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Show Your Love Of #Merica With These Patriotic Clothes, Shoes & Accessories

There are a ton of super cute flag clothes, shoes and accessories that are perfect to wear on July 4th. But personally, I find it a little cheesy to rock the Stars & Stripes. Okay, maybe you wear a Santa hat on Christmas, but do you put on ears for Groundhog Day? Or dress as a ballot on Election Day? If you do, stop reading now because there's no way I can convince you to not wear a flag. We already know it's the holiday. No one needs a reminder via your shirt or skirt or bathing suit. You can still be festive, and by all means, please do! I will definitely be wearing red, white and blue come next Friday, but you will not see a flag on me. Here's how it's done: 1) Don't wear anything with an American flag on it. You know all those memes that are like, "How to get a bikini-body? Put a bikini on your body." Well, this is the complete opposite of that. You should NOT put a flag on your body by any means. 2) If you're going to wear stars and stripes, pick one. It's totally fine to wear a red and white stripe skirt or blue star print top, just don't put the two together. Pick one. 3) Go crazy mixing colors and patterns! The more red, white and blue patterns you mix together the long as it's not stars and stripes. Try layering red white and blue plaid with stripes with more plaid. It makes your outfit look less like you're trying to recreate the American flag on your body. Click the slideshow to shop our red, white and blue picks with not a flag in site. And don't forget to check out: Shopbop's sale on sale, Sam & Libby for Target's first-ever handbag line and this awesome Wildfox preganancy tee [Photo: A House in The Hills]

The Best Patriotic Clothing For Any July 4th BBQ, Bonfire Or Darty (Day Party, #Duh)

Every year this happens. We start seeing stars #trending right before the 4th of July, followed by all-American-flag-everything. Need proof? Just check out Miss USA Nia Sanchez in the most patriotic dress ever. Whether you're planning to spend the long weekend on the beach or at a darty(ies), you're not fully prepared until you've stocked up on Stars and Stripes clothing, shoes and accessories. So why not get ahead of the game and snatch the best flag gear before it's gone? Just like figuring out how you want to spend the Fourth is best done ahead of time, so is deciding what to wear. We found a ton of items that are seriously NOT cheesy from Wildfox, Sam Edelman, Ralph Lauren and more. You know once everyone realizes the first day of summer is Saturday they'll be all over this stuff. Click the slideshow to shop our picks now! For more trends, check out: layer necklaces, printed workout leggings and super distressed jeans [Photo: Vintage Shop Luna]

6 Professionals Reveal What They Wore To The Interview That Got Them The Job

For most people, summer is the time to sit back and unwind (yes, I just quoted a Will Smith song). But recent college grads don't have that luxury, at least the ones that want to get a job. For months leading up to graduation, seniors get asked from everyone and anyone "What will you be doing next year?!" It's crazy annoying because most jobs want to hire right away, meaning you can't look months, or even weeks, in advance. So, once the diplomas are handed out in May, thousands of young adults are finally ready to start the job search. As someone who recently went through the process, I know how tough it is, and I want to help as much as possible. I could give you resume tips or questions to ask in an interview, but you're probably on this site because you like shopping. So since that is our expertise, we're here to tell you what young professionals wore to the interviews that got them the job. And we're not just talking fashion or editorial positions, we asked people in the beauty, food, financial services, marketing, education and sales industries as well. While some of them advised to go with the standard blazer and pencil skirt, others mentioned that it's important to have one item of your outfit that stands out, and you might be surprised to hear that that piece of advice didn't just come from the fashion girl. Click the slideshow to read what they wore and shop similar items. For more tips, check out: 10 hairstyles for humid days, at-home zit remedies and this necklace that can send a life-saving text message [Photo: The Glamouri]

PHOTOS: What The SHEfinds Girls Wear To Work

Since the seasons are changing, you're probably wondering what to wear to work during this in-between spring and summer weather, and while we usually teach you how to wear different trends using our favorite fashion bloggers as examples, we decided to switch it up a bit this time. I looked around the office one day and thought, "we all get along so well, and it seems like we're all into the same things (fashion, celebs, beauty), but we have a really diverse office in terms of what we wear. There are so many different styles going on around here, but regardless, everyone looks so cute and trendy." And that's how I came up with the idea for this post. While some girls in the office are more preppy and love to wear bright colors and statement jewelry, others are edgier and wouldn't be caught dead in something girly. Just like our readers' fashion taste, the styles in our office are pretty diverse too, so it's safe to say that this post will have something for everyone. Check out our slideshow to see what all of the SHEfinds girls are buying and wearing to the office this season. I know you'll find something you like! And if there's an outfit you really like, let us know in the comments below! And don't forget to check out: how to wear stripes, how to wear anything, and how to wear matching sets [Photos: Shelby Rodriguez]

