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The Ladies Behind Bride’s Head Revisited Dish On The Quintessential Bridal Accessory: The Veil

Emily Martin and Alexandra Augustine, the designers behind Bride's Head Revisited, know veils. Both worked at the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art before joining forces 9 years ago. They've worked with thousands of brides over the years, and we recently sat down with them in hopes of learning what veils work best for you. (more…)

Under-$100 Veils: Yes, You Can Get Fine Silk And Tulle For That Price

Wedding veils are yet another accessory that can make or break your overall look - and who wants that? We've found some great styles, long and short, that will add a touch of glamour to your big day! Need more wedding accessories for the big day? Shop our guides to wedding gloves, wedding jewelry sets, and white wedding shoes

Never Pay Full Price (Or Go To The Mall) Again—We Show You How

You would think by now hunting down deals online would be second nature. Trouble is, there are so many bargains to be had, it's tough to keep up with all of them. Here's our quick guide to sites to bookmark, clubs to join, sale alerts you shouldn't miss, and more. 1. Sample the Wares Can't police the entire interwebs looking for sales? That's what SheFinds is here for. Check out our daily  deals for what to buy at a discount. 2. Join the club Save up to 75% on top-of-the-line brands with Members Only sites. Merch is typically first come first serve, so make a habit of trawling the sites as you drink your morning latte. Here are a few bookmark-worthy clubs you should be perusing: Beyond The Rack Gilt Groupe HauteLook Rue La La The Top Secret Or just sign up for our newsletter and get a list of the best sales delivered directly to your inbox every Monday. 3. Shop the virtual bargain bins Every online retailer worth its salt has either a sale or a clearance section. At Shopbop and CoutureCandy, you can sort the sale racks by the percentage you want to save. Net-a-Porter set up a whole site,, for its on-sale goods, and that site has sales of its own. 4. Extra, extra Sign up for your favorite online stores' newsletters and you'll be hip to all kinds of stuff non-subscribers will never know about, like early sale events and codes for free shipping..  (We're always psyched to hear from hip estores like Tobi and YOOX.) 5. Start a bidding war Ebay's a great resource for deal hunters. Bid on new and used merchandise and watch your patience and persistence pay off in the form of unbelievable deals. Check out our many guides to fall fashion, shoes, and more to find amazing bargain picks for the cooler weather ahead.

Trompe l’What? The Hot New Trend Not Just For French Speakers

It's official - the couture houses are obsessed with trompe l'oeil. French for "trick of the eye," this art world technique uses prints to create fabrics that are not always what they appear. So far this look hasn't been seen much outside of the runway, but we managed to track down some very wearable alternatives to the designer duds. 1. Mary Katrantzou's perfume bottle inspired dress ($1,115) accentuates -or creates - the sexy curves of the (probably rich and thin) wearer. Accentuate your own curves for less with a Mara Hoffman frock ($297) and look a little like a chandelier while you're at it. 2. Sure, Inside Out's zipper print jean ($310) has the grungy cool look down pat, but Free People's Lace Stencil Skinny Jeans ($98) offer a slightly girlier take on the trend. 3. So far, none of the ready-to-wear brands are making anything similar to Comme des Garçons' blue illusion jacket ($1,240).  We know that Forever 21 is always the first to produce carbon copies inspired imitations of high fashion, so for now we'll have to do with their trompe l'oeil inspired zipper tee ($12.80). Shop our guides for more tees, trendy jeans, and dresses for every occasion.

News: Kate Launches Fourth Fragrance, Vogue Is Pared Down, And more

1. Kate Moss will launch her fourth fragrance, Vintage, this September.  If you need a new scent now, check out our guide to fragrances for every season.  [Now Smell This] 2. Vogue update: revered consulting firm, McKinsey, recently brought in to aid ailing Condé Nast, has had the magazine's receptionists laid off and all newspaper subscriptions canceled.  While we wonder what's next, we'll peruse anything and everything related to the forthcoming September Issue documentary. [fashionologie] 3. Gap has launched their 1969 Premium Denim collection.  Everything is under $100, but we think we can find jeans that are just as good for an even more reasonable price.  [fabsugar] 4. Retailers are looking to Facebook as a new frontier, with 20 businesses, including Sears, opening virtual storefronts on the site over the next two months.  If you're looking for a concentrated online locale with good things to shop, well, look no farther than us.  [Computer Weekly]

