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It’s #TreatYourselfTuesday And We’ve Got $49 Leather Sandals Up For Grabs

Take our word for it--warm weather will be here before you know it, and you will need the perfect pair of sandals to hit the town in style! We have teamed up with Nina Shoes who has an amazing assortment of spring/summer sandals, wedges and heels to offer SHEfinds readers an exclusive offer for 50% off the Shiloh sandal, our favorite sandal from the spring collection, Shiloh. The regular price is $98, but with code SHILOH50 you'll get it for just $49! As with all #treatyourselftuesday offers, this deal is only good for 24 hours so you need to move quickly. The genuine leather sandal comes in three neutral hues and features a feminine rose cut detail that will look great with everything from skirts and dresses to capris and cut-offs. Go buy a pair in every color ASAP! SHOP NINA'S SHILOH SANDALS NOW! * Note: This offer expires on April 8, 2015 at 2 pm EST.

15 Questions With Nina Miner–As In The Nina Behind Nina Shoes, People

A few weeks back, while previewing the upcoming Nina shoes holiday collection, I was slightly taken aback when the PR team alluded to Nina herself. I had to interrupt. "Wait, Nina is an actual person?" I asked. Not only is Nina a real, live person, but she's currently in charge of running the shoe empire her father, Stanley Silverstein, and uncle founded and named after her way back in 1953. Now I don't know if there is a woman out there who hasn't worn at least one pair of Nina shoes. Between prom, homecoming, weddings and just about everything other special occasion, Nina has the market on lock when it comes to gorgeous, affordable shoes that don't kill your feet. Heck, I just wore a pair last month to a birthday party. Because Nina is so cult, I decided to make it my mission to meet Nina in the flesh. Turns out, I got something even better. A sit down interview with Nina Miner herself and a tour of the Nina showroom and archives. Lucky for you, I'm sharing the experience. Enjoy! Nina rocking the red lip like no other. SHEfinds: What does it feel like being the creative leader in the company that bears your namesake? Nina Miner: It's a big deal because I never thought in my lifetime that I would be here. I want to say it's a dream come true. To come and work in a place that your father started and named after you--who can say that? SF: What was it like growing up knowing you had this highly successful shoe line named after you? NM: I remember being nine years old and I had shoes with my name stamped in them. Being a little kid, I'd be embarrassed. Nobody else's father was making shoes. The thing is, it was never about me. I never looked at it like that. It was always about my dad. A rare peek at some vintage Nina shoes. SF: You weren't always part of Nina, the shoe empire. Talk to us about your professional background and how you ultimately ended up at Nina. NM: I had my own thing for 25 years or so. For 25 years, I built The Children's Place with my sister and brother-in-law. We took it from nothing to what you see today. It was our baby. But three years ago we had the opportunity to come to Nina. At the time, Nina had perhaps lost a little bit of its focus on who the Nina woman was. So we regrouped and have been working to take Nina back to being who she is, which is one of the most admired fashion brands. It's been a good 15 years that Nina was almost all special occasion, but we want to bring Nina back to daytime, too. Social is wonderful, but there are a lot of feet out there that need shoes all the time. Nina standing next to a portrait of her father, Stanley Silverstein. SF: You mentioned the Nina woman--who do you imagine this woman to be when you're introducing new shoes? NM: Women want to be attractive and Nina believes they should be. We want women to really feel attractive because the shoe makes the outfit and if it's the right shoe it's like a psychological lift. It's all about the shoes. Vintage Nina sketches. SF: Your father started Nina 61 years ago--what's he like? NM: He's still alive. He's 90 and sharp as a tack. Sometimes he'll say to me, 'Nina, you don't look good enough.' And you know what? He's right. He's always willing to tell me I can do better. I'm so grateful to have someone I can trust, someone who says those things to me. He truly believes every woman should be the best they can be and that's what really drives me. I'll never forget when I was 18 and getting ready for senior prom. My father said, I don't care if you never wear Nina shoes as long as you have personal style. And that's really it. It's not about a brand thing, it's about having style and that's how we look at Nina shoes. Nina is a state of mind that you will have shoes that you feel pretty in, that you feel feminine in and that you feel comfortable in. Inside the Nina Shoes showroom. SF: Now that Nina is back in the family, how does your father feel you and your sisters are doing? NM: I think he's very satisfied with what we're doing. You can never stop, though. You always have to beat what you did yesterday. But he let's us run the show now. SF: Nina is pretty iconic--were you nervous or hesitant about carrying on that legacy? NM: Nina is an admired, trusted name. It's a brand that people care about and we care about women. I believe women can do anything, so we want them to be able to come to Nina and find what they are looking for. Women want their feet to look pretty; women want their feet to look beautitful. Nina does that. Nina showing off one of the brand's stunning evening bags. SF: What's your hope for Nina now that you're leading the design? NM: Well for the last 15 years, we've been out of the mainstream shoe market because Nina was only doing special occasion, so that's something I definitely want to change. I've always said, if you have a customer early, you have a customer for life. We're definitely entry level for 15-year-olds and I hate to say it, exit level for 85-year-olds. The shoes we are doing now are as pretty as pretty shoes can be. And they're only going to get prettier because we're learning more and doing more and filling in the gaps for people. That's the goal. Making shoes women can wear with pride, shoes that elevate you--that's what Nina is. SF: Your younger sister also works for Nina--what's it like working so closely with your family? NM: My sister Flori was in the Nina business all these years. She came into the business when she was 18. So she takes care of the daytime shoes whereas I manage the Nina brand, the kids business and the private label. SF: Did you say you manage the kids business? What kids business? NM: Well how could I leave what I did for 25 years? I couldn't. When we came to Nina, we also had the opportunity to buy the stores from 77kids so we said, sure let's do it. We inherited 21 stores from them, changed the name to Ruum Kids and made our own products. A sneak peek at some Nina styles coming next season. SF: You must really love retail--what drives you? NM: It's a gift to be able to get product out there that we think people will want in their lives. That is by far the bottom line--that we can do something to make someone happy. It's so much more than getting a shoe out there. We want to affect a woman's life. SF: Are there any styles you're excited about this fall? NM: We have this great stretch boot. It's got the perfect heel, not too high, not too low. Goes over the knee. I did it in metallic and turquoise suede and you can wear it under a skirt or over your jeans. Nina Miner. SF: We've only talked about your work, but you're a mother and grandmother, too. How do you manage it all? NM: Nobody does it well. When you work and have children, you can't have everything. But thank God, my children grew up and met wonderful people. We all live in the same town now. SF: When you're not running Nina, what do you do? NM: Sleep! I go home and sleep. How long I sleep depends on how much I've DVRd--I watch everything. The Killing was good. Game of Thrones. Scandal. The only I didn't get into yet is Orange Is The New Black. SF: So do you think this is the last stop for you? NM: It may be the last stop, but not the last growth. I want to be here doing this and maybe ready-to-wear and grow off of it. Nina is one of the most desired footwear brands in the industry and I'm very excited to be able to affect women's lives, especially because it has my name on it. Click through the slideshow to shop our favorite shoes from Nina's fall 2014 collection. Don't miss our exclusive interviews with the Smythe designers, the Mackage creative director and Diana Ra of dRa. [Photo: Shelby Rodriguez]

