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The One Item In Your Hotel Room That You Should Never Use

You're traveling for work or play and craving the comforts of home sweet home. Fortunately, your hotel room is probably stocked with everything from a hair dryer and ironing board to snacks, alcohol, and enough bottled water to supply a village. Unfortunately, some of those items in your hotel room are either unsanitary or a total ripoff. Before you risk spending a pretty penny on something you can get down the block for half the price or, worse, pick up a ton of gross germs left behind by past guests, frequent traveler Chelsey, a marketing coordinator for Pet Plan, says one hotel item stands out above the rest as a smart one to avoid. "One thing I always avoid using at hotels is the bottled water," Chelsey says. "Higher-end hotels tend to leave a bottle of water somewhere in plain sight in hopes that guests will find a need for it. Most of the time people will not have change for the vending machine or they won’t be within walking distance to a convenient store. Then the hotel will charge them a ridiculous amount just for opening something that should technically be complimentary. So, if you’re paying the price for an upscale hotel and don’t want to incur additional fees then avoid opening any kind of water bottle that presents itself in an unorthodox kind of way." Maggie McCombs at Creative Lodging Solutions agrees that hotel bottled water is not worth the cost, and adds three more items you shouldn't use: the comforter, the TV remote (unless you're willing to wipe it down), and the pillowcases. "As nasty and surprising as this one seems, a recent investigation of some of the most prominent US hotels revealed that not all pillowcases are thoroughly cleaned between guests," McCombs says. Nasty, maybe. But the more you know, the more money you'll save and the healthier you'll be on your next vacation. For more tips, check out 4 Tech products I can't travel without and The biggest ripoff at Starbucks — What is it? [Photo: Egg Canvas]

9 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Uber

The Worst Thing To Buy At An Airport, According To An Employee

Duty-Free cosmetics shopping aside, an airport may just be the worst excuse for a shopping mall on the planet. If you're packing your luggage in a hurry because you have a flight to catch and figure, hey, if I forget anything, I'll just pick it up at a shop in the airport, you're pretty much setting yourself up to spend more money than necessary on goods that cost less at most drugstores. So, what's one of the absolute worst things you can buy at an airport? Over-the-counter drugs like headache medications — and snacks and beverages — basically, any impulse purchase that you really want in the moment, but that could have easily been purchased for a lot less money outside of the airport. "When you buy medicine at the airport, you're stuck choosing among name brands because airport shops aren't going to carry less expensive generic brands," says Anna Maria Cupido, an airline employee. "The same rule applies for bottled water and snacks. You'll save more money packing food and beverages from home or even getting them from a fast food chain within the airport then you will at an airport gift shop, where prices tend to be higher." While you're shopping at an airport, you may also want to avoid buying headphones and neck pillows. The obvious fact that you're nabbing them for the sole purpose of making your flight more comfortable guarantees you'll be more willing to spend a few more dollars on these items. And airports know that. Your safest airport shopping bet: stick to duty-free spirits and cosmetics goodies you can only get overseas. For more travel tips, check out The best tech products I can't travel without and Packing for holiday travel: How to kill it in 5 steps. Follow me at @lisacfogarty on Twitter. [Photo: Shutterstock]

What The SHEfinds Staff Wears To Happy Hour In NYC

One of the best parts about summer in New York City is outdoor happy hours. But the real ballers (aka, the SHEfinds staff) like to take things to the next level and hit up a rooftop bar for afternoon drinks and food. That's us! Our current pick for the best rooftop happy hour in NYC is the Monarch Rooftop Lounge in Midtown (the SHEfinds staff were guests of the Monarch on June 30, 2016). We checked out the 18th-floor penthouse of the Marriot Courtyard Herald Square a few weeks back and can we just say, #views. The Empire State building has never looked better, and not just because we were sipping rosé. Rosé = the drink of choice for the SHEfinds staff Crushin' it! Everything from the specialty cocktails to the apps and small plates was freakin' amazing. Besides rosé (which came with excellent bottle service, BTW), the SHEfinds staffers also sipped on Whiskey Gingers. Think about the snacks you'd want to eat while drinking and the Monarch has them. From chicken fingers and fries (with garlic aioli dipping sauce #NOM), to pizza and dips on dips on dips, none of us could resist the delicious food. Yes, that's a boat of chips Now, let's talk about what's most important here: outfits. Everyone knows a look can make or break an Instagram moment, like a rooftop happy hour. That's why we put a lot of thought into what to wear to the Monarch.  Here are the details: Amanda, Marketing Coordinator Sunglasses: Warby Parker Ormsby ($95), Dress (similar): H&M Jersey Maxi Dress ($17.99)  Jeanine, Vice President Dress: Splendid Dover Clip Dot Dress ($148), Sunglasses: Warby Parker Reilly ($95) Sally, Audience Development Assistant Dress (right) similar: Women's Woven Dress Purple Print - Mossimo Supply Co. ($16.09, down from $22.99) Now you have all the deets on rooftop happy hour #goals, so time to go ENJOY summa time at the Monarch! [Photos: Shelby Rodriguez]