Less Shaving + More Tan = Happy Legs

What: Nivea Sun-Kissed Beautiful Legs Shave Minimizing Gradual Tan Moisturizer ($8) Why: Summer is a tough season for me, mainly because my sensitive legs loathe shaving; razor bumps and burn are inevitable. Rather than sporting hippie locks on my legs (shiver) or hiding them in jeans all summer long, I’ve been treating them to Nivea’s Sun-Kissed Beautiful Legs Shave Minimizing Gradual Tan Moisturizer. The formula not only grants an even, glowing tan that doesn’t smell like a paper bag, but it also moisturizes and helps to slow hair growth via celandine and DHA so I don’t have to shave as often. And the tan ain’t half bad, either. Get Yours: Find more ways to rock a faux tan, fight sweat, and keep your makeup from melting off.

Tuesday’s Sample Sale Scoop: Cynthia Steffe, La Perla, Judith Leiber, And More

Editor's Pick: Cynthia Steffe at Gilt Groupe EOS watches at Editors' Closet Johnny Was clothing and Christian Audigier watches and bags at ideeli FINN and Curtsey clothing at The Top Secret Bed Head pajamas and Fendi eyewear at Beyond the Rack Naot footwear, Judith Leiber accessories, and Antik clothing at Rue La La Robert Rodriguez clothing, La Perla intimates, and Annick Goutal fragrance at Hautelook Don't forget to check out our full list of the week's sample sales, along with our August calendar and helpful buying guides.

SheFinds’ Best Solutions To Fashion’s Biggest Problems

We've noticed that women fall prey to the same fashion faux-pas over and over. The visible thong, the raggedy hem, the uncontainable cleavage busting out at inappropriate times. So we've put together our list of the best solutions we've come across over the years. Take a look and find an easy way to fix the style issue plaguing you the most.1) Strapless dress issues: We've all faced the embarassing problem of a strapless dress that seems more affected by gravity than by our pathetic attempts to subtley reposition the bodice above, not below, our boobs. Luckily, there's an easy fix for putting your dress in its place--Lacebugz. 2) Raggedy Hems:  So your pants are a little long, and you haven't the slightest idea what to do with a needle and thread. Try Zakkerz, an incredibly innovative tool that will quickly put your cuffs where they should be and save your Sevens from dragging all the way to the subway. 3) Visible Thong: Trust us--there's nothing classy about showing off your thong above the waist of your low-rise pants. Try the new Hip-T for an easy way to cover your assets and give a cool, layered look to your outfit. 4) Overly Obvious Cleavage: There are times when the gals should be put on display. But usually you'd like them to stay covered. Keep gaping shirts in place with the Bosom Button, a  pretty and easy to use button that attaches to ill-fitting clothes to help keep some things hidden. 5) Nip Slips: Speaking of your breasts, be sure to use a pair of Nippies Stylin' Tape to hold barely there dresses in place should you go braless.  

Worst Dressed Celebrities Of 2007

Mr. Blackwell has once again let loose with his eponymous "Worst Dressed" list.  Featuring names like Posh Spice, Fergie, Eva Green, and Jessica Simpson, Mr. Blackwell has his snarky finger on the pulse of all that is sartorially challenged. However, as a world-wide arbiter of taste myself (and by that I mean a girl with an internet connection and an impressive shopping habit), I'd like to tack on some celebs that Blackwell neglected.1. Nicole Kidman: Nicole's fashion sense seems to have been slipping lately, making me wonder if Scientology offers a "style your robot wife" course at its celebrity center. My proof? Kidman has definitely gone south after leaving Tom, whereas Holmes has evolved into a sophisticated fashionista. These days Nicole sports hair that is severe and way too blonde for her complexion, a face that is edging closer and closer to Meg Ryan's rubber Halloween mask of injectibles, and clothing that resembles a costume one would wear to a White Elephant party. I mean, seriously, a silver pantsuit?  She looks like a metal tampon. Has somebody been sneaking into her husband's crack stash? 2. Britney Spears: Yes, I feel bad for Britney. She's obviously struggling with sanity and battling the urge to force her viewing public into an impromptu role as photographic gynecologists. But unless dressing like a $5 hooker is a symptom of whatever disease she's self-medicating herself for, she is sorely in need of a shrink and a stylist. Poor Brit-Brit seems to have fallen into the mistaken assumption that sheer, lacy, and netted equals sexy. When, in reality, Brit's version of sexy reeks more of desperation than her wardrobe does of fried chicken and cigarettes.    3. Bai Ling: Bai Ling has many great loves - clunky boots, nip-slips, extremely small articles of clothing,and a tenuous grip upon reality. Wandering into her closet must be like stepping into Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. She probably has little orange men who sing her rhymes about her ensembles and a team of squirrels who hurl nuts at her if she matches.Maybe these celebs should take some cues from the best dressed stars of 2007.

