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I Haven’t Stopped Wearing These Ellesse Slides Since I Got Them–They’re That Comfortable

If you're looking for a super comfy pair of slide sandals for summer, but don't want the same adidas style that everyone already owns, here's my rec: Ellesse Elba slides ($24.49). Yes, that price is accurate and yes, these babies are super comfortable. I'll be honest--I was reluctant to jump on the slide sandal bandwagon. I've seen one too many dudes in adidas shower shoes and socks to really wrap my mind around these shoes being okay to wear. But then I received a pair of these Ellesse sandals and I've done a complete 180. Not only do I have no problem wearing these babies outside--I really don't want to wear anything else! Sadly, Ellesse is a British brand that isn't super readily available here in the US. Fortunately, I found one website that will ship them to the states without charging you a small fortune, so snag a pair stat! Ellesse Elba slides ($24.49) Be sure to check out the best denim shorts if your thighs rub together and Jessica Alba's cheap sunglasses. [Photo: SimplyBe] Follow me on Insta!

4 Places You Can Still Buy Rihanna’s PUMA Creeper Shoes That Aren’t eBay

Thought Rihanna's PUMA Creeper shoes were sold out everywhere? Think again! We found not one, not two, not three, but four stores that currently have the super popular kicks in stock. The catch? Sizing is extremely limited! Click below to find out if you'll be lucky enough to snag a pair in your size: PUMA Basket Creepers Glow Rihanna ($140) PUMA Suede Creepers Satin Rihanna ($140) PUMA Rihanna Collection Basket Patent Leather Creeper Glo Sneakers ($140) PUMA White Women's Rihanna Satin Creepers Casual Sneaker ($139.99) Be sure to check out Jessica Alba's $40 sunglasses and the $48 flats that are blowing up on Instagram. [Photo: Splash News]

These $48 Lace-Up Flats Are Blowing Up On Instagram

26,000 likes on Instagram? That's no easy feat. But these $48 Topshop flats garnered even more than that when Nordstrom posted this super cute pic of them a few weeks back. đź‘Ż #twinning #topshop #shoefie A photo posted by Nordstrom (@nordstrom) on Apr 28, 2016 at 10:21am PDT Since then they've received 25 5-star reviews on meaning you need them in your closet--ASAP! Obviously, lace-up shoes are a huge trend right now that show no signs of going away any time soon. So if ever there was a shoe the merited seizing the moment, it's these. They're cute, the price is right and according to the reviews, they're comfortable to boot--what more do you want?!   Topshop 'N Fase Laser' Ghillie Flat in Nude ($48) Topshop 'N Fase Laser' Ghillie Flat in Black ($48)   [Photo: Instagram] Follow me on Insta!

Can You Tell Which Gold Mules Cost $460 More Than The Other?

The fashion crowd has been going absolutely crazy for all things Gucci lately, and the brand's footwear selection is no exception. (Those cult-favorite furry loafers come to mind.) Despite our obsession, a pair of Gucci shoes doesn't exactly come at a budget-friendly price tag. The brand's Webby Leather Mules, in all their gorgeous metallic gold glory, ring in at $595. Luckily, there's a nearly-identical alternative at a price our bank accounts like much better: Jeffrey Campbell's Kenobi Platform Heel ($135). Can you spot which mule costs $460 less than the other? Take a guess and click the pictures below to find out! Don't forget to check out: Can You Tell Which Lace Dress Costs $332 More Than The Other?, The One Color You Should Never Wear On A First Date, and What Is The Closet Strategy?

The One Thing You Should Never Do When Wearing Crocs

Don't be fooled by the "walking on air" feeling of Crocs. Sure, the rubber clogs might be your go-to when you need to slip something on quickly, however, podiatrists (aka, foot doctors, aka experts) are not fans. "Unfortunately Crocs are not suitable for all-day use," Chicago podiatrist Dr. Megan Leahy told the Huffington Post. She said, the shoes do have good arch support, but you really shouldn't wear them for a long period of time. "These shoes do not adequately secure the heel. When the heel is unstable, toes tend to grip which can lead to tendinitis, worsening of toe deformities, nail problems, corns and calluses. The same thing can happen with flip flops or any backless shoes as the heel is not secured." Dr. Alex Kor, President of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine, said his patients who wear Crocs often complain of arch or heel pain. He admitted that people with "a very high arch" or "suffer from excessive edema of their legs and ankle" may benefit from wearing Crocs. But, Kor still warned, "under no circumstances can I suggest wearing Crocs 8 to 10 hours per day." So, there you have it, Croc-wearers. Feel free to wear the shoes for a quick dog walk or going out to get the mail, but you should not wear them for long periods of time. Don't forget to check out: 7 things wedding guests hate and what is the closet strategy? [Photo: Crocs]

Can You *Finally* Wear Sandals To The Office Now That It’s Almost June? The Answer.

We hear you, Reddit users and women everywhere who really, really want to start wearing sandals to work right now but aren't sure if it's appropriate just yet. I mean, it would give you so many more outfit options to work with--but is it too soon? Will your co-workers look at you funny if you rock out with your toes out? Style expert (and SHEfinds founder!) Michelle Madhok says yes, you can! "It's definitely ok - as long as the sun is shining and the skies are clear break out your sandals, but make sure you get a pedicure first!" Well, there you have it ladies--a hall pass to wear those sandals AND get a pedicure today. And if you need a new pair, these are the sandals our editors are OBSESSED with this year. And more inspo for how to style yours: [Photo: Could I Have That?]

Can You Tell Which Caged Heels Cost $100 More Than The Other?

When I first saw Olivia Palermo rocking Schutz's Juliana heels ($190), I knew they were going to be huge. Of course, anything Olivia Palermo touches is basically gold, but these shoes are fire. Whether with jeans or a dress or skirt, these shoes always look killer. Not surprisingly, it was only a matter of time before we started seeing more affordable lookalikes. One of the best we've come across? Steve Madden's Slithur sandals, which are currently on sale for just $90. That's $100 less than the Schutz originals! Without looking at the labels on the footbed, can you spot any differences between the two shoes below?   For more taste test challenges, check out these identical fringe bags and these lookalike cropped flare jeans.

