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Celebrities Are Obsessed With This $45 Black One-Piece

The one bathing suit that celebrities could not stop wearing this summer is the American Apparel Nylon Tricot High-Cut One-Piece ($45). The black suit is anything but basic with a low-cut back and high-cut leg openings (legit made to show off your thighbrows). So, whether you still have some beach days left or are already planning for Summer Seventeen (can we make that a thing?), definitely consider adding this cheap, celeb-approved one-piece to your swimsuit rotation. American Apparel The Nylon Tricot High-Cut One-Piece ($45) Don't forget to check out: the under-$90 top "it" girls love and the cheap shoe brand celebs are obsessed with [Photos: Instagram]

How To Clean Your Bathing Suits Without Ruining Them

If there's one thing I don't cut costs on, it's bathing suits. I don't mind spending a little extra money on a high-quality bathing suit if it's super flattering. My favorite bathing suits are by L*space and Triangl, and let me tell you, they don't come cheap. Unfortunately, these bathing suits made of delicate materials that aren't the easiest to clean. Of course, there's great inexpensive bathing suits out there, too. But I'd argue that you need to be even more careful when washing cheap bathing suits because they are likely to become discolored or rip. Washing your bathing suits is a necessity because they are exposed to things like sweat, chlorine, and sunscreen. All of these elements can breakdown fabric and cause a bathing suit to stretch or change color. Here are my tips for keeping your bathing suits clean and in the best condition all summer long: How To Clean Your Bathing Suits Without Ruining Them Rinse off after the pool. Chlorine weakens fabrics so try to rinse off with fresh water after taking a dip. Never put your bathing suits in the washing machine. The machine will damage the suit and ruin the elasticity. Wash your swimwear in the sink. Fill the sink with cold tap water and add mild detergent or vinegar. Let the swimwear soak for up to 30 minutes and then rinse with fresh water. Use a mild detergent to was your bathing suits. I'm a fan of the The Laundress Signature Detergent ($19). It's great for hand washing delicate items in the sink. Don't wring out your bathing suits. This can damage the fabric and stretch out the elastic fibers. Gently squeeze out excess water or roll the swimsuit in a towel. Make sure you lay the swimwear flat to dry. Never put it in the dryer. Don't let swimwear air dry in the sun because this can cause the colors to fade. Wash your bathing suits after every wear, even if you don't go in the water. Sweat and sunscreen can damage the fabric. Be especially careful with neoprene bathing suits (like Triangl). Always hand wash them with mild detergent. Never fold neoprene bikinis because they can crease. Be sure to store them flat after washing. [Image: Shutterstock]

13 Swimsuits That Are Basically Graphic Tees For The Beach

The One Thing You Should Never Do When Buying A New Bathing Suit

Buying anything online--especially swimwear--can be really tough. Items that need to fit *perfectly*, like your bathing suit, are hard to choose the best size for when you can't try them on in person--and if it's a brand you don't wear often, sometimes you have literally no idea what they're sizing is like. Is their medium my medium?? It can be really tough, so the one thing you should never do when buying a new bathing suit--especially online--is to order just one size of it. And I mean that you should 1) only order bikinis where the tops and bottoms are sold separately, 2) only shop from stores with free or extremely cheap returns, and 3) buy two sizes of the same suit (both top and bottom) if you're on the fence at all about sizing. This way, you can find the suit that truly fits you best--nevermind what size you *think* you are. If the top and bottom of a two-piece swimsuit is not sold separately--do not buy it. Unless you're a fit model for a size medium, it's highly unlikely that a medium top and bottom are both going to fit you in every suit, every brand and every style. It's just impossible! Shopping experts agree that the best tactic is to order two sizes of something, try them both on in the comfort of your own home in real lighting at the end of the day (when you are the most bloated) and take pictures in the mirror to determine which size is best. Then, return the wrong size (hopefully for free) and you'll have a suit you love and are likely to get the most wears out of. Good luck! [Photo: Prosecco and Plaid]

All I Want For Summer Is All Of This M Missoni Swimwear Goodness In My Closet Stat

What Is Bikyni? Only The Best Site To Buy A Swimsuit… Ever!