How To Vacation In The North Fork, From Someone Who Lives There Year Round

I’ve been procrastinating writing this article. The SHEfinds editors asked me to write about what they know is my favorite place on earth, the North Fork of Long Island, and I’ve been dragging my feet. Mainly because as much as I’m happy to share my finds with 2M people a month (hence the site), I’m worried about 2M people descending upon my small patch of paradise. This is a place where my husband and I go every weekend with our dog to rest and recharge after the long, crazy week in Manhattan. Every Friday we grind our way out of midtown, fighting road rage and breathing exhaust on the 495 for about 2 hours (it can take up to 5 in the summer!). For those that don't know, the end of Long Island splits into a V--to the south is the glitzy Hamptons you've seen on "Revenge" and the RHONY, that’s where the New York "fancy" people spend their summers. The North Fork is not that.  This is a region focused on food, wine and breathtaking sunsets. The vistas are grapevines, farmland and still bodies of water. When we hit exit 71 and start heading North, leaving the Hamptons traffic behind us, we breathe a collective sigh of relief. It is the best moment of my week. While there are great things about this area being discovered by more people--more restaurants, cute shops, new friends--there’s also the agritourist traffic that comes with. As an example, the small winery I used to love now has a hostess at the door giving wait times. The wooded vacant lot across from my house just went up for sale for an obscene price, and a lifeguard recently kicked my dog off a normally-deserted beach (and his favorite!). There are some obvious downsides to sharing my North Fork with the world (I'm very protective of this place)--but it is worth sharing, so here goes. Just please don't all come at once! Here are the recommendations I share with my closest friend (and now you!) when they are coming to visit for just a couple days: Where to stay: You have a choice  - do you want to be in nature/vineyards or a cute small town? If the former, you can look in to aribnb's in Southold--but thanks to a new short term rental law in the area, you can only do airbnb's for 2 weeks or longer. (Don't worry--you're not missing much, one of my friends said her AirBnB had bats in it!) If don't plan on staying for that long, or want a bit more service, check out the luxe and historic Jedediah Hawkins Inn which also has an amazing restaurant attached. Just last week @Gumbydog and I visited their chickens after a fabulous brunch. If you prefer the small town vibe definitely stay in Greenport.  American Beech is a new cool-vibe  hotel/restaurant right in the middle of town.  Other good options are the retro Greenporter Hotel and the Harbour Front Inn (on the water natch).  The great thing about staying in Greenport is that you can take the LIRR or the Hampton Jitney directly to Greenport and walk to your hotel.   Where to eat: If you’re looking for me on a Saturday afternoon more often than not I’ll be at my happy place, First and South eating a “Really Good Burger” with Siracha Mayo.  The food is local and the staff is crazy friendly.  Make sure to say “hi” to boss lady and owner Sarah Phillips Loth who is a good friend of mine and a Greenport treasure. Be sure to also visit these restaurants in Greenport: American Beech, Noah’s and for dinner The Frisky Oyster. Other regular dining haunts of mine: Every Friday night I’m at Amano - both because it’s close to my house and because it’s Italian comfort food  made with local ingredients.  Something I need after sitting in traffic for 2 hours. Sunday lunch is at the crazy cute Love Lane Kitchen. They have the best lobster roll. Unfortunately this place has been “discovered” by daytrippers (I know I’m not helping things by listing them here) so there’s always a wait to be seated.  Fear not though because across the street is the tasting room for Roanoke Vineyards - one of the best wines produced on the North Fork so treat yourself to some vino while you wait.   Do not miss Magic Fountain for Ice Cream. They make tons of flavors with mouth feel--like strawberry shortcake and red velvet that are to die for. They also make ice cream treats for dogs. For eating on the water visit The Old Mill in Mattituck.  They are known for very fresh seafood. I once saw that them storing their lobsters in the Mattituck inlet off their deck. Wineries: The best thing to do is to choose 2-3 wineries that are somewhat near each other so you aren’t spending the entire time in the car.  Someone needs to stay relatively sober so I endorse the idea of sharing tastings so the driver can have a sip without getting blotto. Here are some pairings when choosing where to go: Mattituck Area: Shinn, Lieb, Macari = solid picks mostly free from bachelorette parties. Southold Area: McCall Vineyards makes the most award winning wines on the North Fork.  Visit them on Friday’s for burger night made from their own grass fed Charolais beef. Croteaux  only if you like Rose because that’s all they make! This place is the most insta-worthy vineyard. They have a beautiful provencal garden, but with the surge in Rose love, lately there’s been a long wait to get in so I’ve stopped going.  Go on a weekday if possible. Also nearby and solid options for when Croteaux denies you: Corey Creek and Bedell. Greenport: 5 minutes from downtown Greenport is Kontokosta Winery which is by far the most stunning of all the wineries on the North Fork.  It’s a large modern barn set on a bluff over the sound. They make Viognier which is one of my favorite grapes. My only dislike is that they don’t allow dogs and I have issues with dog hating places. Overall there are two types of wineries - chill ones that don’t allow limos and focus on the wines or agritainment wineries that are all about big groups and a party atmosphere.  I’m more about the former so don’t try to show up at any of the above in a limo. Make sure to stop along the route for some amazing photos of old tractors, fields of sunflowers and rosy sunsets.  The North Fork is all about slowing down and being present.  To get an idea of the sites jump on instagram and search #nofo #northfork and #northforker. You can follow me and @gumbydog on Instagram to see more of our adventures, but remember I wrote this just for you.  Don’t tell anyone about our secret place. P.S. There's some shopping to be had too. On the way out of town hit Tanger Outlet Riverhead. I've scored serious deals at Barneys, Off 5th, Vince and Rag and Bone outlets.

6 Tricks That Make Packing Jewelry So. Much. Easier.

It's a well known fact that packing is the worst. I don't know a single person who enjoys packing (although I'm sure there's a few of you out there).  Packing jewelry is especially difficult. It always gets tangled or lost in your luggage. In fact, I usually don't bother pack jewelry because I'm afraid I'll lose it. But since I'm traveling every weekend this summer, I came up with some easy hacks for packing jewelry. Check out my tips below: Buttons are a great way to pack pairs of earrings: I use an old contact lenses case to store my rings: Straws are a great way to prevent delicate necklaces from getting tangled. Simply tread the necklace through the straw and connect the clasp: For larger pieces of jewelry, I use Glad Press'n Seal. The cling wrap prevents the jewelry from getting tangled: Another great hack is to use a pill case to store small pieces of jewelry. This is great for storing earrings, rings, and delicate necklaces. You can get a super cheap one on Amazon: After a couple of trips, I broke down and bought a jewelry roll. I found a great Rebecca Minkoff case for only $25 at Nordstrom. This one from Stella & Dot ($39) is also super cute and functional.   For more hacks, check out how to store shoes and new uses for your lint roller.