Taste Test: Which Pencil Skirt Is The Steal?

The pencil skirt is a wardrobe staple for any gal with a corporate office job. It's up to you how you spend that big salary, either on a $700 skirt or a $78 one. Which is which?   Test your shopping IQ with other Taste Tests.  

Solution: Get Rid Of Redness

Problem: Harsh winter air often brings out the worst in dry skin. If you've got extra sensitive skin or rosacea, the effects are even worse. So what's the best way to hide redness and even out skin tone? This SheFinds reader tells us her secret.Solution: "A serving of Physicians Formula Conceal in Soft Green! Available for $8 from many drugstores, Conceal helps camouflage all sorts of undesirable face pigmentation from scars to age spots. It’s hypo allergenic, fragrance-free, and oil-free." See the rest of this reader's great recommendation here.The SheFinds editors agree--Physicians Formula concealer products rock. To hide blemishes and undereye cirlces, we also recommend their Concealer 101 Concealer Duo ($7) and their Gentle Cover Cream Concealer ($5.39), which comes in a cool lip gloss-esque tube and uses its soft green shade to neutralize the red in blemishes. Sitting on a solution you'd love to share? Tell us about it in our SheFinds forums. 

Best Seller: Find Mandy Moore’s Black Halo Belted Bouquet Dress

What: Black Halo Belted Bouquet Dress, $366Why: While plenty of celebs sport Black Halo dresses, none seem to have made the same spalsh as this super chic design worn by Mandy Moore on the November cover of Lucky. Since then, we've watched the dress fly off shelves faster than retailers can restock, and, two months later, this remains an incredibly hot best seller.What makes it so special? Aside from the starlet endorsement (Mandy really did look fab in it), we think women flipped for the sleek lines that make this style as equally appropriate in the office (just add a cardigan) as it is for a hot dinner date (shed the sweater). It also rocks the high-waisted look and pencil skirt bottom, which makes it both completely on-trend with a classic shape that keeps coming back in style. If you can get your hands on one, we think this little number could be something you'd continue to wear for years to come.Get Yours: Try Saks Fifth Avenue, Tobi, and Pink Mascara. Although it's currently sold out at Singer22, check back in to see if they restock.

News Updates: Diane Does Shoes, Burberry Makes Bank, And More

Diane von Furstenberg's first line of shoes will hit stores in February. [FWD] Burberry reports a rise in profits thanks to their luxury accessories and the Prorsum outerwear runway collection. With prices that high, we're not surprised they're making some serious money. [WWD]Want to shop in the middle of the night? reports on the stores that will let you (while we think it's much easier to surf the web in our pajamas). [] Studies show that heavy use of perfume may indicate depression. Who knew a loss of smell and the blues were linked? [Science Daily] A new law in California requires retailers to give cash back for gift card balances under $10. [L.A. Times]  

Three-For-All: Dreamy Dark Nails

The dark nail trend has flourished and faded and flourished again ever since Chanel introduced their iconic Vamp shade in 1994. You can no longer buy the first favorite of vampy vixens and gothic-minded fashionistas (although Chanel's Madness shade, $19, comes pretty darn close), but the dark berry nail trend is again on an upswing, so there are plenty of deep, daring shades out there. The Shining Star: Creative Nail Dessign's Baroque shade ($6) is a plummy polish the pros would pick. The deep boysenberry shade has a hint of pearly shimmer, so mistakes are less noticeable (read: you can do digit detail on the train and arrive at your final destination with a dry, flawless-looking manicure). The Bargain Buy: E.L.F.'s polish in Dark Red only costs a buck, so when the trend inevitably goes the way of culottes and cutouts, you won't have to feel guilty about dropping a lot of dough. Take a trendy test drive with this matte polish, but be prepared to apply a couple coats to get the desired almost-black effect. The Classic With a Twist: Essie is best known for their sweet, girly shades like baby pink Ballet Slipper and and peachy Dune Road, but that doesn't mean Essie doesn't have a dark side, too. Their merlot-hued Decadent Diva polish ($5) will go on perfectly and stay chip-free (credit the well-designed brush and salon-quality formula for that), so you can rock the trend 'til it goes out of style.Did we miss your favorite? Tell us all about your chic dark polish picks in the comments section.

