ego, you can even choose to wear a platinum blonde pixie wig. The star's barely-there look became all the rage when she first made the chop back in May (in fact, we like it even better than her once long brunette locks, perky pink bob, and rainbow highlights). So if you decide to make the drastic change after just one night of sporting the fabulous cut, we won't judge. For even more amazing Halloween costume inspiration, check out how to make you very own Meghan Markle costume and Britney Spears evolution costume. And for all you "Backpack Kid" fans out there (yes, that is him swaying to and fro in the background of the "Swish Swish" video) we've got you covered with this simple and quirky look. What are you waiting for? Jump to it!

Here’s How To Make A “Salt Bae” Halloween Costume This Year

Ah, the Internet—the beloved digital sphere where even the most seemingly simple videos have the potential to grow viral, inspiring memes and fan memorabilia. One such video that took the pop culture world by storm this year is the "Salt Bae" phenomenon. If you have no idea what we're taking about, you're not alone. TBH, I had never heard of this "Salt Bae" figure until last week. But, after doing a little Google research, here's a quick rundown. "Salt Bae," A.K.A. Nurses Gökçe, is a Turkish steakhouse owner who posted a video simply called "Ottoman Steak" in January, in which he cuts a piece of meat to juicy perfection. So, what makes a meat-cutting video go viral? With an impeccable flick of the wrist and precise arm form, "Salt Bae" earns his nickname by topping said steak with just the right amount of salt (see the shirt below for a visual), all while wearing a fitted t-shirt with an extremely deep scoop-neck and dark, round shades. You really just have to watch the video to get the full effect of its hilarity. If you're dying to take part in this viral sensation, there's no better time than Halloween to take the plunge. We rounded up everything you need for a "Salt Bae" costume, fake steak and all. "Salt Bae" is notorious for his iconic look, complete with gelled hair, a mustache, a white t-shirt tucked into black pants with a belt, and sleek round sunglasses. If you want to mirror his outfit perfectly, check out this white Vintage Cotton Scoopneck T-Shirt for $19.99 from J. Crew. Buuuuut, for a much more fun spin on the costume, why not buy a shirt with your Halloween persona printed on it!? This tee even comes in a hoody, perfect for chilly Halloween weather. Salta Bae Hanes Tagless Tee ($21.99) You also need black pants to complete the look. A pair of black jeans will do. If you don't already have some on-hand, take a look at this super affordable pair from H&M. For the finishing clothing touch, wear the pants with a black leather belt, like this Wide Leather Belt for $19.99, also from H&M. H&M Skinny Regular Ankle Jeans ($9.99) Next, you need a suave set of sunglasses. You wouldn't want to risk salt penetrating your eyeball when you marinate steak! You can actually re-wear this cool pair from Urban Outfitters once your "Salt Bae" days are over. And, they're currently on sale. Hello, thrifty Halloween shopping. Urban Outfitters Metal Round Sunglasses ($10) With the outfit out of the way, your props are the next key component to this costume. You're not truly "Salt Bae" unless you actually have a can of salt with you. You never know when something might need a little sprinkle of salt. Fill up a salt shaker from your kitchen, or just carry a small packet in your pocket. Nu-Salt Salt Substitute ($1.38) And, of course, you need a plastic piece of meat as the target of your salt-sprinkling. Even though this one is actually a dog toy, it still works. Your canine can use it post-Halloween, so you have some sort of validation for buying a t-bone toy. Dogmeat™ T. Bone Steak: Small ($6.48) Don't forget the most important part—keep your arm flexed and ready at all times for salt-sprinkling! You can also draw a fake mustache on your face if you really want to go all out. For more DIY 2017 Halloween costumes, check out a "cash me outside" girl costume, a Wonder Woman costume, and a Belle costume. [Photo: YouTube]

9 Couples Halloween Costumes You Need In Your Life

Good things come in pairs, right? If you have that special someone in your life this Halloween, why not take a note from Bonnie and Clyde and dress like the inseparable couple you are? For inspiration, we’ve got you covered. Here’s your guide to creating the most enviable couple’s Halloween costumes we ever did see. To show everyone that you go together like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong, try these Danny Zuko and Sandy costumes. While there are many looks you can replicate from the iconic lovers, we love these edgy outfits seen at the end of the movie. To recreate the ensembles, think all-black everything and leather, leather, leather. [Photo: Instagram] For all you Disney fans out there, Flynn Rider and Rapunzel make the perfect choice. To get truly authentic looks, you can purchase the full costumes online at Walmart or Target. If you decide to DIY them, the elaborate costumes will take a little more effort to put together - but the end result is definitely worth it! [Photo: Instagram] If you’re that couple who’s looking to bring out each of your dark sides, try these sexy skeleton outfits. Any black ensemble will do, but the makeup is where the look really shines. For each member of the couple, paint half of your face to look as if you just rose from the dead—include hollowed eyes and bared teeth! If you don’t trust your freehand artistic abilities, you can follow a full tutorial online on how to create the looks. [Photo: Instagram] Of course, Tinkerbell and Peter Pan is always a cute option. For Tinker, simply get a green dress and tie your hair up in a bun. For Pan, don’t forget the feathered hat! Even if you can’t fake a British accent, we’re sure your personas will be just as magical. [Photo: Instagram] Yabba Dabba Doo! Skip the cave people costumes this year and opt for these adorable Fred and Wilma Flinstone outfits. For Fred, make sure to find an orange top with the signature black spotted pattern and pair it with a blue tie. For Wilma, wear a one-shoulder white dress and have fun doing some DIY fringe! The best part about these costumes? No shoes are required. [Photo: Instagram] This next couple's costume would definitely get the “shagedelic” seal of approval. Get your groove on with Austin Power’s outrageous bell bottoms and flouncy white top. For the female counterpart, simply wear a funky, '70s-style dress and go-go boots. [Photo: Instagram] Beep, beep, coming through! Channel your favorite ‘90s video game characters by dressing up a as Luigi and Mario from Mario Kart. It doesn’t matter who’s who—just don’t forget the mustaches! [Photo: Instagram] Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton’s marriage sadly came to an end last year, but it doesn’t mean we still don’t have a soft spot for sweet country couples. So what better way to pay homage to your favorite country crooners than by dressing up like them? For the male costume, you’ll definitely want to wear a cowboy hat and studded boots. For the female counterpart, harness your inner Dolly Parton and think big and bold when it comes to hair and accessories! [Photo: Instagram] For more 2017 DIY Halloween costumes, check out a Wonder Woman costume, a “cash me outside girl” costume, an Eleven from Stranger Things costume, and a fidget spinner costume. [Photo: Splash]

Here’s Everything You Need To Be Princess Leia For Halloween

Hollywood lost an iconic female role model when Carrie Fisher suddenly passed away last December. Fisher was most known for playing the badass Princess Leia in the Star Wars series, but she appeared in many other films, and even published several novels and memoirs. Fisher solidified Princess Leia's heroic spirit off-screen, and she was truly one of the most inspirational female influences of our time. Posters of Fisher as Princess Leia even became a symbol of hope during the Women's March this past January. If you're looking for a powerful female figure (because, girl power) to replicate for your Halloween costume this year, pay homage to Fisher and recreate her most notorious look, cinnamon bun hairstyle and all. Here's everything you need to dress up as Princess Leia this Halloween. Naturally, you need a long white turtleneck frock to start. It's super perfect timing to wear her well-known outfit because bell sleeves are having a moment right now. If you're of the crafty nature (power to ya), you can actually find the pattern for her dress free online. If not, you can easily get an affordable version at a costume store. This costume from has the whole Princess Leia package, complete with a hood, belt and white shoe covers. For a sexier version of the shapeless tunic, check out this one from Walmart for $25.93. You can also wear the costume version of her slave outfit from the Star Wars films for $44.99. Princess Leia Deluxe Adult Halloween Costume ($43.70) If you make your own dress or your costume doesn't come with footwear, you definitely need white space boots. A princess can't walk around in space in just any old boots, after all. This sturdy pair will stand the tests of space time and see you from planet to planet. White Princess Boots ($29.99) Princess Leia was the OG space bun queen (sorry, Miley Cyrus), and you can't NOT recreate her hairstyle. If you already have long brown hair, then you picked the perfect costume. Part your hair into two ponytails on the farthest outer spots of your head, twist the sections as tight as you can, coil them into buns and secure with as many bobby pins as you can find. If you don't have long brunette locks, this headpiece from J. C. Penny has you covered. You can even get a wig for $12.99 from Party City for the full effect. Star Wars Princess Leia Headband ($16.99) Since you're a princess defending a galaxy far, far away, you obviously need to be armed and ready. Leia had a black gun in the film, but this white and orange one from the Official Star Wars Costumes website looks just like it. Sadly, you don't get to carry a light saber. But a gun is cooler, tbh. Princess Leia Blaster ($11.99) For more DIY 2017 Halloween costumes, check out a Wonder Woman costume, a "cash me outside girl" costume, a Gigi and Bella Hadid costume, an Eleven from Stranger Things costume, a Beauty and the Beast costume, and a fidget spinner costume. [Photo: Lucasfilm]

Here’s Everything You Need To DIY A Baywatch Halloween Costume

Crime! Hot lifeguards! The beach! Even 16 years after the original Baywatch TV show left the air, the premise of the 2017 movie remake remains the same, save for a few new fresh faces. Zac Efron, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and Priyanka Chopra joined Baywatch alums Pamela Anderson and David Hasselhoff in this comedic, action-packed interpretation. In the film, these red-bathing-suit clad local lifeguards must protect their beloved beach from a sketchy new drug that's sweeping the area. Drama! This Halloween is the perfect time to channel your inner hot lifeguard and DIY a Baywatch costume. Step aside, Pamela Anderson, there's a new beach babe in town. It obviously wouldn't be a Baywatch costume with an itty bitty red swimsuit, so take it to the next level with this "Bae Watch" one piece. I mean, come on—you honestly can't find a more fitting and fun costume piece than this, even down to the color! It's a bit of a splurge for just a Halloween costume, so save it for future use next summer. Since Halloween definitely doesn't fall under swimsuit season, you'll probably want to wear this as a bodysuit tucked into a pair of jeans or leggings. Since, you know, it gets cold in October and all. For cheaper (but way less entertaining) versions of the famous Baywatch get-up, check out this J. Crew Scoopback One-Piece Swimsuit for $49.99, or this $30 Aerie Super Scoop One Piece Swimsuit. Private Party Baywatch Swimsuit ($99) You definitely don't want to cover up the most important piece of your costume (the bathing suit, duh). But, if you want an extra layer, this tank top's the way to go. It probably won't do much in terms of keeping you warm, to be honest, but it helps authenticate your outfit. Besides, you're a Baywatch babe—you bring the heat! If you don't want to go the traditional swimsuit route for your Halloween costume (which is totally understandable since it's the middle of fall), just sport this top with pants or red shorts and call it a day. Or, for a more revealing and Baywatch-appropriate top, check out this Urban Outfitters Baywatch Cropped Tee for $19.99. Target Men's Baywatch Malibu Beach Patrol Tank Top ($11.99) In case anyone had any doubts that you were a seductive lifeguard on a mission to protect the beach, add this inflatable boogie board to your ensemble. You can even use this comfortable prop to your advantage as an on-the-go chair, and pop a squat wherever you please. Disclaimer: this is not an actual professional life-saving device, so don't get too cocky. Walmart Baywatch Inflatable Mock Life Raft Preserver Boogie Board ($12.90) Your skin also needs to look the part of a sun-kissed lifeguard on duty, so douse your body in self tanner. Start applying a few nights before Halloween to build up a solid base tan. If you end up looking orange, no biggie—it's all in the spirit of Halloween, and it washes off easily. Give your hair a tousled, beachy look, perfect your slow motion running, and then you're officially a Baywatch lifeguard! Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer ($2.49) For more 2017 DIY Halloween costumes, check out a Wonder Woman costume, an Eleven from Stranger Things costume, and a Gigi and Bella Hadid costume.