What To Wear With Boat Shoes (Because Smelly Top-Siders Are The Worst)

It's almost summer, which means it's almost time for my favorite kind of footwear--boat shoes! The only problem? What the heck to wear with these babies! They're traditionally intended to be worn without anything underneath, but as someone who constantly worries about blisters (and dreaded foot smell) this isn't really an option. I've tried tons of different options, but until recently, haven’t been able to settle on a strategy. Regular no show socks always slide down over my heel--or worse, over my toes--and toe cover socks do nothing to prevent heel blisters. My friends still won't let me forget the one time that I attempted to wear regular footies, a combination that is, according to them, "even less fashionable than socks with Birkenstocks." With so much thwarting my efforts to wear boat shoes, you can only imagine my delight when I discovered Sperry's Invisible Liners while purchasing this year's pair of Top Siders.   STRIPED CANOE INVISIBLE SOCK LINER 3-PACK ($16) These liners have made wearing boat shoes so easy that I might have to buy another pair. The benefit of these liners is that they're specifically designed to fit under boat shoes. This means that they have longer front tops than regular no-show socks, so they cover the top of your foot without peeking out. Even better, the back of the liners is woven in a special pattern called "wave siping," which keeps them from slipping down your heel, even on days when you have to run to the subway. They're also sewn so that the seam of the liner isn't at your toes, which means no more rubbing. Plus, they come in some fabulous colors! If you're counting down the days until you bust out your boat shoes, order a pair--or two or three or four!--of these Invisible Liners asap. SHOP SPERRY'S INVISIBLE LINERS NOW You should also check out This Is What To Wear With Converse (Don't Go Sockless!) and These Are The Socks You Should Be Wearing With Heels (Yes, You Should Be Wearing Socks With Heels!) [Photo: Damsel In Dior]

It’s Not Even Summer Yet And Nordstrom Already Has So Many Good Sandals On Sale

With summer just over one month away, you wouldn't really expect to find cute sandals on sale, but that's precisely what we found over at Nordstrom today. I'm talking gorgeous lace up flat sandals, super cute flatform espadrilles and even highly coveted styles from brands like Loeffler Randall and Ancient Greek. Did I mention these were all on sale--before summer is even officially underway?! Whether you're not feeling the sandals you have from last year or you just want to treat yourself to something new, this is the sale to hit up. Just hurry before all the good styles sell out! Franco Sarto 'Appalachia' Lace Up Sandal ($59.99, down from $98.95) Jack Rogers Whipstitched Flip Flop ($89.90, down from $117.95) Michael Kors 'Maxwell' Sandal ($80.96, down from $134.95) Splendid 'Kenya' Wraparound Lace Sandal ($88.98, down from $137.95) Via Spiga 'Nemy' Platform Sandal ($110.90, down from $185) Ancient Greek 'Thais' Sandal ($288.90, down from $384.95) Loeffler Randall 'Hana' Lace-Up Gladiator Sandal ($209.98, down from $350) SHOP NORDSTROM'S BIG SHOE SALE NOW Be sure to check out Boden's clearance sale and how to prevent razor burn. [Photo: Instagram]

Shay Mitchell Wears Steve Madden Shoes, Just Like You And Me

It's always fun to see when celebrities shop at mall stores. Although, they probably didn't do the actual shopping themselves, but that's beside the point. Shay Mitchell recently stepped out wearing the most basic heels ever (aka, Stuart Weitzman Nudist knockoffs) from none other than Steve Madden! Got prom coming up? Graduation? Weddings? There's really no event that the Stecy Sandals ($79.95) don't work for. And, bonus points for being under $100 and available at a mall near you. Steve Madden Stecy Sandals ($79.95) Shop more celebrity style: Kourtney Kardashian's denim cutoffs and star finds under $50 [Photos: Splash News]

Kate Spade Made Flats That Look Like Rockstuds, But For 1/3 Of The Price

Will you be buying a pair of these Kate Spade flats that kinda look like Valentino Rockstuds, the shoe that a thousand Pins launched? Kate Spade Becca flats ($378) Sure, why not--they're pink, pointy and approximately one third the price of their designer counterparts. You can achieve the *general look* of Rockstuds (I mean, nobody's going to mistake them for the real thing--but you might get some compliments!). Or you can just deep *way down* in to your pockets and get the originals: Valentino Rockstud Flats ($975)

Once And For All, This Is The Best Time Of Day To Shop For Shoes

Right now, you're probably thinking about buying a pair of ghillie flats or sandals. Anything ghillie. But before you do, really think about WHEN you're going to buy these shoes. I don't mean right this second vs. next week, I'm talking the time of day because it's best to try on shoes first thing in the morning. Between walking and standing all day, your feet swell. If you try on a pair of shoes at the end of the day, you're likely to go up a size and wind up slipping out of the shoes when you put them on the next morning. Podiatrist Phillip Vasyli tells Total Beauty, "But when you wear a shoe that fits the foot at its proper size, the shoe actually helps pull or bind the foot together. If you keep the foot in a certain shape, it maintains that shape." So there you have it! First thing to do when you wake up is try on new shoes. Sounds great to us. Don't forget to check out: celeb style under $50 and the best leather (and faux) skirts to buy now [Photo: Be Frassy]

This Is What To Wear With Converse (Don’t Go Sockless!)

I really hate going sockless in sneakers (or flats for that matter). I just get too self-conscious that they're going to stink, and that other people will smell them when I can't. The struggle is especially real in Converse Chuck Taylors, aka Chucks. I love this shoe so much, but when you wear regular low socks with them, the fabric gets bunched up and sticks out the sides and out the back of the heel. Plus, they're so narrow that most socks don't fit comfortablyunder them. No-show socks aren't ideal either, because they can slip down around the heel and under the arch which is the *worst thing ever* and then you have to untie your laces to retrieve them. Wow, I really have lost a lot of my life to worrying about what to with Chucks. So you can imagine my delight when shopping at DSW recently and I discovered that Converse MAKES "made for Chucks" socks. YAS. Yas yas yas. I just bough them and they do truly fit perfectly under Chucks and don't show. Get them now: Converse 'Made For Chucks' Socks ($13) RELATED: 3 SIMPLE WAYS TO KEEP YOUR SHOES FROM SMELLING [Photo: Mija]

Can You Tell Which Ghillie Sandal Is Stuart Weitzman And Which Is Dolce Vita?

I just got my first pair of ghillie sandals--I know I am late to the game, but I'm here goddamnit!--these Chinese Laundry ones. They're great, right? While shopping for 'em, I came across BEAUTIFUL Stuart Weitzman ones. Oh my goodness were they gorgeous. Genuine leather, the perfect "amaretto" brown, cool tassel ties--the whole 9 yards. But, alas, they were also $445 (about 10x my budget for new sandals). So, I kept shopping and found another brown pair from Dolce Vita--almost the exact same color, lace-up ties, genuine leather but the sole is synthetic (who cares?). They were $89.95! So--can you tell: which pair are the Stuart Weitzmans and which are the Dolce Vitas? Click to find out! So--did you guess right??

