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What Is ‘Blooming’ And How To Get Rid Of It

SHEfinds receives commissions for purchases made through the links in this post. The daffodils are in full bloom. That sounds really beautiful and poetic, right? Also, like, Orlando Bloom... definitely positive connotations there. Well, the reality of "bloom/blooming" is far less cool and celeb-studded than the name would have you believe. What is it? It's the white powdery film that collects on the outside of your favorite rain boots. See, not as fun as Orlando or spring flowers :/ It's pretty strange and annoying — like the ghost of monsoons past haunting your calves — but there is a pretty simple way to get rid of this so-called "Bloom." And the answer is... olive oil! Rub a teaspoon of olive oil on the affected area of each rain boot with a cloth and the bloom will fade away — leaving you with more pressing blooms to think about (Orlando). Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent bloom from uh, blooming in the first place. It's just a natural rain boot phenomenon. But it's so, so easy to remove, so don't sweat it! Grab a bottle of olive oil and get de-blooming! Hunter Original Short Gloss ($140) Don't forget to check out: What Is Ghee? Everything You Need To Know About Kourtney Kardashian’s Weight Loss Trick and What Is A Shacket? Find Out Why You Need One For Spring [Photo: Shelby Rodriguez]

4 Different Ways To Style Your Rain Boots #WeatherApproved

SHEfinds receives commissions for purchases made through the links in this post. It's so difficult to "dress up" when it is raining. It takes every ounce of strength to not throw on a pair of leggings with a hooded sweatshirt. Unfortunately, when you have to go to work in the rain you can't show up looking like a hot mess. Rain boots aren't exactly the most glamorous shoes but if you style them properly they can look really cute. Keep on reading for four different ways to wear rain boots. With Jeans This one is a bit obvious. Jeans are by far the easiest thing to pair with rain boots because they are versatile and match virtually any style of rain boots. You can go the casual route and wear jeans and rain boots with a laid back sweatshirt or dress it up with a knit sweater. It's best to wear jeans that are on the darker side because they blend in easier with your dark rain boots. On the other hand, light-colored jeans look cool with bright rain boots. Levi's Mile High Super Skinny Jeans ($78) With Socks/Legwarmers If you are into layering then wearing socks or legwarmers with rain boots is definitely up your alley. Wear neutral-colored socks, like black, white or grey, with your rain boots to create the ultimate comfy, layered look. It's important to not have too much of the socks or legwarmers showing. If they go up to your knees then your legs will look shorter than they are. Only let a few inches show from the top of your rain boots. Free People Cozy Cable Socks ($19.60, down from $28) With Dresses and Skirts Don't be fooled into thinking you can't wear rain boots with dresses or skirts. Since rain boots are a bit chunky on their own, you should avoid wearing a tight fitted dress or skirt because it will draw more attention to your clunky boots. A fit-and-flare or shift dress is a great option. Also, don't be afraid to wear a patterned dress or skirt! A playful, bright pattern will perfectly balance out your simple rain boots. Current/Elliott The Muscle Tee Dress ($158) With Tights Want to wear leggings with your rain boots? Try a pair of tights with a dress instead. They will instantly take your outfit to the next level. A pair of colored tights is the perfect complement to your rain boots. Of course, keep in mind the color of your boots and tights. Obviously, you want to make sure they match! Wear a simple fit-and-flare dress with tights and a statement piece, like a leather jacket or collar necklace. Commando Matte Opaque Tights ($36) Now go put on your rain boots and jump in some puddles! Just kidding...kind of. Don't miss 26 midi skirt outfit ideas perfect for spring and find out what your favorite swimsuit style says about you! [Photo: Gal Meets Glam]

Buy These Cute Rain Boots Now So You’re Never Caught Off-Guard By Wet Weather Again

Lots of ladies here on the East Coast were totally surprised to wake up to snow and slush this morning. So if you've been putting off investing in a stylish pair of boots that keep your feet dry in wet weather, now is the time. Stop whatever you're doing and get to Barneys Warehouse now. They currently have a super cute pair of all black rain boots on sale for less than $100. Take a look:   Barneys New York Cavallerizzo Rain Boots ($90, down from $130) Pretty sweet, right? Because they're all black they look like leather, except they'll be able to withstand walking around on slushy streets and jumping in over puddles. Once you've added these cute boots to your cart, keep shopping! Barneys Warehouse is currently having their Purple Card event, so you'll get a $25 gift card for every $250 you spend. Just don't wait! This offers ends on 2/7. BUY YOUR CUTE RAIN BOOTS NOW Be sure to check out designer jeans on sale and cheap Asics sneakers. [Photo: Barneys Warehouse]

Hunter Boots Are Never, Ever This Cheap–Get A Pair For $99 Today

This is not a drill. Today only (or while supplies last) Hunter is offering their Women's Original Tall Gloss Rain Boots in Mint for just $99. Hunter boots are never, ever this cheap. All sizes are still available, but with a deal this good, that won't last very long. If mint green isn't your thing, the same style is on sale for $104.99 in olive green and light pink. It's a Black Friday miracle! SHOP THE HUNTER BOOT SALE NOW Don't forget to check out: the best Black Friday sales and Jessica Alba's $50 Draper James bag [Photos: eBay, Instagram]

Can You Tell Which Studded Rain Boots Cost $380 More Than The Other?

If you don't own a pair of rain boots, you need to get yourself a pair, like, yesterday. Rain boots are an essential part of anyone's wardrobe and they should be fun and stylish. It's a good way to add a little jazz to a dreary day. If you want a pair of rain boots that are versatile but still chic, try a pair of studded rain boots. A couple great options are Valentino Rockstud Rain Boots ($445) and Nasty Gal Camden Studded Rain Boot ($65). They look nearly identical. Can you tell which pair costs $380 more? Click the pictures below to find out! Don't miss your chance to shop Kate Spade's Surprise Sale and shop the sneakers that every model is obsessed with!