Find Out What You Need To Make The Best ‘Riverdale’ Cheerleader Halloween Costume

Riverdale has been a smash hit on The CW since its release earlier this year and fans are quickly falling in love with its characters. If you're one of the viewers that's been hooked since the Riverdale trailer release, you may be thinking of how to channel your fave characters for your Halloween costume this year. One costume you should definitely consider if you want to be Betty and Veronica is to dress as one of the high school's cheerleaders. Trust us, this costume is so easy to make -- all you need are a few simple pieces! Before trying to find that cheerleader uniform you have cramped in an attic somewhere, think of what look you can pull together from the items that are already in your closet. Put your costume planning into high gear and think about the outfit essentials first. To begin, you can start off with this affordable blue skater skirt from boohoo for instant cheerleader vibes. Roseanna Colour Pop Skater Skirt ($16) Now it's time to think about the top half of your outfit now that your bottom half is covered. If you're sporty, or have sporty friends, search some closets for athletic gear to make a solid base for a cheerleading uniform. Chances are, you or someone you know has this white long-sleeved Under Armor essential that you can wear under your costume. However, if you don't necessarily want to splurge on an UA mock, you can opt for a simple white turtleneck like this one from Forever 21. UA ColdGear® Authentic Mock ($49.99) Sometimes the finishing touches are really what pulls a costume together. Think of ways you can really make your outfit unique so that you stand out in a crowd. Luckily, scrunchies are becoming undeniably trendy again and will really help tie the whole costume together.  While it tops the look off, this blue scrunchie can also be a major lifesaver in helping to put your hair up and keep you cool come Halloween night. Blue Soft Jersey Fabric Hair Scrunchie Bobble Elastic Hair Band ($4.50) The best part about this Riverdale theme is that it would make for an iconic squad costume. So, why not get you and your girls in on a Oct. 31 look together? Amazon sells Gaffers Tape in bulk for less than $20. You can split the cost with your friends to lower the cost of your own personalized Halloween look. REVO Premium Professional Gaffers Tape ($19.99)    An embroidered iron on letter 'R' is an extra touch you can include when creating this costume. You could place it on a blue tank top, or order two to also place one on your cheer skirt. The choice is really up to you when working on your own DIY project, you can take the extra mile and go all out or you can make your costume quick and simple.   Iron On Embroidered Applique Patch ($3.50)   An authentic cheerleading uniform or a costume from a party superstore would certainly cost you a pretty penny. Following these tips will save you cash, and you could use some of the pieces in your everyday wardrobe down the line. You can make the best cheerleader dupe by combing this navy blue tank top and white turtleneck with a matching navy blue skirt. Bella + Canvas Ladies' Flowy V-Neck Tank ($10.54-$13.18) For more Netflix inspired Halloween costumes, check out these items that can instantly create an Eleven Stranger Things costume! [Photo: Instagram]

Here’s How To DIY A Gigi and Bella Hadid Halloween Costume

Name a more powerful (and good looking) dynamic sister duo than Gigi and Bella Hadid, we dare you. From landing spreads in almost every major mag to stealing the show at New York Fashion Week, these genetically-blessed siblings have accomplished a lot more than their average 20 and 22-year-old counterparts. If you're not a celebrity junkie and you've somehow managed to avoid encountering any news on the Hadids, A.K.A. the new Kardashian family, here's a quick recap. One of their first claims to fame was appearing on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills with their mom, Yolanda. Now, they're huge names in the fashion industry and have landed themselves the notorious title of "it-girls." Woah. They've also made their marks on the celebrity dating scene—Bella used to date rapper The Weeknd, and Gigi is currently dating former One Direction singer Zayn Malik. These gals pretty much have it all, which makes them the perfect alter egos for Halloween. We rounded up all the DIY essentials to channel your inner style queen and grab a friend for Bella and Gigi Hadid Halloween costumes. First, decide which sister you want to dress as. Their mom describes Gigi as the blonde girl next door, and Bella as an edgy brunette. Choose wisely. For either of their costumes, it wouldn't be complete without a little Tommy Hilfiger action. Gigi actually has her own Tommy line, and is set to design another two collections in the future, so you obviously need to show that you're a true Tommy Girl in your Halloween outfit. Naturally, in true Hadid sister style, your Tommy Hilfiger top of choice should be of some sort of cropped variation. Not all of us can boast having chiseled cores like Bella and Gigi, so if you feel uncomfortable wearing a midriff-baring top, no worries. Pair it with super high waisted jeans or just tuck a regular length Tommy tee into your pants. Tommy Hilfiger Crop Top ($25) Here's an excuse to buy new jeans! The Hadid sisters are active wearers of ripped, high-waisted boyfriend style denim. Even though the modeling mavens have legs for days and the rest of us mere mortals have average-length stems, high waisted jeans give you the illusion of taller legs. Bella wears all-black more often, so look for darker jeans if she's your costume inspiration. Boyfriend Low Ripped Jeans ($39.99) What better way to show off your newly discovered longer legs than with sleek black booties? When they're not on the runway, both Bella and Gigi top off their street style looks with some elevated leather kicks. Opening Ceremony Livv Leather Bootie ($99.99) Even indoors in late October, you still need a pair of sunnies to block out the paparazzi, duh. The Hadid sisters frequently sport round shades, because they're super in right now, so this cheap pair can do the trick. H&M Round Sunglasses ($9.99) Since both Bella and Hadid are photo-taking extraordinares (as referenced by their combined 49+ million combined Instagram followers), use a selfie case as a prop for the finishing touch on your DIY costume. You can look and act the part with the Allure x Case-Mate light up selfie case to snap pictures in style. For more DIY 2017 Halloween costumes, check out a Wonder Woman costume, an Eleven from Stranger Things costume, and a Belle from Beauty and the Beast costume. [Photo: Splash]

Here’s Everything You Need To DIY A Belle Costume From Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast fans dream's came true this past March with the release of the live-action remake of the beloved "tale as old as time." Emma Watson naturally did an amazing job playing Belle because she's, like, gorgeous. And, who knew she could sing!? If you're a die-hard Beauty and the Beast fan, this Halloween is the perfect opportunity to bust out a golden gown and dress up as Belle. We rounded up everything you need to DIY a Belle costume, with or without a Beast counterpart. None of us will probably ever look as good as Emma Watson did in this get-up, but we can sure try! For the main component of the DIY costume, you obviously need a yellow gown. Before you resort to buying one, see if any of your friends happen to have any old yellow prom or bridesmaid dress you could borrow. If not, this bridesmaid dress under $50 is the next best thing without costing a fortune, or this $65 Sienna Dress from Revolve that's waaaaay on sale. You can also look on used clothing websites for cheap, gently used yellow gowns. If you're really feeling adventurous, buy a tulle skirt and wear it under your dress of choice for a more authentic, ballgown-esque feel that Belle herself would approve of. Strapless Maxi Evening Prom Bridesmaid Chiffon Dress ($48.99) Next, you need matching yellow gloves. And we're not talking latex dishwashing gloves. You're a princess, after all, so you need the finest satin gloves the Internet can offer...but under $10. Your arms will look classier than ever before in this bright princess necessity from Oriental Trading. Pinkies out, ladies! Long Yellow Satin Gloves ($9.99) In the recent version of the film, Emma Watson's character actually wore a gold "Tree of Life" pendant necklace. Conveniently, Macy's carries an exact replica (that's currently on sale!) with small crystal droplets. There's also a simpler version of this movie jewel for $29.99 on Etsy, where you can customize your chain length. Beauty and the Beast "Tree of Life" Crystal Drop Cord Pendant Necklace ($11.96) No Beauty and the Beast costume could be complete without a fake enchanted red rose! Nothing screams sophisticated (and boujee) more than holding this prop in one of your satin-cloaked hands. Single Micro Peach Rose with Leaves ($1.07) Let's not forget about hair and makeup, too, especially since you're putting the "Beauty" in Beauty and the Beast. Watson wore her hair down in a middle part, slightly curled, and twisted into a bun in the back of her head with some bejeweled accessories. If you're far from a hair styling expert, you can curl the ends and tie your front pieces back with a yellow ribbon that matches your dress. For the finishing touch, add a bold red lip to go with your fake rose. Last item on the agenda is finding your Beast. For more 2017 DIY Halloween costumes, check out a Wonder Woman costume, a "cash me outside girl" costume, an Eleven from Stranger Things costume, and a fidget spinner costume. [Photo: Disney]

Here’s Everything You’ll Need To Be Eleven From ‘Stranger Things’ For Halloween

Everyone is freaking out about the creepy Netflix original series "Stranger Things," (if you haven't seen it--you must watch!), specifically the character Eleven or 'El', played by the actress Millie Bobby Brown. Eleven is a special little girl with many psychokinetic gifts, which makes for an excellent 2017 Halloween costume, especially since season two officially comes to Netflix October 27. Not to spoil too much, but season one of the show ended on a cliffhanger, and fans weren't sure if El would make a comeback in the following season. But, much to everyone's relief, the trailer revealed that she will in fact remain one of the stars of the show. Tons of people dressed as Eleven for Halloween last year (myself included), with her notorious blonde hair, pink collared dress and white striped tube socks. I even carried around an empty box of Eggo waffles (you'll have to watch the show to get this reference). But, season one Eleven is literally so last year, so give your Halloween costume a timely upgrade with a similar DIY outfit inspired by her brief appearance in the season two trailer. Don't worry—if you want to recycle your costume from last year, you only need to make a few tiny tweaks. Keep in mind that the show's based in the '80s, so your clothes for this costume will look like so. You'll still need a light pink dress (preferably with a Peter Pan collar) for the main component of this season's ensemble. This is tricky because Eleven's collared dress is definitely from the kid's section--it's really tough to find the exact version in adult size. I ended up wearing a light pink shift dress that I already had on-hand, like this one from Lulu's, but costume websites have actually created identical versions of Eleven's signature apparel. You can even buy a fake collar to affix to any dress. Stranger Things Eleven Dress ($32) Eleven wore a blue windbreaker jacket in season one, but the new trailer actually shows her wearing a blue and green plaid oversized flannel. You can get one from L.L. Bean or Buckle. You need the green striped tube socks, too! Eleven wears tall white socks--luckily this is a really cheap thing to buy. You can get the exact look with these 2-stripe tube socks, or this pair from American Socks. If you're feeling cheap, just wear any tall white socks. 2-Stripe Over The Calves Tube Socks ($3.87) Eleven wears white tennis shoes. You can really nail the look with white Converse, or basically wear any old white sneakers that you already own. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Low Top ($50) As a baby of the 80s, Eleven is rocking her classic Cassio watch. Casio Classic F91W-1 Watch ($18.95) Eleven rocked a blonde wig for most of the original season, but you'll have to ditch your locks for this new look and flaunt her hallmark shaved head look. You can style your hair to look that way, or buy a short hair wig. For more DIY 2017 Halloween costumes, check out a fidget spinner costume, a "cash me outside" girl costume, and a Wonder Woman costume.

How To DIY A Fidget Spinner Costume So That You’ll Be The Coolest Person At Every Halloween Party

Even if you're not on the fidget spinner bandwagon, you can't deny that they're everywhere. These three-pronged pieces of plastic and aluminum aren't just your average toys. With appeals to teens, adults, and essentially anyone with two spare hands, it seems like everywhere you turn there's someone fidget-spinning away when boredom sinks in. For this reason, this unfathomable trend makes the perfect 2017 Halloween costume. Stand out amidst the basic witch and cat costumes this year at all your Halloween parties in a totally on-point DIY costume. All your friends will have costume envy. One man, Rob Cockerham, actually made a 6-foot fully functioning fidget spinner costume out of aluminum, plywood, styrofoam, and a shoulder harness, which seems like a lot of manpower, and you definitely want a costume that can fit within doorways. But hey, if you really feel like getting in the fidget spinner spirit, then follow in his footsteps by all means. Our version is a little more low key and much smaller, but we're all for getting in the true Halloween spirit. To make this costume, you'll need a Lazy Susan or rotating cheese board, cardboard or styrofoam, paint/spray paint, a hot glue gun or Mod Podge, rope, and tape. Roll up your sleeves because this is going to be a wild DIY ride. 1) First, you need to make the spinning throng pieces. We recommend using styrofoam, since the 6-foot tall costume worked successfully with this material. Cockerham used a 4x8 styrofoam sheet and cut out 30" circles. For a smaller-scale version, even using 12" circles will suffice. The smaller you make it, the easier it will be to find bowls or kitchen appliances that you can trace onto the styrofoam. Gather any round surface you can get your hands on—you'll need a larger one for the throngs and a slightly smaller one to trace semicircles that connect the throngs. Cockham even made a makeshift compass using a nail, string, and pencil. 2) Next, channel your inner artist. You might have to draw the spinner at an angle to fit it in on the styrofoam, depending on how large you make yours. Use a ruler or measuring tape to lightly trace an equilateral triangle onto the styrofoam, which you can paint over later. The points of the triangle mark where your throngs will go. Position whatever round tracing tool you have on the middle of each triangle point so that they're evenly spaced out. It helps if you use a clear or transparent bowl for tracing so you can see where to perfectly align it over the triangle's corners. Once you trace the three prongs, use your smaller circle to draw semicircles in between the larger circles. If possible, you can even print out a poster-sized fidget spinner to trace for the most accurate representation. Use a craft or kitchen knife to cut out the completed shape. Fidget spinners usually have holes within the three throngs, so use another small round object for tracing and then cut these out. 3) Now, the fun part—painting! Spray paint is probably your fastest bet, so pick your color and get busy. You  To make it even more authentic looking, real fidget spinners all have black rings surrounding the cut-outs within the circular extensions. If you have a steady hand, you can trace rings around the hole cutouts and paint them black. Or, you can make the black ring pieces separately with leftover styrofoam, spray paint them, and attach with a hot glue gun. 4) Once you've made the base, you obviously need to make it spin! That's where the Lazy Susan comes into play. Position it facedown on the back of the styrofoam structure, directly in the middle. Use a hot glue gun or Mod Podge to securely fashion the two components together. 5) Here comes the tricky part—assembling this contraption on your body and making it functional. Using Mod Podge, a hot glue gun, duct tape, or a combination of all these things, attach two pieces of rope to opposite ends of the Lazy Susan so that you can tie it around your body securely. Cockerham actually positioned his fidget spinner costume around his neck and head, using a shoulder pad contraption to hold it up. If you're super handy, you can go this route. Otherwise, rope will have to do. Be warned—this costume might hit you in the face, and maneuvering between rooms is going to take some talent. Happy Halloween costume making! [Photo: Shutterstock]