These Gladiator Sandals Are Already Sold Out At Tons Of Target Stores And It’s Not Even Summer Yet!

I know I'm not alone when I say "I love Target." Love really isn't even a strong enough word. I adore that store. I go to my local Target just about every weekend and I can't think of a time when I left empty-handed. One of my latest scores? These Mossimo Supply Co. Lilac Gladiator Sandals ($22.99). I purchased them when it was freezing cold here in NYC, in hopes that having them in my closet would make warm weather get here faster. That didn't exactly work, but I am so glad I snatched them up when I did because now they're out of stock at tons of stores. So consider this your warning. Even if you're still weeks (months?) away from wearing sandals, order these babies ASAP. Not only are they super cute, but they're wildly comfortable too. I wore them for a day of exploring during my vacation in Dominican Republic last month and after three hours of straight walking my feet didn't hurt at all. You're welcome. Mossimo Supply Co. Lilac Gladiator Sandals ($22.99) Be sure to check out J.Crew jewelry on sale and Marimekko for Target.

Did Steve Madden Really Just Knock Off Rihanna’s Puma Creepers?

SHEfinds receives commissions for purchases made through the links in this post. Rihanna's Puma creepers were impossible to keep in stock. Those of you who didn't snag a pair probably live your lives as the crying face emoji (No? Just me?). Anyways, I was shocked when I came across the HOLLLLY ($89.95) sneakers by Steve Madden because I legit thought they were the Rihanna creepers. Sadly, they are not. But the two sneakers look pretty damn similar minus the Puma stripe, because, well, duh. If you are an unlucky soul who doesn't own RiRi's cult shoes, here's your next best option: Which shoes do you like better? Let us know in the comments below! Test your fashion savvy some more with star sneakers and rainbow crossbody bags

Loeffler Randall’s Friends & Family Sale Is Here And Everything Is 20% Off!

The editors at SHEfinds wrote this blog post on behalf of Loeffler Randall and received compensation as part of our agreement. It's back! The Loeffler Randall sale every woman waits for is finally here and we only have one word for you: hurry! From now until April 19, everything--yes, everything!--at is 20% off with code FRIENDS20 at checkout. Shoes, bags, outerwear--it's all on sale! Now if you're a Loeffler Randall friends and family sale newbie, here's how it works: the sale goes live, word starts to spread, sizes start selling out insanely fast, everything is gone in your size. Moral of the story? Stop whatever you're doing and get over to Loeffler Randall right now. We've included a few of our product recs below, but don't spend much longer here--this sale is too good to miss! Ines Lace-Up Clog ($316, down from $395) Zora Perforated Sneaker ($236, down from $295) Ulla Platform Espadrille ($180, down from $225) Tassel Backpack ($399, down from $495) SHOP LOEFFLER RANDALL'S FRIENDS & FAMILY SALE NOW

These Sandals Have Been Worn By More Than 60 Celebs Since They Launched

SHEfinds receives commissions for purchases made through the links in this post. Tamara Mellon (co-founder of Jimmy Choo) undoubtedly has an eye for a great pair of shoes. Since splitting from the epic shoe brand, she's launched the Tamara Mellon Collection (sold at Net-A-Porter and Shopbop), of which editors, real people AND celebs are huge fans. The latter have basically lost their sh*t for Tamara's Frontline sandal. According to the Observer, the Frontline has been spotted over 60 times on the red carpet since it was launched in February 2014. Six. Zero. And really good celebs, too--Gigi Hadid and Kylie Jenner twinsied in them, Elizabeth Banks wore a custom pair, Lily Aldridge, Camilla Belle,  Gabrielle Union, Cindy Crawford and more. Gigi Hadid and Kylie Jenner twinning in Tamara Mellon Frontlines.  The shoe is also sold out online at Net-A-Porter and Shopbop: Tamara Mellon Frontline -- SOLD OUT ($595) Do yourself a favor and sign up on Shopbop or Net-A-Porter to get notified when it comes back in stock! That is, if you have $600 lying around that you want to invest in a great pair of shoes. If not, just enjoy these pictures of stars wearing them instead:

Everlane Just Debuted A New Leather Loafer And It’s A Total #GameChanger

The editors at SHEfinds wrote this blog post on behalf of Everlane and received compensation as part of our agreement. What's not to love about Everlane? Not only are their designs modern, yet timeless, but you can actually feel good about buying their products. In addition to disclosing where every item is made, Everlane is also completely transparent about how much their clothes, shoes and accessories cost to make--so you know exactly what the markup is. Pretty amazing, right? Is it any wonder that celebs like Angelina Jolie and Olivia Munn are huge fans? Everlane actually has some pretty big news today and we're happy to be the one of the first to share it with the world: they're introducing a new shoe! Made in Italy from fine leather, the Modern Babo is their genius new loafer that doubles as a mule thanks to the collapsible heel. It's like two shoes, but for the price of one! #Genius Because this style is brand new and so revolutionary, we're pretty much convinced it's going to be a hit so we're telling you now: place your order before these babies are gone! The Modern Babo ($145) SHOP EVERLANE'S MODERN BABO SHOE TODAY

There’s A Reason Chinese Laundry Keeps Making These Booties

There's a reason why Chinese Laundry keeps making the Kelso: the "surprisingly versatile" shoe keeps selling like crazy! And the fact that bloggers like Erin Elizabeth of Style By The People’ (pictured) are obsessed doesn't hurt either. It's just a great shoe! I just recently ordered a pair; I'm the queen of skinny jeans and I like how the shoe flashes just a little bit of ankle skin. I also have #goals of wearing them with a dress (like Erin Elizabeth). How would you wear them? Grab a pair, then check out some outfit inspo: Kelso Suede Ankle Bootie ($100)