HACK: Here’s How To Get The Rubber Smell Out Of Your Rain Boots

Don't you love getting a new pair of rain boots to combat the wet weather? I do, too. Don't you hate when you open the box to your brand new rain boots and they smell like, uh, rubber. The rubber smell can be overwhelming and can even deter me from wearing my rain boots, which obviously defeats the purpose. Luckily, there's a way to fix it! 1. Dilute white vinegar with water. 2. Dampen a cloth or paper towel with the diluted solution. 3. Rub your rain boots all over. 4. Wipe dry with a clean cloth. Now, go stomp in those puddles with your non-smelly rain boots! Don't miss how to store jewelry using basic household items and shop these cute short rain boots that are perfect for summer!

Hate Rain Boots? That’s Exactly Why Hunter Made Rubber Rain Sneakers

I've ruined more shoes than I care to count all for one simple reason: I hate rain boots. Yes, I have a pair of tall rubber Hunters, but I basically never wear them because in addition to being one of least comfortable pair of shoes I own, they're also freakin hot. On a day like today, I'd rather let me feet get drenched than put them in tall boots in 90 degree weather. I must not be alone, though, because Hunter just stepped up their weatherproof footwear game in a major way. How, you ask? Rain sneakers! Hunter Lace Up High Top Rain Sneakers ($295) Given the colors, they are oddly reminiscent of LEGOs or a Rubix cube, but no matter. They're leaps and bounds better than traditional rain boots and they'll keep your feet dry just the same. What do you think? Would you wear them? I'd totally rock this colorful pair, but I'm secretly hoping Hunter does them in solids, too. UPDATE: The good news? Turns out Hunter does indeed make their rubber rain sneakers in solid colors. The bad? They're low tops and kinda not as cool as the high tops. Still, a totally legit option if you really hate rain boots. Hunter Original Lo-Top Sneakers ($125) Don't miss Superga's new slip-ons and Mindy Kaling's Mara Hoffman maxi dress.

I Hate Rain Boots, But I’d Totally Rock These Rubber Bernardo Lace-Up Booties

Rain boots have definitely come a long way, but there still aren't that many stylish options. That's why I was so stoked to come across these Bernardo Lacey Rain Boots ($145). They're not just cute for rain boots, they're cute boots period. The laces definitely elevate the look and the small heel is totally practical in slick weather. Even better, there are 5 gorgeous colors to choose from. They were already written up in WWD and style bloggers are already starting to snap pics in them so we suggest you snag your pair ASAP. SHOP THE BERNARDO LACEY RAIN BOOTS NOW Be sure to check out Kristin Cavallari's booties on sale, plus pretty rose gold jewelry.

My Winter Boot Hack: Buy Moto Rain Boots Instead

I know that winter boots are more about function than fashion, but do they have to be so GD ugly? Seriously! I am a fan of wearing the same pair of shoes all day and not having to awkwardly change in to a second pair at my desk, but does anyone really want to walk around the office in Sorel Joan of Arctics or duck boots? No, they don't. So you end up wearing them to work then immediately changing, or just feeling too lazy to do that and wearing regular boots and ruining them in the snow. And since I'm not trekking in the backwoods of Alaska, so do I really need my shoe to have "vulcanized rubber" or be "seam sealed"? Nah. Just keep the snow out of my toes and we're good. I own a pair of Sorels and never wear them (total waste of $150) but this year I decided I would spend more money to replace them with a pair I'd actually wear instead of continuing to ruin sneakers and leather boots in water puddles and snow piles. Here's what I landed on and I could NOT be happier with them: Michael Michael Kors Devenport Rain Bootie which are now $75 down from $225 at Neiman Marcus' Last Call sale. They are super cool (see above) and I actually wear them not only in the snow/on my commute, but once I get to office I keep them on all day. It's been liberating. Get a pair for yourself: Michael Michael Kors Devenport Rain Bootie ($75, down from $225)

18 Winter Boots That Don’t Look Anything Like Winter Boots

See something in common with the winter boots that everyone wants? For some reason, our trusty winter boots seem to always feel ten times heavier on our feet with weatherproof materials and wide-toe designs. There's a few of us out there who would rather wear winter boots that, well, don't look like winter boots. Luckily, a few designers heard our plea and created leather, suede, and rubber boots that are both flatteringly narrow at the toe and weatherproof. Check out our slideshow to see which pair you'll want to wear for the next snowfall. [Photo: Kelly in the City] Don’t forget to check out: how to wear a beanie, how to wear leggings at work, and 19 fashion and beauty hacks for winter.  

The Hunter Boots Sale Is Still Going Strong–Grab A Pair For 40% Off

Hunter has been running one of the best sales of the year--30-40% off their iconic wellington boots--since early December. It's some sort of Christmas miracle that they haven't run out of boots yet, but we're thanking our lucky stars (or Santa?) that they've still got Original Packable Tour Rain Boots ($104, down from $148), Original Clear Leg Wellington Boots ($125, down from $250), Original Stripe Wellington Boots ($115, down from $160) Original Scuba Eyelet Wellington Boots ($154, down from $225) and many more styles in a variety of colors and sizes.  SHOP THE HUNTER BOOTS SALE NOW  

Hunter Just Changed The Rain Boot Game YET AGAIN With These High-Heeled Ones

Hunter is not one to rest on their laurels, so to speak. Even though their classic Wellies are a bestseller and have been for many years, they continue to break the rain boot mold--with a travel-friendly roll-up version, then a very cool collab with Rag & Bone. Today they are changing the rain boot game--yet again--with their first-ever high-heel rain boots that just launched online:  The Hunter Original High Heel Chelsea Rain Boots ($325) are incredibly on-trend--with the lug sole (they kind of look like Alexander Wang booties). I love the multi-color soles and the elastic Chelsea boot upper. The Hunter website has more color combinations in the Chelsea (as well as a cool cracked leather one), high-heel versions of their original leather boots, and a pair of ankle-strap boots that have this editor's name written all over them. Shop now.

