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How To Dress Up As Ryan Lochte For Halloween #SorryNotSorry

Ryan Lochte was one of the year's top trending figures--after scoring gold medals in the Rio Olympics, Ryan pissed off an entire country when he alleged that he was held at gunpoint in Brazil when really it was his own drunken shenanigans to blame. He fled Brazil, got banned from swimming, apologized, and landed a spot on "Dancing with the Stars," which was met with protestors. Phew. It's been a *really* big fall for Lochte, which is not good for him--but very good for those of us looking for a pop culture Halloween costume this year. Olympics Halloween costumes are always big--remember the Gabby Douglas one from 2012 (hey--it's still relevant!). Need more proof that the Ryan Lochte Halloween costume is a good one? Well, first of all, Jimmy Fallon already showed how hilarious and recognizable it is when he dressed up like Lochte at the MTV Video Music Awards this month: Everyone, including Lochte's own teammate Michael Phelps was *DYING*. Jimmy hilariously started his speech, "Is it too late now to say sorry?" then launched into a hilarious series of ridiculous claims, such as "I directed all five nominees," and "I taught Drake the Hotline Bling dance." LOLZ! Anyways, if you're set on being Ryan Lochte this year, let me tell you exactly what you'll need to get a gold medal in the costume department: His hair: Lochte dyed his hair for the Olympics--some say the color is gray, some say silver, others say platinum blue (which later turned green from the pool-yikes!). Whatever color you think his Olympic hair was, you absolutely need to get it for the costume. If you're a girl being Ryan, just put your hair up in a high bun, or try to find a gray haired male wig that you can use (I wasn't able to find any good ones online, so it might be tough!). To get the color, use this Silver Ash Hair Wax 3.53 oz ($21.50) that I found on Amazon. You could also use white or silver spray-on color. READ MORE: Barb From Stranger Things Halloween Costume His Olympics track suit:  If you're taking the costume REALLY serious, like Jimmy Fallon did, you should buy some official Olympics gear from the Team USA store. This is the exact zip-up that Fallon wore to the VMAs and Lochte wore during the medals ceremonies--it's obviously pricey, but you could sell it online or give it to the guy in your life after Halloween: Men's Nike Navy Team USA Stadium Full-Zip Jacket ($249.99) On the bottom, you can just wear any exercise pants or joggers. They have lots of bottoms for men and women on the Team USA store (so you could get a navy blue one to match the zip-up jacket), or you can pull something from your closet, or you can buy something like these Nike Jogger Sweatpants ($65) that I found. READ MORE: Dauntless From Divergent Halloween Costume His swim gear:  Let's not forget that Ryan is an Olympic gold medal winning swimmer here (hah!), so to pull of the costume you'll need some accessories for the sport. Amazon literally sells Ryan LOCHTE Speedo Latex Swim Cap ($12.23), and I think it's worth grabbing one for $12--especially if you're a girl with long hair and want a way to work around the whole short hair thing (just shove your hair in the cap and you're good!). Ditto for the goggles--you'll definitely need a pair. You can buy kids goggles and wear them around your neck if you want them to be cheaper--of you can buy an adult pair that you might actually one day use to swim. These Resurge Sports Anti Fog Racing Swimming Goggles ($19.99) look profesh and like something Lochte might actually wear. READ MORE: Ghostbusters Halloween Costume If you don't like the swim cap or hair dye ideas, you could also buy a cheap Olympics Team USA hat and wear that to be Lochte instead. I found this one: DEBBIE Unisex USA Rio Olympic 2016 Baseball Caps Hat One Size ($12.78). Fallon wore the exact bright yellow Nikes that Team USA wore to the Olympics--if you want to top off the look, you could splurge on a pair, too. I mean, it's definitely something you'd wear long after Halloween/get your moneys worth out of. I found these Nike Golf FI Impact 2 ($139.99)--they're pretty cool. Or you can just wear any sneakers from your collection (keep it sporty!). This is absolutely non-negotiable--you have to get a Gold Medal with Ribbon ($1.49) to wear around your neck to make it especially clear that you're Lochte for Halloween. The medals are so cheap and are definitely one of the most distinguishing features of the costume. So, there you have it! Everything you'll need to make a Ryan Lochte Halloween costume this year. Just don't forget to go around singing "Is it too late now to say sorry?"  