There's no denying it any longer--swimsuit season is here. Sadly, I am completely unprepared. No, not because I didn't spend all summer working out--screw that, I love my body and I'll wear any swimsuit I want. I'm actually kinda freaking out because despite all the places to buy bathing suits, I can never find swimsuits I love that fit well, feel durable and don't cost more than my monthly grocery bill. Luckily, Bikyni is here to change all of that. Bikyni, the brainchild of former Reformation COO Jude Al-Khalil, is an online swimsuit retailer that launched last year. It's designed to be a reaction to the overpriced, overcrowded and over-designed swimsuit industry, and so far, it's doing a really great job. It's founder has called it "the Warby Parker of bikinis" and its high quality, accessibility, adorable website and great returns policy lead us to agree. The central idea of Bikyni is simple: offer clean, minimalist swimwear that comes in classic styles with a little modern flair. The suits are made with classic lines and come almost exclusively in simple colors--only a few styles come in prints like ginghams and florals. Bikyni says it wants to emphasize "thoughtful details" and this is certainly evident in the swimwear they put out. All of the swimsuits are made with seamless stitching and as little hardware as possible. Even better, many of the styles are convertible, giving you more ways to wear them (and a way to avoid awful tan lines!). The current Bikyni collection features two one-piece suits, seven bikini tops and six different bikini bottoms, all available in several colors and prints. Every style was designed in the U.S. and manufactured with imported Italian fabrics. The factory where the bathing suits are made is only a short drive from Bikyni's Los Angeles headquarters. Here's a detail I really love: Bikynis aren't sold in sets--you buy the top and bottom separately! This is major because mix and match styling means you aren't constrained to one size for both top and bottom, which of course makes it super easy for more women  to find the fit that they need. A single top or one bottom costs $50, but if you buy a set it will cost you $95. Pretty reasonable, especially for such a high quality swimsuit. The other great thing about Bikyni is its super comprehensive fit guide. Each of the styles on the site is covered with careful descriptions of its cut and fit. Bikini tops are scored on their support (from light to full), coverage and adjustability. Bottoms are rated on coverage and rise, and one-pieces on support, adjustability and padding. There's even a guide to measuring yourself for a swimsuit and a size conversion chart. Suits come in sizes XS to L and larger sizes are in the works. All shipping and returns from Bikyni are completely free, so if you're feeling interested, go ahead and give it a try--it's super easy. You can also check out Bikyni's collaboration with Madewell, a combination that's just as adorable as it sounds. SHOP BIKYNI NOW Be sure to check out the most efficient way to store underwire bras and the most flattering one-piece swimsuit. [Photo: Bikyni]

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Amazon Is Having A Really Good Swim Sale Today

Can You Tell Which Scalloped Bikini Costs $225 More Than The Other?

SHEfinds receives commissions for purchases made through the links in this post. Chances are you've seen Marysia's now-cult Antibes bikini at least once over the past year. Its distinct scalloped edges have made it a must-have. It also doesn't hurt that it has quite the celebrity following--Hilary Duff, Lupita N'yongo, Rachel Bilson, Kate Bosworth and Bar Rafaeli have all been snapped wearing it. As with all good things in fashion, it was only a matter of time before lookalikes starting popping up. At $272, Marysia's Antibes bikini isn't exactly affordable, so we're not at all surprised that Old Navy is currently selling a pretty similar style for just a fraction of the cost. But how good is your eye? Looking at the pics below, can you tell which bikini is $272 and which is $47? Click on the pics to find out if you guessed right.   Be sure to check out BaubleBar's huge jewelry sale and The Body Shop's online outlet sale.