Hiking Shoes That Are Cute Enough To Wear While Running Errands? Yup, They Exist

SHEfinds received a sample of the product reviewed in this post, but was not compensated to write this post. SHEfinds receives commissions for purchases made through links in this post. I love visiting my parents in Portland, Oregon. It's such a welcome break from day-to-day life in NYC. But when my mom told me to pack "shoes you could hike in" before my last visit, I was like "Say what, now??" Of course I've driven past all of Oregon's amazing waterfalls and trails before, but actually hike them? That was new territory. Fortunately, I had just received a pair of Merrell's All Out Crush kicks, which I initially thought were just cool sneakers, but are actually all-terrain shoes. Rather than try to squeeze them in my suitcase, I wore them to the airport and I was so glad I did--they're so comfortable! Despite the fact that they look pretty intense, these kicks are actually shockingly lightweight on your feet. What I truly loved most, though, was how supported my foot felt. Unlike some sneakers that feel like you're just walking on a flat piece of cardboard, these are so cushion-y and feel like they were molded especially for my feet. I was in love with these babies before I even made it through the security checkpoint! Of course, they didn't disappoint while hiking either. Anyone who knows Oregon knows it's rainy, so the grips on the soles of these were amazing for scaling the rocks on my way to the top of the waterfall. Honestly, I never thought I'd own "hiking shoes," but these are now one of my go-tos. I find myself wearing them on wet days in the city or when I have to run a ton of errands because they're so comfy. Whether you're an avid hiker or not, you won't regret treating yourself to these kicks. Merrell All Out Crush ($100) Be sure to check out the best round beach towels and the best brush for combing wet hair. [Photo: Zappos]

Damn–Now A-Listers Are Getting On The Vans Trend! Shop Charlize Theron’s Fav Pair

SHEfinds receives commissions for purchases made through the links in this post. Damn, Daniel! He turned Vans into a worldwide phenomenon. First Gigi Hadid then Jessica Alba--now Charlize Theron! You know it's a legit trend when literal A-listers are getting on board. And we're not complaining, since all the shoes are under $100. Get Charlize's $50 pair here: Vans Canvas Old Skool ($50) And what do we mean by "Damn Daniel"? In case you're been living under a rock, here's what: [youtube][/youtube]

The One Thing You Should Never Do When Buying New Sneakers

SHEfinds receives commissions for purchases made through the links in this post. Sneaker shopping can be misleading. You see an aesthetically pleasing pair and think, Sneakers are comfortable, as long as they're the right size, they'll be perfect. WRONG. Sneakers can be wildly uncomfortable if they're not the right sneakers for you — yes, there is such thing! Everyone has different feet, and some sneaker styles just don't work on all of them. So regardless of size, make sure the feel is right for you! Stan Smiths might be the sneaker of the moment (last week alone, I counted 6 pairs in my class of 15 people), but maybe they just don't work for your feet! I've come across this issue with TOMS shoes—so annoying, but it's not worth crying over weird-fitting shoes. Bottom line: make sure your shoe of choice fits. The easiest way to do this is, you know... trying them on. But we get it, in-store shopping isn't for everyone. If online shopping is seriously your jam, make sure you pick your shoes from a site with a generous return policy. Luckily, one of the best return policies out there belongs to shoe-lover haven,! First off, their policy allows a 365-day window on all returns. Yes, you have an entire year to decide if your new kicks are right for you. Granted, the policy specifies that the shoes should be returned in their "original condition" — but according to this shopper, that simply isn't true! B.J. Keeton claims to have purchased a $140 pair of running shoes from Zappos and found (after running about 450 miles!) that they weren't quite right. Not only did Zappos give Keaton a refund, but they also gave him a site credit because the shoes had dropped in price since he bought them! AMAZING!   Don't forget to check out: The One Thing You Should Never Do When Shopping For A Bra Online and The One Thing Girls With Blue Eyes Should Never Do [Photo: Always Judging]

3 Simple Ways To Keep Your Shoes From Smelling

Smelly shoes are a real pain and can be embarrassing at times. God forbid you go to someone's house and are asked to take your shoes off at the door. A few things cause smelly shoes like bacteria, sweat or other foot problems. To help combat this pesky issue, take steps to prevent it. There are a few simple tricks you can do at home to keep your shoes from smelling. Check it out! Baking soda. You've heard of putting baking soda in a smelly refrigerator, right? It's essentially the same for your shoes. Sprinkle some baking soda inside your shoes and leave them overnight. Before slipping the shoes back on in the morning, shake out the remaining baking soda. Kitty litter. Obviously, kitty litter is designed to block odors so why not use it for your shoes?! To keep the cleanup hassle-free, fill a tube sock with some kitty litter and knot the end so nothing falls out. Place the sock inside each shoe and leave it in overnight or until the smell disappears. Freeze them. Place your shoes in a resealable bag and pop them in the freezer. Cold temperatures kill bacteria so the freezer is the best spot to keep smelly shoes. Say goodbye to stinking shoes! Don't miss how to get rid of armpit stains on a silk shirt and the one thing you should never do with your shoes! [Photo: Could I Have That?]

How To Break In The Heels Of Leather Boots

Getting a new pair of leather boots is amazing, especially if you treated yourself to them. It's not amazing when you can't even wear your new boots because they are ripping apart your feet. I'm sure you have experienced the perils of breaking in a pair of leather boots, but I'm here to talk about specifically breaking in the heels of your boots. I recently got a new pair of boots and the heels are extremely stiff, which causes ankle blisters. Ouch. One of the best ways to break in the heel of boots is to crush them. Literally step on the heel to crush them, or use your hands. This will help speed up the process of breaking them in. By crushing the heels, you'll loosen up one of the stiffest parts of your boots. The heels will gradually mold to your feet over time. Don't miss the secret to wearing heels without pain and shop 22 pairs of Chelsea boots! [Photo: Always Judging]

The Secret To Wearing High Heels Without Any Pain

We all know high heels aren't comfortable. It's just a fact of life. However, that doesn't stop women from wearing sky-high heels to show off their legs or look a little taller. If you experience foot pain when wearing heels, here's a really simple (and cheap!) trick to relieve the pain. All you need is some medical tape. Starting from your big toe, tape together the third and fourth toes using nude or white medical tape. This will take the pressure off the balls of your feet and allow you to wear your heels for a longer amount of time. [youtube][/youtube] Genius! Don't miss your chance to win a $1,000 shopping spree at DL1961 and 13 ways to wear cropped jeans! [Photo: Song of Style]

Gorgeous Italian-Made Shoes That Don’t Cost A Fortune? Maria Gangemi Of M.Gemi Made It Happen