Hey College Seniors: How To Kill It For Your First Real World Job Interview

If you're a college senior about to graduate, you've probably heard an endless amount of career advice from you school, family, older friends, and anyone who finds out you're weeks away from entering the real world (aka, everyone). You're sick of it. I know, I've been there. The last thing you want to do right now is worry about a job when your days spent sleeping, studying and partying are numbered. But the best way to not stress is to have a game plan. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) 2014 Job Outlook Survey, about 1.6 million students will enter the workforce with a Bachelor’s degree this spring. That's like, a lot of peeps. Not to freak you out or anything (you'll be fine, we promise!), but in order to have a kick-ass senior week, you should be thinking about where you want to be post-grad. Whether you decide to go back to school or seek a job, you'll be going on a ton of interviews. We already told you some tips for landing a job, and now we're here to give you specific dos and don'ts to nail your interview. With the help of Keri Ferry, Founder and CEO of 25 Bedford, we break down what to wear, ask and how to kill it when you finally get that call to come in and meet with the hiring manager at your dream job. For more on Millennials, check out: why life after college is better, how to land a job after college, and how to get psyched up for work [Photos: Shutterstock]

The Dos And Donts Of Traveling In Style

Tell the truth: how many of you are guilty of just throwing on some cozy sweats and an old jacket before a long (or short) flight? Yeah, we know you have because we have too. But that all stops this summer. Think about it: what if you meet the man of your dreams in the airport? Do you really want him seeing you look like shit? We didn't think so. And as luck would have it, looking like you just rolled out of the bed isn't the only comfortable way to travel. Just ask celebrities--they do it all the time. But because we don't have Reese Witherspoon or Jessica Alba on speed dial, we decided to take a few notes from their travel style. Click through the slideshow for 10 helpful dos and donts that will ensure you don't look a hot mess when you're traveling this summer. Be sure to check out these budget-friendly travel tips, plus Minka Kelly's weekend bag. [Photo: Splash News]

From Black Tie To Garden Party, We Found 46 Wedding-Worthy Dresses Under $100

What's the only dress that could possibly be more important than a bride's on her wedding day? Yours, of course! When it comes to weddings, we do plenty of stressing over what we as guests are going to wear. Brides seem to get off easy--white, white, or white? But for the rest of us, the options are endless. There's color, length, material--the list goes on. Plus, you probably already shelled out plenty of cash on a gift and are reluctant to break the bank on your ensemble, especially if you'll need more than one this wedding season. Always in your corner, we found plenty of easy, gorgeous dresses for wedding season all under $100. Since we rounded up 46 beauties, you'll have no problem finding the perfect one for you, whether long or short, formal or farmhouse. And unlike the poor bridesmaids, you'll definitely want to reach for these all spring and summer. Just remember the one cardinal rule: no white, unless specifically requested by the bride (it could happen!). Shop the dresses that made the cut in the slideshow below. For more in weddings, check out the 10 mistakes couples make planning summer weddings, how to have an intimate wedding and what your bouquet really means. [Photo: Hilary Maybery Photography]

What To Wear To Ultra This Weekend

EDM lovers rejoice: the 2013 Ultra Music Festival is almost here. The 15th anniversary of the festival hits Miami like a tropical storm this weekend (March 15-24), with epic DJs like David Guetta, Tiesto, Zedd and Swedish House Mafia (their last performance ever). The beachside festival is the perfect excuse to wear as much (or as little) as you want. From neon makeup to fur leggings, there's no such thing as too colorful or too crazy for Ultra. Throw on a pair of comfortable sneakers and neon shorts or go all out with feather eyelashes, animal ears and fur boots--no one will be judging you. We even found "party favors" like a metal bangle designed to look like a concert bracelet, to a pendant necklace with a not-so-secret compartment for, um, illegal substances. Add pool toys for the pool parties, PVC backpacks to stash all your stuff, mouse ears for the Deadmau5 fans, and enough neon to be seen from space. Click through the slideshow above for 52 styling ideas and products for the Best. Ultra. Ever. Also check out our list of what to pack for SXSW, Alexander McQueen high tops and denim vests. [Photo: Shutterstock]