What Does Your Jewelry Say About You?

We've found out what kind of woman wears skinny jeans and what you can tell about someone by her Louboutins, but now we're turning our attention to jewelry. Which category suits you best? Take a read and vote at the bottom. The traditionalist: The woman who sports over-sized pearls ($2,975) has a distinctly polished, classic look. She wears Burberry scarves in the winter, Lilly Pulitzer in the summer, and was absolutely ecstatic when headbands came back in style. This well-kempt lover of pinot grigio is guaranteed to attend the alumni sorority mixer,  just as soon as she splashes on some pale polish and grabs her Kate Spade purse. The hipster: The woman who can sport this trendy Marc by Marc Jacobs pear watch pendant ($150) is no shrinking violent. She was the first person to jump on the Posh power bob bandwagon and literally ran to the nearest boutique when she learned Wayfarers were back in style. This woman can pull-off cut-off jean shorts and Converse sneakers in pretty much every situation, and she still manages to look confident and chic while doing it. You'll see this trend-setting fashionista at Whole Foods after her after her latest yoga session. The lover of fine things: The wearer of this classic David Yurman bracelet ($790) doesn't care what all the "it" girls are wearing, despises the Olsen twins for bringing grunge back in fashion, and would rather die than have someone see a chip in her perfectly polished French manicure. The woman who wears this classic jewelry line likes to wear the best, and only the best. You know her: she's the one in the Diane von Furstenberg dress, holding the Louis Vuitton, who has no patience for the tree hugger who just ordered the green tea in front of her at Starbucks.

Name That Designer: Who Designs that New Eco-Friendly Dress Collection?

Just a fun little game to see how big of a fashionista you are. We'll give you a few fun facts about the designer, and our favorite product picks, and then we'll leave it to you to guess the brand name. If it's too tough, just click on one of the images and the designer's name will be revealed. This brand is really just a dress collection, with the exception of this lovely raw-cotton reusable canvas tote. The gal who is behind the designs honed her skills at Marc Jacobs and named this completely eco-friendly brand after her favorite oyster. The company's focus is on fair trade and labor practices and uses only sustainable materials such as bamboo, vegetable-dyed organic cottons, and recycled leather. The designer morphed her "overly excessive" New York City lifestyle into an existence that is more planet friendly when she became pregnant with her son. Here are a few of her fab eco-friendly frocks (and yes, that is Melrose from 'Top Model' doing the posing):  If you liked this one, check out our 'Name That Designer' from last week.  

Deal of the Day: Up to 45% Off Coats at Neiman Marcus

Winter is a tough season that at times seems endless. You'll need to give yourself little things to look forward to along the way to help you make it -- like perhaps a new coat from Neiman Marcus' huge sale. Wearing the same one everyday can be a drag.A beautiful Burberry Tweed Trench (was $1,495, now $841) in a fun plaid with an exaggerated collar and decorative epaulets on the shoulders will really make you stand out. Another great Burberry find, this Convertible Trench (was $795, now $447) is actually two jackets in one with a detachable zip jacket underlayer. A fun and ridiculously stylish Racoon-Collar Jacket (was $795, now $447) by Andrew Marc is perfect for those occasional oddly warm winter days.  MORE DEALS:Free Shipping at Neiman Marcus with code SHOPNM Free gift with any $50 Lancôme purchase. Shop NORDSTROMTake 10% off Armani Exchange Spring Arrivals with your A/X Gift Card!

News Updates: Golden Globes Cancelled, Shu Uemura Dies, And More

Sayonara, Golden Globes fashion. The awards show will now be nothing more than a news conference, and SAG has encouraged its members not to attend. [CNN]Japanese make-up genius and brand founder Shu Uemura dies at 79. [Reuters] Stylist Rachel Zoe inks a deal for her own reality show with Bravo. [Fashion Week News] Tommy Hilfinger will likely be the first fashion IPO of this year (but look for lots more). [WWD] Dolce & Gabbana names a new president for its US business. [FWD]  

Sponsored Deal of the Day: Take 35% Off All Sale Shoes At

We love when a great website marks down the prices on their shoes. We love it even more when they give SheFinds readers an additional discount. Enter SHEFINDS as your coupon code and get an additional 35% off any shoe on the sale and final clearance pages. Here's a few you should consider: Remember when Gossip Girl's Blake Lively wore these Minnetonka boots (were $130, now $70.85)? Now you can get the same style for even less. If you love the animal print trend but aren't ready to committ to a full outfit, these cute Matt Berson Zac flats (were $145, now $63.70) are just the shoe for you. We're loving the gold trend, and we think this chic Dolce Vita Snakeskin wedge (was $99, now $57.85) offers a perfect way to get the look without spending a ton of money. They are also available in a groovy pewter finish. Enter SHEFINDS as your coupon code and get an additional 35% off any shoe on the sale and final clearance pages.