PHOTOS: The Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes Of 2016

Here’s How To Be The Mad Hatter From ‘Alice Through The Looking Glass’ For Halloween

Alice Through The Looking Glass was one of the biggest movies of 2016. I know this because Erika Jayne and Countess Luann took time out of their busy housewives schedules to do a promo for it on Bravo. So yeah, it was kind of a big deal. The film also has a ton of memorable characters that are great to dress up as for Halloween! There's Alice, the White Queen, the evil Red Queen, the Cheshire Cat, seriously, the list is endless. But the true star is the Mad Hatter, so we're going with that costume. Of course, you're going to need that hat to nail this look. We found this awesome one on Amazon that has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars--so you know it's good! Next, you need the iconic orange hair and eyebrows! Here's the Alice In Wonderland Mad Hatter Costume Eyebrows Accessory ($11.53) and Adult Mad Hatter Wig ($18.10). Both are under $20 each, so that's a pretty good deal! We also found an entire 6-piece outfit for the Mad Hatter Halloween costume that's $139.99. Sure, it's a little pricey, but if you're going all out, you want a costume that is as close to the real thing as possible. To finish off the look, you need makeup! I found this Youtube tutorial that explains exactly how to transform yourself into the Mad Hatter. Watch below to see how it's done! [youtube][/youtube] [Photo: Amazon] More 2016 Halloween costume ideas: Eleven from Stranger Things Halloween Costume Rey from Star Wars Halloween Costume Dauntless from Divergent Halloween Costume Ryan Lochte Halloween Costume Barb from Stranger Things Halloween Costume Ghostbusters Girls Halloween Costume Beyonce Lemonade Halloween Costume Harley Quinn Halloween Costume Rihanna With Wine Glass Halloween Costume Sandy from Grease Halloween Costume Kylie Jenner Halloween Costume Wonder Woman Halloween Costume Ravenna From Snow White Halloween Costume Style Boyz Halloween Costume Mr & Mrs Smith Halloween Costume Snapchat Crown Filter Halloween Costume Final Five Halloween Costume Dustin Stranger Things Halloween Costume Sexy Ken Bone Halloween Costume

If You Thought Beyoncé Killed It At The Super Bowl This Year, Here’s The Halloween Costume

This year's Super Bowl should've been renamed Bey Bowl. Beyoncé owned the entire weekend, dropping "Formation," her first single since 2014, the Saturday night before the big game, and then joining Bruno Mars and, what's his name? (jk, Chris Martin) for an epic Halftime Show. Let's relive that now: [youtube][/youtube] So now you *totally* want to dress as Queen B for Halloween, amirite? If the Lemonade costume isn't your thing, how about her outfit from the Super Bowl performance? Here's how to do it. Let's start with that epic jacket. Beyoncé wore a custom black leather DSquared2 jacket with a giant gold "X" wrapped around the front. It actually was an homage to Michael Jackson's jacket he wore during his 1993 Super Bowl Halftime performance. How cool! I found this Vintage 80's Cropped Military Jacket ($38) that has similar vibes to the real thing. Under the jacket, you're going to need a black bodysuit. If you don't have one yet, this Cut Out Back Jersey Bodysuit ($17) from Missguided is a solid option. Next, you need some fishnet tights to wear under the bodysuit. Also will come in handy if Halloween night is a little chilly! There's not really a lot of clothing to this costume, lol. Black combat boots are ideal for the shoes. If you don't own a pair, these Faux Leather Lace-Up Booties ($34.90) from Forever 21 are perfect and also cute enough to wear after October 31st! So to really nail the look, you gotta have the gold "X" wrapped around your jacket. I was trying to think of the best way to do this. A harness? Belts? Neither seemed ideal. While I'm not the craftiest person, I knew I had to get somewhat creative here. My suggestion is to buy gold ribbon and use that. It's cheap and who cares if it gets ruined by the end of the night? Plus, you can save the rest for the upcoming holidays... Now you're ready to slay! [Photo: Instagram] More 2016 Halloween costume ideas: Eleven from Stranger Things Halloween Costume Rey from Star Wars Halloween Costume Dauntless from Divergent Halloween Costume Ryan Lochte Halloween Costume Barb from Stranger Things Halloween Costume Ghostbusters Girls Halloween Costume Beyonce Lemonade Halloween Costume Harley Quinn Halloween Costume Rihanna With Wine Glass Halloween Costume Sandy from Grease Halloween Costume Kylie Jenner Halloween Costume Wonder Woman Halloween Costume Ravenna From Snow White Halloween Costume Style Boyz Halloween Costume Mr & Mrs Smith Halloween Costume Snapchat Crown Filter Halloween Costume Final Five Halloween Costume Dustin Stranger Things Halloween Costume Sexy Ken Bone Halloween Costume

Here’s Your Sexy Ken Bone Halloween Costume

The winner of Sunday night's Presidential debate was undecided voter (and sweater model), Ken Bone. He asked a question about energy policy and became an instant Internet obsession. His red Izod sweater sold out, Jimmy Kimmel hired him and even Snoop Dogg (Lion?) got in the Bone Zone. So where does that leave us? With a Ken Bone Halloween costume, of course. Yandy made this Sexy Undecided Voter Costume ($95.95) complete with an "iconic red crop top" and "must-have" mustache. We all know who this is supposed to be, it's Ken Bone. And in case you were wondering, Ken Bone plans to dress up as Ken Bone for Halloween. "I’ll wear the sweater again, and I’ll dress as me because I look just like me," Bone told The New York Times. What a legend. [Photo: CNN] More 2016 Halloween costume ideas: Eleven from Stranger Things Halloween Costume Rey from Star Wars Halloween Costume Dauntless from Divergent Halloween Costume Ryan Lochte Halloween Costume Barb from Stranger Things Halloween Costume Ghostbusters Girls Halloween Costume Beyonce Lemonade Halloween Costume Harley Quinn Halloween Costume Rihanna With Wine Glass Halloween Costume Sandy from Grease Halloween Costume Kylie Jenner Halloween Costume Wonder Woman Halloween Costume Ravenna From Snow White Halloween Costume Style Boyz Halloween Costume Mr & Mrs Smith Halloween Costume Snapchat Crown Filter Halloween Costume Final Five Halloween Costume Dustin Stranger Things Halloween Costume

How To Make A Cute Pikachu Halloween Costume

If you're one of the *many* people who became obsessed with Pokémon Go this year (or maybe you're just a fan of the original Game Boy game?), a Pikachu Halloween costume should be on your radar this fall. (Psst--don't forget that the next Pokémon Sun and Moon games are coming on November 18!) The Pikachu costume for girls is actually kind of cute--grab a yellow dress, bodysuit or jumpsuit, maybe add a tutu just for fun, do some face makeup, and get a Pikachu costume accessory set from Amazon (they're for kids, but the accessories fit adults, too). I've gone ahead and found a bunch of the products you'll need for the costume online for pretty cheap--and added some additional flare that other costume sites haven't thought of like Pikachu slippers. I also found an INSANE Pikachu Halloween makeup tutorial on Youtube. This is totally optional, but I was kind of mesmerized by it, so I put it in. Okay, here goes: Pikachu Makeup: This Pikachu makeup tutorial is so intense--I'm not assuming that everyone will be able to pull it off, but maybe you'll get inspired to do something at your makeup ability level. The key is the red round cheeks, big black eyes and black upside triangle nose. More on that later! Pikachu Dress:  They sell cute little dresses that are Pikachu-inspired online, like this Rubie's Women's Pokemon Pikachu Costume Dress ($15). The quality probably isn't GREAT, it's sort of like the regular pre-packaged Halloween costume quality--but if you want to wear something that looks officially Pikachu and you're trying to look cute/sexy, it's a good option. Pikachu Onesie:  If you're going for something more comfy for Halloween, this Belife Christmas Costumes Animal Onesie Sleepsuit Pajamas Cosplay ($30) can't be beat. It's totally silly and definitely not one of the typical "sexy Halloween costumes," but it is kind of amazing. Pikachu Bodysuit + Tutu:  Here's a third way to interpret the costume -- start with a bright yellow Scoop Neck Sleeveless Stretch Cotton Jersey Unitard Bodysuits ($22.40)... Then add a yellow tutu like this one: Simplicity Women's Classic Elastic ($12.99). I found this costume idea on Pinterest and I think it's adorable--any excuse to wear a tutu, right? I don't know what a yellow tutu has to do with Pikachu... but the idea is just to get in head-to-toe yellow. The next step are some Pikachu accessories, which really bring the costume to the #NextLevel. This Rubies Pikachu Costume Kit ($7.74) includes a headband with Pikachu ears and a tail. Whichever outfit you choose above--the Pikachu dress, onesie or bodysuit and tutu--will work with the costume accessories. Back to the makeup--no matter how intensely you decide to do it, you'll definitely want the bright red cheeks. You can buy red face makeup like this Adorox Red Cream Face Painting Makeup Halloween Clown ($5.49) and smear it in two perfect circles on your cheeks. Okay, this is a totally optional but I think fun part of the costume--Pikachu slippers! These BioWorld Unisex Pokemon Pikachu Plush Slide Slippers ($26.99) are so warm and comfortable. They beat wearing uncomfortable yellow heels. So, there you have it--all the ingredients for the perfect Pikachu Halloween costume recipe. Let us know: will you do this costume?? More 2016 Halloween costume ideas: Eleven from Stranger Things Halloween Costume Rey from Star Wars Halloween Costume Dauntless from Divergent Halloween Costume Ryan Lochte Halloween Costume Barb from Stranger Things Halloween Costume Ghostbusters Girls Halloween Costume Beyonce Lemonade Halloween Costume Harley Quinn Halloween Costume Rihanna With Wine Glass Halloween Costume Sandy from Grease Halloween Costume Kylie Jenner Halloween Costume Wonder Woman Halloween Costume Ravenna From Snow White Halloween Costume Style Boyz Halloween Costume Mr & Mrs Smith Halloween Costume Snapchat Crown Filter Halloween Costume Final Five Halloween Costume Dustin Stranger Things Halloween Costume

