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‘Buy Me A Whiskey,’ ‘All You Need Is Luck’ & More From Wildfox’s St. Patrick’s Day Collex

How To Kill It On St. Patrick’s Day

We're pretty pumped for spring to finally be here, but something to look forward to while you wait is St. Patrick's Day! You might not have celebrated in college, but in the real world, St. Patty's is definitely a big deal. For those of you familiar with Santacon, it's kind of like that...only much greener. And it's SUCH a bro holiday. Like the day that celebrates Ireland, the country of whiskey and beer...SO BRO. Basically, if you're a chick having doubts about participating in this day of drinking--don't. It's probably your best chance to meet a guy before the warm weather kicks in and open season starts (you know, the five months when no one is in a committed relationship). So we're giving you some tips for how to kill it on St.Patrick's Day. But this isn't just about meeting guys. We break down how to have the best booze-filled day ever with your besties. Click the slideshow to see how you should be celebrating the land of potatoes and gingers next weekend. And don't forget to check out: Andrew Marc x Richard Chai, Reese Witherspoon's ballin' accessories and how to write the best maid of honor speech [Photo: Shutterstock]

Who Knew A Leprechaun Could Be Slutty? These 4 Costumes Prove They Can Be

Leprechauns are pretty ugly, but it shouldn't be a big surprise that for St. Patrick's Day tomorrow there is a wealth of "sexy" leprechaun costume choices. I mean, have you seen the slutty Halloween costumes?  Whether you prefer to use the holiday as an excuse to get drunk, or an excuse to carry around a four-leaf-clover wand, you will surely get a chuckle from these four slutty leprechaun costumes, and a pair of green, glittery platforms you could consider wearing to work tomorrow (kidding). This Sassy Leprechaun Costume ($59.99) is actually on trend for fall. Velvet and thigh-high socks were big on the fall 2010 runways. No, the thigh-high socks were not adorned with a four-leaf-clover, and no, I didn't see any green, buckled top hats, but if you are going to wear this costume, you might as well try to relate it to fashion. The bra on this Charmed Leprechaun Adult Costume ($49.99) is actually kinda cute, but that doesn't mean you should wear it with a green bolero and mini top-hat out of the house. You definitely are struck by luck if you come across a reversible tube dress that you can wear for Valentine's day and St. Patrick's day! This  Struck By Luck Reversible Cupid Leprechaun Adult Costume ($56.99) makes being slutty throughout the seasons easier. The mini top hat and four-leaf-clover wand make a reappearance in this Adult Clover Leprechaun Costume ($67.83). If you want to skip the black Mary Janes and go for something a little more festive, try these Shamrock Glitter Adult Shoes ($34.99), clad with a platform, four-leaf-clover, and a touch of good ol' holiday tackiness. Get prepared for the next holiday with Halloween costumes we didn't even know could be slutty, then check out the best bras and the best underwear to wear under your clothes--not to the bar.