We’re Calling It Now–Loeffler Randall’s New Fenton Rain Boots Are Going To Sell Out

Loeffler Randall has had the rain boots market on lock for years now. For a while their sliver wedge rain boots were the only stylish waterproof option for women looking to keep their feet dry without resorting to horrific plastic galoshes, but not anymore. Loeffler just introduced a brand new rain boot and these are even better than the wedges. Check them out! Loeffler Randall Fenton Boots ($195) Now if you're a Loeffler diehard, you already know these are inspired by their wildly popular Fenton Buckle Booties. Except, of course, that these are rubber so you can wear them in the snow and rain without worrying about ruining them. Loves it! When Loeffler Randall first debuted their wedge rain boots, they sold out insanely fast so we have no doubt the same will happen with these. If you like them, you'd better order yours ASAP. Be sure to check out the Mansur Gavriel trunk show, Kristin Cavallari's leopard heels and 28 fashion sneakers. [Photo: Loeffler Randall]

Don’t Make The Same Mistake Twice: Get Yourself Rain Boots & Cutoffs For Gov Ball

We're basically smack dab in the middle of music festival season right now. Ultra and Coachella already happened, but there's still Bonnaroo, Glastonbury (for all you international peeps) and this weekend's Governors Ball. In case you forgot what went down last year at this event, here's a refresher: Tropical Storm Andrea decided to ambush New York City with heavy rain and flash-flood warnings. The weather was so bad Friday night that headlining acts Kings of Leon and Pretty Lights had to cancel their closing sets “due to high winds and unsafe stage conditions,” a statement from the festival said. But just like life, the beat goes on, and the rain-soaked venue didn't stop concertgoers from seeing their favorite performers the rest of the weekend. They just threw on denim cutoffs and rain boots to fight off the insane mud on Randalls Island. We know the bad weather is kind of what makes these 3-day festivals, but we still think you should be prepared. The forecast might not predict wet weather now, but who knows what can change in the next few days. Plus, even if you're not going to see Outkast or Disclosure this weekend, you should still get yourself a good pair of rain boots and cutoffs for any festival you might be hitting up this summer. Celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Moss have been doing it for years, and now it's your turn. Click the slideshow to see our picks! For more festival style, check out: 9 places to shop online for your next music festival, the best cutoffs from Coachella 2014 and how to stand out at your next house music festival [Photo: Splash News] Don't Make The Same Mistake Twice: Get Yourself Rain Boots & Cutoffs For Gov Ball

Umbrellas, Boots & Jackets That Will Make Spring Rainy Days Somewhat Bareable

Now that we've FINALLY switched our scarves and beanies for a pair of sunglasses (peace out, SADD!), let's not forget that spring means tons and tons of rains showers (even after April). A day of rain, like today in NYC, can be a total drag. So why not spruce things up with a brightly colored parka, printed umbrella, or a stylish set of rain boots? (We are loving the marble-print pair from Hunter.) Not only will you be protecting yourself from the elements, but you'll be looking good while doing it. And hey, you just might cheer someone else up along the way, most likely as they carry a plain, solid-colored umbrella that's half broken and a pair of soaking wet shoes. Check out our slideshow to see if there's anything that catches your eye for when it starts to downpour. Check out more stories: how to wear a denim jacket, springtime accessories, and how to supersize your closet. [Photo: The Glamourai]

Can You Tell Which Rain Boots Are DVF And Which Are Knock-Offs?

While we love to have a traditional rain boot that's perfect for rain puddle jumping and playing in 6-inch snow, there's those bad-weather moments where we couldn't be bothered. We got places to go! Errands to run! A small office space that probably won't fit another pair of shoes, especially a knee-high wellie! What we need is a weather-resistant boot that's lightweight and stylish enough so you can also wear it indoors. And what type of boot never goes out of style? The Chelsea boot. So luckily a few designers decided to create their own in sleek and glossy rubber. We especially love it in a rich wine-inspired color. Which rain boot do you think costs more than the other? Answer: The rain boot on the left is the Jeffrey Campbell Forecast Rain Boot ($70) and the one on the right is the Diane von Furstenberg Rain Boot ($89.99, down from $150). Sure, the prices aren't too much of a difference, especially with the DVF boots on sale, but $20 is still enough to treat yourself to something extra, whether it's a few lunches that don't involve dinner leftovers or some beauty products you've been meaning to try. Which boot do you like more? Let us know in the comments below! Check out more Taste Tests: Baroque-print dresses, silver jeans, and over-the-knee boots.

The Pretty Girl’s Guide To Commuting: How To Look Good When You Get To Work

To quote Game of Thrones, "Winter Is Coming." The freezing temps, the snow, the sleet, the rain, and salt-ridden sidewalks. Yes, you'll have to face these weather challenges head-on soon, especially during your daily commute. And what's worse than showing up to work and the back of your favorite black slacks are covered with slush? If facing these winter trials are brand new to you, or if you're looking to step up your warm layer game, then read on. We've gathered a few tips and tricks on how to dress appropriately (while still sporting a stylish outfit under all of those layers) during the inevitable cold weather. Click the slideshow to find out how to good when you commute. Have more tips on dressing for your cold weather commute? Share them in the comments section below! For more tips, check out: boots to wear based on the weather, everything you need to know about Isabel Marant x H&M and 10 ways you're making your skin worse [Photo Credit: The Glamouri]

Checked The Forecast Today? Al Roker Says You Need Some New Rain Boots.