What To Pack So You Fit In At SXSW: 7 Absolute Essentials For First-Timers

Heading down to Austin for SXSW (South by Southwest, for the unfamiliar)? Trust us, it's not for the uninitiated. Yes, there will be lots of networking and idea sharing going on, but the fashion is on a whole other level. Luckily, we're here to guide you before your plane takes off. So let's get started. The #1 thing you shouldn't go to SXSW without? Business cards, obviously! After that, the key is simply fitting in. Business casual? No. Preppy? Absolutely not. Hipster? Ding! Click through the slideshow for seven must-haves for blending in at SXSW. [Photo:] This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic License.

Forget 2000s Glasses, These ‘Wasted’ Hats Are The New NYE Accessories

Stressing out about finding an outfit for New Year's eve? We've got you covered. Find a last-minute dress here, and accessorize with one of these sassy, fun hats from Urban Outfitters! At 12 bucks for a set of 8, you can snag one for all your friends too. Decorating these writable paper hats also double as an awesome pregame activity. Go on, have a blast. In the meantime, make sure you're covered for Christmas with these last minute holiday sales, final ditch gifts anyone's guaranteed to love, and e-tailers still offering overnight shipping!

6 Holiday Party Outfits We Can Guarantee You Haven’t Thought Of

By the third week of December your inbox is probably filled with holiday party invites, your wallet is virtually empty (thanks to all that gift shopping), and your creativity for styling yet another festive party look is totally tapped out. We get it. All you want to do is eat too many pigs in a blanket and black out on Hot Toddies. You don't want to have to fuss about looking good while doing it. Thankfully, we know people who know people -- specifically, at Go Try It On. Just as we were reaching the end of our metaphorical holiday-party-inspiration rope, they swooped in with 6 clever user-generated looks to steal now. And they didn't just crowd-source at Macy's on Black Friday; they got the crème de la crème of style bloggers to share -- from 9to5 Chic to On The Racks and more. Click through the slideshow above for new outfit ideas we can guarantee you haven't thought of it, as well as styling tips from these sartorially-gifted girls. Then head over and download the Go Try It On app, if you haven't already. The social network for style is the easiest way to check outfits on the go, hook up with other friends on the site, etc. Oh, and if you find me on there, I'll promise to give you outfit feedback when I can. I'm only one woman!

You Don’t Need A Stylist For Those Holiday Parties–Just Dress Like Your Fave Celeb

Feeling stressed about what to wear to this year's holiday parties? Kinda wish you were rich and could hire a stylist? We can't add any zeroes to your bank account, but we can help you find a stylist-approved look for the festivities. The secret? Just take your favorite celeb's red carpet ensemble and rock it for your party. To get you started, we rounded up six of our favorite festive star looks and found lookalike pieces you can buy right now. Whether your party is black tie or casual, there's a no-fail outfit for you. Click through the slideshow to shop Rihanna's ready-to-be-kissed dress, Selena's party-perfect top and more ideas on what to wear to holiday parties. Don't show up the party empty-handed! Shop hostess gifts, white elephant gifts and gifts for her under $50. [Photo: Splash News]

What To Wear To Go Apple Picking: 5 Fool-Proof Tips

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of traveling from my measly suburban Central New Jersey town to the picturesque rolling hills of upstate Gardnertown, New York to spend some quality time apple picking with my family. I hadn't been for almost a decade, so I was inordinately excited to get my hands on some fresh apple cider and cinnamon donuts. I figured I'd enjoy the scenery and leave the hard work (i.e. actual apple picking) to my uncles, who could lift up my young cousins to take their pick, so I wore my favorite beat up flats, a pair of boyfriend jeans and a sweater. I was seriously ill-prepared. Now that I'm one apple picking trip wiser, take it from me: here are five essential tips for spending the day roaming through an orchard in October, straight from our new book, Wear This Now. 1. Wear sneakers or boots with thick socks. You'll be doing tons of walking (it's amazing how many types of apple trees there are), and you'll regret wearing footwear without any support. If you're wearing anything open-toed, a few rotten apples will probably land on your feet because, you know, Murphy's Law. 2. Resist the urge to throw on a pair of leggings or sweats (or worse, a dress!) that could rip if you're battling branches. Instead, opt for a pair of skinny cargo jeans with tons of pockets for storing the goods. 3. Bring sunglasses. It may be October, but you'll spend a lot of the day looking up into the trees, right where the sun is hovering. Protect your eyes and look chic in a pair of oversized Karen Walker sunnies or Persol Aviators. 4. Now's the time to break out that down vest that's been hiding at the back of your closet since last fall. Layer it over a comfy sweater that allows for all the inevitable reaching. Store an oversized parka in the car just in case it gets chilly. 5. Bring a hat. Unless you're up at the crack of dawn, the sun will probably start setting before you're ready to check out. You'll need the extra coverage then. For more tips and tricks on how to dress for any occasion, pick up our new book, Wear This Now, or check out the 5 fashion commandments to live by, what to wear to fashion week, or read up on the best styling tricks for when you're sick of your closet. [Photo: BrightBoldBeautiful]  