The One Reason You Shouldn’t Wait Until Winter To Visit Park City, Utah

I'm one of those people who never travels for 4th of July weekend. I don't love eating outside (so BBQs aren't a huge draw for me) and I actually really enjoy the city when it's empty on a holiday weekend. So what the heck was I doing in an airport on July 1? Making my way to my bestie/college roommate's wedding in Utah! Despite the fact that both her and her (now) husband are from New Jersey, they opted to have the wedding in Park City, not too far from where they currently live. Initially, I wasn't so jazzed about traveling to Utah. My friend doesn't love it there and many of our convos since her move have been about the not-so-great parts. But this was her wedding after all, so I committed to the trip and in retrospect I am so glad I made the journey. Why? It. Is. Beautiful. I'm born and raised on the East Coast and I must say, we have some pretty gorgeous scenery. The NYC skyline? New England in the fall? It's beautiful. But I was so not prepared for how breathtaking the mountains in Utah would be. I honestly spent the whole ride from the airport up to Park City ignoring my family and just snapping pics on my iPhone. Behold: Think I put a filter on to make the sky that blue? Nope! I feel like my eyes had never seen colors like these! I could go on an on about the nature, but it's also worth noting that Main Street in Park City is one of the cutest strips I've ever been on. Not only are there tons of amazing shops, but the food is bomb. My personal rec? Grappa, where my friend had her rehearsal dinner. The food was so good. Also, they have this super cute outdoor seating area that I absolutely fell in love with: I obviously can't make a case for visiting Park City in the summer without stating the obvious: it's not freezing! The weather was so sunny and beautiful that it made an already-gorgeous place feel even more idyllic. And what's not to love about hiking, riding the gondolas and enjoying the killer scenery without a million layers of clothing weighing you down? For this reason alone, you should start planning a warm weather trip to Park City stat. One last word of caution. Despite my change of heart of visiting Utah, it wasn't all rainbows and butterflies. The altitude there is no joke! I spent my first day popping Advil because my head was killing me from being so high above sea level. Also, my ears kept popping. It was brutal at first, but my body did eventually adjust. When it came time to leave, I definitely wished I had more time. So, until next time Park City! Be sure to check out my favorite resort in Mexico and what you should do as soon as you start to get a sunburn. Follow me on Insta!

4 Tech Products I Can’t Travel Without

I love to travel, but I also hate being bored on a plane. Here's what I keep in my carry-on to ensure that I'm never disconnected--even for a minute--while traveling: [youtube][/youtube] 1. Travelon Packing Squares (3 for $15). Bright colored see-through bags are great for travel because you can find them easily in your purse, even on the dark, cramped plane. I use the bags to store chargers, cables, cubes, etc. so I never run out of charge. They're easy to find in my ginormous purse (you only get two carry-ons nowadays, so my technique is to carry a huge purse) without having to fish around. 2. Slinger Ultra Slim Portable Charger ($49). I always carry an extra battery--but keep it light. I love my Slimger™, which is an ultra slim mobile phone charging device that has a built-in USB cable and is compatible with iPhone and Android devices. It provides five extra hours of talk time, four hours of internet use and ninety-five hours of standby and weighs less than two ounces. 3. Beats by Dr. Dre Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones ($269, in store at TMobile and online at Walmart). Did you know the roar of the plane causes stress on your body? Not to mention the kid behind you playing his iPad game with no earphones (ugh). Do not travel without a collapsible pair of noise cancelling headphones. 4. Allocacoc PowerCubes ($13.95). Bring a multi-outlet plug to use in the hotel. There are never enough plugs in hotels, so when I travel I bring an allocacoc powercube (or two) that fit 5 plugs and aren't blocked by bulky chargers like from your laptop. Genius!

If You’re Planning A Trip To Mexico, You Have To Stay At This Resort

The author of this post  received a complimentary trip to Dreams Riviera Cancun for this review, but was not compensated in any other way to write this post. All opinions expressed are solely the author's. This just might be one of the hardest stories I've ever had to write. No, not because I feel morally compromised. Instead, with each keystroke, I long to just be back at Dreams Riviera Cancun instead of just writing about it. I was lucky enough to be invited on a press trip to learn more about the resort and I'm not exaggerating when I tell you it was honestly one of the best vacations I've ever taken... in my whole life. That may have a little to do with the fact that this is my first vacation without my daughter--she's 7, by the way. Don't get me wrong--I love her more than anything else in the world. But if I'm 100% truthful, I really, really enjoyed not having to constantly entertain a little person. Of course it also didn't hurt that Dreams Riviera Cancun was one of the most luxe resorts I've ever had the pleasure of vacationing. From the seriously stunning room with an oceanview balcony to the wildly friendly and helpful staff, I could not have asked for more. Actually, that's not true. A few more days in paradise would've definitely been nice. Here are a few more highlights of my trip: The Location Full disclosure: I was a little worried when I saw "Cancun" in the resort's name. As a woman over 30, I was definitely not looking to spend four days at loud resort overrun by coeds drinking from sun up until sun down. Fortunately, Dreams Riviera Cancun is actually in Riviera Maya and the clientele was a pleasant mix of couples and families. It's only about a 30 minute car ride from the airport and situated right on the beach. Of course, this makes for breathtaking sunsets (see photo above), impromptu dips in the ocean and ocean views that will really take your breath away. Looking to explore a bit? Cancun and its beloved nightlife are only an hour away. We actually opted to take a day trip to Tulum, which is also just an hour an away. The hotel actually arranged a private driver for us--and at the absolute last-minute, to boot! We asked the concierge about a day trip to Tulum at 9:30am and by 11:30am we were on our way. From the Mayan Ruins to the breathtaking white-sand beach, this was definitely a highlight of the trip. The Food My absolute favorite part of the trip? The food! And yes, I'm talking about the resort food! The restaurants at many all-inclusive resorts are generally not regarded for their delicious fare, but I was beyond impressed by every restaurant we visited at Dreams Riviera Cancun. My personal recommendations as follows: - The chicken mole at World Cafe (the buffet). - The shrimp tacos at Seaside Grill. - The chicken teriyaki at Himitsu. - The churros at El Patio. The Staff I alluded to this earlier, but having recently traveled to a resort in the Dominican Republic with a less-than-stellar staff, I can't tell you what a big difference pleasant, helpful staff can make. When I told the waiter at World Cafe how delicious the chicken mole was, he literally put down his tray and wrote out the recipe for me. When we decided on a whim to try to go Tulum, the concierge had it all set up within an hour. When it started downpouring one night after dinner, there were staff everywhere with umbrellas at the ready. The staff at Dream Riviera Cancun definitely made an already amazing vacation even more memorable. Learn more at