After going through the stress of getting a Halloween costume (or costumes) and making plans, we found out that it's supposed to rain all weekend. #Halloweenfail. But to make sure our feet stay dry and our outfits aren't ruined, we rounded up some rain boots just for you. And the best part about these is that they don't look like typical rain boots, aka they're not ugly. We even have some real boots in our closets that look just like these. There's tall sleek riding boots, short studded moto ones and even a shiny ombre pair that is making us re-think the faded color trend (no joke). So like we said, there's no better time to get rain boots then right now. Better to be prepared than a soaking wet Miley Cyrus on Halloween! Click the slideshow to shop rain boots now! And don't forget to check out: Zoe Kravitz'z leopard flats are 60% off, Macy's boot sale and the comfiest winter coats ever [Photo Credit: Natalie Off Duty]

I Hate Rain Boots, But I’m Kind Of Obsessed With These Colorblock Hunter Boots

When it rains, I usually decide which pair of shoes I hate so I can ruin them in the nasty wet weather. Yes, I hate rain boots that much. They're like rubber ovens around my feet and legs and they usually have an unbearably bad smell to them. All that being said, I can't help but obsess over these new colorblock Hunter rain boots. They're the perfect dose of color without having to commit to a knee-high bright pink boot and of course, they keep your feet clean and dry. I've pretty much decided I have to have a pair, but what color? Click through the slideshow to see all the pretty combos. GET YOUR COLORBLOCK HUNTER BOOTS NOW Don't miss the Isabel Marant boots celebs love, Barbie's new Coach wardrobe and fall's illusion booties.

How To Look Put-Together On A Rainy Day

I always feel like I look like a drowned rat on rainy days. I never seem to wear the right jacket or shoes--and don't even get me started on my hair. And even though it's pouring out, there's always that one girl gracefully dodging puddles in her cute rain boots and perfectly fitted trench coat. After several days of showing up to work looking like I got lost in the Amazon rainforest during my commute, I decided I wanted to make summer rain storms my bitch. Here are the rainy day survival tricks I've learned so far: Wear water proof makeup. If the weather forecast says rain, reach for your waterproof mascara in the morning. You never know when you'll get caught in downpour or splashed in the face (seriously). Unless you are under the age of 10, multi-colored rain boots are not acceptable. I don't care who makes them. Invest in a pair of classic, black rain boots--preferably ones that look like regular boots. I love this pair by Burberry ($275) because they a) don't even look like they are made out of plastic and b) will go with whatever outfit you already have planned. Pick up a bottle of anti-humidity spray. Kate Middleton is the only woman in the world that can pull off frizzy hair. Swing by Sephora and get yourself a bottle of Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil Dry Oil Mist ($35). Trust me, it's worth it. A belted trench always looks classy. It's almost impossible to go wrong with a classic beige trench coat. Opt for one with a cinched waisted for a more fitted look. Bonus points if you find one with a hood. Plastic ponchos are only okay if you are a tourist at Disney world. Unless your trapped at Epcot in the middle of a torrential downpour, don't even think about touching a plastic poncho. In order to help you follow these rules, I rounded up the best boots, umbrellas and rain jackets for surviving this miserable weather (and looking good at the same time). Flip through the slideshow to check out my rainy day picks. And for sunny days, check out these classic-style sunglasses, pastel sunnies and our guide to the best sunglasses.

Make Rainy Days Suck A Little Less With These Cool, Colorful Wet Weather Essentials

April is right around the corner, which means spring is a whole lot closer... but also that there are lots of rainy days to come. Now before you bust the seasonal depression meds, why not try some cool, colorful rain gear instead? There's nothing like a bright pink trench to pick you up on a rainy day, right? Between this season's PVC trend (which is totally waterproof!) and the ever expanding selection of sleek rain boots, there’s no reason you can’t channel your excitement for the new season by treating yourself to some wet weather investment pieces. Designers like Valentino and Milly make awesome clear trench coats, while labels like Dolce & Gabbana and Christian Louboutin make waterproof PVC handbags to keep all your belongings dry. Click through the slideshow to shop just a few of our favorite rainy day essentials that are guaranteed to make any grey day a little brighter. Be sure to hit up this J. Crew sale, plus shop Kate Middleton's Stuart Weitzman boots on sale and cool sneakers. [Photo: Atlantic Pacific]

Matthew Williamson Teams With Havaianas, But Not On A Pair Of Flip Flops

British fashion designer Matthew Williamson is no stranger to collaborations - in 2009, his collaboration with H&M was one for the books and just last year he teamed with Macy's for a limited-edition capsule - but this time he's joining forces with the south. Well, sort of: Williamson has created two pairs of brightly colored (I'm talking turquoise-green and peacock-patterned) pairs of rain boots in conjunction with Brazilian footwear brand Havaianas' 50th anniversary for fall 2012. Did I mention they're ah-dorable? "I'm drawn to the way Havaianas capture playfulness and light-heartedness in their products - there is clearly an element of fun," the designer told Vogue UK. "I wanted to embrace this sensibility in the rain boots and so chose prints that were whimsical without being kitsch." While Havaianas might be best known for the wear-with-anything flip flops, Williamson said he's practically an expert in guarding off the rain. Besides, a girl can always use an extra pair of rain boots, especially peacock-patterned ones! Both pairs retail for $134.66. Want more footwear news? Read up on which seven shoes every woman should have in her closet, the most stylish rain boots to keep you dry, or DSW's newest Disney princess collaboration!

