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How To Get Away With Wearing Leggings At Work

Leggings are usually associated with workouts, a day spent running errands, or traveling. And how can we disagree? They're way comfier than any pair of jeans. So why not wear them to work, too? Whether you have a desk job or you're on your feet all day, leggings suit any 9-5 type. And with the right pairings and our style tips below, you can definitely wear leggings to work without getting a note from your HR. Read on and check out our slideshow to see how you can sport a work-friendly pair now. Look for a thick version. We don't want a Lululemon fiasco happening again. Make sure those leggings are fleece-lined and not paper-thin. The point is to have your leggings seem like pants, not sheer tights. If you can see a hint of your skin tone through the leggings, they're not thick enough. Opt for neutrals. Stock up on leggings in black and neutral shades like army green and navy. Patterned leggings are more playful than business casual so steer clear of them when shopping. But if you can get away with it at a more creative office, go for a subtle motif like plaid or an intricate geometric print. Cover that tush. Leggings are not pants. So make sure you the length of your top ends at least halfway down your backside. If you're unsure how low your top goes, go for one that has "tunic" in the description. Even a cool colorblock dress can make it look like you're wearing it with super thick stockings. (Fashion hack!) Layering helps. Blazers, long cardigans, and ponchos are great ways to accent your leggings so they don't take center stage of your outfit. Accessorize for a polished look. Put a belt over your sweater dress. Throw on a pair of over-the-knee boots. These accessories will take away the sportiness of your leggings for something more sophisticated. [Photo: My Style Pill] Don’t forget to check out: January designer collaborations, workout gear for your New Year’s resolution, and what to wear to a concert.

Summer Is Just 16 Days Away–Here’s What To Wear To Work On Scorching Hot Days

In the hot days of summer, it's hard to find an outfit that won't cause you to overheat on your commute, but that's also workplace-appropriate. Not to mention, it's hot outside but icy thanks to the blasting AC inside. Makes getting dressed every morning kinda tricky, right? Here's a tip: our go-tos during the hot summer months are loose cotton or silk dresses and  sleeveless button-down tops in light colors. When you're outside, they're light enough to keep you from sweating to death, but in the office you can easily throw a pretty cardi or blazer on top. Because summer is literally just days away, we rounded up some of our favorite work-ready dresses and blouses so you can stock up now.  With cute options from Rag & Bone, Diane Von Furstenberg, Milly, Joie, Equipment and more, these picks not only work for your commute and the office, but they'll keep going for happy hour afterwards, too. Browse the slideshow for our picks, and don't forget to check out this summers top 10 essentials, beat the heat dresses, and jackets for every temperature. [Photo: Lee Oliveira]

Red Is The New Power Color! So Shop Our Workplace Picks & Snag That Corner Office, Girl

It's a universal, uncontested fact that red is one dynamic hue; just being bold enough to sport it earns you attention. (The color even garners more tips if you're a waitress or service-related industry!) In some offices, however, there is misconception that red is not appropriate for the corporate world, which, in our eyes, could not be more false. In fact, if you choose wisely, a red dress is a great way to get noticed because of its dynamism. Just be sure to choose a shade that compliments your skin tone and keep your accessories simple and neutral. We've rounded up a few of our favorite workplace-appropriate red dresses. Take a look and give your opinion in the comments section. Halloween is sneaking up on us (boo!) - be sure to check out all of our 2012 costume ideas and read up on why Chanel refuses to participate in e-commerce and the scuba pant trend.

Cords Have Come A Long Way Since You Last Rocked Them In Middle School

I've personally always loved cords -- they're the perfect jeans-alternative for fall -- but I understand the bias some people have against them. If you haven't rocked a pair since the 90s, you might not know how far this material has come in the last decade or two. This season, cords are looking better than ever - they're  skinny-cut, cute, and not just for prepsters and moms any more. And it looks like the authorities on ready-to-wear agree; denim favorites 7 For All Man Kind, Rag & Bone, Hudson, Citizens of Humanity and Current Elliott all included cord styles in their fall lines. Looks like my jeans are going to have to sit this season out, because cords are officially (gasp!) on-trend. Want more fun denim alternatives? Check out our guide to leggings, harem pants, and the best pants for your shape!