Here’s How To Be Dustin From ‘Stranger Things’ For Halloween

The 'Stranger Things' costumes are by far the runaway hits for Halloween this year--don't be surprised if you see A LOT of Elevens and Barbs walking around your neighborhood on Halloween night. If you love the show and want to get in on the action, how about being different and doing a Dustin Halloween costume? The lovable lispy character Dustin Henderson, played by Gaten Matarazzo on the series, has a very distinguished look of the trucker hat, curly mop, hoodie and backpack, so people will definitely know which 'Stranger Things' characters you're being. Every group costume will need a Dustin, so here's how to get excited if you pick this part: via GIPHY To start, you 100% need the red, white and blue trucker hat that Dustin wears. This is non-negotiable for the costume. You can google "red, white and blue trucker hat" or you can grab this one I found if it's still in stock: DALIX Two Tone Trucker Hat Summer Mesh Cap ($3.29). Depending on the scene, Dustin wears a green graphic tee or a teal/green hoodie. I coudn't find the exact graphic tee online, so how about just wearing the hoodie--this ITC Juniors' Hooded Sweatshirt ($12.36) I found is exactly the right color (and you can wear it after Halloween). It is a Junior's, though, so get size L or XL. Dustin is also seen wearing headphones that match this color perfectly in one scene, so you could always go above and beyond and snag a pair of those, too: via GIPHY Because the show takes place in the 80s, the wardrobe is wonderfully vintage. You'll need a blue jacket with a plaid lining like the one Dustin wears. I found this one on Amazon-- it's pretty inexpensive for such a specific item: Vintage Harrington Jacket ($28.98). You can also go to your local Salvation Army or Goodwill to see what they have (and spend just a few dollars). You'll need a glorious mop or curly brown hair like Dustin's, too. If you have brown hair, you can curl it, or you can get a wig. I think this Brown Curly Mens' Wig ($26.19) is pretty perfect for the character. Don't forget that Dustin is a school child, and he's almost always wearing his blue backpack. I think this one pretty perfectly nails the look: Hynes Eagle Chic School Backpack ($19.99). Bonus points if you pack some sweet snacks in your backpack and whip them out and start snacking on them. Dustin loves himself some good snacks. Lastly, you'll need black Tooth Wax ($4.95) to use on your front teeth since Dustin is toothless! Here's 5 more things to know about Dustin to prepare for the costume: -His best friends are Will, Mike, and Lucas. -He has cleidocranial dysplasia, which causes him to still have baby teeth--hence, the lisp. -He loves Dungeons & Dragons. More 2016 Halloween costume ideas: Eleven from Stranger Things Halloween Costume Rey from Star Wars Halloween Costume Dauntless from Divergent Halloween Costume Ryan Lochte Halloween Costume Barb from Stranger Things Halloween Costume Ghostbusters Girls Halloween Costume Beyonce Lemonade Halloween Costume Harley Quinn Halloween Costume Rihanna With Wine Glass Halloween Costume Sandy from Grease Halloween Costume Kylie Jenner Halloween Costume Wonder Woman Halloween Costume Ravenna From Snow White Halloween Costume Style Boyz Halloween Costume Mr & Mrs Smith Halloween Costume Snapchat Crown Filter Halloween Costume

Here’s How To Do The Yellow Butterfly Crown Snapchat Filter Everyone Loves For Halloween

If you're a Snapchat user, you know what every single girl on the app (including Kim Kardashian) has a favorite filter that they use all the time--and that filter is that yellow butterfly crown. It's the one that gives you the most flawless, glowing skin and trippy light eyes, and a flattering crown of yellow sparkling butterflies (whoa--Snapchat filters are actually kind of trippy, huh?). Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Kate Hudson, Ryan Seacrest, Selena Gomez, Paris Hilton, Demi Lovato and countless other celebs are obsessed with it too! It must be one of Snapchat's most popular filters, because it doesn't go away--while all other Snapchat filters get cycled through. If you want to be a walking-living-breathing yellow butterfly crown Snapchat for Halloween--here's exactly how to make the costume: The Crown:  So, obviously the butterfly crown itself is the most important thing. This is how people will know what your costume is. Buy a package of these Delicate and Detailed Nylon Yellow Butterflies ($12.99) or something similar, and glue them to bobby pins and stick them around the crown of your head. If you can find yellow butterflies, but a packet of paper butterflies (the best you can find) and dip them in glue then sprinkle them with yellow glitter. Here's some glitter in case you need to do your own butterflies: Pacon Spectra Glitter Sparkling Crystals ($8.39). If you're not exactly sure how to do that, here's a Youtube tutorial with really good tips for not only creating the crown look with actual glitter butterflies, but also for doing flawless makeup that literally looks like you're walking around with a filter. The Makeup:  According to vlogger My Pale Skin from the video above, you want to start with a really full coverage foundation (this isn't the time for anything natural or light!). She loves this Marc Jacobs Beauty Re(marc)able Full Cover Foundation Concentrate ($55). Next you'll want to make sure your brows look photo ready by filling them in with the NYX Microbrow Pencil ($10). She also set her brows with brow gel--kind of intense. Next, she uses the Kat Von D Shade Light Eye Contour Palette ($46) for eyeshadow. She uses the middle contour shade on the crease. She also uses the darkest shade to create depth. She also uses the medium shade to contour later. She then uses gold eyeshadow like this SEPHORA COLLECTION Colorful Eyeshadow ($10) on her lid--all over the lid, up to the crease. This is how you will get your yellow glow! You'll then want to use mascara (any mascara you already own should be fine). You'll also want some really voluminous, sexy bold lashes, we like these SEPHORA COLLECTION Luxe False Lash ($17) best. For the flawless finish, use the Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick ($7) on your undereye area, T-zone, nose, and forehead. Blend it using a beauty blender. Go two shades lighter than your skin with this foundation stick to get the filter look.   You can top your foundation look with a yellow or rose gold powder like this SEPHORA COLLECTION Colorful Face Powders ($7). To finish the face, you definitely want to use highlighter to get the filter glow. I like this Hourglass Ambient® Lighting Edit ($80). Next you'll want to line your lips. My Pale Skin used this Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Lip Liner - Iconic Nude ($22). Next you'll need some lipstick. My Pale Skin tops her lip look with this Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate Nude Collection Lipstick ($4.97). You can really use any plum or light pink lipstick you already own. Lastly, you'll want to use some yellow glitter--everywhere! I mean, you can't really go wrong. My Pale Skin used dots of the glitter to create the crown look on her forehead. I think you could use it all over--on your lids, on your cheeks--wherever. You really want to create a yellow sparkling look. This is the product I recommend: MAKE UP FOR EVER Glitters ($15).   More 2016 Halloween costume ideas: Eleven from Stranger Things Halloween Costume Rey from Star Wars Halloween Costume Dauntless from Divergent Halloween Costume Ryan Lochte Halloween Costume Barb from Stranger Things Halloween Costume Ghostbusters Girls Halloween Costume Beyonce Lemonade Halloween Costume Harley Quinn Halloween Costume Rihanna With Wine Glass Halloween Costume Sandy from Grease Halloween Costume Kylie Jenner Halloween Costume Wonder Woman Halloween Costume Ravenna From Snow White Halloween Costume Style Boyz Halloween Costume Mr & Mrs Smith Halloween Costume

How To Dress Up As The Style Boyz From ‘Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping’ For Halloween

If you haven't seen Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, I highly suggest you get on that. Not to give too much away, but the movie is about childhood friends (played by baes Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, and Jorma Taccone) who become famous as the hip-hop group The Style Boyz. They are known for "The Donkey Roll," which was the move that made Usher want to start dancing. So, of course you want to dress up as them for Halloween! [youtube][/youtube] If you're looking for a funny group costume, this is it. Here's exactly how to dress up as The Style Boyz with your crew. First, you're going to need the sweatshirt. No joke, I actually googled where to buy it the second I left the theater because I wanted one that badly. Fast-forward a few months later, and the exact maroon crew neck with silver writing was *finally* for sale. Just a heads up, shipping is kind of expensive. Style Boyz Crewneck ($29.99) Speaking of silver, the group wears metallic pants kind of like this pair from River Island. Make sure yours are baggy enough so you can do all three steps of "The Donkey Roll" without splitting your pants. Silver Jersey Joggers ($24, down from $56) You're also going to need comfortable shoes if you plan on making like a dude on an Egyptian scroll for the majority of the night. The guys wear white high-tops, and you can find ones for cheap like this pair from H&M. Bonus, you will probably wear them IRL too. High Tops ($12.99, down from $24.99) The accessories are going to be what separates you from the Melvins who attempt this costume (don't be one!). You need to make sure yours are on point. There's the silver chain that looks like it's straight up out of the 80s, the black and white trucker hat and ~*the stunna shades*~. Genuine Solid Sterling Silver Rope Link Chain Men's Necklace ($16.18) MG Unisex Summer Trucker Cap ($4.20) zeroUV - Designer Inspired Square Flat Top Aviator Sunglasses ($9.99) Now you're ready to be a Style Boy not just on October 31st, but for life (an incredible thought!!!!). Check out more fun Halloween costume ideas here. More 2016 Halloween costume ideas: Eleven from Stranger Things Halloween Costume Rey from Star Wars Halloween Costume Dauntless from Divergent Halloween Costume Ryan Lochte Halloween Costume Barb from Stranger Things Halloween Costume Ghostbusters Girls Halloween Costume Beyonce Lemonade Halloween Costume Harley Quinn Halloween Costume Rihanna With Wine Glass Halloween Costume Sandy from Grease Halloween Costume Kylie Jenner Halloween Costume Wonder Woman Halloween Costume Ravenna From Snow White Halloween Costume

How To Be Ravenna From The Huntsman: Winter’s War For Halloween

Thanks to this year's Snow White sequel "Huntsman: Winter's War," the Charlize Theron villainess Ravenna is back in demand for Halloween this year! Since the original "Snow White and the Huntsman" came out back in 2o12, every bad blonde with an attitude has wanted to be her for Halloween (I mean--who doesn't want to look like Charlize for a night??). Her evil Queen character is so wicked, it makes for the perfect dramatic Halloween costume. As you know, the Queen is Snow White's wicked stepmother, who is painfully jealous of her stepdaughter's true beauty (played Kristen Stewart), who she makes work as a servant (major Cinderella vibes--why is this a Disney theme??). Everyday the Queen asks her magic mirror, "Who is the fairest one of all?" to which he replies... well, not the answer she likes. You could think about carrying around a mirror with you or having a friend be the bitchy mirror (group costume!). If you have a really big group, someone can play Snow White, someone can play The Hustman (Chris Hemsworth--yum!), and someone can play Queen Freya (Emily Blunt). There are lots of good characters! But let's focus on Ravenna for the time being. Here, you can watch the trailer for the film to get some good close-ups of Ravenna's character: Here's what you'll need for her costume: Ravenna's costume is difficult to DIY at home because it has very elaborate detailing. You are welcome to try, but I thought this Deluxe Queen Ravenna Costume ($54.35) was an easier route to take. Typically I'm anti pre-packaged Halloween costumes, but in this case the quality looks good and costume comes with a petticoat and tiara, too, for just $50. Since she's a Queen and all, you'll need a crown. Again, hers is a very distinct crown, so you can't just use any tiara from your collection (I'm not assuming you're Kate Middleton--I just mean, if you have a Halloween bin already or a birthday tiara). This official Snow White and The Huntsman Queen Ravenna's Crown ($16.69) would probably be a good idea to buy. You should also make sure your makeup is FIERCE to play the role. Here's a Youtube If you don't have blonde hair, you'll need a wig. This is the wig from the original Snow White and The Hutsman (obviously, if you're blonde, you can simply do a braid and tie it with a black ribbon or bow). Snow White and The Huntsman Adult Ravenna Wig ($14.17) Or you can go with this hair look specifically from Winter's War: Ravenna Wig Huntsman Winters War ($19.99). Again, if you have blonde hair, you can simply style it instead of buying a wig. Here's a hair tutorial on getting her hair (see, brunettes can do it, too!): Lastly, you'll need Ravenna's dagger to complete the look. This one is the official costume one: Snow White and The Huntsman Ravenna's Dagger ($8.75). More 2016 Halloween costume ideas: Eleven from Stranger Things Halloween Costume Rey from Star Wars Halloween Costume Dauntless from Divergent Halloween Costume Ryan Lochte Halloween Costume Barb from Stranger Things Halloween Costume Ghostbusters Girls Halloween Costume Beyonce Lemonade Halloween Costume Harley Quinn Halloween Costume Rihanna With Wine Glass Halloween Costume Sandy from Grease Halloween Costume Kylie Jenner Halloween Costume Wonder Woman Halloween Costume