Can You Tell Which Equestrian-Style Rain Boots Cost $200 More?

The Hunter Two-Tone Riding Rain Boot on the left costs $195, $200 less than the Burberry Rubber Wellington Boots on the right ($395). Shop our guides to the best rain gear, stylish rain boots, and embellished Hunter rain boots.

Add These To Your Hurricane Survival Kit, Stat. Tall, Stylish Rain Boots On Sale!

Is it bad this list is actually pretty accurate? [via Be Better Blog] Ok, so maybe we're being irrational, but it's a fact you will need a pair of rain boots to combat Hurricane Irene, so you might as well get a pair that are a) on sale and b) stylish. Who needs a pair of frumpy rain boots? Not you. Order them today from the Zappos sale and they'll be delivered before the storm. Shipping's free! Precautions, people. Check out our top 5 picks to go with your vodka-fueled complaining fest. (more…)

Can You Tell Which Pair Of Black Crocodile-Print Rain Boots Costs $375 More Than The Other One?

Answer: The black crocodile-print rain boots at left by Jimmy Choo for Hunter ($425) cost $375 more than the Chooka Croco Dual Buckle boots at right ($49.99). Keep yourself guessing with all of our Taste Tests, and join our e-mail list for exclusive updates.

Rain On The Forecast? Don’t Panic, Just Pack Your Hunter Wedding Wellies

Living by the weather forecast for your upcoming wedding? Even if rain is a possibility, the old-fashioned look of original Hunter rain boots ($125) somehow go adorably well with wedding garb -- and make for an amazing outdoor wedding photo accessory. These reliable, all-weather boots now come in so many different colors and styles, you can easily outfit everyone in your bridal party. Bonus: Your special pair will bring back happy memories every time you wear them in the rain after the big day. Get more outdoor wedding must-haves in our guides on outdoor wedding dresses, wedding shrugs and wraps, and eco-friendly wedding favors.

Rain Boots Stylish Enough To Wear To Work In The Summer

According to the Farmer's Almanac, this is not the first rain shower of the summer--it's going to be raining a LOT. Which means if you haven't already been swayed by the rain boot gods to buy a pair, this is your chance. Already got a pair? We've got lightweight trench coats and umbrellas, too--and it's all on sale. Aren't you glad you waited? (more…)

These Hunter Rain Flats Look Suspiciously Similar To These Marc Jacobs Ballet Flats

From left: the Hunter flats ($98) and the Marc by Marc Jacobs flats ($158.94, down from $195) Hunter (the infamous rain boot company) came out with a line of water-resistant ballet flats that look eerily similar to these Marc by Marc Jacobs flats (right).  But let's address matters one at a time: Hunter makes ballet flat rain shoes?! When did this happen? Well, we must have been living under a rock, because apparently they've also come out with really adorable Hunter Boat Shoes, too. But onto the next point, their waterproof ballet flats look strikingly similar to these Marc by Marc Jacobs flats, which happen to be on sale here at (Get 'em while they're hot, though---a little birdie tells us there are only 2 left in stock). But copycats aside, both shoes are well under $200, so why not just buy both and use them interchangeably pending the weather forecast? Shop these, and two other styles of Hunter flats right here at Bloomingdale's. Be sure to check out all of our posts on Rain Boots, as well as our buying guides on Stylish Rain Boots and the Best Rain Gear.

Stylish Umbrellas: Like A Spoonful Of Sugar For Rainy Days

Now here's something Mary Poppins would surely endorse. Get yourself a cute umbrella--you'll instantly make rainy days more bearable, and then you can finally stop lugging around that old broken one. This month's incessant showers should be very afraid. We make it easy for you, just click the thumbnails to shop. (more…)

It’s Going To Rain A Lot This Summer: Time For You To Grab Some New Rain Boots

April showers might bring May flowers, but according to the weather reports throughout summer, the only thing they're bringing are more rain storms. So don't ruin your new spring wedges--invest in a pair of quality rain boots like Hunter rain boots or these Loeffler Randall rain booties. If you don't know which ones are right for you, consult our Rain Boot Buying Guide - you can thank us later. Need help shopping online? Take a look at all of our buying guides & don't forget to sign up for our newsletter.

April Showers Got You Down? Introducing: Loeffler Randall Rain Booties (Now On Sale)

Loeffler Randall Rain Booties, $145, down from $165. If this week's bout of rainy weather had you as depressed as we were, worry not: we found the antidote: the rain bootie. We've been lusting after the above style by Loeffler Randall--and it's finally on sale!  But these shoes got us to thinking: what other kinds of rain boots make us a little less depressed about spring showers? It's all about the bootie! Part utilitarian, part fashion statement, there's something about these little kicks that don't damper your style. Check out some of our other favorites below (and guess what? They're all on sale!): (more…)

Spring’s Forecast = Rain. These Stylish Rain Boots Are Up To 50% Off (!)

Don't get caught with a frumpy pair of rain boots--or worse, without them at all. At Bloomingdale's, you can get them on sale. Try these sexy over the knee Calvin Klein Ava rain boots ($83 from $119), or these Steve Madden 'Tsunami' boots ($63 from $79). (more…)

Your Hair Might Look Horrendous, But Hunter Rain Boots Are 50% Off. #SilverLining

See, there's really an upside to everything. Rainy days wash away pretty hairstyles, good moods, and most makeup, but you can also spend all day in a pair of Hunter rain boots without anyone really caring. Jildor's 50% off winter sale has tons of stylish rain boots to choose from. Take. your. pick. More awesome sales: Neiman Marcus’s Final Call sale (code WINTER) 50% off shoes at Piperlime Vena Cava at Bloomingdale's 30% Off Madewell For more, check out our guide to the best stylish rain boots, skinny jeans and blazers (my favorite rainy day look), plus all of this week's hand-picked sales and deals and upcoming online sample sales. Follow the author of this post on Twitter @shefindseileen.