Nina Shoes Now Makes Under-$100 Jewelry & Accessories: Shop Here

Your wedding shoe go-to Nina Shoes has been expanding their bridal offerings in the last year or so to under $250 veils, 'Design Your Own' wedding shoes, and now gorgeous under-$100 jewelry & accessories. Budget brides will be psyched to learn that the crystal jewelry, brooches and hair accessories are now available on Nordstrom -- so you can tack them on to your other Nordstrom orders (like bridesmaid or reception dresses, or their Half Yearly Sale). (more…)

Nina Veils Are Now Available At Nordstrom (And They’re All Less Than $250!)

Back in February, we reported that Nina (our favorite special occasion shoe brand) would be launching a line of accessories. Little did we know that the veils would be as #amazing and #affordable as they are - even the most expensive veil (The Catherin) is reasonably priced at $250. But we're even more excited that all of the veils are available at Nordstrom - hello fashion rewards! See the entire collection after the jump. (more…)

70% Off Nina Shoes: Satin Pumps, Wedges And Kitten Heels For As Low As $20

We love Nina -- their party shoes are affordable and practical and totally wearable long after the big day (they even have design-your-own now!). While they line is already perfectly priced, they even go on sale -- which means more money in your pockets (can you say, "honeymoon cash?"). Get up to 70% off Nina wedding shoes on 6pm today -- some styles are as low as $20. (more…)

Shop Zappos’ Sale Now For Your Dream Clutch (Think Alexander McQueen)

Although a clutch may be the last thing on your wedding check-list, it's still an uber important big day accessory. You don't want to pick something that looks cheap or will clash with your dress, so we've done you a favor and rallied up some amazing designer clutches (on big-time sale) from Zappos: For some gorgeous bling to go with your new clutch, shop our guides to wedding costume jewelry, wedding jewelry sets, and best wedding jewelry now.

Embrace The Season’s Bow Shoe Trend: It’s Like A Present For Your Feet

Valentino. Diane Von Furstenberg. Kate Spade. Just about every designer this season has a pair -- and you can see for yourself why the flirty bow trend works. Whether big and bold or more dainty and subtle, these bowed beauties will pair well with many different gown styles: (more…)

The Full Line Of Nina Accessories Is Here – Preorder The Best Pieces Now

I love Nina shoes. They are perfectly priced for special occasions where you may only wear them a handful of times, well-made so you can dance the night away, and always on-trend. So I was thrilled to learn about the full-line of Nina accessories that launched this month. The photos are up, the pre-order is open, and here are our favorites: For more must-have wedding accessories, check our guides to the best inexpensive wedding shoes, wedding veils, pearl wedding jewelry and wedding shoes with bows.