Stay Cool At Work Without Offending Anyone (Best Part? These Are All Under $50)

Hey interns--we're talking to you. Believe it or not, it's possible--and easy--to look adorable and appropriate at work, even as temperatures rise into triple digits. Stay cool while avoiding a little chat with HR with chiffon blouses, loose shifts, midi skirts, and summery silks. The best part? These are all under $50! SHOP SUMMER-WEAR FOR THE OFFICE NOW Want more office-appropriate garb? Check out our guides to wrap dresses, shirt dresses, and a-line skirts.

From The Office To The Beach And Back Again: These Carry-All Totes Are King

For those of working girls out there, you know the importance of moving quickly out of the icy AC'd office on a Friday to catch the train/car pool/boat/plane and get into the sunshine for the weekend. And we have just the bags to take you there. Appropriate for work attire and business meetings, yet with just the right amount of beachy hints to provoke envious stares from your indoors bound co workers, these totes are the IDEAL transitional accessory. And we have rounded up some of the best on the market. Believe me, you do NOT want to miss out on this must have. Although if totes aren't exactly your thing (or you day job isn't buttoned up corporate), another fun option are the neon and neutral bags that add a pop of color where least expected. BAGS THAT CAN GO ANYWHERE THIS SUMMER Don't forget to shop our guides to colorblock sandals, printed sandals, and wrap dresses. [Photo Credit: Rennes]

9 Wedge Pumps That Are Office AND Happy Hour-Approved

Besides the ever popular platform wedges this spring (which are oddly uncomfortable at times), a girl's go to stylish comfort shoe has always been the wedge pump. Ideal for milling around the office, attending meetings, and generally "being all professional," the wedge pump -- open or closed toe -- gives you needed height without the pinching pain of stilettos or sky-high pumps. Although we love ourselves some funky tribal wedges for a night out, they aren't exactly office appropriate. So, what's a working girl supposed to do when the clock strikes 6 pm, and she turns into a social butterfly. We have your shoe answers here. These wedges are classic and comfortable without feeling stuffy. Moving from your gray walled offices to the apres city work scene (a.k.a. a bar), these wedges are your new best friend. SHOP NOW Don't forget to browse other fashion favorites such as neon coral, printed shorts, and colorful jeans a la Jessica Alba.

How To Wear The Floral Trend To Work Without Looking Like A Flower Child

We have gathered some classy yet fun pieces for you to incorporate into your everyday work wear. Whether you prefer a subtle floral print cardigan or prefer bold, bright floral dresses, we have you covered. And the tips that will keep these flowers out of HR and into the queen of office style. When wearing a bold, printed dress, opt for a soft, neutral shoe like a nude or black pump. Editors' pick: nude pumps. They are a great investment for spring -- you can never go wrong with a pair. Save head-to-toe floral for the weekend. If you choose a floral print cardigan or blouse, pair with a neutral skirt or pant. Editors' pick: black or grey pencil skirts. If your office dress code is pretty strict, try a pastel floral blouse under your suit or a floral pump with a black sheath. Editors' pick: floral pumps. Floral cardigans are an easy way to add a punch of color to a traditional work outfit. Never underestimate the power of the white blouse - a work staple - which can tone down (while dressing up) floral skirts, cardigans, or shoes instantly. If you choose to go for the full outfit (Alice + Olivia offers up a bold blazer and skirt combo) be sure to keep accessories to a minimum and shoes neutral. Although, we wouldn't suggest this look for bankers, lawyers or other serious professionals. SHOP WORK-APPRO FLORALS [Image Credit: Tuula] Shop guides to how to wear leopard print to work, colorful wide leg trousers, and stylish work clothes.