Ryan Lochte Apologizes For Rio Robbery Lie–Read His Statement

ICYMI (while hopefully lying out on a beach somewhere away from all this nonsense), Ryan Lochte claimed he was robbed in Rio with a bunch of his teammates on Sunday night, August 14. There was a lot of drama surrounding this story as no one could get their facts straight. The USA and International Olympic Committees got involved, as well as the Rio police. Turns out, the 32-year-old swimmer kind of lied about the whole thing... Yeah, this drunken frat boy night is overshadowing major accomplishments, like Team USA's Ashton Eaton winning his second Olympic decathlon and the first medals sweep ever for the American track and field women. Anyway, here's Lochte's apology for his actions: Don't forget to check out: what to wear with slip-on sneakers and the best cult beauty products under $5 [Photo: Splash News]

VIDEO: Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte And The USA Olympic Swim Team Do Carpool Karaoke

Back in 2012, the USA Olympic Swim Team made this hilarious video to the year's biggest hit, "Call Me Maybe," and now there's a 2016 version for the Rio games. Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte and the rest of the team did their version of Carpool Karaoke sans James Corden. And you know what, they don't need him! (But we do love you, James.) There's something for every music fan in this video: Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Zac Brown Band, even the Pokémon theme song. Yes, the Olympic swimmers are trying to catch 'em all in between practices for the biggest competition of their lives... hey, whatever helps them bring home the golds! [youtube][/youtube] Don't forget to check out: the worst things to buy at Sephora and easy breakfast toast recipes [Photo: Youtube]

Meet The New ‘Fierce Five’ Gymnastics Team Heading To Rio

It's crazy to believe that four years have passed since the last summer Olympics, but here we are! At the beginning of August, we're heading to Rio, and we can't wait to see one sport in particular: gymnastics. We all remember the "Fierce Five" women who won medals for us back in London, but this time around, the team has some fresh faces. We wanted to take some time to get to know these lovely ladies before the games begin. So here we go, now introducing... Simone Biles. This 19-year-old from Columbus, Ohio will be heading to Rio as the first African-American woman to be an all-around champion AND the first woman to win three consecutive world all-around titles - woah. Make sure to check her out here and in Rio! Gabby Douglas. You will definitely recognize this familiar face from the 2012 games. Gabby, at only 20 years old, won a gold medal in London in the individual all-around (she was the first African-American woman to win that event) and in the all-around team competition. Dubbed the "flying squirrel," we're sure that Gabby will continue to make headlines this summer in Rio. Madison Kocian. This 19-year-old gymnast from Dallas, Texas is sure to do big things in Rio. She might be new to the Olympics, but this 2015 World Champion on the uneven bars can do amazing things! Look out for her in August. Laurie Hernandez. The youngest of the group, Laurie is only 16 years old - what?! This newbie to the Olympic stage was a fan of the 'Fierce Five' back in 2012 - and now she gets to be in it! Keep an eye out for her in Rio. Aly Raisman. Last but certainly not least, this 22-year-old gymnast is read for another Olympics! As the captain of the 2o12 team, Aly won gold medals in the team and floor competitions, as well as a bronze medal in the balance beam. After starring on Dancing With The Stars for season 16, Aly is ready to take on the Olympic stage again! We'll be looking out for her (and her parents!). These fabulous five women will be taking us to Rio in hopes for gold! They will be joined by alternates MyKayla Skinner, Ragan Smith and Ashton Locklear. Make sure to check them out in starting on August 5th on NBC! Make sure to check out these 11 Celebrities Who Changed Their Names For Fame and 14 Celebrities You Didn't Know Were On Law And Order [Photo: USA Gymnastics Instagram]