What To Wear To Fashion Week: All You Need Is 1 Statement Piece To Get Noticed

It's barely Day 2 of New York Fashion Week, and our closets are already (pretty much) ripped to shreds. It's not easy to look this good! But what we have learned over the years is that all you really need is that one great statement piece to get noticed at NYFW (or shot by street style photogs). Take, for example, last season's Miu Miu glitter boots. You only have 7 seconds to make a first impression (a scientific fact!), so you might as well put your best foot forward -- or shall we say, your best wedge sneaker. We've rounded up over 10 items, from snakeskin booties to vampy nail varnish, for you to get right now in order to catch eyes and turn heads during each and every Fashion Week this month. For those that need a super easy cheat sheet for their Fashion Week wardrobe due to strict budgets or lack of time, we've got you covered too. Want more? We tell you what to wear to on a weekend getaway, on a "fat day," and your next music festival.

What To Wear This Labor Day: All Of Our Favorite Summer Trends, Obvs

What are you doing this Labor Day? We'll be sitting on the beach, having happy hour wine on the water, and eating and drinking with friends and family. To celebrate the end of summer, we plan on wearing all our favorite trends from this season--from chambray, to stripes, to lace, to scallops and ruffles! SHOP OUR FAVORITE LABOR DAY FASHIONS For more ideas on what outfits to pack this weekend, check out 10 things you can't wear after Labor Day, beach-worthy printed slip on sneakers, and cat-eye sunglasses!

What To Wear During Fashion Week: A Cheat Sheet

We’re so excited about our book WEAR THIS NOW: Your Style Solution for Every Season and Any Occasion, published by Harlequin. And since we can’t wait for you to check it out in print at your nearest bookstore (next week!), we’re presenting our favorite bits to keep you stylishly satisfied. The average woman spends a whopping two years of her life standing in front of her closet, wondering why she can’t find a single thing to wear, so our book is a reference to keep on hand during those epic closet stares. Here’s an excerpt, especially for you: Despite its name, Fashion Week actually goes on for several weeks, and the biggest, most hyped blocks of shows happen in New York City, Milan and Paris, the fashion capitals of the world. If you score an invitation, you’ll find yourself in the same room as the most renowned designers, models and editors from around the world. There’s no need to buy a designer item to wear to Fashion Week just because you have an invitation. It's all about the way you put your clothes together, and the more confident you appear during the shows and at the parties that surround them, the better. If you’re going to attend shows at Fashion Week, be aware that you will be judged, so make sure to edit your wardrobe accordingly. Pay close attention to fabrics, first of all. Go for gorgeous fabrics, a mix of textures and finishes (satin, patent, metallic, etc). Most importantly, interpret the trends for your body, not just because they’re “in” right now. It’s always better to dress for your body than follow the latest fad any day. Throw on your leather jacket over a dress in a luxe fabric, whether it’s silk, chiffon, or brocade, push up the sleeves, add a belt that pops and a pair of sky high pumps and you'll fit right in. As a general rule, wear your most spectacular accessories: camel coat, brightly colored leather handbag and chicest heels, and one impressive jewelry piece—extra points if it’s vintage. If you’re sitting front row and you own something the designer has created, by all means, wear it, and garner some fashion brownie points. You never know where it could get you. Below, are three easy outfits for Fashion Week in three easy steps. (You probably already have them in your closet!) Easy As 1,2,3: 1. Leather jacket + silk printed dress + booties 2. Vintage statement necklace + bold colorful dress + strappy stilettos 3. Brocade skirt + silk top + over the knee leather boots Get more insider tips from WEAR THIS NOW, by SHEfinds Founder and CEO Michelle Madhok and SHEfinds Senior Editor, Eileen Conlan.