Secretly Comfy Wide-Leg Trousers Let You Bypass The ‘No Sweatpants At Work’ Rule

In Mean Girls, sweatpants were only allowed once a week.  In real work life - never. But that doesn't mean your comfort and style have to be compromised. The wide leg trouser is every girl's answer to TGIF mornings. Don't lose your shape in these flowy pants - cinch at the waist with a skinny belt and tuck in a fitted T or blouse. Or go for a newer look with a high waist option, very flattering for those with longer torsos. Trousers in pinks, yellows, and reds are fresh for spring and will earn you style points in the office and outside for happy hours. [Photo Credit: Carolines Mode, 9to5 Chic, Brooklyn Blonde,  Late Afternoon] Shop guides to leopard pants, how to wear sequins at work, and colorful blazers.    

Norma Kamali Launches Kamali Kulture (And Prices Start At $55!)

Famous for her multi-functional shapes and pioneering designs during the late '70s and early '80s (including that red Farrah Fawcett one-piece, yowza!), Norma Kamali is staging a comeback in a major way. Or maybe we shouldn't call it a comeback — after all, Kamali was the first designer to create an online store on eBay, and she showed her branding savvy with a collection for Wal-Mart in 2008. With Kamali Kulture, however, the designer who made shoulder pads famous is really bringing her game up into the 21st century. A collection of simple shapes in black, red, and pin stripe, Kamali Kulture looks perfect for a modern woman's workday uniform. The collection stays true to the designer's use of clean lines and multifunctional pieces (her All In One Dress was created in 1974 and still looks fresh today), and every item is a potential wardrobe staple. Prices range from $55 for a Long Sleeve Crewneck Tee to $96 for dresses, including the All In One. Check out some of Kamali Kulture in our slideshow above, and don't forget to shop our guides to the best black dresses, work dresses, and black pants for your shape.

The ‘Most Stylish’ Woman In The Office? You. #Winning

Just like we showed you how to incorporate tiger/leopard/cheetah print into your office wear, we will now indulge you in some of the more stylish options on the market for us working ladies. The office may be drab (cubes? hate 'em) but that doesn't mean your style needs to suffer! If anything, looking fabulous will only motivate you more and important people will notice (trust me, I live by this). As always, keep it classy. Click through to shop for your next, yawn, Monday morning meeting. Shop our guides to the best patterned stockings and tights, A-line skirts, and flats.

Lions, Tigers & Cheetahs… At Work? How To Wear Leopard Prints To The Office

Animal prints are HUGE this season, and well, always. Incorporating the print into your everyday work wear requires a bit of skill and little modesty.  Michael Kors knows best how to do the classic American outfit so we trust his prints won't lead you astray.  See our basic rules of the road: 1. Choose dresses that have a modest and work appropriate silhouette, like a wrap dress. 2. Choose monochromatic colors (2 colors) to keep it simple and understated. Too many colors will draw unwanted attention. 3. If you choose a louder pattern, pair with a classic blazer or a cardigan to tone things down. 4. Keep the accessories to a minimum, like your day to day watch and simple bracelet. 5. Shoes should stay in the background (unless you're choosing some chic leopard heels to wear with your black work dresses). Animal print skirts and dresses look fabulous with a patent leather black pump or a nude heel. Above we have chosen some perfect printed ideas for your office wear. Dare to spice things up a little in the work place - I promise it will motivate you! Don't forget to shop our guides to high waisted skirts, pumps, and ladylike structured handbags.

Bloomingdale’s Lets You Buy A Great First Impression At Their New Career Shop

As the SHEfinds intern, I'll be on the hunt for a job come college graduation day. And let's face it, the skirt that I'd wear out at night out isn't exactly the skirt I would wear to a job interview. But it seems like Bloomingdale's has the answer to my four-year-long prayers. Introducing their new Career Shop, a place where women - from interns to CEOs - can find appropriate yet trendy clothes to wear to work everyday of the week. If only they had a resume-checker, I'd be all set. (more…)

Can You Tell Which White Button Down Is Theory And Costs $62 Less?