Find Out What Your Favorite City Says About You

The cities you travel to (in the United States) really tell a lot about your personality. Some people only travel to the midwest and others love the east coast. It's all a matter of what area of the country you like best! Find out what your favorite city says about you below! New York City  You are confident. Some people may think of you as a know-it-all but you don't let that bother you. The hustle and bustle of New York livin' is everything you could ever want. You're a hard worker (whose entire paycheck goes toward rent) and you appreciate all the diverse things life has to offer. After all, New York City is the best city! RELATED: Find Out What Your Favorite Fast Food Says About You Chicago  You can be defensive at times...but this is probably because you're constantly defending your city to other people. You appreciate good food and having fun with others. Baseball games and rooftop bars are your hangout spots, which means you're pretty laid-back. You try not to stress too much over the little things. Miami  You're extremely outgoing and the life of the party. Warm weather, beaches and hot bodies...what more could you ask for? You're always down to try a new adventure and love being surrounded by people. Basically, you're fabulous and you know it. RELATED: Find Out What Your Eyeliner Type Says About You Austin You're a sweetheart. Your southern roots have taught you proper manners and the right taste in music. Group activities, whether it's attending SXSW or a family cookout, is something you sincerely enjoy. San Francisco You're tech-savvy and up-to-date on the current trends. Focusing on your career is very important to you and you're always looking ahead to the future. However, you have no problem focusing on the present. Your creative personality captivates others. RELATED: Find Out What Your Wedding Song Says About You Portland Face the facts: you're a hipster. It's safe to assume you're trying a new vegan diet or organic food trend. You're super chill and always have a coffee in hand. Music is your saving grace and you love finding quirky details in things. Don't miss 5 ways to wear black jeans for any occasion and 3 ways to keep your shoes from smelling!

This Carry-On Cocktail Kit Is The Most Fun Thing Ever (I Mean, It Has Sprinkles!)

There are so many brutal aspects of travel--the long lines, the delays, the fluid ounce restrictions--that you might as well take any opportunity to treat yourself along the way. For some that means eating naughty airport food or wearing the comfiest (aka stretchiest) clothing possible--but for the stylish traveler it should mean Gray Malin's Sprinkle Carry On Cocktail Kit ($24). You can have the stretchy pants and Cinnabon, too--but what you really need for a great trip is this friggin' cute and cool is this kit (and of course the packaging is rad, too): Jetsetters and cocktail enthusiasts absolutely need this--it includes tonic syrup, sprinkles, a flamingo stirrer, straw and other mixing tools to make a fancy and delicious cocktail in flight (all you need is the hard stuff--the kit does not include alcohol). It's already sold out and come back online--so if you want one order now! And they just released a sweet Valentine's Day version too, if you're traveling somewhere in February or want to ask your bae for one: Get it: Valentine Sprinkle Carry On Cocktail Kit ($24)

26 Weekender Bags That Will Give You The Perfect Excuse For A Vacation

Packing For Holiday Travel: How To Kill It In 5 Steps

Holiday travel is stressful. Suddenly, even the earliest flights have hour-plus waits at security and the smallest weather delay can mean your entire trip is cancelled--though when it comes to the holidays and weather, it is rarely a small delay. Getting in, getting on the flight, and then getting out afterward takes at least 15x longer than usual (that's not a scientific number, just an educated guess based on my constant holiday travel between NYC and Texas, which tests even my southern hospitality and patience). If there is anything that you can do for yourself, though, to make this experience a little bit better, a little bit faster and a little bit less Home Alone-like, it is this: pack lightly. If you can avoid the lines to check in luggage and then the additional wait at baggage claim once you land , you can shave off a good 30-plus minutes off of your holiday travel. That might not seem like a lot, but pair it with the calm you'll have knowing that it is impossible you'll be the girl in the lost baggage area for an additional three or more hours, packing well is totally worth it. And it might just save your sanity. Use your purse wisely. Use a large purse to pack additional essentials like your iPad (with a cute case that can be used as a clutch later on), toiletries, jewelry or even underwear (a purse with multiple pockets helps). These items are often packed last, and can create bulge in outer pockets of your main carry on. Most flights have their own size restrictions for carry ons, so you can call and check with your airline about their specific regulations or you can find a bag that is 22” x 14” x 9 and you'll be safe across the board. Bulges often are the culprit when it comes to last-minute check-ins. Plus, if you move the smaller items that generally cause bulge to your purse, you'll be able to fit three pairs of shoes, rather than just two, in the saved space. You can't go wrong with black. Keep colors neutral when packing. This way, you'll need less variety of shoes, makeup and jewelry. Wearing all black items together, think leather leggings and oversized knit sweaters, immediately pulls your look together. Use a red or burgundy lip shade to add pop there, and suddenly, your look is chic instead of frazzled. Give bundle packing a go. Contrary to regular folding, which leaves pretty big holes in your bag that could otherwise hold more items, or rolling your clothes, which helps to sole the aforementioned problem, but still leaves some usable space, try bundle packing. You wrap, rather than fold or roll, clothes around a core piece, like socks, a hair drier, whatever you want. To do it, you lay clothes out on a flat surface, your bed works just fine. Start with your shirts, laying one down facing you and then one facing away, matching up the sleeves. The same goes for jackets, but lay them face down. For jeans, hold them hot dog-wise and then lay them on down one side of a sleeve, alternating depending on how many you are bringing. When finished, fold up each side (you should have four) around a middle item of your choice--"the bundle." Sound difficult? It's not. Check out this diagram to see how it's done. Pack yourself. Use yourself for bulky items like jackets, scarves and knit sweater. Wear them on the plane where they can double as pillows if it's a long flight, or stow them in the overhead, under your seat or with the flight attendants. For footwear, wear your winter boots to travel, and keep shoes that take up less space, like your flats or tennis shoes, in the bag. Get tech savvy. Use technology to help you pack well. There are multiple apps on the market that will make a packing list for you based on what type of trip you are going on (home, business, vacation) and the weather in that area. This way, you won't forget your deodorant, socks or the long johns you might need for a colder climate. Check out Stow or TripIt to get started. As always, make sure you charge all your gadgets the night before to you can wait out those lines while being productive (even if it's Facebook stalking!). And, when all else fails, grab yourself a coffee, throw on a smile and remember, at the very least, that all these people are facing the one place worse than the dentist at this time of year just to see their families and celebrate. It's likely many of them are totally up for grabbing a beer.