Your Fall Hit List: What You Really, Actually Do Need For The New Season

We're so excited about our book WEAR THIS NOW: Your Style Solution for Every Season and Any Occasion, published by Harlequin. And since we can't wait for you to check it out in print at your nearest bookstore (next week!), we're presenting our favorite bits to keep you stylishly satisfied. The average woman spends a whopping two years of her life standing in front of her closet, wondering why she can't find a single thing to wear, so our book is a reference to keep on hand during those epic closet stares. Here's an excerpt, especially for you: Summer is winding down and the days are getting cooler--finally! This is one of the most anticipated, riveting times of the year for the fashion world. It's no coincidence that Mercedes Benz Fashion Week kicks off in September, when every major designer around the world will show their new wares to the fashion elite: magazine editors, department store buyers, and the occasional Real Housewife. It's the fashion set's equivalent of the first day of school.  It's so exciting to pick out what you'll be wearing for the rest of the year now that everyone's back from summer vacation and ready to get back to business. Fashion insiders start dreaming about pulling on the layers and accessories again, and the magazines are the fattest all year. Fall is all about newness--churning over the closet, just as farmers turn their soil for the close to their growing season. Look forward to restocking your closet with new boots, denim, handbags and more that you’ll go back to again and again. Your Fall Hit List: 3-5 Layering tanks and tees Wool sheath dress Cozy oversize sweater or cardigan to wear over dresses, with jeans, etc. Wool or wool-blend pants—one black, one gray, one camel White button down shirt At least one pair of tall leather boots (some boot-lovers prefer one in black and one in brown) Booties Cashmere cardigan Printed scarf Suede moccasins or driving shoes Overnight bag Thin socks A combination of gray and black tights Navy, black or gray blazer Leather jacket A great-fitting pair of jeans (one wide-leg, one skinny, one boot cut if they’re flattering on you) A fabulous leather handbag Camel colored trousers A skinny belt, to go over cardigans, pants and pencil skirts Shells, in a multitude of colors Blouses for work and evening Plaid top Boat neck sweater Leggings Get more insider tips from WEAR THIS NOW, by SHEfinds Founder and CEO Michelle Madhok and SHEfinds Senior Editor, Eileen Conlan.

13 Styling Tricks For When You’re Totally Sick Of Your Closet

We're so excited about our book WEAR THIS NOW: Your Style Solution for Every Season and Any Occasion, published by Harlequin. And since we can't wait for you to check it out in print at your nearest bookstore (next week!), we're presenting our favorite bits to keep you stylishly satisfied. The average woman spends a whopping two years of her life standing in front of her closet, wondering why she can't find a single thing to wear, so our book is a reference to keep on hand during those epic closet stares. Here's an excerpt, especially for you, on how to win those epic staring contests with your closet. Statement shoes over show-stopping jewelry. Pair short skirts with thick tights and sturdy boots. Temper floral print dresses with neutral olive parkas or leather jackets. Mix and match slouchy layers with flirty skirts. If necklaces aren’t your thing, try lots of bangles or chunky cocktail rings instead. Take playful printed dresses from day to night by changing shoes. Don’t be afraid to pile jewelry on all in one place—bangles, necklaces, rings. Avoid overly processed hair and bronzers. Go natural—loose locks and bare skin with just a pop of blush. When layering, try structured blazers instead of sweaters for an edgier look. Ditch the ginormous “It” bag in favor of small crossbody bags or chain strap purses. Pair slim fit jeans with boots and blazers. Try plaid slim fit tops with black jeans and flats for daytime dates. Don’t be afraid to add fun embellishments like fur (faux is fine!) and metallic to add interest. Get more insider tips from WEAR THIS NOW, by SHEfinds Founder and CEO Michelle Madhok and SHEfinds Senior Editor, Eileen Conlan.

