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The Scary Downside To Spray Tans No One Tells You About

5 Easy Ways To Get Tan Without Laying Out In The Sun

Let's be honest, everyone loves looking tan - we've never heard anyone say that they don't want to have that summer glow. But... we've definitely heard people complain that they don't feel tan enough. If you're one of those, we've got your back. Whether you're stuck inside working all summer, don't have a skin tone that gets tan, or need to be protected from the sun, we've got tips to help you get kissed by the sun, without actually baking on your pool chair or beach towel. 1) Foundation and Bronzer. It can be this simple! If you want some more color, try going one shade darker in your foundation, or find a bronzer that you like. Makeup can work magic, so give it a shot! Make sure you apply evenly to ensure that you have a natural glow. 2) Tan Towels. Ugh - we freakin' love these! These Tan Towel Half Body Towelettes are a quick and easy way to get that summer tan that you're lacking. Take the towelette and apply it to your face, chest, arms, hands - anywhere! Just make sure that you are applying it to clean skin, in circular motions, and wash your hands after, and you're good to go! For more skin coverage, try the full-body size. 3) Spray Tan. Ah, old reliable... or unreliable? Spray tans have been around forever, and they work - when you get them done right! Find someone who you trust and try out a spray tan for your summer skin. They last a long time, and are sure to give you #tangoals. 4) Wear White. This trick is an oldie, but goodie. Wearing white makes you look tanner by comparison. When you're feeling confident about your skin tone, wear your favorite white tee or white jeans, and work it! We're sure that you'll look tanner in seconds. 5) Natural Sun. You don't need to fry outside to get a natural tan. Apply some sunscreen and take a walk outside - you'll get an appropriate amount of sun without actually laying out. Getting sun exposure safely is a great way to get a nice tan. Try out some of these tips, and, hopefully, you'll be enjoying your new tan in no time! Make sure to check out Ab Cracks Are The New Thigh Gap, Apparently and The One Thing You Should Do As Soon As You Star To Feel Your Skin Getting Sunburned [Photo: Prosecco and Plaid]

The One Thing You Should Never Do After Getting A Spray Tan

Here's a PSA for anyone who gets spray tans ('tis the season!). The one thing you should never, ever do afterwards is get wet. Not just for an hour or two, we're talking, like, a whole day. The formula needs time to set into your skin evenly. It doesn't happen in the amount of time it takes you to watch an episode of RHONY. This woman shared a selfie on Imgur with the caption "Spray tan tears won't go away." Yep, she got her streaky look from crying post spray tan. Some commenters compared the woman's look to Cinnamon Toast Crunch or what it looks like when you stir coffee. How lovely. View post on Luckily, there are some nice human souls on the Interwebs who gave this woman advice on how to fix her messed up tan. "Go exfoliate and if needed a little self tanner. Also if you go back in, they might fix it for free," one former tanning salon employee wrote. Well, at least if this happens to you, now you know what to do! Don't forget to check out: Gina Rodriguez's new short hair and Shopbop's 40% off sale [Photo: Imgur]

Snag A Free Tan During Your Next Layover In The London Airport

Thanks to Gatwick Glow, a new spray-tan salon located in the Gatwick Airport in London, travelers can receive a free St Tropez spray tan as part of a study being conducted by the airport. The study set out to determine how travelers felt about going on vacation with pale skin versus tan.  The results are in and the truth is in the tan - after misting, everybody (especially men) felt more confident to show off their bodies - beach ready or not. Sorry Lindsay and Snooki, but we'd rather use self-tanners, not fake-and-bake beds. Make sure you're prepared for vacation by shopping our guides to the best carry on bags, the best summer dresses, and the best travel beauty. Subscribe now for more fashion updates.