How To Be ‘Finding Dory’ For Halloween If You’re Not A Little Kid

You're never too old to like Disney movies, so if you're a grown woman that *thoroughly* enjoyed this year's "Finding Dory" sequel, then you have every right to do a Dory Halloween costume this year. In fact, you can actually make it kind of cute--there are lots of Dory costume heads online, so just wear one of those and then a cute blue outfit of your choosing, and you're good to do! And in case you need a refresher, Dory is the lovable character, voiced by Ellen Degeneres (who also produced the film), that originally appeared on screen in 2003's "Finding Nemo." Dory has like, no memory whatsoever, and forgets where she is, who she is, what she's doing every 2 seconds, which makes for quite an entertaining adventure (spoiler: she ends up in the California public aquarium). Her amnesia is one of her most distinguishing characteristics... so definitely act as forgetful as possible when in the costume ("Hi, my name is, ummm.... what's my name?" Etc.) Here's what's you'll need to do the costume: Option 1: Buy a full-body adult Dory costume One way to go is to buy the full-body Dory costume ($37.80). I personally don't find pre-made costumes to be that original or inspiring, so I tend to try to put something together piece by piece--but if you're lazy or just like the idea of having the costume be around your body, then by all means go that route. You can pair it with black or blue skinny jeans, a long sleeve black or white shirt, blue face makeup and an easy shoe like sneakers or Converse. Option 2: Put together a Dory costume using a fish head, fins, etc.  I think this Blue Fish Hat ($8.99) is friggin' hilarious and makes for a great, silly take on the Dory costume. It's definitely a conversation starter/statement piece if you're going to a Halloween party. You can wear pretty much anything on the bottom--you can be ask sexy (blue bustier and blue fishnets) or ask comy (blue track suit) as you'd like. You can also do really cool Dory makeup. Here's a tutorial you could us (it's even waterproof!): For the dress, I like this Tiana B. Sleeveless Blouson Chiffon Midi Dress ($39.99) because the bottom skirt overlay sort of looks like water flowing. It will literally look like you're swimming when you walk. So cute! If you want to hold something, I thought it might be cute to carry around a cute Nemo toy since Nemo and Dory are friends. You can get one pretty much anywhere online (the Disney store, Amazon, Wal-Mart, your nephew's bedroom, etc). I like this one: Disney Finding Nemo 16" Nemo Plush Disney ($22.25). This could also make for a really good group costume--you and your bestie could be Dory and Nemo. If you're really hard core about Halloween like I am, you'll get in to things like face and body paint to really hit a costume home. Dory is blue ALL over--so why shouldn't you be if you're doing the costume? You could buy a jar of Handy Art Face Paint, Blue  ($12.08) and slather it on any exposed skin (your hands, neck, face if you don't do the makeup tutorial above). Lastly, Dory is a fish so she has fins--DUH! In fact, she has yellow fins. So if you want to be totally recognizable as dory, you can wear these Finis Yellow Zoomers Gold ($21.58) on your hands all night. It might be hard to hold drinks--but hey, a really good costume is worth it.   [Photo: Disney Pixar Facebook] More 2016 Halloween costume ideas: Eleven from Stranger Things Halloween Costume Rey from Star Wars Halloween Costume Dauntless from Divergent Halloween Costume Ryan Lochte Halloween Costume Barb from Stranger Things Halloween Costume Ghostbusters Girls Halloween Costume Beyonce Lemonade Halloween Costume Harley Quinn Halloween Costume Rihanna With Wine Glass Halloween Costume Sandy from Grease Halloween Costume Kylie Jenner Halloween Costume Wonder Woman Halloween Costume

How To Create A Wonder Woman Halloween Costume

Comic book fans are *really* excited about the new Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot. The Israeli actress and model was cast as the iconic comic book hero in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" this year and in next year's "Wonder Woman." If you love superhero films or have always been a fan of Wonder Woman (what little girl/adult woman ISN'T??) then you should definitely do this costume for Halloween this year. It's so timely! Plus, you can make it a group costume and grab two guys friends to play Batman and Superman (now, that's a sandwich I'd like to be in). Here's the trailer for the new "Wonder Woman" film to get you REALLY excited: And of course, her first appearance in the "Dawn of Justice" film. Always kicking butt: K, so now that you're mentally prepared, aka pumped up, for the role, let's break down the costume parts: Wonder Woman's Hair:  Wonder Woman's hair is brown and wavy and has lots of body. If you have blonde hair you absolutely need to wear a wig. If you're a brunette and have long hair you can style it like Wonder Woman's by teasing the crown, using a curling wand and doing a great blowout. (More on that below). If you don't have long brown hair to create the look with, try a wig. I think this Smiffy's Siren Long Curly Wig ($15.14) is good because you can easily put her headpiece around the crown where the wig is flat. Here's a Wonder Woman Hair and Makeup tutorial you can use if you want to do your own. Obviously, you'll need red lipstick!!: Wonder Woman's Outfit:  Wonder Woman basically wears a red corset, a blue skirt and a gold belt. If you want to DIY it at home, you can use a red strapless top and blue mini. I'm assuming you don't already own either, so here's a costume you can literally just buy: Dawn of Justice - Deluxe Wonder Woman Costume For Women ($35.73). It's not crazy priced and it seems to be the best quality Wonder Woman costume I could find online. I also found online just the corset part which seems pretty legit/flattering. If you don't like the fit of pre-packed costumes (they are usually pretty chintzy), then try to put the look together yourself. It even comes with blue hot shorts (which I doubt you want to just wear alone!): Woman Halloween Costume Overbust Corset with Shorts ($27.99). If you're putting the costume together, the shinier the blue skirt, the better. This one I found on Amazon is pretty cheap and looks like something a superhero would wear: Women's Shiny Liquid Metallic Wet Look Flared Pleated Skater Skirt ($7.99). Obviously you need some kick a$$ red tall boots. I like the look of these Funtasma by Pleaser Women's Wonder-130 Knee-High Boot ($36.18)--the heels isn't too high, the red leather looks somewhat quality, and they're under $40. Nice! Wonder Woman's Crown:  Obviously you'll need Wonder Woman's gold headband/crown. This Star Crown Costume ($17.95) seems to be one of the better ones you can find online for the costume. Wonder Woman's Weapons:  Wonder Woman needs her shield, obviously. I'm assuming you don't have one lying around and will need to buy one. This Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman Shield ($20.99) seems to be pretty authentic looking for $20. Lastly you'll need her sword. If you have any sword from a previous Halloween costume or your kid's toy bin, just use that. Otherwise, grab one on a cheap costume site or Amazon. This one's good: Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman Sword ($7.83) More 2016 Halloween costume ideas: Eleven from Stranger Things Halloween Costume Rey from Star Wars Halloween Costume Dauntless from Divergent Halloween Costume Ryan Lochte Halloween Costume Barb from Stranger Things Halloween Costume Ghostbusters Girls Halloween Costume Beyonce Lemonade Halloween Costume Harley Quinn Halloween Costume Rihanna With Wine Glass Halloween Costume Sandy from Grease Halloween Costume Kylie Jenner Halloween Costume

Here’s How To Dress Up As ‘Cool Sandy’ From Grease For Halloween

We're calling it now, you're going to see a lot of "Cool Sandy" from Grease Halloween costumes this year. Like, more than usual. For starters, there was the amazing Grease: Live on Fox back in January. Julianne Hough played Sandy and absolutely killed it, along with the rest of the cast. That was fun to watch! Also, "it girl" Gigi Hadid dressed up as "Cool Sandy" for Heidi Klum's annual Halloween party. Talk about #costumegoals, amirite? OK, so now that you *totally* want to be "Cool Sandy" for Halloween, here's how to put together the costume. You're gonna need a sweet leather jacket if you don't own one already. This Faux Leather Moto Jacket ($32.90) from Forever 21 is cheap and you will most definitely wear it after Halloween. Now on to that classic off-the-shoulder top. Again, something you might own and will one hudo percent wear beyond October 31st. Our pick is this Structured Off Shoulder Top ($22, down from $46) from ASOS. It's almost like Boohoo made the Beci High Waisted Super Skinny Disco Pants ($40) with "Cool Sandy" in mind. At least that was the first thing I thought of when I saw them. So, of course, they are our pick for this costume. You gotta have red platform heels if you really want to nail this costume. This pair of Bethany Two Part Platform Heels ($44) should do the job and they look pretty comfortable, actually! This Cool Sandy Wig ($11.99) is a must if you're going all out. If you have blonde hair and want to do tight curls, make sure you have a curling iron that can do the job, like this Sultra The Bombshell Curling Iron ($130). Check out more of the best curling irons here. Last but not least, you're gonna need the best red lipstick in the game. Enter: MAC Ruby Woo ($17) . What, did you think we were gonna recommend anything else?? Goodbye, Sandra Dee. Hello, best costume winner! Check out more costume ideas here. [Photo: Paramount] More 2016 Halloween costume ideas: Eleven from Stranger Things Halloween Costume Rey from Star Wars Halloween Costume Dauntless from Divergent Halloween Costume Ryan Lochte Halloween Costume Barb from Stranger Things Halloween Costume Ghostbusters Girls Halloween Costume Beyonce Lemonade Halloween Costume Harley Quinn Halloween Costume Rihanna With Wine Glass Halloween Costume Kylie Jenner Halloween Costume Wonder Woman Halloween Costume

If You’re Gonna Do Rihanna For Halloween, THIS Better Be A Part Of Your Costume

Rihanna's signature bathrobes, chokers and burgundy lipstick aren't the only reasons why dressing up as her for Halloween is so dang fun--she has another costume accessory that takes it over the top. What is it? Her signature wine-glass-in-hand, of course! In case you missed it, Ri Ri is known for walking out of restaurants and clubs with a glass of wine IN HAND--thus making the "Rihanna with wine glass" this year's best zero-f$cks-given costume. Who cares about the open container laws, when you're Rihanna? Not Rihanna! If you like wine, fancy yourself a badass, and like to accessorize with glassware--this costume is for you. So here's how to do it: The wine glass:  Obviously, you'll need a wine glass for the costume. Any old wine glass you already have at home is absolutely fine to use. I also thought this EASY, TIGER 'Pinkies Up' Wine Glass ($16) was fun though if you want to punch it up a bit. Up to you! The outfit: You can start with a leather halter top like the one Rihanna wore from Iris & Ink. That one is sold out, but this Raoul Leather and stretch-ponte tan ($125) is an excellent substitute. It's a little price-y though, but you can definitely wear it long after the holiday is over. Ri Ri topped her leather halter with a camo jacket--so if you're going that route for the costume, you should do the same. If you already own a camo jacket, that's gucci. If you need to buy one, I found this Milk It Vintage Oversized Camo Jacket ($57), which you can definitely go more use out of after Halloween. Luckily, Rihanna just put out her FENTY by Puma clothing line, so you can wear any of the pieces from that to get her look. This FENTY Puma x Rihanna Terry Choker ($30) is a good option because it's on the cheap side--and Rihanna loves a good choker. Rihanna also loves a good pencil skirt. This FENTY Puma x Rihanna Lace-Up Pencil Skirt ($190) from her line is a good option. If you want to get her *exact* look for the costume, you can get the Hood by Air Cokkie Ringer Tee ($190) that Ri wore during the opening medley performance of the 2016 VMAs. Her fur slide sandals for Puma always sell out--but we found them available as of press time in white. Get them now for the costume, and sell them later on eBay:  PUMA Puma x Rihanna Lead Cat Slides ($90) Or you could wear the FENTY PUMA BY RIHANNA the trainer ($180) that Gigi Hadid is also a big fan of. Okay, last show option--you could do these Suede Anniversary Creepers ($140) in honor of her Fenty x Puma Creepers that are constantly selling out online. These you'll DEFINITELY get good use out of after Halloween (they are the coolest). Her makeup:  To top off the look, you'll need Ri's signature lipstick. How about the exact Coloured Raine Cherry Blossom lipstick ($17) lipstick she actually wears? (Or any other red, burgundy or wine-colored lipstick you already own will do!). More Halloween costume ideas: Eleven from Stranger Things Halloween Costume Rey from Star Wars Halloween Costume Dauntless from Divergent Halloween Costume Ryan Lochte Halloween Costume Barb from Stranger Things Halloween Costume Ghostbusters Girls Halloween Costume Beyonce Lemonade Halloween Costume Harley Quinn Halloween Costume

Here’s How To Be The ‘Broad City’ Girls From Season 3 For Halloween Costume

Last year we told you how to do a Abbi and Ilana from "Broad City" Halloween costume, and we think it deserves an update this year for the show's third season, which was quite possibly it's best yet. (Except for the "Rat Pack" episode--that was too gross). This costume is one of the best if not THE best BFF costume this year, so grab your bestie and do it up. In case you're not already watching, "Broad City" is the Comedy Central show created by and starring Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, two millennial female comics who are killin' it right now."Broad City" was originally a web series before it was picked up for television, but I started watching it when it aired on the network in 2014 and have been hooked since. Not only does it touch on topics like ride sharing and Instagram filters and Tinder that are so relevant to my life--but it covers them in completely surprising ways. I mean literally, I never know what's going to happen next with these girls. This year in season 3, Abbi and Ilana were up to their usual shenanagins (including one that finally gets Ilana fired for good from Deals Deals Deals). That's the episode I'm going to focus on for the costume. Vanessa Williams guest stars as Ilana's boss at the coupon site Deals Deals Deals, where Ilana has somehow managed to get promoted to the role of social media editor (despite being the world's worse employee there). A wardrobe highlight of the episode is that Ilana shows up to work wearing a *dog hoodie*, a fact which her coworker Nicole proudly points out--as if Ilana could care less. It's so good. For Ilana's Costume:  For the costume, you could try to squeeze in to an actual red doggie hoodie like the one Ilana wears--but I'm not even sure if that's possible in real life. How about just wearing this cropped hoodie instead: I like this Thiness Red Long Sleeve Crop Top Pullover Hoodie Tee Shirt ($7.49) from Amazon because it's only $7, nails the look and is in an actual adult size (so you don't have to be uncomfortable wearing the doggie version). Ilana paints in her stomach (to make it more office-appropriate LOL) with red marker. Feel free to skip that part if it's too intense for you--although it will probably get some good laughs. Next, you'll need a pair of denim cut-offs like the ones the "Broad City" girls always wear. I would use a pair you already own (if possible) or the cheapest pair you can find. These MOTO Extreme Rip Mom Shorts ($60) from Topshop are cute--or these cheap ones from ASOS are good, too: Noisy May High Cut Off Denim Shorts ($25). For Abbi's Costume: In the episode Abbi has finally started to enter the coveted "Trainer" circle at her gym job (up from "Cleaner"--nice). She's competing in the staff "Soulstice Games Day"--so you'll need the Trainer tank, a blue bandana and some workout leggings. Abbi and Trey get psyched up for the Soulstice Games. Photo: Comedy Central What's amazing is that they actually sell a "Trainer" tank for the show online. I found it at Red Bubble. Here's the exact one (you have to get it if you're going to do this costume!): Oddly enough the Broad City Trainer Tank ($26.01) is unisex. Whatever--it's literally perfect so get it! Next you'll need a blue bandana to show your team colors. You can use a blue scarf you already own, but a blue bandana is best--they're really cheap, so just grab one on Amazon: This Paisley Bandana Scarf ($3.99) should work perfectly. Top off Abbi's look with any workout pants you already own and sneakers. Voila! You've got a complete "Broad City" Halloween costume and you and your BFF only had to buy one or two things to get it!