5 Fashion Commandments To Live By

We're so excited about our book WEAR THIS NOW: Your Style Solution for Every Season and Any Occasion, published by Harlequin. And since we can't wait for you to check it out in print at your nearest bookstore (next week!), we're presenting our favorite bits to keep you stylishly satisfied. The average woman spends a whopping two years of her life standing in front of her closet, wondering why she can't find a single thing to wear, so our book is a reference to keep on hand during those epic closet stares. Here's an excerpt, especially for you, on our five fashion commandments to live by. The right fit always flatters. Impeccably tailored pieces look expensive, no matter what they cost. If you have time to learn how to hem and sew, go for it—if not, strike a deal with your tailor or dry cleaner to fix some of your existing clothes in bulk. Style and trends are not mutually exclusive. As long as you know what works for you, you’ll always be chic—don’t feel pressure to incorporate of-the-moment trends into your look if they’re not you, or try them in non-threatening increments, like in your jewelry and accessories. When in doubt, buy a dress. Think about it: you’re more likely to wear a new dress than, say, a new pair of shorts and a top that can be mixed and matched. Dresses make more of a statement, and are super easy to throw on. Your personal style is your calling card. Celebrities and designers alike have admitted to sticking to a “uniform” of the styles that flatter their own body. Don’t be afraid by the connotation: this is not your grade school wool jumper we’re talking about. Your signature look is what sets you apart from the rest. Shop often, buy sparingly. If you know what’s out there and see that pieces are marked down every day, you’ll be less tempted to buy immediately, leaving room for the stuff you actually want and ending up with only the best in your wardrobe. Get more insider tips from WEAR THIS NOW, by SHEfinds Founder and CEO Michelle Madhok and SHEfinds Senior Editor, Eileen Conlan.

10 Things No Self-Respecting Woman Should Ever Have In Her Closet

We wrote a book--did you hear!? It's called WEAR THIS NOW: Your Style Solution for Every Season and Any Occasion, published by Harlequin, and it's going to be in bookstores next week (!) The average woman spends a whopping two years of her life standing in front of her closet, wondering why she can't find a single thing to wear, so our book is a reference to keep on hand during those epic closet stares. Here's an excerpt, especially for you. If you've got these in your closet, it's time to say goodbye. Your closet will have more room for better things! (See our sales and deals section for help on that.) 1.White T-shirts with any holes or stains, including yellowed underarm stains--No, you are not allowed to wear them to the gym or even to sleep in, however, you can use them as rags if you must! 2. Anything with polka-dots--Even if they come back in season briefly, they never last, and more often than not, you end up looking like a 5-year old in them. Don’t bother. 3. Sweatshirts--you are allowed to keep ONE college sweatshirt for the homecoming game. Ditch the rest. 4. Light-Wash jeans--They will always make you look fat—it’s a universal truth. 5. Mom Jeans that are high-wasted and tapered--They may be comfortable, but if you’ve ever seen a makeover show, you know everyone looks like crap in them 6. Sweatpants with anything written across your butt. 7. Bridesmaid Dresses--even though she said you could wear it again, you can’t. 8. Free employer t-shirts, baseball caps, sweatshirts (see #3) – no one cares that you were on the 2011 super team marketing launch. 9. T-shirts that hit above the hip. 10.  Cotton sweaters--They stretch out and fade. Go for cashmere or merino wool. If you've got 'em - toss 'em - they're not doing  you any favors! Get more insider tips from WEAR THIS NOW, by SHEfinds Founder and CEO Michelle Madhok and SHEfinds Senior Editor, Eileen Conlan.

What To Pack For Your Next Weekend Getaway: From Montauk To Miami

Happy Friday! (Especially if you're headed somewhere awesome this weekend.) Whether you're soaking up the sun in Miami or catching some waves in Montauk, or maybe even hitting the slots in Vegas, we've got the perfect ensembles for your upcoming weekend getaway. Heading over to Martha's Vineyard? Blend in with a crisp-preppy ensemble. Flying to the west coast? Enjoy the City of Angels with a clean pair of Supergas and a floral romper. And while you're away, there's one thing you must have in your weekender bag (which you can shop below): a swimsuit, of course. We've picked that one out for you too. Have fun, ladies! SHOP FOR YOUR WEEKEND GETAWAY NOW! Read more What To Wear To guides: music festivals, summer weddings, and "fat days."