Johnny Weir Is #Winning The Olympics With His Bad A$$ Outfits

In case you forgot, there's something called the Olympics going on right now in Sochi, Russia. But I really wouldn't blame you if totally forgot about it. Not only is it the wrong season where the games are taking place (52 degrees does not mean winter), but there's hardly any big-name athletes on Team U.S.A. to get excited about. Sure, everyone over there is super talented, there's no denying that, but what happened to the Michael Phelps' and Michelle Kwans of the world? There's not even someone like Ryan Lochte for comic relief. The only dude I can think at Sochi that's on the same level of fame as these names is Shaun White, and he has yet to win a medal. Which brings me to my point. The real winner of this year's games for Team U.S.A. is Johnny Weir. The former Olympic ice skater turned NBC news caster has been stealing the spotlight from all the athletes over in Sochi with his sartorial choices. From green leather Rick Owens wedges, to a seriously bomb-ass pink Chanel blazer, Johnny has been killing it with his #OOTD, which he obvi puts up on Instagram. Johnny tells Philadelphia Magazine that his personally selected attire is Hunger Games-inspired. More specifically, he wants to be the real life Caesar Flickerman (aka Stanley Tucci's character), minus the whole, you know, reporting on kids fighting to the death thing. If you haven't tuned in to his broadcast with co-anchor Tara Lipinski, you're seriously missing out. This guy is single-handedly keeping Americans watching the games. Just so we can see what crazy vintage designer item he wears next. Click the slideshow to see all of Johnny's outfits so far, and check his Instagram daily for more looks! And don't forget to check out: the best Presidents Day sales, photos from Miley's Bangerz tour and weekend celeb news you might have missed [Photos: Instagram]

10 Things To Watch Out For At The Sochi Winter Olympics

Between Fashion Week and the Sochi Winter Olympics, this week is CRAY. But we're pretty pumped that the games are finally here. I don't know about you, but I tend to get a little emotional during the opening ceremony. It's just so inspirational to see all the countries in the world come together under one roof. There are always tear-jerking stories, really interesting uniforms and crazy stunts, like when the Queen parachuted in to the stadium for the London Olympics (we hope you know that wasn't real). Could you imagine dedicating your whole life to something, and falling short just one second or one point? And what about getting injured during the biggest moment of your life? Talk about pressure! Yeah, it would definitely be cool to say that you went to the Olympics, but we're pretty happy watching it in our pj's and on our couches. Here's what you need to look out for if you're doing the same: - The Jamaican Bobsled Team: They qualified, but didn't have enough money to travel. But luckily for the Olympians, a chiropractor in Cincinnati donated the funds so they could achieve their dream. - Where the $51 billion went: To date, this is the most expensive Olympics ever. So basically we want to see where all that dough went. - Vladimir Putin: This dude just has such a bad-guy name, so we can't really see him smiling and welcoming all the guests. Who knows how he'll enter the opening ceremony? - Will there be real snow? We have NO idea why the Olympic committee would select a city that isn't cold during February. Sochi is basically a subtropical resort. - How Russia will handle safety: This is the topic on everyone's mind right now. We all want our Olympians and spectators to stay safe. - Potential Protests: Putin passed a law back in July which many people viewed as anti-gay. It basically said that citizens will be fined for spreading propaganda that encourages homosexual relationships. - Who will be the face of the US team? Last winter Olympics, Apolo Ohno and Lindsey Vonn dominated. But for this year, Ohno retired and Vohn got injured, so who will be the leader? - Shaun White: Does "Friends With Benefits" come to mind when you think of Shaun White? Well, he's also going for his 3rd straight gold medal this year for the halfpipe competition. - Quad Jumps: They're the new challenge for men's ice skaters, and whoever lands one will probably get gold. - Henrik Lundqvist: We don't have much to say about this Swedish hockey player, other than that he's beautiful. Oh, he was also voted to GQ and Vanity Fair's best dressed lists. For other lists, check out 30 things you can't wear once you're 30, 10 things to know as an Intern, and 25 things that would make a 25-year-old's day [Photo: Instagram]

The U.S. Olympic Outfits Are Here–And Finally Made In America!