Target’s Super Cute Swimsuits Are Buy One, Get One 50% Off Right Now

Whether you're planning a spring getaway or you're just more than ready for summer, here's an excuse to shop: swimwear at Target is buy one, get one 50% off. And if you haven't seen Target's latest collection of bikinis and one-pieces, you're in for a treat! There are so many good styles! From trendy colorblock designs to solid and printed patterns, you really shouldn't miss this opportunity to score super cute swimwear for super cheap. Check out our faves below, then snatch up a bunch before this sale is over. Colorblock Triangle Bikini Top ($14.99) Push Up Cut-Out Bandeau One Piece ($29.99) Crochet Flounce Bandeau Bikini Top ($17.99) Chevron One Piece Swimsuit ($59.99) SHOP THE TARGET SWIM SALE NOW Don't miss Anthropologie's 30% off sale and 25% off at Shopbop. [Photo: Target/Instagram]

The Best Mara Hoffman Swimsuits For All Of You Getting Out Of This Miserable Cold

Consider Yourself Warned–Kendall Jenner’s White Bikini Is Only Available In Two More Sizes

Kendall Jenner partied in style aboard a yacht off St. Barth's wearing an itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny, we-need-it bikini. Just because your spring break plans don't include a massive yacht with the super sexy Harry Styles, doesn't mean you can't dress like a top model. Kendall's SAME SWIM The Catch Bikini Top ($195) and SAME SWIM The Everything Bikini Bottoms ($165) are both still in stock at Shopbop, but only in two more sizes. Hurry!   SAME SWIM The Catch Bikini Top ($195)  SAME SWIM The Everything Bikini Bottoms ($165) Check out more fab finds such as Reese Witherspoon's flash coral sneakers and Emmy Rossum’s winter white coat. [Photo: Splash News]

Christie Brinkley Looks #Flawless In This Cool Mara Hoffman Crop Top

We can all only hope to look half as good as Christie Brinkley in a bikini. The iconic supermodel recently posted the pic above to her Instagram and we couldn't help but ogle over how amazing she looks. And that cropped rash guard top she's wearing? It's obviously Mara Hoffman, because what celeb doesn't love rocking the brand when they're at the beach? Sadly, Christie's exact top is sold out, but here are a few other Mara Hoffman rash guards for you to choose from. // For more celebrity style, check out Heidi Klum's star sneakers and Taylor Swift's plaid skort. [Photo: Instagram/Revolve Clothing]

Why Yes, You Can Buy That Sexy One-Piece Beyonce Was Rocking On Instagram

So what that it's September?! You should always have an excuse to grab a new bathing suit (winter escape to the islands, anyone?), especially if said swimsuit was worn by Beyonce herself. Queen Bey recently modeled this Free People Acacia Florence Printed One-Piece ($205) on Insta and we're all about the sexy one-piece. Shop her suit below.  Free People Acacia Florence Printed One-Piece ($205) Be sure to check out Katie Holmes' Isabel Marant top, the best fringe booties for fall  and the best plaid dresses for fall. [Photo: Instagram]

The Outnet’s Exclusive Summer Edit Includes Everything You Need For Your Summer Vacay

High-Waisted Bikinis Look Good On Every Body, Whether You’re A Size 2 Or A Size 12