SHEfinds receives commissions for purchases made through the links in this post. If you love shoes, even just a little bit, then M.Gemi needs to be on your radar. It's the one-year-old company that totally revolutionized how we think about and buy high-quality shoes. Not only does M.Gemi offer Italian-made shoes for under $300, but they introduce new, on-trend styles every. single. week. Kinda unbelievable, right? Well believe it! We're so excited about all the amazing things M.Gemi is doing, we decided to chat up the brand's Chief Merchandising Officer, Maria Gangemi. Find out what inspired her to start M.Gemi and what's next below. SHEfinds: For those who are unfamiliar, can you tell us a little about M.Gemi? Maria Gangemi: Of course. M.Gemi launched almost one year ago to offer the very best in Italian-made footwear in a way that hasn't been done before. Every Monday, we release new, limited-edition styles for women--what better way to start the week! Today, we really see our brand at the forefront of an altogether new category we're calling postluxury, a movement that embraces the very best of luxury--the craftsmanship, the service, and the artistry--but challenges traditional beliefs around access, frequency, and pricing. So far, based on the customer response, we think it's really resonating. The ACROBATA ($278) SF: What inspired you to join this company? MG: I grew up in Sicily where I was lucky enough to learn the art of luxury footwear from the best in the business. I often remember the days I could wander the cobblestone streets, stumble upon the most beautiful shoes, often made by artisans just a few blocks away. I found that these goods were always fresh, always rare, and always reasonably priced. It's that same sense of uniqueness and discovery that inspired me to help co-found M.Gemi and work with the team to reinvent the old model for the modern customer. The BREZZA ($248) SF: How does the design process work? What makes M.Gemi different from other shoe companies? MG: We have design teams in both our Florence and New York offices that constantly collaborate and look at trends, what customers are responding to, and what could be the next great shoe. We work in close partnership with the best craftsmen (and women!) to help us bring these visions to life. By offering these shoes directly to customers, without intermediaries, we are able to provide them at prices that are unseen in the traditional luxury category. We give women permission to have the best quality without the usual guilt or doubt that often comes when buying shoes of this caliber. The MAREA ($298) SF: How are you able to introduce so many new styles so often? MG: First and foremost, it is about having a strong relationship with some of the top family-owned factories, whose skills have been passed on generation after generation. We consider them very much a part of our company, and we spend a large portion of our time in Italy reviewing designs, materials, constructions, and more--and planning as much as we can while being flexible and nimble enough to introduce of-the-moment trends and react to new customer needs. The COLLETTO ($228) SF: What's your favorite M.Gemi style at the moment? MG: The Cerchio, no question. With woven leather detailing and a white rubber bottom, it's a perfect blend of luxe and casual. I love seeing our customers dress it up and dress it down. The CERCHIO ($198) SF: What's the one M.Gemi shoe you think every woman should own? MG: The Felize, our driving moccasin that has become so incredibly popular that it sells out almost instantly every time we introduce it. It's an essential shoe for a woman on the go. The FELIZE ($178) SF: If you weren't at M Gemi, what do you think you'd be doing? MG: I'd be working on ways to start M.Gemi. Truly, I love my job and what we are able to create! I couldn't imagine doing anything else right now. Be sure to check out the Marimekko for Target lookbook and how to turn eyeshadow into lipstick. [Photo: M.Gemi]

How To Never Pay Full Price For Shoes

Let's be real: nobody likes to pay full price for shoes. Especially when those shoes are designer and/or cost hundreds of dollars. Finding a great pair of shoes on sale is one of the best feelings in the world, and with that in mind, we rounded up some insider tips for doing just that: [youtube][/youtube] Tips:  Buy discounted gift cards. Go to - it's like the Google for discounted gift cards. You can buy gift cards for stores you love, like TJ Maxx, Nordstrom and Macy's, sometimes up to 20% off. So if you know where you plan to buy shoes, stock up on cards for those stores. Earn cash-back on purchases. Shop on sites like and to earn cash-back on your purchases. Get your alerts set! Sign up for price alerts. If you have your eye on a certain pair of shoes, set a price alert on sites like ShopStyle and eBay so you'll be notified when the price drops. With eBay, you can set it up to receieve an email or smartphone alert when a brand you love gets listed in your size. Sign up for email newsletters. Be the first to know when items go on sale by signing up for the brand's email newsletter: subscribers are often given early access to sales. You can also sign up for the SHEfinds newsletter, we regularly alert our readers to important shoe sales they need to know about (like when Barneys Warehouse has Supergas for $12, or when Nordstrom's Half-Yearly sale goes live!). Know where to look! Get to know flash sale sites. We are huge fans of flash sale sites because the discounts are deep (like 75% off), and they have new designers on sale almost every day. Check out for a complete list, then mark your cal for the days when your favorite brands are going on sale (most sites keep a calendar). Make sure you log on the minute the sale goes live, though--these sales get picked through incredibly fast! Visit discounters/Know where to shop. Sites like and are great places to score brand-name styles from past seasons on sale (sometimes from store close-outs). Also, Saks OFF 5th,  T.J.Maxx and Nordstrom Rack are now online. Check out consignment shops. If you have the patience to thumb through rack after rack of a consignment shop, you'd be really surprised about how many hidden gems you can find. If you're searching for a vintage pair of shoes but don't want to shell out the big bucks, try visiting a consignment shop on a weekly basis so you don't miss when new items arrive. You can even ask the store owner to notify you if the item you're looking for comes in. Shop online sample sales from the bottom up. Hit view all and then shop from the bottom up of the sale page. Everyone else will be shopping top down so things sell out more quickly at the top of the page. There are tons of ways to save money on shoes, just be aware of what other retailers are selling items for and don't be afraid to ask questions! Don't miss how to turn your favorite eyeshadow into lipstick and how to apply lip liner! [Photo: Neon Blush]

Can You Tell Which Star Sneakers Cost $600 More Than The Other?

SHEfinds receives commissions for purchases made through the links in this post. I'm a sucker for anything with stars. So when I saw Heidi Klum's metallic star sneakers, I had to have them... until I realized they cost $645. Fast-forward a few weeks later, and I found lookalikes of the Saint Laurent Court Classic Sneakers with Metallic Stars. Except, no joke, this pair from Topshop costs just $45. *Adds to cart* Can you tell which star sneakers are more expensive? Click on the images below to reveal if you guessed right! Test your fashion savvy some more with wedge boots and leather pencil skirts

What You Should Wear With Flats (It’s Not No-Show Socks!)