How To Make A Uhura From Star Trek Halloween Costume With Just A Red Dress And Boots

Everybody loves Zoe Saldana (she's perfect!) so when she landed the role of a young Lieutenant Uhura in this year's "Star Trek Beyond," the character became one of this year's most popular Halloween costume ideas. I mean--what woman doesn't want to wear a red mini dress, tall black boots and super-high pony tail for their costume? If you're one of those ladies that likes to look hot on Halloween (versus scary or funny), this costume is a really good option. Let me walk you through: Uhura's dress:  Of course the internet has lots of official Uhura costumes, but many of them are low-quality (you know how junky and ill-fitting pre-packaged Halloween costumes can be), so you might actually be better going for a cute red mini dress that is flattering, fits your body well and can even be worn again after Halloween. I like this Red Long Sleeve Backless Bodycon Mini Dress ($13.90) but there are lots of other dress options if you do a Shopstyle search for "red mini dress." Uhura's has a black collar, but I don't think it's necessary for the costume. She wears long and short sleeve versions of the dress--so just get whichever one you prefer. Uhura's boots:  If you already own a pair of tall black boots, feel free to wear those (best if they have a tall heel and hit just below the knee). If you don't already own a pair, I found these Bamboo Chunky Zipper Knee-High Boots ($35) online. At $35, it's totally find if you mess them up on Halloween and have to throw them out after. This is another reason to put the Uhura costume together versus buying it at a Halloween store--Halloween costume boots are always over-priced and usually pretty junky. Uhura's hair: Zoe Saldana's signature Uhura look is a super high pony tail. If you have short hair or really blonde hair, you might want to try a wig or at least extensions (even long haired girls might want to consider pony tail extensions--Uhura's hair is really long). You should straighten your hair, too--hers is slick straight. Here's a Youtube tutorial on how to do the hair (she suggests doing the look on greasy hair as it will make it look even more sleek like Zoe's, and using a tooth brush sprayed with hair spray to smooth it down. Genius!): Uhura's accessories:  To make a plain red dress look like a Uhura uniform, simply get a Star Trek patch and apply it to the breast of the dress. You can find these on Amazon or elsewhere on the web. I found this Star Trek TOS Command Division Patch First Season ($7.95) that seems pretty legit. You could also potentially buy a black collar to make it look more official--but I don't think that necessary. To top off the look, you'll need some dangly earrings. These Alexis Bittar Small Sliver Earrings ($66.50) are the exact pair Zoe wore in the film! (Or you can just wear something you already own that looks like it!). Uhura's makeup:  You'll need a great cat eye, brows on fleek, some lash extensions, some highlighter and a pale plum lip to pull of Uhura's makeup. The look is underdone but so pretty. Here's another Youtube tutorial on how to do the makeup: So, there you have it! A Uhura Halloween costume--will you choose this costume this year?? More ideas: Eleven from Stranger Things Halloween Costume Rey from Star Wars Halloween Costume Dauntless from Divergent Halloween Costume Ryan Lochte Halloween Costume Barb from Stranger Things Halloween Costume Ghostbusters Girls Halloween Costume Beyonce Lemonade Halloween Costume Harley Quinn Halloween Costume

Everything You’ll Need To Be Rey From ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ For Halloween

I'm not a HUGE Star Wars fan, but I was totally inspired by the Lucasfilm's decision to put a female at the center of this year's "The a Force Awakens" plot. The character of Rey, portrayed by the awesome Daisy Ridley, plays a central role in the storyline (no spoilers!), which makes her a hero for little girls (and big girls like me) everywhere--and the perfect Halloween costume this year (move over, Princess Leia!). Rey is a tough loner scavenger who gets swept up in the Resistance's conflict with the First Order, alongside BB-8 and Stormtrooper Finn. It should be noted that this could be a good group costume with two friends playing BB-8 and Finn. Definitely call dibs on being Rey--her costume is dope. (If you do Cosplay you know!). Rey scavenges starship debris on the scorching hot sand fields of Jakku--so her outfit needs to practical. It involves a lot of layers and scavenger-chic elements: a head wrap, goggles, a wrap dress tucked in to a practical belt, wrap sleeves, capris and boots. There are lots of complete costumes available at costume shops and places like Target ("The Force Awakens" was a $2 billion grossing film, after all). But not all the costumes are created equal--I found one that's the best, IMO:   This CG Costume Women's Star Wars Rey Dress Cosplay Costume ($95.90) is the most legit and quality Rey Halloween costume I could find online. The Target one is only $40, but looks really cheap. Alternatively, you could put one together by buying taupe or cream fabric by the yard, wrapping it over your shoulders, and topping off the look with a brown leather belt. I'm not sure how intense you are about Halloween--but I assumed you wanted to nail the look, that's why I suggest the Cosplay costume. Next you'll need Rey's belt bag (it's basically a fanny pack, but we won't call it that). It's a brown military style pouch attached to a brown wrap belt. You can attempt to DIY something at home or just wear a regular belt. Or you can get this Rey Bag Brown Canvas Rey Sidebag with PU Belt Cosplay Accessories Xcoser ($30.93) which is only $30 and I think nails the look. Next you'll need a staff. I'm not sure if you have something like this at home already... if you don't, how about just buying the official Star Wars: The Force Awakens Rey Staff ($20.57) for $20? This is where you can use something from your existing wardrobe or use the costume as an excuse to buy a new pair of brown boots. I think UGGs are perfect (and sooooo comfortable). If you don't own them, you can purchase these UGG® 'Classic II' Genuine Shearling Lined Short Boot ($159.95). She also wears a head wrap and goggles. You can use ski goggles an spray paint them white or cream and use any light colored scarf as a head wrap--or you can buy the ready-made one: Star Wars Rey ADULT SIZE Eye Mask & Hood Set + Koozie ($19.95). K--so, there you have it! The complete instructions for making a Rey Halloween costume. Think you'll try it?? READ MORE: DAUNTLESS FROM DIVERGENT HALLOWEEN COSTUME

How To Dress Up As Ryan Lochte For Halloween #SorryNotSorry

Ryan Lochte was one of the year's top trending figures--after scoring gold medals in the Rio Olympics, Ryan pissed off an entire country when he alleged that he was held at gunpoint in Brazil when really it was his own drunken shenanigans to blame. He fled Brazil, got banned from swimming, apologized, and landed a spot on "Dancing with the Stars," which was met with protestors. Phew. It's been a *really* big fall for Lochte, which is not good for him--but very good for those of us looking for a pop culture Halloween costume this year. Olympics Halloween costumes are always big--remember the Gabby Douglas one from 2012 (hey--it's still relevant!). Need more proof that the Ryan Lochte Halloween costume is a good one? Well, first of all, Jimmy Fallon already showed how hilarious and recognizable it is when he dressed up like Lochte at the MTV Video Music Awards this month: Everyone, including Lochte's own teammate Michael Phelps was *DYING*. Jimmy hilariously started his speech, "Is it too late now to say sorry?" then launched into a hilarious series of ridiculous claims, such as "I directed all five nominees," and "I taught Drake the Hotline Bling dance." LOLZ! Anyways, if you're set on being Ryan Lochte this year, let me tell you exactly what you'll need to get a gold medal in the costume department: His hair: Lochte dyed his hair for the Olympics--some say the color is gray, some say silver, others say platinum blue (which later turned green from the pool-yikes!). Whatever color you think his Olympic hair was, you absolutely need to get it for the costume. If you're a girl being Ryan, just put your hair up in a high bun, or try to find a gray haired male wig that you can use (I wasn't able to find any good ones online, so it might be tough!). To get the color, use this Silver Ash Hair Wax 3.53 oz ($21.50) that I found on Amazon. You could also use white or silver spray-on color. READ MORE: Barb From Stranger Things Halloween Costume His Olympics track suit:  If you're taking the costume REALLY serious, like Jimmy Fallon did, you should buy some official Olympics gear from the Team USA store. This is the exact zip-up that Fallon wore to the VMAs and Lochte wore during the medals ceremonies--it's obviously pricey, but you could sell it online or give it to the guy in your life after Halloween: Men's Nike Navy Team USA Stadium Full-Zip Jacket ($249.99) On the bottom, you can just wear any exercise pants or joggers. They have lots of bottoms for men and women on the Team USA store (so you could get a navy blue one to match the zip-up jacket), or you can pull something from your closet, or you can buy something like these Nike Jogger Sweatpants ($65) that I found. READ MORE: Dauntless From Divergent Halloween Costume His swim gear:  Let's not forget that Ryan is an Olympic gold medal winning swimmer here (hah!), so to pull of the costume you'll need some accessories for the sport. Amazon literally sells Ryan LOCHTE Speedo Latex Swim Cap ($12.23), and I think it's worth grabbing one for $12--especially if you're a girl with long hair and want a way to work around the whole short hair thing (just shove your hair in the cap and you're good!). Ditto for the goggles--you'll definitely need a pair. You can buy kids goggles and wear them around your neck if you want them to be cheaper--of you can buy an adult pair that you might actually one day use to swim. These Resurge Sports Anti Fog Racing Swimming Goggles ($19.99) look profesh and like something Lochte might actually wear. READ MORE: Ghostbusters Halloween Costume If you don't like the swim cap or hair dye ideas, you could also buy a cheap Olympics Team USA hat and wear that to be Lochte instead. I found this one: DEBBIE Unisex USA Rio Olympic 2016 Baseball Caps Hat One Size ($12.78). Fallon wore the exact bright yellow Nikes that Team USA wore to the Olympics--if you want to top off the look, you could splurge on a pair, too. I mean, it's definitely something you'd wear long after Halloween/get your moneys worth out of. I found these Nike Golf FI Impact 2 ($139.99)--they're pretty cool. Or you can just wear any sneakers from your collection (keep it sporty!). This is absolutely non-negotiable--you have to get a Gold Medal with Ribbon ($1.49) to wear around your neck to make it especially clear that you're Lochte for Halloween. The medals are so cheap and are definitely one of the most distinguishing features of the costume. So, there you have it! Everything you'll need to make a Ryan Lochte Halloween costume this year. Just don't forget to go around singing "Is it too late now to say sorry?"  