Good News, Brides: Nina Launches Accessories, Vera Wang For Zales Diamonds

Wedding go-to Nina Footwear is launching a full line of bridal accessories - including veils, jewelry, hair accessories and more. These affordable, stylish wedding shoes are one of our favorites, so this is very good news. Vera Wang already has mattresses, invites and a Vera Wang for David's Bridal collection.  Next stop? Engagement rings. The designer is supposedly about to sign a major deal with Zales. To celebrate all the good news, here are some fabulous Nina shoes on-sale from Zappos: For more must-have wedding accessories, check our guides to the best inexpensive wedding shoes, wedding veils, pearl wedding jewelry and wedding shoes with bows.  ine

Forget Blisters And Back Ache – You Have Enough To Worry About. Try Kitten Heels Instead.

For brides that plan to strut it from the aisle to the last dance, comfortable, yet pretty, heels are crucial. Kitten heels have the sexiness of a stiletto and the comfort factor of a flat. For the best of both worlds on your wedding day, try these on for size: These J.Crew Jillian Strappy Kitten Heels ($98, down from $150) are stunning, yet simple and comes in pale gold or metallic silver. These low-heeled Touch Ups Ivanna ($55.16, down from $68.95) shoes are dressy enough for formal weddings - but comfy enough to keep you dancing around guests all evening. I love these Nina 'Culver' heels ($61, down from $79) because of the simple, classic twist straps. Wear them as the guest to any wedding or to spring/summer cocktail parties after your wedding has passed. (more…)

Top 5 Sexy Wedding Pumps (No Kitten Heels Here)

Whether you’re sporting a full-length gown or a modern tea-length dress, your shoes matter. If you have a shoe fetish already, no need to check it at the door. Forget what you've heard: wedding shoes can be sexy stilettos and sparkly 6 inch pumps. Check out our 5 favorite flirty shoes sure to send your day-of ensemble over the top: The crystal-trimmed bow on this Bourne "Serena" Pump ($250) has a crystal-trimmed bow adds a hint of sweetness to the snakeskin-textured leather. That's right, we said snakeskin. Grandma may love the elegance, but you can savor the saucy details. These Badgley Mischka Calton pumps ($160, down from $200) have a sexy side bow that we love. You'll feel like dancing down the aisle in these pumps. If you need to add a little glitz to your wedding gown, these Martinez Valero Zeta heels ($92) are perfect. These sequin party pumps are dance-floor ready. Get a leg-lengthening boost from these high Nina Electra shoe ($89). The bow adds a sweet detail to these other bad-ass weddings shoes. The Splurge: If you've been saving up for a sexy shoe, this Giuseppe Zanotti floral pumps ($750) are the ones to spend your money on. The floral detail of this strappy stiletto make them the perfect combination of ladylike, fashion-forward and just plain pretty. For more great wedding shoe styles, check our guides to the best white wedding shoes, designer wedding shoes and inexpensive wedding shoes.

Sponsored Post: Dazzle This Holiday Season With H&M

The September Issue: Icy Stares, Fur, And (Gasp) A Necklace Worn More Than Once

There's been a whole lot of buzz over the soon-to-be-released (August 28th) documentary about the inner workings of Vogue as they prepared for the September 2007 issue. As we noted last week, the fashion folk have been scrambling to get their hot little hands on bootleg copies of R.J. Cutler's swanky documentary.  We've not only gotten a sneak peek, but we've culled together everything else out there on The September Issue, too. I was lucky enough to see it officially, and must say, the hype is for good reason. Mark the release date on your calendars and get ready for drama, humor (believe it or not), and over-the-top fashion from The September Issue. Wintour was perpetually flawlessly dressed, with one accessory of note that almost upstaged her Spartan hair. Almost. Yes, the woman likes fur and wasn't afraid to show it on camera, but what stood out even more was her affinity for these modern, demure jeweled necklaces. Either layered or alone, Anna sported them in several colors with many a floral frock. We haven't been able to nail down the designer just yet (help us out, people), but a similar - albeit extremely pricey - version can be picked up at Barneys ($14,000).  If you want to mimic the look for a fraction of the price, we also love this white stone necklace from Kenneth Jay Lane ($400).

Showing Your Thong Is So Y2K – Here’s A Modern Solution

What: Hip-T , $19.95 Why: Enough is enough. It’s time to lay off the crack. Not only is it bad for your image, but it’s hurting your friends, neighbors, and that poor stranger stuck behind you when you bend down to tie your shoes. So staging an intervention are the lovely ladies of Hip-T, a new product that offers lower waist coverage when your shirt falls short of expectations and your pants drop way below average. This cotton wrap, worn around the mid-section, creates a layering effect underneath your favorite shirts. Instead of searching for extra long tees and camisoles that will keep you covered up, Hip-T solves the problem by offering the coverage of a longer tee only where it’s needed. And there's a bunch of fun colors and patterns to choose from.   I instantly fell in love with mine the minute I put it on. It saved me from embarrassing thong exposure and kept my pants from going south. The wrap is cut on a slight angle that aligns with the hips, so it stays perfectly in place at all times, and in all positions. I firmly believe this indispensable gem should be mandatory for every celebrity in Hollywood. Especially Britney Spears. Maybe she should wear two at a time. And carry a third in case of a crack relapse. But I digress. Just say yes to Hip-Ts and end reverse cleavage forever. That means you, Spears.Get Yours:

A Find: Sweet Dreams Are Made of These Bath And Body Finds

What: Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Sleep CollectionWhy: It doesn’t matter how many expensive creams you slather on, how perfect your makeup is, or how new your highlights; if you’re not getting enough sleep, you’re not looking your best. Like many people I know who work long hours tethered to a computer, settling down for the evening can be a bit of a challenge. Instead of developing a nasty valium habit, I’ve been combating my insomnia with the naturally soothing effects of lavender and chamomile. Lavender and chamomile essential oils are both prescribed by aromatherapists to aid with sleep; lavender oil is known to soothe and calm, while chamomile extract provides a lulling effect that enhances sleep. A nice, warm bubble bath ($13), followed by luxurious lotion ($13), and a quick spritz of pillow mist ($10), and my day fades away as I drift off to sleep.Find It: For more great tips on how to get some rest, check out our Nice Nights Newsletter.

Shopping Help: What to Get Your Super Girly Best Friend

What: The Essential Clutch, $210 Why: The great thing about girly girls is that there are plenty of options when shopping for them. They love lotion, bath salts, the hot new makeup, and nail polish colors. The challenge is finding something special, something that warrants your half of the best friend necklace. This year, my lovely, ultra girly BFF will be getting The Essential Clutch from Therapy Systems. Not only is the bronze woven cosmetic organizer packed to the brim with luxurious makeup, brushes, and the Coffee Cherry Reparative Treatment – a SheFinds fav – it does double duty as a chic clutch. So, my BFF and I will be all set for night out or a night in, doing each other's makeup, slumber party style. Find It:

Deal of the Day: Up to 50% Off Designer Clutches at Net-A-Porter

You've probably already attended a holiday soiree or two by now, and we're sure you looked fabulous. Just don't take the same boring old black clutch to every party, promise? Diversify a little bit:Except for the designer's name embossed in tiny script letters on the kiss lock closure, we would have never tagged this monochromatic satin clutch (was $690, now $345) as a Pucci. Still, it's purple, it's Pucci, and it's fabulous. You know how amazing a pair of Jimmy Choos looks on your feet? Now imagine that same chicness dangling from your fingertips. This Carina Metallic Clutch (was $775, now $543) is fun and shiny, and has the added bonus of a built-in handle making it easier to clutch onto.  Stand out or add a pop of color to your outfit by embracing the unconventional ochre of this Miu Miu Satin Mini (was $295, now $207). If you can't handle it, they make one in gray too. MORE DEALS: Barneys New York Designer Sale: Save up to 60%.25% off all merchandise at Use Code: SHEFINDS  Take up to 40% off classic jewelry at Wishgiving.  

What A SheFinds Editor Wants For Christmas: Jen

As a sufferer of shopaholism, I often find myself browsing online shops and collecting links of items I desperately need, gazing longingly into boutique windows as I walk past, and wracking my brain to try and figure out how a $600 pair of boots could fit into my monthly budget. So, as might be expected, I always have a ready-made list of things I would like for when I just happen to stumble on a million dollars -- or in case someone wants to buy me a Christmas present!1. Santa Maria Novella Rosewater ($28): When I studied in Florence, my art history professor took us to an ancient apothecary that was hidden inside a church called Santa Maria Novella. I tried a bottle of this rosewater and instantly fell in love with the way it kept my skin hydrated and clear. It turns out that the recipe of water infused with rose petals is a great antiseptic and purifier, and it even reduces under eye puffiness and protects the skin against environmental elements. And that's just was it does for your face: Pour it into your bath and it will relieve sore muscles; pour it into your washing machine and it will refresh and disinfect your washables. Of course, at the time I was more interested in overpacking my suitcase with bottles of wine instead of rosewater, so I haven't had any since. I only recently discovered that you can buy it online! 2. Tod's Cindy Jais Ballerinas ($327): A gal can always use a new pair of shoes, and I already have the Tory Burches. These Tod's have elasticized sides so you know they are going to be comfortable, and they're from Italy so you know they are going to be well made. I am really enjoying the stark contrast in color, which gives them a modern look, but the bow detail adds a nice girly touch. Yes, I will definitely be needing these. 3. BCBG Max Azria Quilted Wristlet ($98): I would just love to have one of these gold-chained quilted wristlets...or two or three. They remind me of a Chanel (minus a thousand dollars or so), and the colors are amazing. I think my favorite is the one they call 'Royal Blue,' even though it looks quite purple to me. That whole box clutch thing seems to be coming back into style. 4. Marc by Marc Jacobs Essex Faille Dress ($384): Oh Marc, I could just eat some of your designs up with a spoon, they are so cute. This dress is like a beautiful three-tiered cake! I would probably only be able to wear it like one time, but it'd be worth it. Ahh, who am I kidding -- I'd wear it to the grocery store. 5. Valentino Open-Temple Sunglasses ($340): My favorite accessory, (actually my favorite thing to wear, period), is a killer pair of sunglasses. I like these Valentinos because they have a great shape, the 'V' temple detail is pretty cool, and most likely not a lot of other people I know, if anyone, will have them. A good potential conversation starter. Oh please Santa, can't I just have one of these things? I was so good this year. 