Flats season is the best. The weather isn't too hot for boots or too cold for sandals, it's just right. The only downside is the whole socks issue. Should you wear socks that show, even slightly, or go barefoot and risk stinking them up? I mean, the struggle is real, guys. But I just found the most amazing product that actually changes everything. Are you ready for it? They're called Gekks and they are specifically designed for wearing with boat shoes and loafers with leather material on the inside (like Sperry Authentic Original top siders or Tod driving shoes). They look like this: You insert them in to the shoe and they are absolutely no-show (unlike no-show socks that sometimes totally show). Here's them in action: They're $25 each or $48 for a 2-pack. Grab them here. [Top Photo: Pink Peonies]

Can Someone Please Explain What Is On Kendall Jenner’s Feet?

Last night, Kendall and Kylie got in some sister bonding time at the Lakers game. The older Jenner sister wore a pair of absolutely insane thigh-high lace-up boots by Sophia Webster. It actually looks like her legs are wrapped up in basketball hoops so we guess it's appropriate attire? We have so many questions about these shoes but will only ask the most important one: how long does it take to get those on?? And here's a close-up: Don't forget to check out: Selena Gomez's lace-up bodysuit and Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris' PDA photos [Photos: Splash News]

There Are So Many Good Designer Sandals On Sale At Neiman Marcus Last Call

Yesterday I decided it was time to make the switch. It's not quite warm enough to wear sandals in NYC yet, but it will be soon and when that day comes I want to be ready! I pulled my sandals out of their boxes and was actually quite bummed to see they were in as great shape as I remember. I hadn't exactly budgeted for having to spend a whole bunch of dough of new sandals, but luckily I stumbled upon an insane stash of gorgeous designer sandals over at Neiman Marcus Last Call. I'm talking Jack Rogers, Loeffler Randall and more for under $100! Ready to say buh-bye to your winter boots? Get over to Last Call asap because sizes are going fast! SHOP SANDALS AT NEIMAN MARCUS LAST CALL [Photo: Jack Rogers Megan Whipstitch Thong Sandal; Loeffler Randall Pascal Leather Lace-Up Flat Sandal; Joie Luca Laser-Cut Leather Sandal]

Here’s Your First Look At Rihanna’s Shoe Collab With Manolo Blahnik

When it comes to shoes, Rihanna knows what's up. The singer already designs super cool sneakers for Puma, and now she has another footwear collaboration in the works with none other than Manolo Blahnik. The limited-edition collection includes six styles priced between $895 and $3,995. Each shoe incorporates denim, sequins and artisan embroidery, inspired by Bad Gal RiRi's hand tattoos. The '9 to 5' boot, which is the standout style, is thigh-high and features a blinged-out garter. “Those boots are dangerous! If you’re trying to get back home to your bed, don’t wear them boots! You will get kidnapped in those boots, those boots are trouble,” Rihanna told British Vogue. Hey, don't say you weren't warned. The "Denim Desserts" collection will be available May 5th in-store only at three locations (London, New York and Hong Kong). Don't forget to check out: Hilary Duff without any makeup and how to make leggings look cool AF [Photos: Manolo Blahnik]  

QUIZ: What Shoes Should You Buy For Spring?

Fun fact: shoes are the #1 item most women buy at the start of the new season. So with spring less than one month away and so many good shoe trends to choose from, we decided to help you out. Just answer the 5 questions in the quiz below to find out the first pair of shoes you should treat yourself to for spring. Be sure to check out the cleansing brush that works on sensitive skin and where to buy a Mansur Gavriel handbag. [Photo: Lee Oliveira]

Here’s Where To Buy Halle Berry’s Super Cute $129 Sandals

Whether you're headed somewhere warm or just can't bear to buy another pair of boots, here's a weekend treat with serious star power. Halle Berry was recently snapped wearing these Cocobelle's Snake Wrap Sandals ($129) and yes, that price is right. An A-list celeb wearing sandals under $150? That basically never happens! Sadly, Halle's black pair is no longer available, but you can still snag the exact style in gold or white. Just hurry, before those are gone, too! Cocobelle Snake Wrap Sandals ($129) Be sure to check out Katie Holmes' cute boots and Mansur Gavriel bags on sale. [Photo: Splash News]

These New Clogs From Gap Are So Good, I Bought All Three Colors

I get that clogs aren't for everyone, but I happen to be a huge fan. They give me some height, but the thick, chunky heel makes them so much more comfortable--and walkable!--than actual high heels or stilettos. I typically splurge on legit "from Sweden" clogs, but recently decided to take a chance on this super cute pair I spotted at a local Gap store. Major. Score. They were so good, in fact, that I now own them in all three colors. What makes these amazing? They're shockingly comfortable, despite the fact that you're essentially walking on a wood platform. Even better, they're real leather and suede--for less than $80! And the colors are so rich and perfect for every season. I'm wearing mine with jeans now, but will definitely wear them with midi skirts and even shorts this spring and summer. Go get yourself a pair--or three!--ASAP! Clog ($79.95) Clog ($79.95) Clog ($79.95) BUY YOUR CLOGS ASAP Be sure to check out the new S'well water bottles and Cameron Diaz's cute J. Crew sweater. [Photo: Gap]

Shop Mansur Gavriel’s Highly-Anticipated Debut Shoe Collection Now!

If you almost lost it when Mansur Gavriel announced they were introducing shoes last year, then your day has come. Oh yes, the shoes are now available to purchase! Net-A-Porter is the exclusive global retailer for the Mansur Gavriel shoe launch and they currently have four styles in six colorways up for grabs. Prices starts at $385 for flats and go up to $630 so they're not exactly budget-friendly, but totally worth the splurge if you live in sandals during spring and summer. Given how quickly the handbags sell out, you should get over to ASAP if you're looking to score a pair. Good luck! MANSUR GAVRIEL Suede mules ($395) MANSUR GAVRIEL Suede platform sandals ($625) SHOP MANSUR GAVRIEL SHOES NOW Don't miss cute black rain boots and how to wear a denim skirt. [Photo: Net-A-Porter]

Buy These Cute Rain Boots Now So You’re Never Caught Off-Guard By Wet Weather Again

Lots of ladies here on the East Coast were totally surprised to wake up to snow and slush this morning. So if you've been putting off investing in a stylish pair of boots that keep your feet dry in wet weather, now is the time. Stop whatever you're doing and get to Barneys Warehouse now. They currently have a super cute pair of all black rain boots on sale for less than $100. Take a look:   Barneys New York Cavallerizzo Rain Boots ($90, down from $130) Pretty sweet, right? Because they're all black they look like leather, except they'll be able to withstand walking around on slushy streets and jumping in over puddles. Once you've added these cute boots to your cart, keep shopping! Barneys Warehouse is currently having their Purple Card event, so you'll get a $25 gift card for every $250 you spend. Just don't wait! This offers ends on 2/7. BUY YOUR CUTE RAIN BOOTS NOW Be sure to check out designer jeans on sale and cheap Asics sneakers. [Photo: Barneys Warehouse]

