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Wrap Yourself In Spring’s Bow Trend: Dresses So Pretty You’ll Feel Like An Actual Present

Prissy bows proved themselves pretty fierce on the spring 2011 Runway. If you can't afford fresh-off the runway designs from Amsale, Oscar de la Renta, or Anne Bowen (pictured above), we've found plenty that will satisfy you're stylish ego. (more…)

Avoid A Wedding Day Meltdown: Shop Actually-Pretty, On-Sale Mother Of The Bride Dresses

So maybe you and mom don't have the same exact taste in fashion, but don't let her ruin your wedding day (and photos) with a grandma-like gown. We've found several fashionable mother-of-the-bride dresses on sale, that will accentuate your big day instead of making it tacky! (more…)