Find Out What Swimwear Style Is Most Popular In Your State

Because none of us can turn down a good infographic, T.J.Maxx and Marshalls just conducted a survey of the most popular swimwear styles by state, and the results are in: It turns out that halter (followed by sporty and retro inspired) was the most popular style country-wide, and over 70% of states favored a one piece (!). Women in New York prefer a one-piece "sporty" style in a solid color, while women from California love a two piece ruffle suit with a print. What's your state's?! See the full results here: Alabama: 2-piece printed halter Alaska: 2-piece printed halter Arizona: 2-piece printed halter Arkansas: 1-piece printed halter California: 2-piece printed flutter or ruffle Colorado: 1-piece solid sporty Connecticut: 1-piece printed sporty Delaware: 1-piece printed halter District of Columbia: 2-piece printed halter Florida: 1-piece printed halter Georgia: 2-piece printed halter Hawaii: 2-piece printed halter Idaho: 1-piece printed printed retro Illinois: 1-piece printed retro Indiana: 1-piece solid sporty Iowa: 2-piece printed halter Kansas: 1-piece printed halter Kentucky: 2-piece printed halter Louisiana: 2-piece printed halter Maine: 1-piece solid halter Maryland: 1-piece solid sporty Massachusetts: 1-piece solid sporty Michigan: 2-piece printed halter Minnesota: 2-piece solid halter Mississippi: 1-piece printed flutter or ruffle Missouri: 1-piece printed retro Montana: 1-piece printed retro Nebraska: 2-piece printed halter Nevada: 1-piece solid sporty New Hampshire: 2-piece printed halter New Jersey: 2-piece printed halter New Mexico: 1-piece printed retro New York: 1-piece solid sporty North Carolina: 2-piece printed halter North Dakota: 1-piece solid sporty Ohio: 1-piece printed flutter or ruffle Oklahoma: 1-piece printed flutter or ruffle Oregon: 1-piece printed halter Pennsylvania: 2-piece printed halter Rhode Island: 2-piece printed halter South Carolina: 1-piece solid sporty South Dakota: 1-piece solid sporty Tennessee: 2-piece printed halter Texas: 1-piece solid retro Utah: 2-piece printed halter Vermont: 2-piece printed halter Virginia: 2-piece printed halter Washington: 1-piece solid retro West Virginia: 1-piece printed sporty Wisconsin: 2-piece printed halter Wyoming: 2-piece printed halter

Snag Sienna Miller’s Super Cute Bandeau Bikini While It’s 50% Off

It's not too late to order the perfect summer bikini! A collaboration between Sold and Striped and model/It girl Poppy Delevingne has created some exquisitely simply and stunning bathing suits, including this Solid + Striped + Poppy Delevingne Printed Bandeau Bikini ($90, down from $180) Sienna Miller wore while vacationing in Antibes. If you can get Sienna in your design, good things will happen. Break out from the simple patterns of yesteryear and snag this French chic design ASAP!     Solid And Striped + Poppy Delevingne Printed Bandeau Bikini ($90, down from $180) Don't forget to shop Jessica Alba's overalls, Vanessa Hudgens’ under-$100 accessories and Sarah Hyland’s $54 crop top. [Photo: Splash News]

Rebecca Taylor Launched A Limited-Edition Swimwear Collection Wit Giejo And Yes, It’s Awesome

Don’t Wait ‘Til Summer — Shop The Best (Cheap!) Swimsuits At Target Now!

Get A $100 Splendid Swimsuit For Just $16 At Nordstrom Rack #VacayAllDay

Don't have a warm weather vacation planned any time soon? Who cares! You should still get your butt over to Nordstrom stat because tons of Splendid bikinis are ridiculously cheap. You ready for this? Bikini tops and bottoms that typically retail for at least $49 are marked down to just $7. Yes, $7. It's a sale so good, you just have to see it for yourself so go now! SHOP SPLENDID SWIMWEAR ON SALE NOW Be sure to shop Coach's 50%-off sale, 60% off Frye boots and J. Crew jewelry for $12.

Tons Of Cute Swimsuits On Sale For All Of You Going Somewhere Warm Next Week

Counting down the days until vacay next week? Well aren't you lucky? Instead of hating (because we'll be stuck in the cold), we decided to be nice and round up a bunch of cute and colorful swimsuits on sale around the Web. We're talking Mara Hoffman, Shoshanna and Zinke for less than $50. #yourewelcome Click through the slideshow to shop the best swimsuits on sale right now. Be sure to shop Beyonce's cute top, Michael Kors watches on sale and Vince tops for super cheap. [Photo: Miss Tangerine]

Take My Word For It–Right Now Is The Best Time To Get A Cheap Designer Swimsuit

Now you're probably thinking to yourself, "Why on earth would I buy a swimsuit in October?" My answer: because they are insanely cheap right now! I'm talking Mara Hoffman, Zinke, L'Space and more for $100 or less. I only know this because I got a Mara Hoffman bikini myself for just $60 and that is simply unheard of. So whether you buy a bunch now and save them for next summer or book a holiday vacay just to wear them, you really shouldn't miss out. I rounded up 48 cute ones in the slideshow. Don't miss 25% off at Shopbop, French brands you need to know and Kristin Cavallari's $67 ankle boots.