Keep yourself guessing with all of our Taste Tests. Shop our guide to the best button down shirts and the best flattering shirts. Subscribe to SHEFindsMail for exclusive SHEFinds updates.

2010 Trend Report: 5 Pants Styles You Need To Kick Off Fall

Step boldly into fall wearing one of the season's hottest pants styles. If you're petite or have been hitting the gym for months, you're in luck - skin tight jeggings and skinny cargos are all the rage. If not, have no fear - wide-leg trousers and harem-style cropped pants are just as popular as their slim-fit counterparts. We've done the research, now feast your eyes on Fall 2010's must-have pants styles: Jeggings: The "it" pants of the year is definitely the jegging. You will love the dark wash and "I can't believe its not jeans" look of these AG Adriano Goldschmied Denim leggings ($149). High Waist Cropped Pants: If you're feeling bold, cropped, high waisted pants are this year's answer to the harem pant. These Vince High Waist Crop Pants ($230) are a great pair to try to ease into the trend. Skinny Cargo Pants: Everyone from Rihanna to the Kardashian sisters are loving these J Brand 'Houlihan' Skinny Stretch Cotton Cargo pants ($231), and so will you. Skinny Cords: The new skinny jean is the skinny cord; try a cool blue pair like these 7 For All Mankind The Skinny Gummy Corduroy leggings ($149) which go with everything from brown boots to heather gray sweaters. Wide-Leg Black Pants: A wide leg work pant is a girl's best friend. You'll look chic and yet still be super comfortable while working it in these Bop Basics Work Trousers ($180) all day long. Didn't find what you were looking for? Shop our guides to the best harem pants, black pants for your shape, jeggings. Follow the author of this post on Twitter @bridefinds.

Under-$100 French Connection Clothes You Can Wear To Work (Hint: No FCUK Here)

In case you felt awkward sporting a "FCUK" t-shirt at the office, French Connection has launched a new line, Pippa, filled with more professional clothes. Available for pre-order only at Bloomingdales are tweed jackets, silk tops, cotton pants, and shift dresses - all of the essentials of a working woman's closet. Shop our favorite under-$100 pieces to freshen up the workplace: This Island Silk Button Down Shirt ($88) comes in two of fall's newest basic colors: plum and ivory. Pair it with leggings or a pencil skirt and it hides everything. Office-approved leggings are one of the best creations since the shirtdress. Grab a pair of Sabby Leggings ($98) - the tailored fit and wide waist band are professional yet comfortable. Either under a blazer or on its own, the Jezebel Jersey Top ($88) is a fun twist on the basic tee. The puff sleeve and ruching at the wrist add a sophisticated touch. You will definitely wear this classic (and extremely slimming) Stretch A-Line Skirt ($98). Mix up your look with boots or heels, depending on the weather. If you need new work clothes shop our guides to the best sheath dresses, the best black pants, and the best comfortable high heels. Subscribe to SHEfinds for exclusive fashion news.