What To Wear To All Those Friggin’ Summer Weddings, Round 2

Another summer, another slew of weddings to attend. In years past, we've told you what to wear to all those friggin' weddings, and 2012 wedding season is no different. Whether you're jetting off to Jamaica for a destination wedding, convening for a cocktail party or headed to a big fancy black-tie event, we've done the outfit grunt work for you. We came up with 5 looks that's are not only stylish, but totally dress code-appropriate and comfortable (and likely to be recycled for other nuptials). Thank us later -- once you've gotten over that wedding season hangover. SHOP FOR YOUR NEXT WEDDING NOW Sharpen your fashion and shopping know-how: spring gift guide, your must-buy list for June, and how to dress for the beach.

SLIDESHOW: 20 Secrets To Looking Like A Total Sexpot At The Beach

Hot damn! There are some people who just exude glamour at the beach--they've got flawless skin even in the midst of a heatwave, a curve-hugging swimsuit, and they're up there with the true beach blanket icons, Brigitte Bardot, Marilyn Monroe and Bettie Page and anyone else who's ever rocked a red lip and a one piece hard. After studying hundreds of photos of pin-ups and glamour girls, we've figured out how it's done--and we're sharing the tricks with you. Brigitte Bardot, Marilyn Monroe, Bettie Page--  Break out the waterproof liner and the matte sunscreen ladies, because this year, we're going to make it happen. Behold, 20 ways to look like a Marilyn or a Joan at the beach. Are you ready? 20 WAYS TO LOOK LIKE A SEXPOT AT THE BEACH Check out more of our fashion tips and tricks, like What to Wear on a Fat Day, plus the best Spanx swimwear, sunglasses and summer hats of the season.

Hey, Fashion Police: We’re Ready For Our Memorial Day Whites

It's finally about to be Memorial Day, and we don't know about you, but we sure are ready to break out our head-to-toe whites. From pants, to skirts, to dresses and shoes, we've got your best picks for Memorial Day above. Don't forget to grab a tan to match your new monochromatic digs--after this weekend, it's all white, all the way. Here's to brews, booze, barbecue and one hot summer. Shop our slideshow above, and don't forget to check out last year's guide to your Memorial Day outfit, and our favorite shorts and swimwear for the rest of the summer!

10 Things To Wear On A Fat Day (AKA How To Hide Your Food Baby)

If you're not feeling your slimmest lately, it's totally ok. In fact, join the club. Having a fat day in the spring is one of the most annoying sartorial conundrums,  because dresses without tights and sleeveless shirts are about to become the norm, but your body's still craving a chunky sweater and a bowl of mac 'n cheese. If you find yourself musing about how your dryer shrunk all of our summer clothes, pay attention. Here's how to distract your way through a fat day - while looking fabulous, and with a lot of accessories you can still wear after your summer diet. When you look good, you feel good, and after clicking through this slideshow, you'll have the tools to make you look mah-ve-lous! Don't forget the Spanx, either! How many of these do you have in your closet? 10 WAYS TO INSTANTLY LOOK SKINNIER Need to stock up? Check out our guides to the best sales and deals, pumps and nude shoes to make your legs look longer, and don't forget the best shapewear!

Anthropologie’s Clearance Sale = Everything You Need To Throw A Kick-Ass Pool Party

If you've ever wished you could live in an Anthropologie catalog--without going broke--this is for you. The Anthropologie Clearance sale is a dream come true--everything is 50% off here, and in true Anthro spirit, it's not just about the clothes, but the entertaining, too. You'll find etched pitchers, ikat tumblers, and gorgeous painted plates to impress the pants off of your friends, not to mention incredibly cute bikinis and maillots to wear to all of those summer pool parties, whether you're hosting them or just crashing. CHECK OUT OUR POOLSIDE PICKS Check out more: we've curated the best summer hats, flat sandals, nude shoes, the best shorts, summer dresses and monokinis, too. Plus, we're on top of every discount, so check out our favorite sales and deals happening now.    

Cinco De Mayo Essentials–Provided You’ve Already Got The Tequila

Picked up your handle of Cuervo and Margarita Mix for this weekend? You're almost set to celebrate our favorite Mexican holiday, Cinco de Mayo, but, as we like to think, what's a party without an outfit to match? If you've got your chips, salsa, and Margs covered, time to plan the dress, shoes, and accessories to go with them. May we recommend something forgiving for the double orders of guacamole you'll be sure to help yourself to? HERE'S WHAT TO WEAR ON CINCO DE MAYO We've got your Cinco De Mayo ensemble right here, and we're thinking bright colors, bold patterns, and of course, some appropriately-themed accessories. Check out our slideshow for some fun Mexican-themed apparel. Ole! We've got you covered for every holiday--check out our guides to dressing for Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Valentine's Day, and remember--no tequila shots before 2PM.  

