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SheFinds News: The No Bra Faux Pas

We're not afraid to smooth out our lumps and bumps with the best shapewear and problem solving fashion tips, not to mention sexy jeans that fit our body type. We worked with you to uncover the best underwear and find some of the best bras -- so important to the overall styling of any look. So why do so many of our favorite stars seem to forget these basics? Where's your bra, Miss Barrymore? Remember when fashion icon Gwyneth went ultra-sheer? Sure, it was pre-mommy Paltrow but we didn't forget the fashion flub. Recently Barbara Streisand showed up at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York in a filmy black dress sans up-top undergarments. Didn't she learn anything from another famous democrat's faux pas? (Alexandra Kerry put on a show when the pop of the paparazzi's cameras caught her at Cannes.) But that wasn't the only opportunity for the songstress to learn about the perils of allowing your pendulums to swing free. Anne Hathaway fumbled in see-through black on the red carpet, too. Oh celebs, what must we do to get you to put on a bra? We expect this from a Lindsey or a Nicole -- but Meg Ryan?! You can't even blame this one on a flashbulb. We're starting a support group for women who lack support, check out this bra guide and even this one for those in need of big bras.

SheFinds News: The New Balenciaga Handbag Collection

The Spanish design house Balenciaga, headed by creative director Nicolas Ghesquiere in partnership with Gucci, has just introduced four new handbags. All in winter white and slightly oversized, they provide the perfect accent to any winter ensemble. The Coquette blog recently singled out the Coffre-Fort's "quilted body and boxier carpet bag feel" as a favorite. Personally, I would love to ride off into the sunset with the Whistle saddlebag. All four bags are featured in a video on the Balenciaga website. New nose, new bag? Apparently Ashlee Simpson is also a member of the Balenciaga fan club.

Trend Problem: What to wear with leggings?

Just because starlets and boho fashionistas have figured out what to pair with leggings doesn't mean it's a folly free fashion trend. In fact, it's easy to look like you're trying to connect with your inner 8-year-old ballerina. And we all agreed to only wear them appropriately, right? But leggings are comfy and work on those casual weekend days. So how to look put together and grown up? Go for fitted, long sweaters and tunics, and avoid the mini-mini frayed denim skirt. For your feet, our advice is this season's must-have ballet flats and slouchy boots are perfect finishers. Follow the Trend (appropriately): Check out this has plenty of hue for you!

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A Find: Bags with Gusto

What: Gustto Big Bacca Satchel Why: Sure, Gustto is the “It” handbag brand of the moment, but the Big Baca Satchel’s hip styling and understated elegance will withstand Hollywood’s fleeting fashion loyalties. In buttery camel or rich black, the subtle gold hardware adds some edge without going over the top. Hollywood could take a lesson from that. Price: $760 Find it:

A Find: Update on a Classic

I remember it like it was yesterday. My first big handbag purchase was – I’ll admit it – a classic Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy. Sure they’re everywhere, but I’ve never made a smarter, more useful purchase, as nervous as I may have been to fork over the funds to complete the transaction. So what could make my favorite pattern better? Check out the new Monogram Groom LV accessories in the Designer Handbags section on Each piece features a bold two-color, off-center stripe with a luggage-toting Bellhop. The design harks back to one of the luxury travel goods company’s 1921 advertisements. My favorite item is the pochette cles. Finding your keys in a cluttered bag is certainly made easier with this key fob. But there’s also room in the interior for a credit card and some cash. And watch heads turn when you pull it out. Price: $200 Find it:

A Find: A Little Art in Your Step

Prefer wearing your art on your sleeve? Or perhaps on your feet? However the saying goes, wearing these shoes might put a little culture in your step. That can at least be your excuse for springing for new boots and heels. Farylrobin’s line of pumps and boots for Fall were inspired by 17th century Dutch painters – the designers don’t specify which artists, though judging by the rich jewel tones of the suede and leather perhaps Rembrandt or Vermeer. It doesn’t matter what the inspiration is when obsession takes over. These might be the best match to update a back-to-school-esque denim skirt, more conservative-for-the-office suit, or slim trousers. Or check out this . The Farylrobin website is a must see, but head over to to purchase – a plus since Zappos doesn’t only ship them to you for free, they’ll also give you the shipping materials to return them free of charge if you must. But our money says you won’t even think about parting with them. Prices range: $130-$250 Get Yours: at

A Find: One for (all) the Ages

What’s not to love about this classic Celine tote at eLuxury? But perhaps the cool factor can be upped a little in this vibrant burgundy. The Calfskin Boogie Bag is one that will definitely grow better and softer with age. And it’s a good thing. You won’t get tired of it anytime soon. It’s refined lines are perfect for all ages, because is there ever an age where you don’t want the bag that can carry it all? Can it get better? Yes, eLuxury has recently introduced lower ground shipping rates. Just $12.50 and a little patience bring this beauty straight to your doormat. Price: $1,150 Find it:

Shefind News: Madge’s Mid-Life Crisis Hair

Watch out, Christina Aguilera; Madonna, the original queen of reinvention, has undergone yet another image overhaul. She appeared at a photo exhibit in Tokyo early last week sporting a shocking new do. The reigning music matriarch showed off her hip new bob, complete with sweeping bangs, piecey layers, and a color that is the exact same shade as her smile. Seems Madge has been getting quite a bit of flak for the eye-catching coiffure, but I hesitantly admit that I’m a fan. Hey, as far as Madonna goes this is a pretty tame move. No cones, no bindis, no t-shirts with cute little catchy phrases like “cult member.” This might be a step in the right direction. Want to check out more celebs' hair for your own inspiration or amusement, go to Having a bad hair day of your own? Whatever your hair problems are, we have solution in today's Hair Care Guide. (Hint: Subscribers got it first, straight to their stylish little inboxes.) Seriously? Madonna is stealing styling tips from Lil' Richie? They even have identically overdone eye lids.