Major Key Alert: 5 Ways To Wear Booties

Seriously, what CAN'T you wear with booties? If knee-high boots are the queen of the footwear industry—an established favorite—then booties are like the Kate Middleton of the shoe family — trendy and new, but with all the makings of a classic. If you're ready to stand behind the duchess of Boot Land, but feel hesitant about shifting your allegiance with the queen, this is the guide for you! Here's everything you need to know about rockin' that princess cut (talking 'bout booties, of course). It's all about LENGTH The bootie is a master of illusion. Slip on a pair and you go from 5'3 to Gigi Hadid in an instant. Suddenly, your legs are miles long and Zayn Malik is like "makeout with me in my next music video" (JK about the second part, but who knows...) Anyway, booties totally lengthen your legs — hooray! Keeping that in mind, here are some key looks that will highlight the magical abilities of your booties: Short skirt, short boots, long-sleeved shirt, scarf, CAN'T LOSE The dichotomy of long and short is fail-proof. [Photo: Splash News] Emma Stone is tearing up the bootie game with this combo of neutral classics. Black Full Grain Leather Women's Leila Booties ($139) Factory long-sleeve striped boatneck T-shirt ($39.50) Heathered Cashmere Gauze Scarf ($148)   Herringbone A-Line Miniskirt ($45) Keep It Monotone [Photo: Splash News] Amal Clooney knows the beauty of the bootie. Here she is at LAX, regal as ever in her black tights and matching ankle boots. The black-on-black really ties the outfit together and gives Amal's look a day-to-night kind of versatility. To brighten things up, Amal adds a hint of color with her light pink lip.   Vince Camuto Asymmetrical Bootie ($149) 'Ultimate Opaque' Control Top Tights ($36) For Love & Lemons Florence Cocktail Dress ($306) Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick ($21) [Photo: Splash News] Jessica Alba is a fan of the monotone look as well. Compared with Amal, Alba's ensemble is at the opposite end of the dress-code spectrum — but equally fab! Take a page from Alba's style book and add a denim jacket or chambray shirt for the perfect mix of cool and cashy. 1969 icon denim jacket ($70) Kimchi Blue Burnout Velvet Babydoll Dress ($50) Chambray Ex-Boyfriend Shirt in Buckley Wash ($72) Cuff it! Crop it! Booties and skinny jeans are a definite DO. The streamlined look is super slimming. But if you're looking to shake things up, roll the hem of your jean until it peaks out from the top of your boots! Another cool-girl option is to go with ankle-cut skinnies, this look is best if paired with multi-toned or cut-out booties. [Photo: Splash News] Jamie King's look is another great example of how booties can toy with length and make you look your absolute slimmest and chicest. Carly Bootie Circus by Sam Edelman ($90) Big Star Alex Skinny Ankle Sunny Dunes Wash Jeans ($78)   Not in the mood for jeans? Pull a Gigi Hadid and ditch the denim in favor of a bold pair of corduroys or cargo pants!   [Photo: Splash News] Beige snake print ankle boots ($90) Veronica Beard Caladium Cropped Zip-Trim Cargo Pants, Army Green ($450) Don't forget to check out: What You Should & Shouldn’t Pack For Your Trip To Vegas and What To Wear To Brunch With Your Girls [Photo: The Marcy Stop]

The Cool Workout Sneakers Celebs Love Are On Sale For Less Than $50!

adidas may be having a moment with the supermodel set, but actresses like Reese Witherspoon, Isla Fisher, Dakota Johnson and Emmy Rossum swear by a different brand: Asics! Now before you go thinking granny kicks, not so fast. Asics are actually perfection because they're hella comfortable, offer serious support and come in fun bright colors that will instantly boost your mood (and coolness). Here's where things get really exciting: Saks Off 5th currently has a bunch of cute Asics sneakers on sale for less than $50. Whether you're looking for new running sneakers or just a bright pair of kicks to wear on the weekend, get a pair at this sale ASAP! Asics Gel-Contend 2 Running Sneakers ($34.99, down from $70) Asics GT-2000 2 Running Sneakers ($49.99, down from $120) Asics Gel-Contend 2 Running Sneakers ($44.99, down from $60) Asics Gel Excite Mixed Media Sneakers ($44.99, down from $70) Asics GEL-Unifire Sneakers ($49.99, down from $70) SHOP MORE ASICS SNEAKERS NOW! For more great sales, check out Boden shoes for less than $60 and Express' BOGO activewear sale. [Photo: Splash News]

There Are So Many Cute Shoes On Sale For Under $60 At Boden Right Now

People are always surprised when I tell them that Boden is one of my absolute favorite places to shop. I guess because it's a British brand, it flies under the radar over here in the U.S. But I've got to tell you--if you aren't shopping Boden, you should be! And just in case you need more than just my personal nudge, allow me to point you in the direction of their current sale, which includes tons of their flat-out fabulous shoes for less than $60. Yes, you read that right. Real leather shoes that look and feel good for $53. It may sound too good to be true, but I can assure you this sale is happening and it is awesome. To help you out, I rounded up some of the best options under $60 below. Thank me later. Cordelia Heel ($59.40, down from $208) Harper Boot ($53.40, down from $178) Thelma Heel ($53.40, down from $178) Smithfield Boot ($59.40, down from $198) Lillie Heel ($59.40, down from $198) Lillie Lace-Up Flat ($41.40, down from $138) For more must-have splurges, check out Bing Bang's bestselling ring and how to get a Victoria's Secret reward card. [Photo: Instagram]

Last Call! Today Is The Final Day To Shop TOMS’ 75%-Off Surprise Sale

It's that time again! TOMS just launched another one of their surprise sales and this one is good.  I'm talking up to 75% off TOMS footwear, eyewear and more! Need some help sorting through all that sale goodness? Shop our TOMS sale picks below: BLACK WOOL FELT WOMEN'S LEILA BOOTIES ($53.90, down from $98) SANDELA TORTOISE LIGHT BLUE ($35.70, down from $119) BLACK LEATHER CROC EMBOSS WOMEN'S CAMILA HIGHS ($83.85, down from $129) BRONZE ARROW BRACELET ($27, down from $45) SHOP THE TOMS SURPRISE SALE NOW Be sure to check out our favorite cool sweatpants and the best facial cream for winter. [Photo: TOMS/Instagram]

Can You Tell Which Sliver Wedge Boots Cost $544 More Than The Other?