Celeb Style: Rihanna’s YSL Tote (And Its Affordable Knock-Off)

What: YSL Patent Leather Downtown Medium Tote, $1,895Spotted: On on Rihanna plus on the arms of celebrities all over townWhy: We mentioned this purse last summer, when it made the newest arm candy for plenty of stars. But what we like about this patent leather version is the additional shine and quilted detailing that makes an already luxe bag turn even more heads. Of course, we're also happy to report that you don't need a bank account the size of Rihanna's to afford a look-a-like version. Check out the Faux Croc Highland Tote ($52) at Baghaus. Looks awfully similar, huh?We think so, and although we know up close you probably wouldn't mistake it for the pricier model, we think this is an affordable way to get the celeb look. Wear it to the office to really add some spark to your office attire.Get Yours: Neiman Marcus or BaghausSpeaking of bags, be sure to check out our guide to organizing your purse for easy ways to convert stylish totes like this into an office-on-the-go. 

Celebrity Style: Get Friendly With A Celeb “Friendship” Bracelet

What:  Orka Mesica's "Friendship" Bracelet, $125Why:  Spotted on Lindsay Lohan, Audrina Patridge, and Lauren Conrad, Mesica's circle bracelet is the latest token of affection amongst celebutantes and frenemies alike. Audrina and LC sport theirs to show solidarity in all that is anti Heidi and Spencer, while Lilo probably wears it more for its spiritual signficance. The single gold circle represents rebirth, success, and creation...things that Lohan probably could use. I mean, did anyone actually see I Know Who Killed Me?  I think they had to count its box office sales in Pesos to keep La Lohan's morale up. Get Yours:

Real Housewives: Style Icons Or Nouveau Riche Trash?

My tolerance for trashy tv far exceeds that of any normal person. So I'll be the first to admit that I have definitely watched an episode or ten of Bravo's The Real Housewives of Orange County. What I don't get, however, is why suddenly so many blogs are telling us how to follow in these women's fashion footsteps. Let's take a look...Do they look like style icons to you? Vicki could be the cover girl for a cheap brand of tequila, I suppose, but I can't see much else I'd want to buy from them (kind of like I can't stomach a purchase if I've seen Britney wear the same thing). That said, there are plenty of people out there looking for advice on where to buy the clothes these gals have worn. So here are a few of the things we actually, kind of, just a little bit like. Just don't tell anyone where you got the fashion inspiration. 1) I can't fault their taste in workout wear. The Adidas Response Court Tank ($35) keeps you looking good even when you're red-faced and sweat-soaked. For more stylish workout gear, check out our guide to getting in shape in the New Year. 2) Okay, so this Jose & Maria Barrera Triple Strand Turquoise Necklace ($715) ain't so shabby either. 3) There's not much bad you can say about a super stylish Anna Corinna Jet Setter Jr. bag ($468). In fact, I think it might be classier than its owner.What do you think? Do you watch the Real Housewives for style or for amusement? 

Eco-Chic: All-Natural Lotion That Won’t Mess With Your Scent-sibilities

What: Get Real Unscented Hand & Body Lotion, $8Why: Normally, I'd never pick out an unscented lotion. I actually adore all the great smells that come with my various moisturizers. But it is true that, once you layer on your face and body moisturizers after showering with scented soap and shampoo then add a perfume, you can really be on olefactory overload. So why not take one of those smells out of the equation?Get Real's moisturizer has zero scent (really, zero), and it's powerful enough to battle dry winter skin thanks to a dose of sunflower seed oil. As another big plus, it's also all-natural, or, as the label puts it, has "no fake crap." And, despite its funky label that makes it look like a much pricier eco-friendly product, it costs very little. I'm not suggesting you should give up the rest of your lotions, but maybe give the noses of everyone around you a rest by slathering on some of this stuff. If you change your mind, they also have a lovely lavender and orange-ginger scent--still fake crap free.Get Yours:

Celeb Style: Get Ashley Simpson’s Hat

What: Eugenia Kim Diagonal Cashmere Muffy Hat, $250Why: Niether of the Simpson sisters rank high on our list of best dressed, but Ashley especially has made some odd choices in the past. That said, the girl cleans up rather well, and she does occasionally put something on that makes us think twice about dismissing her fashion sense.This Eugenia Kim topper, for example, looks absolutely adorable and provides the perfect cold weather accessory to help stay both warm and stylish. We especially love the buckle detail and the fact that the hat comes down far enough to keep our ears frostbite-free. For less expensive alternatives, try this Milly Cashmere Peaked Hat ($150) or this Banana Republic military-inspired option ($38). Get Yours: Find Eugenia Kim at

Find The Top Tanks For Layering

There's nothing I hate more than exposed bellies. If you're not on a beach or an ANTM photo shoot, your tummy should stay covered. And in the middle of winter, this becomes especially important--no one likes a blash of cold air freezing her belly button into the Ice Age. So what's the solution to cropped jackets or sweaters that stop short of where they should be? Invest in some affordable tank tops that stay put and will help keep you covered all winter long. Here are a few of my favorites: 1) Long, lean, and so affordable, the Old Navy Long Rib-Knit Tanks ($8.50) also come in a great array of colors. 2) Shopbop fanatics will love their exclusive line, Bop Basics. The tanks ($34) work great as a layering piece or as a cute top once the sun comes out. 3) Banana Republic's cotton stretch camisoles ($18) are designed way, way long and hold up well to washing for a fit that will last beyond the first week. 4) GapBody's new support cami ($19.50) comes with a built-in shelf bra, so if you only need a little support and want a smoother look (no double layer of straps when you go braless), this tank's for you. 5) James Perse's racerback long tank ($41) may not come cheap, but devotees of this brand snatch them up for good reason--they're soft, flattering, and they'll be a closet favorite for quite a while to come. 

Cashmere Mafia: Mia’s No Carrie, But I Don’t Care

Last night, I tuned in to watch the pilot episode of ABC's new series Cashmere Mafia. What I found wasn't much of a surprise. Four successful women living in NYC, wearing fabulous clothes (thank you, Patricia Fields), and banding together over cocktails to survive the tragedy that is love. This is starting to sound awfully familiar.So, yes, we've seen this all before in Sex and the City (and chances are we'll see it again when Candace Bushnell's Lipstick Jungle premieres in February). But isn't imitation the highest form of flattery?  Maybe I'm just starved for something fun to watch on Sunday nights, but I actually enjoyed the show, no matter how predictable it might be. And even if the story line seemed a bit lacking (Lucy Liu's character was just a tad less upset than I might have been had my fiance dumped me over a job), I enjoyed every last second of it, and I'll definitely come back to see what happens next. Honestly, my only real beef with the show is the name--you would think a creative team like this one could have come up with something slightly less ridiculous than Cashmere Mafia.What do you think? Is there room on the small screen for SATC copycats? Even if we'll never have another Carrie Bradshaw, isn't it fun to have someone else with great shoes and a rocky love life? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

News Updates: Fur Makes A Comeback, Fashion Found Award Winners Announced, And More

Watch out, PETA--fur is making a comeback. [New York Post] A private equity group plans to buy Ellen Tracy and bring the brand back to life. [WWD]Ecco Domani names the 2008 Fashion Foundation award winners. [FWD]Wonder where stars get their fashion inspiration? From Old Hollywood, of course. [People] Events: For San Francisco readers, check out the Twenty Two Shoes Sample Sale this Friday, January 11th. 

Deal of the Day: Up to 30% Off Designer Denim at Saks

As the pounds are melting off (due to your daily workouts as per the requirements of that New Years resolution), your old jeans will just start slipping right off your hips. Celebrate with a new pair:7 For All Mankind Roxanne Skinny Jeans (were $149, now $105) in stretch cotton dark wash denim with a worn, faded look and signature stitched back pockets. Adriano Goldschmied Skinny Corduroy Jeans (were $159, now $112) are soft and stretchy in a sexy low-rise style. Paige Hillside Wide Leg Jeans (were $203, now $143) made from Italian stretch cotton denim in a slightly flared leg trouser style. MORE DEALS:Get free shipping on orders $150 or more at Saks with code NEWYEAR. Offer valid through 1.13.08.Free deluxe samples with your $50 Clinique purchase. Shop NORDSTROM.comBuy 1 Get 1 Half Off All Hair Care Products at The Body Shop.