It's official, we're T-minus two weeks away from the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. If you already feel like you're a part of the games with these freezing temps, we have good news. Ralph Lauren's official Team USA collection is finally here! You can shop fleeces, hats, polos and even the Opening Ceremony cardigan that all the athletes will be wearing. Most items come in red, white and navy (obvi) and include the official Team USA seal, and there are a few special one-of-a-kind designs--like the Opening Ceremony cardigan (we kind of love it). For this go-round, the pieces are ACTUALLY made in America, because it was a huge deal they weren't last time. Also, all proceeds go to the athletes. So you can really support Team USA first hand by shopping the collex! If you want to look as cool as Hannah Kearney freestyling down the slopes or Aja Evans coming down that bobsled course, get yourself some official Team USA apparel and show your American pride! SHOP THE OFFICIAL TEAM USA COLLECTION NOW And don't forget to check out: Anna Kendrick's cool white tee, what your wedding mag doesn't tell you and New Year's resolutions that actually matter [Photos: Ralph Lauren]

Get The Exact Dress Venus Williams Wore To The Olympics Yesterday

Venus Williams took to the courts yesterday wearing a tennis dress of her own design. The tennis star did not advance to the fourth round, but we think she's winning the unofficial event of Olympic fashion. Not only did she look sharp on the courts, but she has made her exact tennis dress (pictured above) available to all on her website EleVen by Venus. The best part? It's under $100. That's cheaper than a tennis lesson, and call us crazy, but we're pretty sure wearing a dress Venus designed would improve your tennis game equally as much. SHOP THE OLYMPIC COLLECTION Want more Olympic goodness? See the dress Michelle Obama wore to cheer on Venus' sister Serena (it's still in available), stock up on red, white, blue with the Topshop x Opening Ceremony collab, and check out these necklaces that are almost as cool as a gold medal.

Go For The Gold (Or The Silver, Or The Bronze) With These Olympic-Inspired Pendants

Unlike certain women's gymnastics teams 10 years our junior--cough, GO USA, cough--we don't have any Olympic medals to decorate our neck. Lucky for us, what we do have is credit cards, and awesome designer pendants that look like medals, but require none of the athleticism. SHOP MEDAL-ESQUE DESIGNER PENDANTS NOW *Wipes tear from eye* Thank you, thank you. We trained relentlessly for years for this shopping experience. Check out the rest of our Olympic-inspired fashion coverage: NCLA Nail Art, Topshop x Opening Ceremony, and sporty-chic bags!

The Tracy Reese Dress Mobama Wore To The Olympics Is (Somehow!) Still In Stock

We love that she shops off the rack, but Michelle Obama is like Kate Middleton: everything she wears sells out immediately. So it's sort of an Olympic miracle that the Tracy Reese dress she wore to cheer on Serena Williams in London this weekend is still in stock. If you love the combination of a heart print bodice and gingham skirt on this ladylike dress, you better act fast. We can't guarantee it will be available for much longer: Get it: Tracy Reese Black Parchment Combo Frock ($388). For more Olympics fashion, check out Stella McCartney x Adidas, Opening Ceremony x Topshop, and the best Olympics designer collaborations.

Be A Sporty Spectator In Stella McCartney x Adidas’ Olympics Collection

Adidas and Stella McCartney are pretty excited about the Olympics (which start tomorrow, in case you've been living under a rock). Not only did Ms. McCartney produce the official Olympic uniforms for her home country, but she's also paired up with Adidas on a line of London-themed athletic gear. The  "My 2012" line is not the first time the 2 brands have paired up, but the sporty separates which just hit Topshop are especially festive. Shop London-printed hoodies, in addition to colorful running jackets and shorts that can be worn by fans from other countries, too. SHOP ADIDAS x STELLA MCCARTNEY NOW For more Olympics awesomeness, check out Opening Ceremony's London designer exclusives, the Converse Chuck Taylor 'Country' collection, and the best designer Olympic collaborations.

Did You Know That Topshop x Opening Ceremony Was Happening? Well, It’s Here.

If you stopped counting all the Olympic and London-themed collaborations that have popped up in the past week or two, here's a pretty awesome one to hone in on: Topshop and Opening Ceremony have teamed up on a capsule collection in "Union Jack colors." The red, white and blue separates (think crop tops, mini shorts and sporty shift dresses) just hit OC stores and online -- and are being sold exclusively there. This is all apart of Opening Ceremony's big London Pop-Up shop, where they are also selling limited edition designer pieces from Norma Kamali, Proenza Schouler, Repetto and more. If you're more of a fashion collector than a sports memorabilia one, this is the perfect way to get your hands on special edition regalia -- and ones that you might actually wear. Next to Butter London's metallic nail polish, we'd say this is the most practical of the Olympics collabs yet (although, who wouldn't want a shiny gold PS1 bag?!) SHOP TOPSHOP x OPENING CEREMONY NOW For more Olympics awesome, check out the best Olympics designer collabs, Converse' 'Country' collection and Adidas x Opening Ceremony.