9 Travel Hacks That Will Make Your Trip A LOT Easier This Week

Headed somewhere fun for the holiday season? Lucky! Before you head out, however, we thought we'd help you out with a few super helpful insider tips and tricks to make traveling a little less stressful. Let's face it: the airports are going to be hella crowded, there's always the potential for snow (and therefore flight delays) and let's not forget last-minute luggage drama. We can't guarantee nothing will go wrong en route to your destination, but these travel hacks will definitely help ensure some things go smoothly. 1. Don't pack what you can't carry. This may seem obvious, but it can't be overstated. You may think some nice fellow will help you lift your stuffed carry-on into the overhead bin, but he might not. That's why it's so important that you only travel with what you can manage by yourself. 2. Carry an empty, reusable water bottle in your purse. Everyone knows you can't carry liquids through the security checkpoint, but there's no rule about water bottles. Put an empty one in your purse, then fill it up at a water fountain once you're through security. You'll save at least $3 on an overpriced Poland Spring bottle, plus it's better for the environment. 3. Sign up for TSA pre-check. It's probably a little late for this one for Christmas travel, but if you fly often it's well worth the $100 application fee. If you're approved, you'll be able to bypass long security checkpoint lines at select airports. Click here to apply. 4. Invest in bright or patterned luggage. This way you'll have no problem identifying it on the baggage claim carousel. 5. Re-book a cancelled flight over the phone. What happens when a flight gets cancelled? Everyone rushes the ticket agent to book the next available one. To avoid the huge line and get faster service, just call your airline to make alternate arrangements. 6. Designate your checked bags "fragile." If you're checking luggage, ask the ticket agent to put a fragile sticker on your bags. Not only will this ensure nothing gets stacked on top of your bags, but it also usually means your bags make it onto the baggage carousel first. 7. Avoid baggage fees. It may seem like every airline charges you to check luggage, but both Southwest and JetBlue let you check one bag for free. 8. Outsmart pickpockets. Airports are like breeding ground for petty thieves, so in addition to keeping a close grip on your personal belongings, consider having a decoy wallet more easily accessible than your real wallet. Another option? Keep your cash, cards and ID in different places so a thief is only likely to make off with one, not all of these essentials. 9. Pack your own blanket. Not only will it keep your warm on a super air conditioned flight, but it can also serve as a buffer when you need to rest your head on the germ-covered seat back or window. Forgot to pack your gifts? Buy a bunch of these e-gift cards ASAP.

This Is Actually The Most Convenient Travel Bag For The Holidays

Being home for the holidays most likely means you'll be packing up your bags for a few hours (or more) of traveling. For those who don't want to take rolling luggage and duffle bags on their upcoming journey, then we suggest going for something classic. And before you throw around the "basic" word, hear us out: Longchamp bags are actually great as travel bags. They're roomy, durable, and are easier on the eyes than say, a Vera Bradley bag. Plus, once you get to your parents' place, you could use your Longchamp for the rest of your stay, whether you're heading to that anticipated high school reunion (and then spending the night at your best friend's newly-bought condo) or planning a quick Thanksgiving visit to your S.O.'s family gathering. But, chances are you'll be spending your entire holiday vacation being a back home baller. Check out our slideshow to see what Longchamp styles you'll be sporting for your next trip. [Photo: Damsel in Dior]

Summer Travel Season May Be Over, But Would You Refuse A Free Trip To Sonoma?

Yes, we know you're probably just getting settled after a summer spent jaunting here and there, but what if we told you we had a free vacation for you? And if said getaway was to Wine Country, that would make it all the better, right? Well put in your vacay request now because together with Hamptons Lane, SAVEUR, Fodors and Time Out, we're giving one lucky reader a chance to win a 3-day trip to Sonoma, California. Here's what the trip includes: - Round-trip airfare for 2 to San Francisco, California. - 3-night stay at Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa. - AAA Four Star Diamond dinner for 2 at Santé. - A day of wine tasting in Sonoma County. - Daily breakfast for 2 at The Big 3 Restaurant. Whether you've been to Wine Country before or not, this is truly the trip of a lifetime so don't miss your chance to win. Click below to enter.