Deal of the Day: Up to 70% Off Swimwear at Figleaves

DEAL OF THE DAY: Huit Havana Club Swimsuits -- Both one- and two-piece styles are up to 70% off! Why: Remember way back when we told you about the summer's hottest swimsuit trends? Well, if you still haven't gone and tossed that old ratty bikini that's all stretched out and barely able to stay on when you jump in the pool, then it's high time to check out this 70% off sale at We first fell in love with this Havana Club cutaway one-piece swimsuit, but now that the rest of the styles are on sale, we're in swimsuit heaven. The Havana Club halter triangle bikini set? Marked down from $130 to $40. And the Havana Club hidden underwire swimsuit? It's now only $45 after being $150. You can get both in white/tan or black/olive color combos. There's even a Magic Air push-up bikini set on sale for only $54. Get Your Bikini On: RUNNER-UP DEALS * New customers: shop now and save 15% off your first purchase when you use coupon C56574 at checkout. * Liz Take 25% off all regular priced skirts. Offer ends 6.21.07. * Enjoy an extra $20 off your first order of $150 or more with this special coupon code. Enter AFF20 at checkout.

High-Low Fashion — Even Celebs Love It

You may remember a recent post from Second City Style about high-low wardrobing -- not a new trend, but a fashion concept well worth trying. It's the idea that you can wear a cheap dress from H&M with expensive accessories (or vice versa), and still look like a million bucks. The Budget Fashionista recently pointed out that mega-millionaire, Angelina Jolie, showed up at the premiere of A Mighty Heart wearing a $26 vintage dress and a $550 pair of Louboutins. Well played, Jolie! My cousin just pulled the same stunt a week or so ago at a wedding. She nabbed a $250 dress for $15 at Goodwill, threw on fancy jewelry and designer shoes, and wound up looking fabulous! Depending where you live, quality vintage stores may be rare. Luckily, there are online locales for scoring retro duds on a pauper's budget. Granted: take each find with a grain of salt. You never know if that "Chanel dress" is really authentic and it may take some virtual digging to come up with a really great steal. Also remember that anything that pre-dates 1980 may run smaller than you think. Shops we recommend: * Goodwill's Online Auction * Rodeo Drive Resale * Fashion Dig * Kitty Girl Vintage * Adore Vintage Know another killer vintage shop online? Share your favorite hot spots with SheFinds by posting a comment about it below. New to SheFinds? We invite you to sign up to our free weekly newsletter to get deals, helpful beauty advice and cool fashion tips mailed straight to your inbox. And if you use a blog reader, add our RSS feed to your reading list by clicking on the buttons below. Getting your daily dose of Celebrity Style finds and Trend Alerts has never been easier!

Name That Designer: A Sexy Bootie Pump

What: A pump bootie hybrid made of creamy crackle leather in a light beige hue that features three, one-half-inch straps with gold buckles, and fat four-inch heels with a golden metal band around the base. Price Tag: Originally $650, now $459 @ About the Designer: The shoe hails from an illustrious French fashion house, under which big names like Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney and Phoebe Philo have designed. This is also the company known for its star-status handbags, one of which debuted in 2004 featuring a signature lock and key. Know the designer? Leave a comment below with your guess! Ready for the answer? See if you passed the 'Name That Designer Quiz.'

SheFinds News: The Morning Roundup

NEWS * Get a leg up on fashion with textiles; they reveal the coming color trends for fall 2008, and even as far ahead as 2009. [WWD] * Expect more from Gwen Stefani this fall as she expands her L.A.M.B. collection and produces a full-scale runway show for fashion week in Bryant Park. [Fashion Week Daily] * Urban Shop Guide reveals the secrets to Chicago's best shopping spots. [PR Newswire] * A smoking jacket like you've never seen before offers social commentary and a new take on self-awareness. [fashion.psfk] EVENTS What: JulRe Designs Summer Jewelry Trunk Show When: Thursday, June 28, 2007, 6pm-9pm Where: Algonquin Hotel, 59 W. 44th Street (btwn. 5th & 6th Aves.), Helen Hayes Room, New York, NY 10036

Eco-Chic Shopping: No More Plastic Bags

What: Envirosax Graphic Series Reusable Shopping Bag Pouches Why: We loved the idea of Anya Hindemarch's "I'm Not a Plastic Bag" until we found out they were manufactured in China and not in accordance with Fair Trade policies. We even found an assortment of cool eco-friendly totes to use instead of plastic bags at the supermarket. But have you ever tried shopping with just one bag? It's very hard to go grocery shopping with just one, which is why we love these new bags from Envirosax. Sure you can purchase a single bag at $7.50 a piece that is 19 by 16 inches, but you can also buy "pouches," or in short, conveniently small sacks of five color-coordinated shopping bags that roll up small enough to fit into your glove compartment. How's that for practical and eco-friendly? Not only will you be acting green, but you'll be looking fashionable, too. They come in four color series, ranging from colorful floral (shown) to monochromatic black and white. Price: $35 a pouch Get Yours:

Hot or Not: Would You Wear These?