Don’t Be A Hunchback–Trade Your Heavy Tote For One Of These Stylish Backpacks

Commuting is annoying - the traffic, the late trains, the people who can't walk. Large totes are great for carrying a laptop, wallet, and makeup, but they get easily overloaded and neck-aches ensue. Fellow working women, it's time to rediscover our childhood BFF--the backpack. Stop leaning to one side while you hustle - there are cool backpacks out there and we can prove it. Check out these 5 fashionable options, that don't even remotely resemble the monogrammed L.L. Bean sack you had in 5th grade. This bright pink Marc by Marc Jacobs Pretty Nylon Backpack $158 is super light weight and has top straps too, in case you have a hard time letting go of the tote trend. Free People's Russel backpack ($128) has dark brown leather buckles to give it a rustic and vintage look. And there's shoulder straps - transforming it from a backpack to a messenger bag. You can never go wrong with a basic backpack, like this Juicy Couture Pendleton Backpack ($248). The wool-blend material and plaid pattern are so in style for this upcoming fall. The Deux Lux Mixed Media Corduroy Backpack ($68) takes a funky spin on the standard black backpack with the combination of materials and metals. There's even a zip pocket on the back. Lucky Brand's 'Swingin Solo' Backpack ($99) will hold everything and last for a long time. With the extra front compartments, you'll be able to find lipstick and train tickets without taking anything out. Shop our guides to the best stylish laptop cases, the best carry on bags and the best overnight bags. Subscribe now for exclusive fashion news and updates.

The Top 9 Slimming Button-Down Shirts To Get You Through Fall

The season's hottest top is the fitted, cotton, two-pocket button-down shirt, and since the trend hit, we've spend our days scouring the web for the 9 best ones. Feast your eyes on the most waistline-flattering, chic options that money can buy, including this James Perse Contrast Panel Button Down top ($144) which is chic enough for work, and yet cool enough to be paired with a mini skirt or shorts for the weekend. Check out the 8 other top picks that will take you from the end of summer straight through fall. Then head over to our guides of the best evening tops for jeans, the best cardigans and trenches.

Going Going Gone: Get The Last Vince Draped Dress Before It’s Sold Out

Usually we don't shop from the cover of business magazines--that us, until we spotted this drapey Vince dress ($285) on Soraya Darabi, social media guru, on the cover of Fast Company. We figured it's perfect for work and nights out, and since we're perpetual shoppers, had to ask  her who made it. We tried to buy ourselves one, but  it turns out, we weren't the only ones coveting the dress--now, it's almost sold out. Hurry, and get one of your own while it's still available. Check out more going going gone posts, don't forget to peruse our calendar of online sample sales every day, and get ready for summer vacation with our guide to the best flat sandals, summer dresses, summer hats, and Spanx swimwear.

Best Find of the Day: Oprah Swaps Her Louboutins for J.Crew’s Julienne Heels

When a woman who wears Louboutins every day gushes over J.Crew heels, we listen. Especially when that woman is Oprah. Our friends at J.Crew told us these Julienne Leather Heels ($198) in "bronzed avocado"are Oprah's favorite - we suggest you get them before her employees at Harpo (and the free world) snap them up. The shoe is incredibly versatile, sophisticated and comfy, to boot. No wonder she loves them. See what else we learned from Jenna Lyons' appearance on Oprah yesterday, Oprah's favorite jeans, CJ by Cookie Johnson jeans (now available in plus size, too) as well as our guide to oxfords, and what to wear to the office.

Female Lawyers Get Stacy-And-Clintoned By the Bar Association

I couldn't believe my eyes when I read this HuffPo story about female lawyers in Chicago being ambushed, Stacy-and-Clinton style by the Bar Association. At the "What Not to Wear" seminar (actual title), they were fed a laundry list of Fashion Don’ts: no heels, boots, bare arms, bright colors, or engagement rings. While the feminist in me was seething, the shopper was plotting: wouldn't a "what to wear" guide be more useful? Since we're in that business, here's a comprehensive list of Spring office attire Do's. Take that, Chicago Bar. 1. A Classic Oxford. They recommend never showing your arms, but we know you occasionally need to roll up your sleeves and get dirty. Stock up on classic oxfords like this Cotton Camp Shirt ($68) from Ann Taylor. The cotton is lightweight and breathable –perfect for the summer months. 2. Feminine Floral Blouse This J.Crew Collection watercolor shell ($150) is crisp and businesslike, with a twist. Wear it belted with this J.Crew Patent oval-buckle belt ($19.50, originally 29.50) under a cardigan or blazer. 3. A Flattering Pencil Skirt or Black Pant Never underestimate the power of the pencil skirt: it's slimming on almost any body type and always professional. Our pick? Banana Republic's elevated pencil skirt ($59.50) which comes with a touch of stretch. Also classic, a black pant that's comfortable enough to live in (because you practically will). Theory's Max C ($245) is made of tri-season wool, is a best-seller and a personal favorite. 4. A Comfy Yet Sleek Pump After years of searching, I found the perfect work pump: Söfft's Napoli III ($88.95) is incredibly comfortable, without lacking style. You'll be able to climb the corporate latter, sans blisters and back pain. Now that's what I'm talking about. And remember in the bare-legged summer months, always shave and moisturize. A tinted bronzer like Michael Khors Leg Shine ($32) wouldn't hurt either. Gabardine Pencil Skirt

