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Pajama, Palazzo (Tomato, Tomato): Call Them What You Want, We Love Printed Pants

Uber-spacious pants with character to spare are making a big showing this spring. Plain old denim can get a bit boring from time to time. Not to mention, it's pretty physically restrictive (just in case you need to burst into dance or do some impromptu yoga). The same cannot be said of this season's pajama pants, a major hit on the runways of SS12. These suckers are bright, bold, and built for comfort and fun (who could say no to that?). Already spotted on some of the more avant garde celebrity fashion plates (Vanessa Hudgens, who knew?), we're seeing spots (and stripes, and zig-zags, and floral prints ...) for spring. We scouted some of our favorites for you: Check out our guides to the best harem pants, leggings, and celebrity denim.

Tired Of Ankle-Suffocating Skinny Jeans? Try Olivia Palermo-Approved Palazzo Pants Instead

Looks like we have a trend here, ladies. Palazzo pants come from the Italian word "palazzo," which means "palace"---perhaps to indicate how palatially wide the leg is.  I first fell in love with the style last year on the pivotal Paris episode of Gossip Girl when Blake Lively wore the high-waisted pink pair (pictured far left), which Olivia Palermo mimicked at this year's New York Fashion Week (3rd from left). However, last week Annalyne McCord (2nd from left) stole a page from Ms. Palermo's book, pairing a cream top with her camel palazzo pants. Though camel and peach seem to be the tones to wear them in, we found plenty of other adorable palazzo pants that just beg to be taken on an Italian getaway: (more…)