18 Packing Hacks That Every Girl With A Suitcase Should Know

Summer is in full swing and a 3-day weekend is close enough to touch, so what else would be on our minds besides travel? While we do love a good vacay, the process of getting there can be a bit of a struggle. And the worst part HAS to be packing. I mean, does anyone have a suitcase that fits it all? You either pick out everything you need (yes, that totally impractical headband thing matters) only to realize your bag is overflowing, or you pack perfectly one way and can't fit it all on the way back. It's never simple. So to make sure all your 4th of July clothes fit in your weekender, we decided to round up the best packing hacks out there and put 'em all in this slideshow. And these aren't just summer specific, you can use these tips and tricks year-round, whether you're going on a business trip or visiting the in-laws for the holidays (eeek too soon to think about?). Check them all out in the slideshow above. Don't forget to check out: Shopbop's new additions to sale, Rita Ora x Rimmel London nail polish and Kourtney Kardashian's overalls [Photo: Shutterstock]

Going On A Summer Vacay? Then You’ll Definitely Need A Weekender Bag

We know, we know, we can't believe summer is just 11 days away, but instead of freaking out about how fast 2014 is flyin' by, we're here to get you prepped for all the travel you'll be doing the next few months. Whether you're planning a short trip to the beach or spur of the moment country getaway, you WILL need a weekender bag for summer. It's the perfect size to fit just what you need, especially if you pack minis from Sephora's travel section. We rounded up the best weekender bags so you can travel in style, or get inspired to finally book that trip! Click the slideshow to see the 28 weekender bags that are actually getting us excited to pack (no joke). For more bags we love, check out: pastel handbags for spring, Soludos first handbag line and this tech-charging wallet [Photo: Allyson in Wonderland]

Sephora’s Mini Makeup Is A Game Changer When It Comes To Summer Travel

Even though there's still a few weeks left of spring, we know you're already planning your summer funtivities--like travel. You probably have a beach weekend in the Hamptons or a RHONY-style country getaway (with less drama, obvs) on your cal. So now that you know where you're going, it's time to start thinking about what to bring. We know, we know, packing is the WORST. There's just so many struggles that come along with stuffing everything you need in your suitcases. So to make your lives a little easier, we're here to help get your makeup bag organized for summer trips. If you're anything like us, you probably either bring all your full-sized tubes and palettes with you, or try to put whatever you can in travel size containers. Either way, it's inconvenient. You're big products take up too much room and transferring your favorite eye cream to a tiny plastic bottle feels like a science experiment gone wrong. Lucky for you, we discovered a bunch of mini versions of cult favorite beauty products on Sephora. From a travel size Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette ($28) and NARS The NARSissist Cheek Kit ($49), to a 0.14 oz Benefit Cosmetics They're Real! Mascara ($10), these minis are SO perfect to just throw in your toilettree bag and go. So now you have more time to worry about which bathing suits you're going to bring and how all your shoes will fit in your bag. SHOP SEPHORA'S TRAVEL SECTION NOW For more beauty, check out: Sinful Colors nail polish (it's better than Chanel), TanTowels and the best sweatproof makeup for summer [Photo: The Glamouri]

15 Things No Girl Should Leave Home Without For Memorial Day Weekend

In case you forgot or you've been procrastinating on making a plan, Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner. For most of us, Monday will be the first day we've had off from work in a while. It may also be the first opportunity we'll have to soak up some sun and relax. Since we've been stuck inside for what feels like 80 years (ok, seven months), its hard to even imagine what it's like to be back at the beach or the pool in a bathing suit. So packing this weekend might be a little tough, especially if you're going out of town. You definitely won't want to forget anything. But there is no need to worry about packing for what should be a stress-free weekend. We have everything you need from swimwear and shorts to beauty products and reading materials to get you through the weekend in style. So, whether you're going on a beach getaway or taking a holiday stay-cation in your own city, we've got you covered. Look no further, your Memorial Day one stop shop is right here. Check it all out in our slideshow! For more weekend getaway wear, shop for: sandals, denim shorts, and bikinis. [Photo: Shutterstock]

Last Chance-Win A Trip To N.Y.C., Plus A $1,000 Henri Bendel Shopping Spree!

Sure, pink sand beaches and white-capped ski slopes are nice, but when we envision our dream getaway it actually involves lavishing at one of the best hotels in New York City and a luxe shopping spree. So together with our friends at Sherman's Travel, Shopstyle by POPSUGAR and Henri Bendel, we're giving one lucky lady and a friend the chance to win the ultimate spring trip. Not only will one winner enjoy a weekend stay at the JJ Mariott Essex House in Central Park, but she'll also be able to stock up for spring thanks to a $1,000 shopping spree at Henri Bendel. Even better, we're throwing in an $800 American Express gift card to cover  travel expenses. Sound like the trip of a lifetime? Don’t leave this page without entering for your chance to win below.

These Perfectly-Marked Travel Bags Are An OCD Girl’s Dream

When it comes to traveling, we'll take anything that makes our journey more convenient, especially when it comes to organizing and packing our luggage. There's nothing more unsettling than having to mix your dirty laundry with your unworn outfits after a weeklong trip. Luckily, Flight 001 has that problem solved with a nifty little nylon bag labeled "Laundry," so you know exactly what to dump into your washer as soon as you get home. It also turns out the travel-friendly brand has created a number of bags made specifically for things that you're likely to pack with care. Bright green "Shoes" bags prevent the bottoms of your worn-in sneakers from rubbing off on your favorite dress, and the Go Clean Beach Set ($66) will keep that wet bathing suit from dampening any of your other favorite belongings. We picked a few of our favorite Flight 001 products that will indulge your inner Type A personality in our slideshow. SHOP FLIGHT 001 NOW For more travel stories, check out: packing tips, how celebrities travel in style, and the best carry-ons and weekenders.

9 ‘Look Good At The Airport Without Trying’ Looks We Stole From Celebs

Soon enough you'll be hitting the road visiting family for the holidays or going on your anticipated vacation for that upcoming winter break. Whatever the travel plans may be, you need to be two things: comfy and presentable. Isn't it safe to say that we're old enough to realize that we don't have to dress like we're going to bed for our next flight? Taking advice from the people who travel the most, celebrities (life is hard!), we've come up with ten essential wardrobe pieces that will take your travel attire to the next stylish level. And you can still get some relaxing shut eye thanks to these uber comfy choices. From Rooney Mara's sweatpants so she can zip through customs with ease to Nicole Richie's vintage-inspired graphic T-shirt that's soft and casual, check out our slideshow above for tips, tricks, and travel-friendly product picks. Read more fashion stories and trends: the worst photoshopped covers, best bags to travel with, and cute cocoon coats.