The 10 Best Martin Luther King Jr. Day Sales From Around The Web

Whether you've got the day off today or you're at work, retailers are celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day with tons of sales. We've rounded up the 10 sales you shouldn't miss -- so hurry and take advantage! 1. Up to 70% off at Shopbop This Cynthia Vincent coat is the perfect investment--it looks cool with a belt, or open, and can easily be dressed up or down, layered or not. The choice is yours ($212, from $430). 2. 70% off at The Outnet Get a load of this Isabel Marant turquoise necklace--not only does it look great with everything - it's also marked down to $182, from $365. 3. Zappos: Up to 50% off Step in puddles and slush without a care--these Tretorn waterproof rain boots are stylish and completely waterproof ($63, from $80). 4. 70% off at Reiss I can't get over the price of this Reiss leopard print jacket--$87, marked down from $475. Pair it with skinny jeans and heels and you've got yourself a sexy look. 5. Up to 65% off at Bloomingdale's This Aqua sequin-detail shirt is perfect for tucking into skirts or wearing with leggings or skinny jeans ($52, from $88). 6. Piperlime: 65% off the Tag Sale It's rare to find a pair of jeans that fit in a flattering way without busting your budget. Well, William Rast is to the rescue: this pair of denim leggings gets great customer ratings and is only $69.97, from $175. 7. Endless: 50% off boots, handbags and more Our intern Brittany rocks these Kelsi Dagger boots like no other with white jeans and an oversize sweater--now you can get the same pair for $79.50, from $149.95. 8. 30% off at Nordstrom Treat yourself to a Marc by Marc Jacobs tote that'll brighten up even the chilliest winter days ($104.90, from $158) 9. 50% off dresses and more at ASOS This gorgeous beaded halter neck dress is perfect for cocktail parties, and all of the events coming up this spring, from bridal showers to big dates ($94, from $163). 10. Up to 70% off at Saks Leave your plain old black clutch behind - this Tory Burch croc-embossed clutch in punchy magenta is party ready + free shipping on orders over $100 with code JANSFA. ($254.99, from $365). Check out all of our favorite sales, today's online sample sales and all of our best find of the day picks. Follow the author of this post on Twitter @shefindseileen.

5 Ways To Winterize Your Wardrobe Without Spending A Small Fortune

There might be snow on the ground, but that's no excuse to leave your summer dress and rain boots to collect dust. Between boot liners and fur scarves, we can now turn our go-to summer staples into year round outfits. So what are you waiting for? It's time to pimp out your warm weather wardrobe with these affordable style converters: 1. Transform Your Rain Boots Into Winter Boots: Slip these cozy Sperry Top-Sider Rain Boot Sock Liners ($24.95) into your favorite rain boots to turn them into lined winter boots and to keep feet toasty. 2. Keep Legs Warms, Even On Skirt Days: Inside of boring knee socks, try adding a stylishly warm finish to any dress with a pair of DKNY Hosiery Pointelle Boot Toppers ($22).They hug your legs from the ankle up in sweet pointelle. 3. Weather-ize Your UGGs: Don't let your UGGs fear the snow with this UGG® Australia's Sheepskin Stain and Water Repellent spray ($8) that protect your boots (and clogs) from any unwanted weather. 4. Add An Instant Fur Collar For Any Coat: There's a chance you might actually enjoy the cold while wearing this Shopbop Basics' Faux Fur Neck Warmer ($78). This fully lined stole works under ever coat. 6. Wear Moisturizing Leggings Under Your Jeans Since we hate how dry our legs get in the winter, thanks to these mango butter and almond oil Lytess Micro Massaging Lift Leggings ($110), which layer under pants, we can have smooth legs all day. Jonesing for more winter ideas? Shop more accessories including rain boots, leggings and more. Sign up for SHEFindsMail for exclusive SHEFinds news.

Going Going Gone: Only 3 Sizes Of Loeffler Randall Rain Boots Left

If you need winter or all-weather boots - and we know you do right now - why not opt for a pair of rain boots (cheaper than winter boots) and then put a warm fleece liner inside? If you like this idea, make a move on it today because there are only 3 sizes of these Loeffler Randall Back Zip Rubber Rain Boots ($195) left. We featured the boots on our Holiday Sold-Out list, and they continue to be hot sellers after Christmas and into the New Year. Grab a pair of these army green wedge boots today and you'll be equipped for all those slush puddles and inclement weather of January. Check out our guides to the best stylish rain boots and winter boots, then see all of our sales and deals, online sample sales, and best find of the day picks, too. Follow the author of this post on Twitter @bridefinds.

Going Going Gone: Only 1 Pair Of Quilted Hunter Boots Left

You know we're all about stylish rain boots and not-fugly winter boots here, so you can imagine our delight to find these Hunter Boots Regent Savoy Quilted Glossy Boots ($175) at Shopbop. The quilted black boots are so refined - they don't even belong in the same class as most of the rain boots we've seen. So, it's no wonder everyone and their mother has bought a pair. Shopbop is down to only 1 pair of 7's - so move fast. See our guide to more stylish rain boots, over the knee boots, leopard print shoes and clogs for the fall season. Sign up for SHEFindsMail and received exclusive e-mail updates. Follow the author of this post on Twitter @bridefinds.