Here’s How To Be Barb From ‘Stranger Things’ For Halloween

Raise your hand if you're obsessed with Netflix's "Stranger Things." Okay, yep I thought so. Everyone on the SHEfinds staff is super in to it--and have already started competing for who's going to have the best Stranger Things Halloween costume this year. Some people already called dibs on being Eleven (her costume is pretty sweet, with the blonde hair, pink dress, etc.). The other half of us in the office are leaning more towards Barb, aka Barbara Holland, aka best friend of Nancy Wheeler. I mean who doesn't want to rock mom jeans and some cool, retro vintage 80s flare??  Even though she was a relatively small part, Vulture called her the show's "best character" and the internet LOVES her. The character, played by actress Shannon Purser, might have been forgotten by the other "Stranger Things" kids--but not by us! If you're on Team Barb in terms of Stranger Things Halloween costumes, look no further. I've found everything you need to create the costume at home: 1. The Barb Hair. Obviously Barb has dope red hair. Her hairstyle is a little tricky to replicate with a wig, unfortunately, but I did my best to find a suitable option for you (because I'm assuming most of you don't have short red hair that you can style with hot rollers to get Barb's look). This Wavy Women's Party Wig ($16.98) from Amazon should work--or you can see what your local Halloween costume store has in terms of red wigs. 2. Her Glasses. Next you need some amazing retro glasses like the ones Barb wears. Hers have clear/yellowish square frames. We found these Retro Reading Eyeglasses Super Vintage Fashion Oversized Square Clear Lens ($11.99) which I think pretty much nail Barb's look. Photo: Netflix 3. Her Outfit. Next you'll need a PERFECT ruffled, plaid top like Barb's to nail the look. This is where you'll make or break the costume. The plaid can't be too modern, like something you'd wear in 2016--it has to have a retro, vintage vibe. Ideally, the plaid itself will be really small, the neck will have a ruffled collar, and the colors will be red, white and blue. I found this NSF EXCLUSIVE Plaid Ruffle Sleeveless Shirt ($109, down from $198) which is pretty expensive for a Halloween costume--but if you're really serious about nailing the Barb costume, I think you should consider it. Otherwise, you might want to take a trip down to your local Salvation Army, Goodwill or consignment to see what they have in terms of 1980s ruffled plaid shirts for women. Next, you'll need Barb's fabulous mom jeans. Oh, they are so glorious and the EPITOME of mom jeans. Remember the normcore trend? Well, you can thank the hipsters of 2014 for making so many of these awesome, pale/light wash, high-wasted jeans available on the market today. I found these and think they are absolutely perfect (and they're under $40): Echoine Women's High Waist Loose Fit Straight Leg Jeans Pants Boyfriend ($35.89). You can also go to your local thrift store and see what mom jeans/stone washed jeans they have that would work. 4. Her makeup. Since "Stranger Things" takes place in the 80s, obviously Barb was rocking some rad blue eyeshadow. It's not a must for the costume, but it's just fun. Makeup is always a fun part of any Halloween costume. I found this Maybelline New York Eye Studio Color Tattoo Pure Pigments ($3.26) which is cheap and should work well. Also, remember that Barb has a lot of freckles, so you could potentially use white powder to make yourself look paler and then draw on some freckles. Here's a tutorial for makeup freckles: The only thing I couldn't find was her puffer jacket--check Etsy! Ok, this is really gross and I don't want it to be a spoiler if you haven't watched the whole season yet--but you'll need some fake blood to make the costume complete. Here's a Youtube video on how to make really good fake blood at home:

How To Be A Dauntless From Divergent: Insurgent For Halloween

Divergent Halloween costumes have been big since the original movie came out in 2014--we covered the Tris costume (Shailene Woodley) back then and it was a huge hit. If you love the film or book series, you obviously want to keep the costume going, especially since there was a new film "Insurgent" last year. How about a Dauntless Halloween costume? Dress up like one of the bad ass characters in an all-black ensemble, complete with a black top, black jeans (or black pants of any kind), black army boots, a black utility jacket, fingless gloves and Dauntless gear (you can find lots on Amazon). I went ahead and found some gear for a Dauntless Halloween costume. Here it is: To play the mind-controlled Dauntless soldiers following Erudite leader Jeanine (played by Kate Winslet), you'll need an all black or dark head-to-toe outfit. Any black tank top or t-shirt you already own should work, or you can buy one. I like this one: Black Tank Top ($18). Next you'll need black or dark pants. If you want to look cool, I would suggest ripped skinny jeans like these MOTO Super Rip Jamie Jeans ($80). You could also wear utility/cargo pants, dark jeans or black chinos. Whatever you've got at home should work for the Dauntless Halloween costume, unless you want an excuse to buy something new. Since they Dauntless are at war, you'll need a military jacket. Again, they wear all black or dark colors, so it should be a black military jacket not green. I found this one--it's cheap and flattering/cool: MBJ Womens Military Anorak Safari Hoodie Jacket ($24.89). Next you'll need some boots that look like they could kick some serious Divergent butt. Military boots or combat boots are the best way to go--but if you're in a pinch on the day of Halloween, just wear any black boots or sneakers that you own. These Womens Flat Combat Miltary Army Goth Retro Vintage Rock Lace Up Boots ($29.99) I found are good because they look serious and are under $30. Black gloves--preferably fingerless--are also necessary for the Dauntless costume. I found these Interstate Leather Men's Basic Fingerless Gloves ($7.55) on Amazon and think they're perfect because they're under $10. Top off the Dauntless costume with some actual Dauntless gear from Amazon. You can find tons of Dauntless gear there--Dauntless necklaces, pendants, Dauntless t-shirts, etc. I like this Divergent Dauntless Faction Symbol Beanie Skull Cap because it's kind of cool. Style your hair in a braid, pigtails or straight under the cap. Top off the costume with cool accessories like spiked bracelets, and "serious" makeup like extra black eyeliner and mascara. So, there you have it--a Dauntless army Halloween costume! For more awesome 2016 Halloween costume ideas, check out: A Ghostbusters Halloween costume, Beyonce Lemonade Halloween costume, Eleven Halloween costume and Harley Quinn Halloween costume. [Photo: Lionsgate]

How To Dress Up As Daenerys Targaryen From Game Of Thrones For Halloween

I'll admit, I don't watch Game of Thrones. But I do know that the Daenerys Targaryen Halloween costume is an excellent choice for all you ladies who are fans of the HBO series (or have boyfriends who are into it ;)). I mean, she's the Mother of Dragons and John Snow's aunt. That's pretty badass! Why not dress up as her for Halloween then?? OK, so here's what you need to nail the Daenerys Targaryen Halloween costume. First, you gotta have that long, flowing blonde hair. If you're not born with it (insert Maybelline commercial here), no worries, that's why wigs were invented (probably). We found this Game of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen Wig Long Blonde Wavy ($25.79) that already comes braided. Less work for you, check! Game of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen Wig Long Blonde Wavy ($25.79) Next you need an outfit. I picked the blue dress because a friend who watches the show told me it was newer than the brown outfit. Obviously you can do either, but I found this really amazing lookalike of the blue dress. It's kind of expensive, but definitely worth it if you're trying to go all out. Mycos Game of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen Mother of Dragons Blue Dress Costume ($85.99-$92.98) FYI, 76% of customers on Amazon says the dress runs large. Keep that in mind when placing your order! So, since you're dressing up as THE Mother of Dragons, you obviously need a dragon. If only real ones existed. Just kidding, that would be scary! This Beanie Babies dragon is not scary, and also small enough to carry around all night. Ty Beanie Babies Legend Dragon ($14.28) I also found these silver nail caps that are really beautiful and cool. They're not necessarily a requirement of the Daenerys Targaryen Halloween costume, but a nice addition that will make you stand out from the other Khaleesis (there will be many). Also, they have the word "dragon" in the product name so figured they would be appropriate. They come in a set of 5, so don't forget to order one for each hand! Silver Dragon Claws // Nail Armor // Set of 5 ($18) With these items, you'll be ready to rule the Iron Throne come October 31st. Have fun! For more Halloween ideas, check out costumes for Ghostbusters and Harley Quinn! [Photo: HBO]

Ghostbusters Is The Best Group Halloween Costume This Year–Here’s How To Do It

If you and your girls love doing group costumes together, you should hands-down do a Ghostbusters Halloween costume this year. The classic was re-made this year with an all-female cast, and they killed it: Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones were comedy gold as the hodgepodge group of paranormal experts chasing down ghosts in New York City. If you loved the film and want to do something that's silly/fun for Halloween, this is the way to go. Now, here's how to do it: Obviously, you'll need the khaki suit. If you want to just be done with it--you can the official costume at one of the Halloween sites. They cost around $40 for the suit, and don't come with any accessories. They look kind of cheap and I like the idea of putting the costume together because then you can use parts of it for future Halloween costumes, you can save money and use some of the supplies that you have at home already. I think scrubs is a cool way to create this suit, and found this M&M SCRUBS Women Scrub Set Medical Scrub Top and Pants ($14.99) online, which is the perfect color! The next thing you'll need is the backpack--this is an absolute must. I found a kid's one on Amazon that seems to be fun: Rubie's Costume Kids Classic Ghostbusters Deluxe Costume Proton Backpack ($61.49) You'll need a utility belt to make the scrubs look more like the Ghostbusters uniform--I found this Buyless Fashion Kids Elastic Adjustable Stretch Belt with Silver Square Buckle ($8.99) on Amazon, it's pretty good because it's red striped like the movie Ghostbusters costume. The Ghostbusters girl word red accents in general on the khaki suit. You can improvise and play around a bit here--maybe red wristbands or red accessories. Again, to make the scrubs feel more officially Ghostbuster, get a cheap adhesive patch like this Outlander Gear Ghostbusters 5" Movie Logo Embroidered Iron ($3.93)and iron, sew or tape it on the arm or breast of the scrubs. The Ghostbusters girls wore cool fingerless utility gloves - these look badass! I found a similar, under $20 pair on Amazon that should work perfectly: Finger Light Assault Gloves Tactical Fingerless Half Finger Gloves ($15.99) Next, you'll need some ballistic/protective glasses or lenses like the ones Kate McKinnon and Melissa MCCarthy's characters wear in the film. These are from Amazon and cost under $20: Champion Over-Spec Ballistic Glasses ($15.54). You could also use squash or tennis goggles, or any other protective eyewear if you already have it at home. Lastly, you should wear utility or weatherproof boots to top off the look. Hey--Ghostbusting is a dirty job! I like the idea of wearing rain boots or combat boots. These University of South Carolina Striped Rainboots ($84) are red striped which works perfectly with the costume!

Here’s How To Do A Beyonce Lemonade Halloween Costume

As you can tell, we're really excited about Halloween over here. And one of the very first costumes we thought of this year was a Beyonce Lemonade Halloween costume. Her epic album drop like *made* our 2016, so this costume is going to be HUGE. I mean--do you even remember life before Lemonade? I know Becky doesn't. Beyonce is always big for Halloween (her Met Gala costume, her On The Run tour costume, infamous elevator fight costume, etc.), but I think this year is going to be even bigger since she performed at the Super Bowl, dropped Lemonade, made some major Jay Z infidelity allegations... 2016 and has been a big year for Queen Bey and her Beyhive! Anyways--we're tackling the Lemonade costume today, specifically what she wore during the "Hold Up" video, which is such a memorable, identifiable costume that everyone will instantly know what you are (isn't that half the battle on Halloween?). To start, here's the whole video for inspo: [youtube][/youtube] To start, you'll need a lemonade-colored frilly ruffled dress that looks somewhat like the Roberto Cavalli fall 2016 collection one she wore in the video: There are a couple different options online--you can just do a search for "yellow ruffle dress" or "mustard ruffle dress." I found this one that I think is pretty and flattering--and not too expensive: Flutter On By Yellow Off-the-Shoulder Skater Dress ($64). In case you want a dress that is more of a mustard color that matches Beyonce's, I also found this Rachel Zoe Nancy Cutout Plissé Silk Blend Jersey Mini Dress ($207, down from $295). I think it's really beautiful and you'll actually get some wears out of it after Halloween--but it is $200. Next you'll need a fabulous pair of shoes. In the beginning of the video, Beyonce is barefoot, but then when she's walking down the street she's wearing printed Saint Laurent Candy chunky sandals: Unfortunately, Beyonce's exact SAINT LAURENT 'Candy' sandals ($646.75, down from $995) from the "Hold Up" video are crazy expensive. So I found a cheaper version that is still really cute and you might get some wear out of: Any printed wedges or sandals should work--but I think these Alice + Olivia Jenna Floral Print Platform Wedge Sandals ($119, down from $295) are a great bet because they'll go nicely with the yellow dress, have really high heels so your legs will look good, and you'll actually want to wear them after Halloween. If you want an even cheaper option... I found these Chelsea + Zoe Macbeth wedges for $24. You'll definitely need a baseball bat. If you can't borrow one from a friend, order anyone online--including a real one like this Louisville Slugger Youth Ash Natural Teeball ($14.95) or something silly like a wiffle ball bat. Beyonce has crimped hair in the video--so you'll need a crimper, too. If you don't own one, here's one I found on Amazon:  Gold N' Hot GH3013 Gold Tone Crimping Iron ($21.39). Lastly, you'll need some great gold jewelry. In the "Hold Up" video, Beyonce's stylist B. Akerlund styled her in a Jacquie Aiche hand piece, anklet and body chain, Lynn Ban diamond-cuff earring, Lynn Ban ring, Jennifer Fisher cigar ring, Fallon gold hoop earrings, and a Le Vian bracelet. You can get her exact Fallon Armure Crescent Plate Hoops ($175). So, there you have it--everything you'll need for a Beyonce Lemonade "Hold Up" Halloween costume.  

Here’s How To Do A Harley Quinn Halloween Costume (It’s Almost That Time Again!)