Hide Your Summer BBQ Belly In A Flattering, 50%-Off Giejo Swimsuit

When it comes to swimwear, Giejo is killing the game. Never heard of them? Gosh, you've been missing out. Not only do they offer figure-flatting swimsuits (lots of high waists to hide your stomach after too much BBQ) in crazy cool prints and patterns, but they all mix and match so you never have to wear the same combo twice. Even better, for a limited time only they're hosting a massive warehouse sale where all sale items are an additional 50% off  with code whsale2014 at checkout. Oh yes, this is for real. So this cute polka dot top is now $45 (originally $112), the matching bottoms are $42.50 (originally $98) and this amazing one-piece is $75 (originally $180). We dare you to find a better swimwear deal than this! Go stock up before the real Giejo diehards scoop them all up. SHOP THE GIEJO SWIM SALE NOW! Don't miss 60% off at Nordstrom, Jamie Chung's cute clutch and Net-A-Porter's clearance sale.

What Do You Want More–Jessica Simpson’s Body Or Her Mara Hoffman Swimsuit?

All we can say is "Wow." Jessica Simpson posted this sexy swimsuit shot on Instagram over the weekend and Weight Watchers really does do a body good. But not only are we coveting Jessica's insane bod, we want her one-piece! Turns out it's the Mara Hoffman Cosmic Fountain One Piece ($246) and it's still available in almost every size. Snag one for summer below. Mara Hoffman Cosmic Fountain One Piece ($246) Don't miss Kendall Jenner's cool sunglasses,  Emily Blunt’s printed pants and Jamie Chung in Banana Republic x Marimekko. [Photo: Instagram]

Time To Retire That Triangle Top–It’s All About Longline Bikinis This Summer

Ladies, meet your new summer bestie: the longline bikini top. It extends just past the top of your rib cage, so it covers more of your tummy and offers more support than a traditional triangle or bandeau bikini. And if that isn't enough to convince you you need one this summer, these tops are super sexy and give off a cool, retro vibe--no soccer mom tankinis here! Shop our favorites in the slideshow and get ready to feel uber confident at the beach and pool this season. Be sure to check out the 20 spring trends men hate, things only Florida girls think are OK to wear, and three ways to wear boots after winter. [Photo:]

VIDEO: Ellen Hilariously Spoofs Target’s Latest Swimsuit Photoshop Fail

Target basically did plastic surgery via photoshop on juniors model Tanya Marie Keller a couple of weeks back, and now Ellen DeGeneres has something to say about it. She invited Tanya to come on her show and talk about the unrealistic body images that photoshop creates for young girls. But instead of taking a defensive approach and hating on the store like everyone else, Ellen and Tanya went the comedic route. They wanted to prove that Target "DID NOT photoshop" their ads. So, Tanya came out wearing two abnormally long prosthetic arms, mimicking the way her limbs look in the ad. The poised model stayed in character the whole time using the arms to shake hands, drink from a coffee mug, and give hugs. She even offered to show viewers that the "square block between her legs" is "real." You have to watch for yourself to see their hilarious (and positive!) take on such a horrible mess. Rather than just pointing out that the image is fake, Ellen physically proved it. Sometimes, girls see ads, like Target's, and even though they know that they're majorly photoshopped, they still strive to look like the models anyway, which is extremely unhealthy and can be very dangerous. Ellen's take shows young girls that it is physically impossible to look like the models they see in swimwear ads. So next time you're feeling down about your "bikini body," remember that nobody is perfect and you look great just the way you are! GO ELLEN! [youtube][/youtube] And don't forget to check out: Target Sports Illustrated swim collection, Nasty Gal Swimwear, and Target's Pinterest collab.   [PhotoCredit: Warner Bros/ Michael Rozman,]