Can You Tell Which Lace-Up Rain Boots Cost Twice As Much As The Others?

Keep guessing with all of our Taste Tests. Shop our guides to the best flat boots and the best high heeled boots. Sign up for the SHEFinds newsletter to receive exclusive sales and deals, plus the most updated fashion news.

Thank You, Loeffler Randall, For Rain Boots That Are Legitimately Cool

Rain boots have a nasty tendency to be either too manly and clunky, or too little kid-ish. This pair of Loeffler Randall Rain Boots ($195) defies those stereotypes and proves that rain boots can be sexy and sleek. These boots are on our Holiday Sold Out List because of the cute little wedge, the zippered back, and their overall ability to make us wish it would rain more often. Careful ladies, the rainy days are getting more and more plentiful so you'll want to snatch these up quick. For more gift ideas, check our holiday sold out list, then check out the perfect gifts for your party girl friends, gifts for your reality TV-obsessed friends, and passive aggressive gifts for your frenemy. If you’re still stumped, hit up Part 1 of Oprah’s Favorite Things for 2010. Then see all of our sales and deals, best find of the day posts, and online sample sales, too.

Jeffrey Campbell Rain Boots: The Perfect Gift For Your Footwear-Challenged Friend

In the world of footwear, Jeffrey Campbell is the epitome of cool so it's no surprise that we're totally in love with the Jeffrey Campbell Voom Rain Boots ($69.99). They're sleek and glossy and don't resemble clunky Hunters or pink polka dot boots at all. They're on our Sold Out List for this holiday season, and with a $69 price tag, how could you pass these babies up? Get them now  for yourself, or one of your foot-wear challenged friends. Check out more of our favorite gifts. Shop our guides to the best cocktail dresses, the best heavy moisturizers, and the best festive attire. Subscribe to our online mailing list for more fashion updates.  

More Rainy Days Are On The Way: 5 Cheaper-Than-Hunter Muck Rain Boots

Rain is really annoying and according to the forecasts we've checked, it's not going anywhere this week. When it comes to wet weather fashion, we've always told you to swap the polka dot boots (so middle school) for stylish rain gear and rain boots. Now, we bring you Muck Boots, a brand that is wet-proof enough for farmers, and chic enough for well, you. Plus, the boots are known for fitting wide-calves (finally) and for their cheaper-than-Hunter boots price tag. Let it rain. These Sandpiper Boots almost look like leather from a far and they're super warm because they're made to protect your little toes from sub-freezing temps - bring on the cold! These 'Croc' Rainboots ($89.95) come in a ton of colors but the Burnished color, seen here, is so sophisticated and makes it a boot we'd consider wearing when the weather is nice. The Southfork Boot is wide-calf's dream with a stretchy top and memory technology that molds to your foot and leg. These 'Dove' Rainboots ($74.95) have become synonymous with comfort but the laces and fur cuff bring them into 'fabulous' territory. Like other classic rain boots, the 'Sparrow' Rainboots ($54.95) come in a variety of colors (go green, like Julia!) but these have a convenient buckle at the top (perfect for those of us with wider calves!) that is both functional and stylish. See our guide to more stylish rain boots, over the knee boots, leopard print shoes and clogs for the fall season. Sign up for SHEFindsMail and received exclusive e-mail updates.

The Coolest Rain Boots-That-Don’t-Look-Like-Rain-Boots Are 30% Off Today

We've tracked down rain boots with zippers, over-the-knee rain boots, and even celebrity-worthy rain boots. But this Banana Republic pair is by far the best--not only do they look like chic equestrian riding boots, but they're under $100, are equipped with lining so you don't get wet, and come in two gorgeous colors. BONUS: today only, the entire site is 30% off so get yours for even less with code SAVEBIG. What's not to love? Grab these Banana Republic Roman Equestrian rain boots ($68.60 today only, down from $98) in black or brown before word gets out. And here's a tip from the reviews: these boots run small, so order a size up so you're not disappointed when they arrive. Rain dances will become a part of your weekly routine, guaranteed. Check out our guide to more rain boots, plus boots under $100, desert boots, lace up booties, and the best leggings to tuck them into. Then peruse all of our online sample sales and more best find of the day picks. Follow the author of this post on Twitter @shefindseileen.

9 Expert Approved Rain Boots So Stylish, They Look Like Regular Boots. Take Your Pick.

I'm a little obsessed with rainy days. On the way to work, I love people-watching--checking out how people are dressed on the yuckiest days of the year.  And hands-down, each time, the most enviable street style looks always include a killer pair of rain boots. We've made it our  mission to hunt down the best rain boots from around the web...and guess what? They're also affordable. Treat yourself to a pair. 7 More Of The Best Boots For Rainy Days >>

Next Time It Rains, Dress Like A Celebrity In Stylish Rain Boots (On Sale!)

What's worse than a rain storm? Not being dressed to handle it. Take a cue from Alexa Chung, Kate Moss and Gwyneth Paltrow, and grab yourself a  new pair of stylish rain boots, and we guarantee next time it starts coming down, you'll be so excited, you may even hop in a few puddles on the way to work. These are all on sale: Tretorn Kelly rain boots ($63, from $70); Aquatalia by Marvin K. rain boots ($186.23, from $274.95). Pour la Victoire Ben Rubber rain boots ($171, from $284.95); Sperry Topsider plaid khaki rain boots ($33.98, from $67.95). Check out more stylish rain boots, plus the best flat black boots, and rain gear so you always look chic, even when the weather is disgusting. Follow the author of this post on Twitter @shefindseileen.