It's not too early to start thinking about your Halloween costume this year (it is next month, after all!). If you take this holiday really seriously, aka you want to look cute AND have a clever costume, you should consider a Harley Quinn Halloween costume. The DC Comics character, played by Margot Robbie in the "Suicide Squad" movie this year (LOVE her!), is the perfect combination of sexy and bad-ass that the Halloween costume of your dreams is made of: Here's a pic of the Harley Quinn character from a movie poster for the film ($2.52) "Suicide Squad." Her main features are the red and blue pigtail hair (which you can get by buying a wig, or if you have blonde or light-colored hair by creating pigtails and using hair dye like Manic Panic on the ends), her "Daddy's Lil Monster" raglan tee, Puddin choker, "Good Night" baseball, red and blue sequin hotpants, fishnet tights, gold jewelry and studded belt. So, how to do the Harley Quinn costume? Let's start with the hair: You can buy one of these Pink and blue pigtail wigs ($15.39), there are tons of them on Amazon and on other Halloween costume sites. If you have blonde hair, just do a center part and create two high pony tail pigtails with red hair elastics. Use a 2-inch wand to curl the ends a bit, and pull tendrils from the top of the hairline. Then apply temporary pink/red and blue hair dye to the ends (start around the ear and spray/chalk down to the ends). For the top, you'll definitely need her exact Daddy's Lil Monster Raglan tee ($28.50), which is available at Hot Topic, Amazon, and the Halloween costume sites. You shouldn't have a problem finding the exact one, but if you're getting the costume last minute and need to improvise--any white raglan/baseball tee with blue or white stripes on the arms should work. Bonus if it has a vintage graphic. You'll need red, white and blue face paint or really pigmented makeup to get the look. Here's how to do it: do white all over the face (or if you're anti-face paint, try white face powder). You'll need a blue smear below the left eye and a red smear beneath the right. Here's a full makeup tutorial from Youtube for the hair and makeup: [youtube][/youtube] She wears a cool red and blue bomber jacket, too. Again, stores like Amazon, Hot Topic and the Halloween shops have the exact jacket, if you want to get one. They're $79.90, so if you'd prefer to improvise, just use a red or blue zip-up hoodie or jacket. Nobody will notice if it doesn't have the exact "Property of Joker" on the back. This is a sexy part of the costume: her red and blue sequin hotpant shorts. Amazon has a bunch of different pairs, the Holographic Red and Blue Cosplay Booty Shorts ($44) look good. Don't worry, we're going to pair the shorts with tights (see below)--but if you're not comfortable in hot pants, you could rock longer shorters or leggings (as long as they are red or blue, or ideally one red leg and one blue leg). Here's a leggings version. Some of the shorts come with a belt, or you can buy a studded belt separately (or use one that you already own). We found this brass studded leather belt ($14.77) on Amazon, or this one from Hot Topic is kind of cool (it's not gold). Here are some fishnet leggings you can wear under the tights. You can literally use any kind of tights--fishnet, opaque, striped, patterned, etc. This is an area of the costume that does not have to be exact! Whatever you feel most comfortable in.   You'll definitely want this--but be careful!!--the "Good Night" baseball bat ($29.99) she uses in the film. If you want to save some money here, just use a regular baseball bat. To top off the look, you'll need the Puddin choker that Margot wears in the film. We found the exact one at Spencer's (other sites have them too). You could also wear any gold or spiked choker or bangles that you have. At this point, you're just making the look feel more custom and cool.

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Halloween Sneak Up On Ya? All You Need For A Costume Are These Items

Halloween is the time of year you can be anyone and anything you want. So why not have fun with that, right? But sometimes this holiday sneaks up on us. Before we know it, it's a week (days!) away and we have nothing prepared. While you can go out and buy a costume, sometimes that doesn't feel so justified when you're only going to wear it for one night. I mean, who wants to be a Halloween costume outfit repeater?! I know I don't. So instead of throwing our money to a costume we'll only wear once... why not just use something we either probably own at home or items that could work for other occasions as well? I promise you, with a little black dress, red lipstick, cat ears, a pair of sunglasses, and everyday household items, you can make 10 Halloween costumes.  (Side note: I realize cat ears don't exactly seem like they can be worn for more than one occasion being Halloween, but I mean... Ariana Grande does it.) Anyway, here are some suggestions for those items, but really, whatever variations you have works too!   Nars Lipstick in 'Fire Down Below' ($27)   Nasty Gal Catherine Cape Dress ($88)   Claire's Halloween Black Lace Cat Ears ($5, down from $6.50) GUESS Hayley Embellished Sunglasses ($160) Black Cat This one seems fairly obvious, but it's a classic. Put on your LBD and those cat ears, and boom! Ready to go in less than five minutes. The Three Blind Mice With the little black dress and a pair of sunglasses, you and your two best friends can go as the three blind mice! Your Favorite Meme Two years ago, I threw on an all-white outfit and printed out a picture of "Grumpy Cat". Then, I added cat ears and instantly a costume that took two seconds to come up with was considered funny and original! There are so many memes to choose from, the possibilities are endless. At least with a LBD, it also works as a blank canvas the same way my all-white outfit worked out. Victoria Beckham/Posh Spice Victoria Beckham is the queen of fashion and all it takes to really pull off her look is wearing all black and sunglasses, whether your indoors or outdoors. Bonus points if you have the asymmetrical bob, and you don't smile throughout the entire night. A Party Animal Put on your LBD, your cat ears, and red lipstick, and hold a champagne glass... empty or full, the choice is yours! Too Cool For School Pair the sunglasses with the red lipstick and black dress, put on a backpack and wah-lah. You are too cool for school. Vampire Pair the LBD with that red lipstick. Maybe add a touch of baby powder or anything you have at home that can make your skin appear hauntingly paler. Little Red Riding Hood With the LBD and red lipstick, you can be little red riding hood. Just find a red scarf or red cloth you can use as a poncho or a shawl. Bonus points if you have any picnic baskets floating around your house! A Night Person... literally. With your LBD, throw on some glitter makeup and have fun with it. Just think of what makes up Kesha's beauty routine and boom, you're a night person! To be funny, you can also wear a sleeping mask or slippers to tie in the whole "night" theme. FaceTime The LBD makes sense because you need a blank canvas type of outfit for this costume. Then use eyeliner or face paint, whatever is most easily accessible for you, to draw a clock on your face by simply numbering your face from 12 (starting at your forward) to 11. Draw the clock's hands to indicate whatever time your heart desires, and there you are! You're FaceTime. Pull out your phone to complete the look! If you want, throw on the red lipstick while you're at it because why not? And don't forget to check out: The Iconic Burberry Trench Just Got A Major Update..., Can You Tell Which Handbag Costs $172 More Than The Other?, and If Beyonce & Kendall Jenner Wear Creeper Shoes, It's Definitely A Trend

Don’t Have A Good Costume? No Worries, These Halloween Cocktails Are Enough.

PHOTO: Beyoncé Totally Nailed This Superhero Costume Over The Weekend

Halloween is just around the corner, but Beyoncé already slayed all of us in the costume category. This past weekend, the #flawless singer dressed up as X-Men's superheroine Storm Ciara had a superhero-themed party in honor of her 30th birthday and leave it to Beyoncé to take this theme to a whole new level. Genius is an understatement! Beyoncé as Storm is accompanied by Ciara as Catwoman, La La as Captain America, Serena Williams who we believe might be Jubilee, and Kelly Rowland as something we can't seem to identify... maybe she's a survivor like her early 2000s hit song. Even Jeff Dye, dressed as The Punisher, got a selfie with Beyoncé as Storm. Seriously... look at her eyes! The bar for Halloween costumes has just been raised. Don't forget to check out: Can You Really Get A Cold From The Season's Changing?, Here's The Answer, Trick Or Treat: Enjoy 40% Off Your Entire Gap Purchase, and You Only Have Until The End Of The Week To Try The Limited-Edition Starbucks Frappuccino [Photo: Splash News]

Starbucks Released A Limited-Edition Halloween Frappuccino Called ‘The Frappula’

Big things are happening at Starbucks this fall. First, they released a brand new fall flavor (Toasted Graham Latte) and now the company has announced a limited-edition Frappuccino just in time for Halloween. The Frappula will be available starting October 28 through October 31. The "fang-tastic" Frap consists of white chocolate sauce, milk and ice, which is layered between mocha sauce and delicious whipped cream. The drink is topped off with a drizzle of raspberry syrup and another dollop of whipped cream. Do you want to try the Frappula?! Don't miss how to make a PSL at home and 7 things you might not know about Starbucks! [Photo: Starbucks]

These Are The Most Popular Costumes In Each State

Halloween is right around the corner, ladies! If you haven't started thinking of your costume, you better get to it. Since everyone Googles costume ideas, they decided to keep track of what people are searching. Here's a list of the most popular costume in each state! Alabama: The Grinch Alaska: Sailor Arizona: Piglet Arkansas: Batgirl California: Sarah Sanderson (from Hocus Pocus) Colorado: Wilfred Connecticut: Hermione Granger Delaware: Harley Quinn Florida: Mr. Smee (from Peter Pan) Georgia: Fluttershy Hawaii: Minon Idaho: Mal Illinois: Cat Indiana: Marilyn Monroe Iowa: Pink Ladies Kansas: Dinosaur Kentucky: Scarecrow Louisiana: Nemo Maine: Catwoman Maryland: Cabaret Massachusetts: Caitlyn Jenner Michigan: Renaissance Minnesota: Sven (from Frozen) Mississippi: Tourist Missouri: Saloon Girl Montana: Maleficent Nebraska: Grease Nevada: Toy Story New Hampshire: Kiss New Jersey: Rapper New Mexico: Steampunk New York: Cinderella North Carolina: Darth Revan North Dakota: Scooby Doo Ohio: Brutus Buckeye Oklahoma Peppa Pig Oregon: Pebbles Pennsylvania: The Pope Rhode Island: Evie (from Descendants) South Carolina: Grim Reaper South Dakota: Witch Tennesee: Sock Monkey Texas: La Catrina Utah: Dr. Horrible Vermont: Pocahontas Virginia: Dolphins Washington: Star Wars Wisconsin: Groot West Virginia: Vampire Wyoming: Donald Duck Don't miss how to dress like Sexy Pizza Rat and the royal family! [Photo: Shutterstock]

The Sexy Pizza Rat Halloween Costume Exists

Pizza Rat is a YouTube sensation and New York City food icon that had the Internet buzzing a few weeks back. If you haven't heard of the infamous creature, watch the video below to see where it all started: [youtube][/youtube] Some very smart person at Yandy came up with the idea for a Pizza Rat Halloween costume. It's too funny not to share with you guys: Pizza Rat Costume ($89.95) Will you go as the Pizza Rat this Halloween? Let us know in the comment section below! Don't forget to check out: Are Gel Manicures Really That Bad For Your Nails?, Throwback! The Best Cast Reunions On Instagram, and 11 Unexpected And Creative Uses For Command Hooks.

PHOTO: Ashley Benson Sparks Controversy Over ‘Cecil The Lion’ Halloween Costume

Uh oh...let the controversial Halloween costumes begin! Ashley Benson posted a picture to Instagram asking fans to help her decide about a potential Halloween costume, and fans were not happy with her choice. Her original Instagram caption stated “Help! Can’t decide on my Halloween costume this year! What do you guys think of this cecil the lion costume? @yandy #thanksyandy #halloweencostume.” Cecil the Lion? Like, the beloved lion that was unfortunately killed by an American dentist? Yikes. Here's a screen grab of the original caption: Benson quickly realized her mistake and edited the caption to say "this lion" instead of "Cecil the Lion." I personally don't think she was trying to be offensive, it was honestly a poor choice of words. In her defense, Yandy actually makes an official "Cecil the Lion" costume. In fact, 20% of proceeds of the limited-edition costume will be donated to a "global conservation organization to support global conservation initiatives." Do you think she meant any harm by it? Don't miss Reese Witherspoon's J.Crew flats can be yours and watch Jay Leno return to The Tonight Show! [Photo: Splash News]

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Halloween Costume Is Just As Good As The Theme Song

Burger King’s Halloween Whopper Has ‘Colorful’ Side Effects

In honor of Halloween, Burger King has released a limited-edition Whopper that has a black bun. The black bun has A1 steak sauce baked into it for more flavor. Tons of people are really interested in trying the Halloween Whopper, but customers are very confused as to what it's doing to their insides. Not to get all Nat Geo...but if you eat the Halloween Whopper, it will most likely turn your poop green. The aftermath is kind of gross, but everyone's comments about the colorful side effect are pretty comical. Don't miss the latest Oreo flavor and two Halloween-themed cocktails that are amazing! [Photo: Flickr]

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