Who Says Travel Bags Have To Be Boring? The Best Carry-Ons, Weekenders & More

With the holidays approaching, it's time to dust off your carry-on for a schedule of traveling. Whether you're off to a tropical island for vacation or heading home to spend time with the family, your luggage should be anything but black. In fact, statistics show that the dark hue is the item of choice for thieves at airports and stations. Isn't that enough of an excuse to go shopping for a statement-making weekender bag? Plus, a bright or patterned bag is much easier for you to spot on the luggage carousel or in a sea of bags in the bus's luggage hold. So even if it's a short trip or a long journey, we picked out a huge selection of stylish weekenders, carry-ons, and cosmetic cases for you to travel with in style. Check out our slideshow above and get packing! Read more fashion trends and stories: shearling wedge sneakers, how to wear a jumpsuit in the winter, and gifts that give back. [Photo Credit: Cheetah is the New Black]

The SHEfinds Escape To Cape Cod

Ford Motor Company gave us an awesome new Ford Escape for the weekend. We headed to Cape Cod, Massachusetts for a relaxing trip full of sun and seafood. We hit some traffic along the way, but the car had so many cool features, we didn't even mind. Once we got there, we checked out Provincetown and soaked up some sun at Cahoon Hallow Beach. We also had an awesome night out in Hyannis. Click below to check out pics from the trip! SHEfinds ESCAPE TO THE CAPE

The Dos And Donts Of Traveling In Style

Tell the truth: how many of you are guilty of just throwing on some cozy sweats and an old jacket before a long (or short) flight? Yeah, we know you have because we have too. But that all stops this summer. Think about it: what if you meet the man of your dreams in the airport? Do you really want him seeing you look like shit? We didn't think so. And as luck would have it, looking like you just rolled out of the bed isn't the only comfortable way to travel. Just ask celebrities--they do it all the time. But because we don't have Reese Witherspoon or Jessica Alba on speed dial, we decided to take a few notes from their travel style. Click through the slideshow for 10 helpful dos and donts that will ensure you don't look a hot mess when you're traveling this summer. Be sure to check out these budget-friendly travel tips, plus Minka Kelly's weekend bag. [Photo: Splash News]

Cure Your Summertime Sadness: Plan A Trip With These 6 Budget-Friendly Tips

If you are suffering from summertime sadness, chances are you might be in a need of a vacation. You might think a trip is out of your price range, there's still hope. There are few cheap and dirty tricks for saving money when your booking your vacation Best of all, these tips aren't out of this world crazy (like sleeping on a stranger's couch). All these tips require is time and planning. No one will be able to tell you were on a budget based on the awesome Instagram photos you will take, right? Click through to check out all the tips so you can get planning asap. For more CheapsKate tips, check out what you should (and shouldn't be) buying this month, the best shopping apps and tips for shopping during the summer. [Image: Shopbop]

The Goods: Shape Up Your Suitcase With This Swimsuit Bag

There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who lovingly place scented tissue-paper-wrapped layers into their Louis Vuitton duffels, and those who just chuck everything in and hope it doesn't pop out mid-flight. Whichever camp you’re in, this Jonathan Adler canvas pouch deserves a spot in your carry-on. CLICK HERE TO KEEP READING THIS STORY  

You Need A Weekender Bag For Summer And This Is Why

Summer is just around the corner, which means you'll be doing a lot of traveling. It also means that you'll need a new bag. Whether you're planning to take a short trip to the beach or a spur of the moment getaway, a weekender bag is the perfect size to fit all your trip essentials. What better way is there to kick off summer then to invest in a bag for your upcoming vacation. We've rounded up the best weekender bags that will ensure you travel in style. Now all you have to do is start planning those trips (fun!) and then pack (boo). Hopefully these bags will make that part a little easier for you. For more bags we like check out: neon handbags, lightweight spring totes and Chris Benz x Cambridge Satchels [Photos: Splash News]

Top 6 Chanel Boutiques We’re Dying To Visit

If there’s one fashion house we’d go the distance for, it’s Chanel, and if given the chance (read: enough vacation days and a decent allowance), we’d leave New York at the drop of a feathered hat for an exotic shopping excursion à la Coco.   CLICK HERE TO KEEP READING THIS STORY

Spotted! Amy Adams’ Adorable Little Girl, Aviana, Travels with TrendyKid

Can you say adorable? Amy Adams and her daughter, Aviana Le Gallo, often stay pretty under the radar, but how could we not share this ridiculously pic of Aviana at the airport? From those gorgeous eyes to her blonde curls, she is beyond cute. (more…)

Bottega Veneta’s Line Of Monogrammed Luggage Is Here!

When we realized you can monogram pretty much anything besides the usual mix of canvas tote bags and pendant necklaces, we kind of went on a crazy personalizing spree. Our Prada sunglasses and Cambridge satchels are one-of-a-kind thanks to two or three simple letters. To add to the bunch, Bottega Veneta now offers the service to monogram your luggage. So when you're standing around at baggage claim, you'll prevent any argument over whose bag is whose. If you're not looking to customize anything right now, at least have a look at their site, where you first type in your initials and the line's stock of signature luggage displays it as you browse. If that isn't genius marketing, we don't know what is. Read other fashion and beauty news: OPI's 18-karat polish, Cynthia Rowley x Tweezerman, and Aggy Deyn x Doc Martens.

School’s Out! Expert Tips to Keep Your Kid Occupied On-the-Go This Summer

Yesterday was the last day of school here in New York City and like parents everywhere, we're wondering just how we're going to keep our little ones occupied when we're out and about this summer. Fortunately, travel expert Rachel Stephens knows a thing or two entertaining kids. Here's her expert advice >> 

In The Market for a Lightweight Stroller? Sarah Jessica Parker Loves This One So Much She Bought Two!

How could you not love Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick? The star parents were snapped taking their twin daughters to pick up their son from school and the whole family just looks so down to earth. We also love SJP's very practical umbrella strollers. She's using the Cybex Callisto and it's not hard to see why it caught her eye. Aside from being super lightweight and easy to fold, the Callisto is also ridiculously easy to push and turn making it a great option for urban parents. Even better, the Callisto is part of Cybex's 3 in 1 travel system so you can use it with the Aton car seat when your little one is a baby. (more…)

Nothing Like a Little Elmo to Brighten Up Your Day–Right, Naomi Watts?