Getting Into The Olympic Spirit Is Easy With These Gold-Medal Designer Collabs

With two days to go until the London Olympics, we're no further down the path to attempting the Triathalon but this much closer to the fabulous designer collections that have gone along with this year's event. Whether they're on sale at the amazing  Opening Ceremony London pop-up shop, or directly from designers, we're loving these red, white, and blue (and gold, silver, and bronze) designer spin-offs. Gooooooooooo team! SHOP OUR FAVE OLYMPIC DESIGNER COLLABS Check out the rest of the Opening Ceremony Olympic Collection, shop Olympic-inspired bags, or show your spirit with a crazy-cool mani!

Shop Designer Exclusives From Opening Ceremony’s London Pop-Up

They've already got an Olympics-inspired capsule collection with Adidas, and now Opening Ceremony is celebrating the launch of their new London pop-up shop with a line of designer exclusives. From Union Jack and American flag-printed Repetto ballet flats, to a shiny gold PS1 bag that rivals a gold metal, the collection of OC exclusives are the perfect way to celebrate the summer's ultimate athletic event. But you don't need a Euro Pass or a ticket to the games to get access -- it's all available on SHOP OPENING CEREMONY LONDON EXCLUSIVES For more Olympics goods, shop the best Olympics-inspired handbags, Molton Brown's Global Heroes set, and Adidas x Opening Ceremony.

Converse Launches A Limited-Edition Line Of Chuck Taylors From 7 Countries

When the Olympic opening ceremonies take place this weekend, make sure you're representing your home team in the most stylish way possible. Whether you slap on some Butter London Olympic nail polish, or don something from the Opening Ceremony x Adidas collection, it's only appropriate to be wearing your team spirit on your sleeve (literally). Thanks to Converse, sneakerheads can get in on the action, too. They just launched a limited-edition collection of digitally printed Chuck Taylor All Stars, with designs that pay homage to 7 of the (arguably) most stylish countries: the U.S., United Kingdom, Jamaica, China, Brazil, Germany and Italy. Each shoe in the 'Country' collection has a cool digital print on the body, and the country's flag on the tongue. They retail for $75 and will be sold on at midnight tonight! GET YOUR OWN PAIR HERE For more Olympics paraphernalia, shop Molton Brown's Global Heroes collection and these Olympics-inspired handbags.

Olympics-Inspired: This Season, We’re Loving Sporty-Chic Bags

With a little over a week til the London Olympics, we're starting to feel a bit self-conscious about our own sporting abilities. While we may not be able to throw a javelin, or swim 100 meters (or, let's face it--swim 10), one thing we are good at is channeling athletics with fashion (art imitating life, right?). We're thinking we'll sit out the Triathalon this Olympic games, but we will make an effort to incorporate these fun, sporty, satchels into our everyday outfits. Gold medal, please? SHOP SPORTY PURSES, TOTES & SATCHELS Feeling inspired? Shop cheap workout gear, check out the H&M sport collection, or pick up a new pair of sneakers. See you in 2016!

Miu Miu Launching All-Metallic “London Collection” This Month

Miu Miu, which already lights up our light with their glittery pumps and booties, is about to release an even brighter line: an all-metallics "London Collection" that hits on July 27th, the day of the opening ceremonies for the London Summer Olympics. The Italian brand is jumping on the bandwagon of British brands like Butter London, Molton Brown and Adidas, who have already launched Olympics-themed lines this summer. Unfortunately, the collection, which includes Oxford flats, an iPad case, brooches, Bauletto bags, sandals, clutches and more, will only be sold in Miu Miu stores overseas. But you can shop the plethora of glitter-y Miu Miu goodness sold online now. SHOP MIU MIU FALL 2012 NOW For more Olympics goodies, get Butter London's Heavy Metal nail trio, Molton Brown's 'Global Heroes' bath set, and Adidas x Opening Ceremony.  