What: Louis Vuitton Feerique T-Strap Sandal Why and Why Not: Everyone loves Louis Vuitton, right? And when it looks like you're wearing trophies on your feet? I think not. As much as the gold and purple look stunning together, and the fantastic wedge has couture written all over it, $855 is a lot to pay for a pair of shoes I might wear once -- if that. I mean, really, where can you wear these, anyway? Your Thoughts? Leave a comment and let us know: would you wear these? And more importantly, how and where?

Taste Test: Spot the Bargain!

Here are two pairs of strikingly similar black d'orsay style heels. One pair costs $255 and the other only $79. Can you spot the high-end pair? Got it right? Want to play again? Try the rest of the Taste Tests.

Good Question: Jessica Simpson’s Studded Bag

[IMG] align="left" vspace="5" hspace="5"[/IMG] Jessica and her Lanvin Jet Set studded bag From A SheFinds Reader: I saw Jessica Simpson with a medium size black leather purse with gold studs all over it. I WANT IT, but I have no idea who the designer is or anything. If anyone knows, please email me and or post a reply. Thanks. The Answer: Jessica's bag came from none other than Lanvin - the "Jet Set" bag. She's such a trendsetter that there's a web page dedicated just to imitating her look. Simply Google "Lanvin Jet Set bag" and you'll find two pages of desperate women trying to find it. It retailed for about $1,600. Yes, retailed - past tense. The bag is not part of Lanvin's current collection (from what I can tell from the web site) and can't be found at Barney's New York where it was previously sold. However, Moo Roo makes a similar but smaller bag that goes for less than half Lanvin's pricetag - $565. Before you scream, "Six hundred dollars?! That's still outrageous! Hello?!" we've found the Temma Dahan black studded leather 'Charlize' bag that's much easier on the wallet at and a nicely priced BCBG studded bag ON SALE on BCBG calls its bag "Motorcycle Chic," while Moo Roo describes its studded bag as "disco revisited." Whatever you call them, studs are in. Find more studded bags at

SheFinds News: Chemicals in your Cosmetics

An article released this month from Consumer Reports warns of harmful chemicals found in many cosmetics called phthalates (pronounced THAL-ates). The concern is that the checmicals "may be linked to developmental and reproductive health risks." This can be a problem, since phthalates are found in body lotions, hair sprays, perfumes, and deodorants in addition to cosmetics. Some of the major makeup companies have eliminated the chemicals or are in the process of doing so: Essie, OPI, Sally Hansen, Avon, Cover Girl, Estée Lauder, L'Oréal, Max Factor, Orly, and Revlon. However, they warn that not all companies are truthful about their phthalate-free claims. One good way to avoid chemicals in your cosmetics altoether is to purchase stuff made completely from natural ingredients. There are plenty of eco-friendly companies out there making moisturizers, soaps, makeup, perfume and more without the aid of chemicals or with very few of them Check out our Eco Beauty newsletter to find some of our favorites. And, of course, keep an eye on the blog for great EcoChic finds.

Trend Alert: Little Hoop Earrings

Pack up your chandelier earrings. Put those hula-ready hoops away. Tiffany’s signature 1837 silver hoops, $250. For a dressier look, along with a dressier price price tag, (don’t try to pull these off with jeans, in other words) try 14-karat gold baby hoops from,$30, are a great gold option for everyday wear, and, for $5.50, it’s hard to pass up

HeFinds Guy Friday: California Baby

What: Check out more ways to keep your man in tip top condition with SheFinds guide to Hippify your Guy, and Groom Your Guy.

A Find: Lap(top) of Luxury

What: Violet May’s line of luxurious, for-women-only laptop bags. The glam bags are designed by women to meet a women's business accessory needs and are handcrafted of smooth black or white Italian leather. They come in swanky jewel-tone color combinations (hot for ’07, remember!) like peacock blue and purple and black and “storm,” an icy blue gray. The padded magenta satin lining will keep your laptop safe as you commute, hustle from meeting to meeting, or trot the globe. A word of warning, though: these bags are so chic you may feel the need to update your business attire to match their sophisticated standard. Price: $695 Get Yours:

Trend Alert: Luscious Leather

Leather has revamped its style. Gone are the days of tassles, bulky shoulder pads, and pants that look cheesy anywhere but the catwalk. Even then, leather pants are a little cheesy. The new leather takes the form ofMike & Chris Dylan Leather Hoodie

SheFinds News: Cameron’s Blinged out Rings

Who needs Justin when you’ve got $157,600 worth of bling on your pretty little fingers. Certainly not Cameron Diaz, who rocked the equivalent of Cartier brass knuckles as she accepted her People’s Choice Award for best leading lady. Her wrist must have gotten jealous, so Cameron had to spread the wealth slightly upward - to her wrists - with two bracelets valued at almost $80,000. With this much ice at the People’s Choice awards, I can just imagine the arctic chill that will blow through Hollywood at the Golden Globes tonight. Copy Cameron's cool style with this Tri Color Trinity Rolling Ring for only $25. Sparkle like the stars with SheFinds Guide to Celebrity Jewelry Trends