I love Naomi Watts. Aside from being an amazing actress and gorgeous, there's just something about her that makes me think she'd be an awesome girlfriend. Oh yeah, and a rockstar mom, too. How many other celeb moms do you know who'd rock a bright orange and red Elmo tote? On the streets of New York, no less! Naomi is carrying an Envirosax Sesame Street tote and she looks good doing it! The bags come in a bunch of bright colors and features lots of the Sesame Street characters. Here's where you can get one for just $8! (more…)

Looks Like Kourtney Kardashian Isn’t the Only Celebrity Mom Who Loves the Lilly Gold Sit-N-Stroll Car Seat Stroller

Remember that insanely awesome 5-in-1 stroller we spotted Kourtney Kardashian using last week? Well it looks like she isn't the only star mom who loves it. That's Gisele Bundchen in the pic above and her son Benjamin Brady is riding in the same stroller! In case you missed the post last week, the Lilly Gold 5-in-1 car seat stroller is a must-have for any traveling mama. Not only is it a car seat and a stroller, but it's also approved for airplane use. Amazing, right? Here's where you can get the all black version Gisele is using: (more…)

The Hunt for the Perfect Backpack Stops Here! Sasha Scheiber’s Appaman Backpack Is Only $20!

Don't you wish you could just look this effortlessly good riding a bike? I have no idea how Naomi Watts is smiling and casually pedaling along. If it were me, I'd be sweating and swerving and it just wouldn't be good. So I'll pass on Naomi's bike, but that cute Appaman backpack in the basket? Yes, please! It comes in both pink and blue and the monkey print is adorable. Best of all--it's just $20! (more…)

Travel A Lot? Here’s The Best $189 Investment You Can Make… (Kourtney Kardashian Already Took the Plunge)

I don't travel a ton, so airports don't really stress me out. But I know of parents who are always jetting off here and there with their kids and they constantly complain about what a pain it is getting around with toddlers. The solution? This insane Sit-N-Stroll car seat stroller from Lilly Gold. It's a car seat, a stroller, a booster seat and an FAA certified airline seat all in one. Incredible, right? You can use it starting when your little one is a newborn all the way up until he/she hits 40 lbs. (more…)

Spotted: Jessica Alba and Her Gorgeous Girls Visit Disneyland Tokyo!

What an adorable family portrait! That's star mom Jessica Alba, her husband Cash Warren, and their gorgeous daughters Honor Warren and Haven Warren at Disneyland in Tokyo! (more…)

Just In Time for Your Summer Getaway, Skip Hop Introduces Zoo Luggage!

Skip Hop's zoo packs can already be seen on the backs of just about every celebrity toddler. Everyone from Nicole Kidman and Jessica Alba to Halle Berry and Alessandra Ambrosio buy them for their kids. But soon, you'll be seeing star tots toting something new from Skip Hop: zoo luggage! Yup, the adorable Zoo designs are now available as pint-sized rolling suitcases. Take a peek: [slideshow] (more…)

Up, Up And Away… Blue Ivy Carter Takes Her First Vacation!

If you thought Blue Ivy Carter's $3,500 crib was luxe, how about the fact that her first vacay was to... wait for it... St. Barts! Most of us adults probably couldn't afford a pricey trip to the island, let alone a getaway with the kids. We did a little research and found out that some of the island's hotel can set you back $1000... per night in the smallest room. Crazy, right? Just goes to show even further that Blue Ivy is one lucky little girl. (more…)

My Pea Loves the POD… Baby Jogger’s New POD Stroller, That Is

I must be honest--the excitement of doing my first review for MOMinds overwhelmed me as I tore open the boxes containing the new Baby Jogger POD I agreed to test drive. Then a pregnant me, my older brother, who is a carpenter, and my mom attempted to decipher the puzzle that was the POD and all its accessories. We opened the biggest box and found no instructions, so we continued blindly through the building process. However, after we had tried each attachment, DJ--my two-year-old son--found the instructions in the pocket on the back of the chassis. Yeah, none of us thought to look there. But that’s beside the point. We finally got the thing assembled and here's my take: (more…)

Frequent Flyers Beware! Your Kid Could Get You Kicked Off The Plane

How many of you saw the segment on The TODAY Show yesterday about the family who got kicked off the plane in Turks & Caicos? Apparently, Colette Vieau's daughter, Natalie, was having a bit of a meltdown when the Jet Blue captain decided he wasn't flying with these folks on the plane. They were headed to Boston--which is a 4 hour flight from Turks & Caicos--but the Vieau family had to wait until the next day to get home. Here's the clip: (more…)

Would You Ever Vacation With Just Your Kids?

Anyone else have vacations on the brain? I totally can't stop thinking about going somewhere hot and sunny, and my daughter is on board, too. Every chance she gets she is telling me about how much she loves the beach. So yesterday, I started researching beach getaways for the two of us. Except when I ran the idea by my dad, he totally freaked. "What? The two of you in a foreign place all alone? I don't think so. That's too dangerous." (more…)

Uh Oh, Skip Hop–You’ve Got Some Competition. These Built NY Lunch Bags Are Pretty Darn Cute…

When it comes to adorable kids' lunch bags, Skip Hop has been the frontrunner for a while now with their Zoo Lunchies. Not only do countless celebrity kids carry them, but they're available in tons of colors and they're a breeze to clean. But I recently came across these Big Apple Buddies from Built NY and I have to say they're pretty darn cute. Like the Skip Hop lunchies, these lunch bags come in a bunch of animal designs, but they also have more cool features. The inside easily wipes clean, there is a snap at the top so you can attach the lunch bag to a bookbag or stroller and the zipper is perfectly sized for small hands. Best of all, the lunch bags are PVC - and BPA-free and they're just $20. (more…)

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