4 Reasons Loeffler Randall’s New Rain Boots Rock

The fashion planets must be aligned today. Loeffler Randall, known for classically beautiful shoes, created rain boots that are (seriously) the most perfect pair I've ever seen. Anyone who knows me has heard me lament that I can't wear rain boots because I have a high in-step and I need a zipper in the back. Loeffler Randall to the rescue: These Loeffler Randall rain boots (which also come in army green and cream): a) Have a zipper b) Are cut to look like their regular boots c) Are lined in jersey cotton, the most comfortable material in the world d) Contrary to their normal prices, which can go up to $800, these boots are $195. You'd better believe I just bought myself a pair. See our guide to more stylish rain boots, over the knee boots, leopard print shoes and clogs for fall.

No More Frumpy Rainy Days: Take Up To 30% Off Stylish Rain Boots At Zappos

It's a proven fact your hair won't look so great on rainy days, but that doesn't mean your feet should suffer from ugly boots, too. Here are four of our favorite stylish rain boots for fall--all on sale: These sleek Tretorn Kelly rain boots are seriously stylish in white ($58.50, from $65). The pea green color of these Hunter rain boots is surprisingly versatile ($93.73, from $125), and stands out from the pack. These Gabriella Rocha plaid boots ($46.76, from $51.95) add a hint to color to your all-black ensemble--plaid is always in for fall. Get a pair of warm Burberry quilted boots ($198, from $275) to wear into winter--there's a reason the British brand is synonymous with fall. See more of the best stylish rain boots, thigh-high boots, and booties. Then see all of our favorite online sample sales for this week.

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring: Stay Dry While Looking Chic

Sometimes there's nothing you can do when it starts to rain. Hold a newspaper over your head, duck into a building - people will do just about anything to stay dry. But now, with fashionable waterproof rain gear for adults, including stylish rain boots (no, those polka dot ones aren't cool) you can stomp through puddles in style. Take a peek at our favorite rain gear: Start off with a classic rainboot to keep your feet dry. The Tory Burch Classic Rainboot ($150) comes in 3 colors and the logo on top let's people know you have style, even in inclement weather. A khaki trench, like this one from Alloy ($64.90), is completely fuss-free. Just throw it on over a pair of skinny jeans and you're all set for rain or shine. The Gap Coated Canvas Hobo ($59.50) is completely water-resistant, so you can keep all of your personal things dry during your commute. It is possible to look cute while sloshing through the muddy streets with this Miss Sixty Ogin skirt ($20.21, down from $58.96). For that price, get the black one too. In case you need more coverage than just an umbrella, try on this J. Crew Waxed Cotton Canvas hat ($29.50) to keep from looking like a wet rat. See more of the best chic rain gear by checking out our guides to stylish rain boots, the best rain gear, the best trenches, and the best rain boots. Sign up for SheFinds' exclusive fashion e-mails.

9 Expert-Approved Rain Boots. (Warning: May Encourage Rain Dances)

We just have to get something off of our chests: it's not okay to wear clunky rainboots with rubber duckies all over them just because it's raining. Upgrade to a pair of sleek and stylish rain boots, hand-picked by our experts. Once you grab a pair of these like these London Fog rain boots ($49.99, down from $130) not only will you never look back, you'll think about doing some serious rain dances.  The best part is that they look and feel like a pair of your regular stylish boots, only waterproof, so you look your best no matter what the weather man says. Check out our entire guide to rain boots, plus more expert-approved styles, and our guide to trench coats and skinny jeans. Then see all of this week's online sample sales, and all of our sales and deals.

Blog Roundup: Heard On The Web This Week

SHEfinds went shopping off season to find awesome deals on designer boots and luxe cashmere we can't afford at full price. Then we lusted over Jessica Biel's style--she's come a long way since 7th Heaven. Allie is Wired presents a special Twilight edition fashion face-off. Bag Snob has a gorgeous bag that you can use everyday! Beauty Snob has the answer to sore muscles if you've overdone it trying to get bikini-ready for summer. Fashion Pulse Daily finds a Fifth Avenue-worthy bag for under $40 Still don't know what to get dear old dad for Father's Day? The Jet Set Girls found the most indulgent dad's day gift at Tiffany's. KRISTOPHER DUKES is wanting Dog collar with built-in leash. Shopping and Info found 5 ½ inch wedge platform sandals on sale from Burberry. The Shoe Goddess is thrilled that TOMS (the company that provides a free pair of shoes to a child in need for every shoe purchased) will be offering an espadrille wedge soon! Second City Style offers Vintage 101: Part 1. Know what your talking about when buying something described as vintage. We’ve got tons of options for flat sandals, maxi dresses, and of course, Spanx swimwear and overnight bags for your next vacation.

Punchy And Playful Umbrellas That Won’t Ruin Your Rainy Day Outfit

None of us relish facing the daily grind on a soggy, grey morning. But with the right umbrella, you can make a style statement that will soften any rainy blow: These playful Felix Rey Clear Bubble Umbrellas ($65) are perfect because their domed shape fully protects your hair, your face, and your phone.  The zebra print umbrella ($65) is a low-key way of wearing animal prints, and the "Rain Rain Go Away" umbrella ($65) expresses our exact sentiments. This gradiated umbrella from Sharper Image ($12.95) is beyond cute. It's also the "World's Shortest Full-Size Umbrella" that opens to a 43" arc and packs up in a bright little package that will fit right in your tote. And if portability is a concern, it doesn't get any more portable than the Marc by Marc Jacobs Wild at Heart Mini Umbrella ($48). The acid green on a muted gray background is unexpected and modern, while the sleeve and ball handle complete the package. For more rainy day gear, check out our guides to the best chic rain boots, the best umbrellas, and the best trench coats.

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