SheFinds News: Ode to the Golden Globes

(rhythm of The Walrus And The Carpenter from Alice in Wonderland) 'The time has come,' the Walrus said,?'To talk of many things: Of shoes – and - clips - and haircare tips - Of dieting - and rings – And why Volver is hot hot hot - And why married men have flings.’ Ostensibly, the Golden Globes are about celebrating the years best film and TV, but we know better. It’s all about who wore what, who came with who, who’s announcing an engagement/divorce/pregnancy, and who got fat/skinny/blonde/old. As soon as the nominations are announced, the real drama begins. Angelina is still figuring out her dress, probably trying to figure out which one will best repel Jennifer Aniston’s venom, should they happen to run into each other on the red carpet. AWKWARD. At a Pre-Golden Globe Party, it looked like Bai Ling was up to her old tricks, getting a leg up on her competition for worst dressed. Make sure to check back with SheFinds all week for all the stuff you wish they would say on TV. We’ll also let you know where you can score the looks you loved, and what looks should definitely stay in La La land.

As Seen In: The New York Times

As Seen In: Foldover bag by Poppie Couture What they said: “PACK RATS WHO FIND THEMSELVES unable to edit the contents of their evening clutches to the bare necessities — lipstick and cellphone, credit card and keys — will appreciate the sleek but roomy Foldover bag by Poppie Couture. The line, which came out three months ago, is fast becoming a favorite of trendy West Coast women and celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Naomi Watts and Jennifer Aniston, who scooped up a bunch as Christmas gifts for her girlfriends.” SheFinds Says: As a card-carrying member of the aforementioned pack rats club, I admit that my “bare necessities” include more than can fit in a tiny little evening clutch. This bag looks like a cute lil’ clutch, but packs it away like a bag twice its size, and isn’t nearly as delicate as it looks. It can withstand scrunching, folding, and being laid flat for travel. Price: bags start at $300 Find It:

Trend Alert: Groovy Denim Style

I admit it, I am not at all sorry to say so long and farewell to the skinny jeans phenomenon. Maybe it was the 47 pound Nicole Ritchie that made skinny jeans look so un-wearable, but I’m ready to welcome the 70’s style wide leg jeans back into my life. I first noticed the wide-leg trend on the adorable Katie Holmes (no comment on Tom…), and her new BFF Victoria Beckham. Once J-Lo was on board with wide, I knew they were back for real. Follow the trend with these Save 30% to 70% on Seven and Citizens of Humanity Jeans at Check out SheFinds Guide to the best denim for every body type.

HeFinds Guy Friday: Light Up His Life

What: new Jonathan Adler candle line. Inspired by the designer’s favorite destinations, the candles are available in three scents – Big Sur, Palm Beach and Shelter Island – and are designed to evoke the atmosphere of these desirable destinations. The containers are made from stylish, etched glass, so he can feel comfortable displaying them on a coffee table or bookshelf. We’re happy to report that the scent quickly fills a room, but doesn’t overpower. This is especially important if he’s a bit “hygienically challenged,” and you’re looking to rid his place of that nasty frat house, boy smell. Price: $38.00 Find it:

SheFinds News: Aniston’s Breasts take Center Stage at People’s Choice Awards

We just love to speculate about stars and plastic surgery. It makes us feel better about about our own saggy ta-ta’s, dimply thighs, and botox free forehead. So when Lavand Distraction Bra, which really is the best bust amplifying bra I’ve ever come across. Somehow, it used my entire boob to create some killer cleavage while miraculously maintaining a natural shape under my clothes.

SheFinds Fitness Week: In case you missed anything…

these are all the great fitness finds we tracked down this past week Fitness Week Feature Finds: Brooks Activewear Stylish Sweating Sweet Relief Private Dancer Muscle Relaxing Shower Gel and Foaming Bath Fierce Fleece Its Got to be the (Right) Shoes Bra-da-bing! Deal alert: Save on great workout gear at the

Blog Round-Up: Found on the Web This Week

Spring is in the air. Well, not quite, but that doesn’t stop us from dreaming of glorious springtime fashions. After the cold grey winter, we could all use a little color in our lives. Take some time out to smell the roses this season…or you could try wearing them. Looks like Project Runway’s Angela was ahead of the trend after all. (via fabsugar) Even our ears can get into the swing of spring with this cute Emotibud Earbud Set. (via stylehive) Spring is all about fresh, and fresh is all about green. Lanvin is hot on the green scene with this patent leather bag. (via Bag Snob) Is that love I smell blooming? Nope, it's the sweet scent of absinthe and cannabis. Live on the edge (legally) with this absinthe and cannabis scent, Absolument Absinthe by Le Parfum d'’Interdits. (via I've yet to meet a Lancome product I haven't loved. Their limited edition spring collection Pop Cherub, has me ready to nenew my vows. (via makeupbag) Are "mom jeans" really back for spring? (via flypaper)

Sale Alert: Neiman Marcus Beauty Event

Take advantage of Nieman's Beauty Event through March 13. Purchase $85 in fragrances or cosmetics and get a COMPLIMENTARY TOTE including: • Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Fico di Amalfi Eau de Toilette 2ml • Darphin Lifting and Firming Eye Serum 3ml • Lancome Hypnose Mascara .07 oz • Guerlain Orchidee Imperiale Exceptional Care Cream 3ml • KIEHL'S SINCE 1851 Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate 5ml • CARTIER Delices de Cartier Eau de Toilette .05 oz • FRESH Pink Jasmine Body Cream 4ml • ORLANE PARIS Extreme Line Reducing Lip Care 3ml Offer ends March 13. Clinique's All About Eyes Concealer is part of a gift-with-purchase offer at Neiman Marcus

Deal Alert: Affordable Cashmere has a good selection of cashmere sweaters and you can get 2 for less than a hundred bucks. It's a great way to shop for gifts, at $99 for quality cashmere it's practically 2-for-1. One for me and one for you...

