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VIDEO: 4 Ways To Tuck In 5 Different Shirts (Because Not All Shirts Are Created Equal)

I'm way into tucking my shirts in. I mean, I literally tuck in everything from my fitted white tees, to the oversized white button-ups that I steal from my husband. But there's absolutely more than just one way to do it—you've more than likely seen or tried the half-tuck, and you may have even used the front tuck. But I believe that there's a certain tuck for every shirt you have. While I'm all about tucking in my sweatshirts, I'd never tuck em in fully for fear of looking like a donut, and I'd never tuck an oversized tee into a pair of high-waisted mom jeans, since the final result looks frumpy. I think you see what I'm getting at, but watch this clip for the ultimate visual. [youtube][/youtube] For more, check out this shirt tucking hack, and these cool ways to tie a bandana. 

Who Says Women Can’t Wear Neck Ties? These Silk Blouses Beg To Differ.

Ever since Jerry Seinfeld coined the phrase "puffy shirt," silk tie blouses have gotten a bad rap. If you want to look like ladylike without resembling a 1970s anchorwoman, take a cue from Olivia Palermo, Kelly Rowland, Rachel Zoe and Gucci (above) who all agree that tie neck blouses are back. This season, pair yours with wide leg trousers, skinny jeans, or above-the-knee accordion skirts. (more…)

The Silk Safari Top Is This Year’s Chambray Shirt: Everybody’s Wearing One!

Kristin Cavallari in her Naven Oversize Crop Blouse ($220, left); Katie Holmes and Khloe Kardashian in the Equipment Signature Blouse ($208, center & right) The silk safari blouse is dressier and more feminine than its chambray and cotton counterparts, but it's every bit as wearable. Dress it up like Kristin Cavallari (left) with swingy shorts - her's are Naven, $110 at Singer22 - and nude pumps, or complete the menswear-inspired look with a pair of fitted cargo pants like Khloe Kardashian (right). The best thing about this trend is that there are endless ways to incorporate this blouse into your existing wardrobe no matter your personal style...but once it's in your closet don't plan on it staying there too long because it will likely become one of your most rotated-in pieces. See our favorite silk safari blouses after the jump. (more…)

Can You Tell Which Silk Utility Blouse Costs $110 More Than The Other?

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How To Dress For Your New Zodiac Sign: A Cheat Sheet For The Astrological Crisis

What happens when the stars aren't aligning for you -- literally. This week's news of the shifting Zodiac, threw me, and apparently a bunch of others, into planetary/wardrobe chaos. If you're having a Zodiac-related identity crisis, here is our cheat sheet for upgrading your wardrobe to match your new sign: CAPRICORN: You're practical, so versatile and comfortable clothing, like a great pair of black pants, just makes sense. AQUARIUS: Your style is edgy and unique - so go over the top with over the knee boots and bib necklaces. PISCES: As an artsy girl with creativity to spare, head to an exhibit in black booties, but hit the studio in UGGs. ARIES: You're energetic and need colorful, bold clothing to keep up. Shop leopard print shoes. TAURUS: You're loyal and grounded, so neutrals are your thing. Stock up on flat black boots and trench coats. GEMINI: You're a trend-setter, so you've gotta try a pair of lace-up booties and a faux fur vest. CANCER: You're a romantic so play up your sensitive side in a flowy maxi dress with a chunky cardigan over it. LEO: As the lion, you're always the center of attention. You look great in everything--but just don't forget the red lipstick and sexy bra. (more…)