Molton Brown’s Limited Edition ‘Global Heroes’ Olympics Set Just Hit

Following in fellow U.K. beauty brand Butter London's footsteps, Molton Brown is celebrating their home city (and site of the 2012 Summer Olympics) with a limited edition set of bath & shower gels. But the Molton Brown Limited Edition Global Heroes Collection ($45) doesn't just pay homage to the Brits; the 5-piece set also includes exotic oils and plant and mineral actives from Madagascar, the USA, China, Australia and the Gulf of Guinea. Be patriotic by snagging one of these affordable, yet rich-smelling sets (before all the anglophiles do). For more Olympics collections, shop Butter London's Heavy Metal trio, Adidas Originals x Opening Ceremony, and Adidas "Your Story" collection.

The First Adidas x Opening Ceremony Piece Is Here!

To celebrate the 2012 London Olympics and Opening Ceremony first London outpost opening, the store has teamed up with Adidas Originals on a limited edition FW12 collection of sporty shoes and separates. Particularly, "the elements of swim and cycling with a 90s street attitude," according to OC's blog. They've even attempted to make water socks cool! The much-anticipated collection isn't supposed to hit until July, but the first style from the line -- a unisex 'Boat Swim' shoe -- just hit French retailer These Adidas x Opening Ceremony Boat Swim Sneakers ($199.81) are a little masculine for our tastes, but its an excellent sign that other pieces we actually want -- like the handkerchief swimwear and kaleidoscopic floral dress (above) -- will be available soon/early. Stay tuned! And for more Olympics paraphernalia you can shop now, check out Butter London's Olympics Trio and Adidas' Your Story collection.

Shop Limited Edition Kicks From Adidas’ Olympic-Inspired “Your Story” Collection

Like so many other British brands, including Butter London who released a "Heavy Metal" polish trio, Adidas has just launched an Olympics-inspired capsule collection. The Adidas Consortium "Your Story" Summer 2012 Collection just hit Colette; the brand tapped 5 UK designers to take their most fond Olympic memories and translate them into a pair of Adidas shoes. The latest designers to be announced are Shaniqwa Jarvis, who was inspired by her time training for the Junior Olympics in swimming (above), and a tennis-worthy "Matchplay" pair by Happy Socks Creative Director Viktor Tell (below). Get 'em: Adidas x Viktor Tell Matchplay "Your Story" sneakers ($151). For more shoe news, find out who Manolo Blahnik is collaborating with next, the best flats of the season, and Christian Louboutin's capsule collection.

Butter London’s Olympics Nail Trio Is Here! Go For The ‘Fully Monty’ (Aka Gold) Now

We've loved Butter London since they named their Kate Middleton polish "No More Wait-y, Katie" and now the British brand is paying homage to their hometown again with an Olympics-themed polish set. Just as London is set to host the world's biggest athletic event, the brand has just launched this 'Olympics Heavy Medal' Trio ($36), which features colors The Full Monty, Diamond Geezer and The Old Bill. Anglophiles and Brits alike will flip for these gold, bronze and silver polish hues. GET IT NOW For more beauty news, check out Ciate's Jubilee Caviar set, the first-ever legal U.S. neon nail polish, and the Kardashian's kosmetics line.

Butter London’s Olympics Trio Includes Gold, Silver & Bronze Polish #Duh

It only seems right that Butter London releases a collection inspired by one of the biggest events to happen in their hometown this year. Well, besides the Queen's Diamond Jubilee extravaganza. Later this month, the non-toxic nail polish company will release a trio collection ($36) in coalition with the 2012 Summer Olympics. And what better shades to choose for a three-pack of Olympian-inspired lacquers than simply gold, silver, and bronze? The first-place gold hue is titled "The Full Monty," while silver is called "Diamond Geezer," and bronze rewarded "The Old Bill." We're not really sure how these titles relate to the Olympics or athleticism but we're still pretty stoked to flaunt some bling on our nails. Read more fashion and beauty news: Uniqlo x Velvet, House of Holland x Superga, and OPI's neon nail polish.