If there is one thing Loeffler Randall is known for, it's their boots. When temps drop, you can pretty much bet on seeing celebs and cool girls wearing their trendy designs. One classic Loeffler Randall style that comes back season after season? The Matilde boot. Featuring a sliver wedge, it adds just enough height, but is still totally comfortable and walkable. The one drawback? The price. At almost $700, Loeffler Randall's Matilde boot isn't cheap by any standards. Luckily, we found a pretty good Loeffer Randall Matilde knock off should your bank account not be in a place to accommodate that hefty price tag. Below we've included a photo of Loeffer Randall's cult Matilde boot which retails for $695 while the other is Steve Madden's more affordable Intyce boot which is just $149.95. Can you tell which is which? Click on each image to reveal if you guessed right.   Be sure to check out these amazing slimming leggings and how to wear duck boots.

Copy Kourtney Kardashian And Add Her APL Kicks To Your Cool Sneakers Collection

Spotted: Kourtney Kardashian lunching with Scott Disick and her munchkins. Before we sit around and discuss the merits of this wacky relationship (or not), we zoomed in on the subtle yet sleek sneakers Kourt was rocking. Her APL Techloom Pro Neon Knit Sneakers ($140) are everything we need in an understated gym (or city) shoe. Trust us, every girl needs the perfect black sneaker for gym and tourist time. And do you really need another pair of Nikes? Be unique like Kourtney and shop her kicks below. APL Techloom Pro Neon Knit Sneakers ($140) Don't miss out on more fabulous celebrity style such as Gigi Hadid's affordable sherpa jacket  and Kendall Jenner’s cool sunglasses. [Photo: Splash News]

Turns Out Jessica Alba’s Cool Zipper Sneakers Are Actually $75 Vans

If you're looking for a cool and comfortable pair of kicks that look good with everything from leggings to skinny jeans, check out Jessica Alba's latest shoe choice. She recently wore these Vans Old Skool Zip Sneakers ($75) and we love the versatile styling just as much as we love the under-$100 price tag. They're available in three colors, so get a pair stat. Vans Old Skool Zip Sneakers ($75) For more celebrity style, check out Kendall Jenner sunglasses and Khloe Kardashian's cool leggings. [Photo: Splash News]

Reese Witherspoon’s Cute Sneakers Will Make Going To The Gym So Much Easier This Year

We know the holidays can be hard on your body; all that food and drinking can wreak havoc on your physique. Fortunately, here's a lil something that will make hitting the gym a little easier in 2016: Reese Witherspoon bright sneakers. Not only are her ASICS Gel Nimbus 17 Running Shoe ($149) available in tons of great colors, but they're comfortable and perfectly suited for working out, too. Getting to the gym may not be easy, but looking good for it can be. ASICS Gel Nimbus 17 Running Shoe ($149) Don't miss out on Emmy Rossum's winter white coat and Taylor Swift’s $30 skirt. [Photo: Splash News]

Your Last Great Score For 2015? Hilary Duff’s 50% Off Marc By Marc Jacobs Booties

In case you didn't know, Hilary Duff's shoe game is strong. Whether she's wearing sneakers or boots, we're always dying to know where she got her shoes. Our latest obsession of hers? These Marc by Marc Jacobs True Rebel Carroll Studded Leather Ankle Boots ($224, down from $448) which just so happen to be 50% off right now. Snag them below ASAP!   Marc by Marc Jacobs True Rebel Carroll Studded Leather Ankle Boots ($224, down from $448) Don’t miss Kate Hudson’s holiday sweater find and Alessandra Ambrosio’s fringe bag. [Photo: Splash News]

Kick Off 2016 In Style With Heidi Klum’s Star-Studded Sneakers

The best way to start a new year? On the right foot. So kick off 2016 in style with Heidi Klum's Saint Laurent Court Stars Leather Sneakers ($645). Heidi, ever the chic mom, nailed the casual look with her designer kicks, oversized striped sweater and ripped jeans. For us, it's all in the sneaks these days. While Saint Laurent is not the cheapest option, they are definitely the coolest. Shop below! Saint Laurent Court Stars Leather Sneakers ($645) Don’t miss out on more fabulous celebrity style like Gigi Hadid’s cropped sweatshirt and Alessandra Ambrosio’s fringe bag. [Photo: Splash News]

Can You Tell Which Pair Of Patent Leather Pumps Costs $606 More Than the Other?

'Tis the season for a fabulous pair of patent leather pumps — but then again, when is it NOT?? Patent leather is timeless, and these T-strap pumps are the perfect accessory for any on-the-town occasion. But bear in mind, not all stylish pumps were created equal. These two pairs (pictured below) look pretty darn similar, but their price tags tell a different story... Can you tell which pair is the luxe Gucci Patent leather pumps ($683) and which is the bargain-priced Vince Camuto 'Nihal' T-Strap Pump ($77)? Click on the images below to reveal the prices!   Don't forget to check out: Here’s Your Chance To Own Isabel Marant–Clothing Starts At Just $69 At Barneys Right Now! and Don’t Miss Your Chance To Get A Pair Of Classic Tall UGG Boots–On Sale! #ThisNeverHappens

Don’t Miss Your Chance To Get A Pair Of Classic Tall UGG Boots–On Sale! #ThisNeverHappens

It's extremely rare that classic UGGs go on sale, but when they do, they sell out fast--like really fast. So consider this our way of you giving you the heads up. Saks Fifth Avenue currently has the Classic Tall UGG boots on sale for just $165, down from $195. You may be thinking $30 isn't much, but do we need to remind you that this style basically never goes on sale? That's precisely why you should jump at this chance to get them for cheap. Choose your favorite color below, then buy ASAP! UGG Australia Classic Shearling Tall Boots in Chocolate ($165.75, down from $195) UGG Australia Classic Shearling Tall Boots in Black ($165.75, down from $195) UGG Australia Classic Shearling Tall Boots in Chestnut ($165.75, down from $195) UGG Australia Classic Shearling Tall Boots in Grey ($165.75, down from $195) BUY YOUR UGG CLASSIC TALL BOOTS ON SALE NOW Be sure to check out Alessandra Ambrosio's cute fringe bag and cheap cashmere gloves.