Herve Leger Now Makes Swimwear That You Can Actually Swim In

Fans of Herve Leger's bandage dresses were more than a little peeved when the designer released what looked like a cut-out one piece bathing suit, but was actually a "sunsuit" that couldn't get wet a couple of years ago. But they have reason to rejoice this swimsuit season: you can finally show off your curves - both poolside and in the actual pool - in the "completely swimmable" 2013 resort collection that just hit. Click through the slideshow above for bold colorblock one pieces, sexy bondage-style monokinis and sporty bandeau bikinis. They've got "Vegas pool party" written all over them. For more swim news, read about the rise of the one piece bathing suit.

The Only Black Swimsuit You Need: Yep, It’s A Bikini.

Hear me out before you start telling me you can't fit into a bikini. This is no ordinary bikini: this is a retro bikini--it's got a flattering cut made especially for curvy girls, a la Marilyn Monroe and other pin-up princesses we love. If you haven't exactly gotten to a gym this year, no need to stress. In fact, it's totally ok to get fries with that, because this Topshop retro bikini is your saving grace. Can't knock it 'til you try it.  GET IT: TOPSHOP RETRO BIKINI, $64 Read how to look like a sexpot at the beach, see more best find of the day picks (and find out why they're so awesome) bone up on fall--it's coming soon!--with our fall preview, and shop all of this week's awesome sales and deals while you're at it.

Forget Yellow Polka Dot Bikinis! This Season, Channel Sweet In A Gingham Suit

We love bathing suits in delicate and girly patterns because hey, if we're almost naked, we better play up the sweet (psst...Kirsten Dunst agrees!) This summer, we're especially into bikinis and one pieces in a gingham print--adorable, without being too saccharine. It's like Dorothy leaving Oz...and meeting the beach! Now all we need is some ruby slippers... SHOP OUR FAVORITE GINGHAM BATHING SUITS NOW Check out other cute bikini trends: metallic, patterned, or fringe.    

Meet DVF’s Chike Swimsuit–Just As Flattering As A Wrap Dress, But You Can Get It Wet

The best tip I've ever gotten regarding swimsuits is to think about what you normally wear, and then try to find a swimsuit that mimics the style. For instance, if you live in black, the swimsuit that's best going to flatter you is probably not going to be a tie-dye bikini--you should go for a black swimsuit, obvs. Diane von Furstenberg takes this piece of advice to a new level, by creating a wrap swimsuit, the DVF Chike Swimsuit, $298. Yep, she's famous for pioneering the wrap dress, and now she's giving it to you in swimsuit form. Genius, right? As if we couldn't love her more. With drawstrings you can adjust yourself and a sexy, ultra-flattering deep v-neck, this cut looks awesome on everyone. Do yourself a favor and get one! GET YOUR OWN DVF WRAP SWIMSUIT Check out more of our favorite swimsuits, this week's best sales and deals, and then top it all off with our guides to the best flat sandals, summer hats and sunglasses.

The One Thing Michelle Obama Says She Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead In

Hint: she's not wearing it in this photo shoot for Vogue, above The First Lady, who is known for having a gorgeous figure, including some pretty famously muscular arms absolutely refuses to wear one thing. Can you guess what Michelle Obama won't wear? A bathing suit. Yep, not even a bikini. She told People she would never want to be photographed in one, saying, 'That's been my one goal: I don't want to be caught dead in a bathing suit.' Michelle, if you're reading, you just might change your mind after you see how cute one piece swimsuits have gotten! SEE SIX SUPER COOL ONE PIECES HERE I'm surprised, but I can totally sympathize. Why do you think I've been writing about 10 Ways To Hide a Food Baby and where to find the best Spanx swimwear and shapewear? It's no coincidence. (Ed Note: For the record, here.) It's that time of year where we start bearing a lot of skin, but you can still look sexy. Just check out our favorite one-piece swimsuits that are WAY cooler than their predecessors. Check out more - we've got this year's best sunglasses, summer hats, the best flat sandals and all of this week's best sales and deals.

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