Sponsored Post: “Work It!” Is Your Ultimate Career Wardrobe Guide. (No Shorts Allowed.)

At long last, sound advice on what to wear to work. In the new book Work It!, Jesse Garza and Joe Lupo, stylists to the stars, reveal their tried and true secrets to looking professional and chic. With questionnaires, hundreds of photos, color swatches, and before-and-after shots, they make it easy for any woman to determine her specific "worksonality." Then they tackle the tricky questions: How much skin is too much skin? Is what I'm wearing to work preventing me from getting the position that I want and deserve? Are shorts ever acceptable in the office? (Spoiler alert: they're not.) New grads, women re-entering the workforce, and those growing their careers will find Jesse and Joe's advice indispensable, no matter where they work—they'll learn how to project confidence, dress their best, and make that wardrobe work!

Found: The Perfect Work-To-Happy Hour Outfit (You’re Welcome)

As tired as I am about hearing about the economy, I’m even more tired of the effect it’s had on my shopping budget. So I've found the perfect outfit can go from the office to a night out with just a few accessory changes to make things easy. Long-enough to be work appropriate, but a little sassy with its full-length front zipper, this Marget M pencil skirt ($75) is the perfect place to start. For day, match it with a simple cotton top, like this unique Tulle Scoop Neck Tee ($35). An open sweater, such as this Long-Sleeve Cardigan from Banana Republic ($79.50) in a luxe silk blend, keeps you warm during meetings. And a funky textured chain necklace ($69) dresses up the otherwise casual look. At night, ditch the cardigan, the necklace and the long sleeve top for a casual James Perse deep neck tee ($54). Finally, change out your day pumps for these Tristano suede platforms with edgy metallic studs from Steve Madden ($99) and the night is yours. Loved the look and want to see more? Check out our 5 Favorite Colorful Work Tops and these Must-Have Black Pumps for more inspiration.

New Year’s Resolution: 5 Punched-Up Work Tops To Get You Noticed (And Replace Boring Black)

We've tackled working out more, and recycling your cosmetics--today we are going to address an even tougher 2010 Resolution: to jazz up your work wardrobe and snag the corner office. The thing you should invest in most are your tops--after all, it's all anyone sees when you're at your desk.  There's a whole rainbow of tops out there waiting to be worn, so let's get started with our Top 5 picks: 1. Pink: We love the drapey cut of this Tory Burch silk top and the fact that these military-style plackets on the shoulders that say "take charge." 2. Blue: There's something so effortlessly cool about this silk piped top. Balance out the blousy cut by wearing it with a pencil skirt. 3. Yellow: This sunny silk streamers camisole is seasonless. Wear it in the winter with a cardigan over it; wear it alone  in the summer. 4. Purple: This violet keyhole blouse has a bit of eye-catching flash on the shoulders and a flattering cinched waist. 5. Red: A feminine ruffled neckline and delicately gathered cuffs make this Elie Tahari blouse the epitome of elegance. Shop more pretty blouses, plus pants and skirts to wear with them in our buying guides.