Deal Alert: Get Packing at eBags

The upcoming holidays mean major travel. Need Luggage or a new Carry-on? Find up to 60% Off on luggage, handbags, backpacks & more, plus Free Shipping at Packing is enough of a pain, the last thing you want to worry about is your suitcase. I like the Atlantic 2-piece Carry-On Set on It's perfect for weekend trips and bus or train travel. The set is available in plum, mulberry, cherry, and blueberry. Four deliciously distinctive colors that will stand out at the baggage claim. Find $20 OFF $100 Luggage Orders at

Best Seller: Aura Soleil Perfume Oil

Shop: Best Seller: Aura Soleil Perfume Oil in 'Warmth' from the Daily Collection, (35.00). Warmth is a luxurious blend of four different vanillas combined with base notes of warm liqueur and musk. How many sold: 25 units sold last month, 5 last week. Why They're Flying Off the Shelves: The 'Warmth' perfume oil is a wonderfully concentrated fragrance rich formula that sinks in quickly leaving your body scented for hours at a time. It is also non-greasy and alcohol- free making it a perfect alternative for those who can not wear traditional alcohol based perfumes. Find It: 20% off for SheFinds readers by entering coupon voucher code "shefinds" at checkout on

Deal Alert: SheFinds Exclusive from eBags

Special Deal for SheFinds Readers: Use our links to get 20% off ALL PRODUCTS on eBags. Our find? The Donald J. Pilner Quilted Handbag in espresso or black. A great find, plus 20% off everything on Donald J. Pilner Quilted Handbag

Beauty Find: Avon Calling!

Avon always makes me feel nostalgic, I guess it was a endless supply of SKIN SO SOFT Original Bath Oil that my Mom always had on hand. Long gone are the days of Avon ladies in pillbox hats hawking lipstick door to door, the new Avon lady is chic and young. And if she isn't young in actual years, you'd never know because the Avon woman uses Anew. I recommend the Force Extra Day Cream with SPF (yes, you need SPF in the winter months too.) and the Night Cream. You will notice a difference in one week, hydration is the key to smooth, glowing skin. Find it while it's on sale, 2 for $27.00 on Shop for beauty essentials + for Free Shipping with any $40 order, use code: LSFREE40

Sale Reminder: Fall Closeout Extended at is adding new items every week to their Fall Closeout Sale. Get the goods before they're gone, like a cute Ben Sherman dress (97.30) that is just begging to be paired with a cardigan and boots for fall. Find the savings at

A Find: Shoshanna on

Shoshanna's 2005 Collection is closing out and making way for the 2006 Preview. Find major savings, up to 50% Off cardigans and bikinis on sale for a limited time only. Paisley print ring halter and brief by Shoshanna. Ready for the 2006 styles? Shoshanna Swim 2006 is now available for pre-order. Order now and you'll save 15% off the retail price. Find it on

Deal Alert: 20% Off Antik Denim is offering 20% off Antik Denim when you enter coupon code "ANTIK" at the checkout. Embellished denim is hot and Antik's got it. Check out the 5-Pocket Rust cut and the twisted seam Velvet Pocket pair. Antik Denim Rust Stitch with low-rise waist and bootcut. Get your 20% off Antik Denim at

Deal Alert: Free Shipping at Goody’s Online

Find your favorite brands and great prices at Goody's Online. Save on national brands, including Adidas, Dockers, Keds, Lee, LEI, Levi's, Munsingwear, New Balance, Reebok, Revlon, Sag Harbor, Union Bay, and Zana-Di, as well as exclusive private labels—Baby Crew, Duck Head, Goodclothes, Hawaiian Tropic, Ivy Crew, Mountain Lake, OCI, and Pierre Cardin—at the lowest prices. Find it at

A Find: Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

[IMG] align="left" vspace="5" hspace="5"[/IMG] David & Young's Tweed Newsboy Cap The Newsboy Cap is Back. Ever hear someone say, "I don't look good in hats. My head isn't shaped right for them"? The again-fashionable newsboy cap might change their minds. I owned one about 15 years ago and am happy to report this oldie but goodie is slowly coming back into style. It goes by many names including the Eight Panel, Apple, Button Top or Gatsby Cap. I've seen it on a few people recently, including on a lovely French woman on the Champs Elysees in Paris. It's unisex and versatile, and can be worn with the bill pulled down on the head or pushed back. And although the cap isn't exactly dressy, it can make a simple casual outfit look rather smart. Plus, you'll feel rather smart for finding your cap at Nordstrom.comwhere newsboys are a steal for under 20 bucks.

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