Southern Belle — Or Just Love Whiskey? What To Wear To The Kentucky Derby This Weekend

I went to school in the South, so the Kentucky Derby (and all other events where one gets to dress up to drink in the sun all day) holds a special place in my heart. Southern or not, The Derby's a perfect excuse to make yourself a mint julep, grab your girlfriends, and pretend to understand horse races while really're just in it for the sundresses, (those hats!) and the bourbon. SHOP OUR DERBY PICKS Have a Derby party to attend? Check out our to slideshow for outfit ideas that include patterned sundresses, huge floppy hats, and wedges--because you'll probably forget if Seabiscuit came in second or third, but if you make the mistake of wearing uncomfortable shoes for a day of Derby-style libations, you'll never forgive yourself. Don't see anything you love? Shop our guide to floral dresses, summer dresses and skirts here, and most importantly--start practicing your "ya''ll"s (Try "Don't ya'll look cute?" and/or "Will ya'll pass me another beer?")

10 Fashion Dares To Try (You Only Live Once!)

With only one life to live—and only one wardrobe to wear—you might as well try every crazy fashion trend that you’ve been wary of at least once in your life. Whether it’s gaining the courage to flaunt a peplum, or giving into your temptation of ditching high heels for a comfy pair of wedge sneakers, or even letting loose with a fascinator at your best friend’s upcoming wedding, you’ve got our total approval. We’ve compiled our top ten fashion dares for you to try before Memorial Day. And better yet, it’s even more fun when you get your friends in on these crazy style tips too, perhaps on a Friday night. We’d much rather prefer you attempt these fashion risks during the weekend than on a Monday at the office. So what are you waiting for? WE DARE YOU! Read more fashion news and features: 30 Things To Buy Before You're 30, London store The Village Bicycle launches e-commerce, and Ikepod x Kaws.

What To Wear To A Spring Wedding

Spring wedding season is upon us, and that means you'll need something to wear. From the Plaza to a beach wedding, you'll need a chic versatile dress. Click Here to see what you should wear to a spring wedding. We want to know what you think! Comment in the discussion box below for a chance to win gift cards and other fun prizes.

The Ultimate Coachella Guide: What To Wear To See Your Favorite Headliners

Are you counting down with us too? Coachella is only 10 days away! So for those lucky enough to dance and party listen to some amazing live performances in a super hot desert, you might as well look good doing it. While you could easily pack the typical festival staples—think bare minimum outfits, face paint, and flower child headbands—you don't want to get lost in a sea of look-a-likes. Stand out from the crowd and seek inspiration from the main reason why you bought your Coachellafest wristbands—the music! Scroll down for some wardrobe tips on how to tailor your festival style to this year's headliners and most anticipated acts. Vintage Mickey Tee With Fringe ($24.50), MOTO Bleach Hotpants ($40), Linda Farrow Projects JSHEARTC1SUN Sunglasses ($207.99, on sale from $259), Underground Wulfrun Lilac Contrast Sole Creepers ($159.35) Ash Bowie Wedge Sneakers ($266.78), Aztec Print Leggings ($40), Aztec Lace Crop Top ($32), Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony Varsity Jacket ($575) Denim Tie From Shirt ($50), See by Chloe Twirl Small Leather Cross Body ($320), Red Valentino Lace Detail Shorts ($376), DV by Dolce Vita 'Onya' Sandal ($88.95) Karen Walker Helter Skelter Sunglasses ($180), Sienna Fringe Bag ($58), Pleat Midi Shirtdress ($100), MAGDA Black Leather Lace-ups ($60) ASOS Wide Brim Fedora Hat ($35.81, on sale from $44.76), ASOS HABIT High Wedges with Straps ($80.57), Vanessa Mooney Fly Girls Earrings ($48), Romper Stomper in Ivory ($88) Deena & Ozzy Perforated Lace-Up Wedge ($49), Thakoon Addition Tie Dye-Print Silk Playsuit ($470), Sleeveless PU Biker Jacket ($84), Super Sunglasses Basic Sunglasses ($195) Read more on fashion trends: how to wear gingham, printed shorts, and colorblock dresses.

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Dressing For In-Between Weather

Is early spring not the most awkward time for getting dressed!? Every morning, it's like pulling teeth trying to find an outfit combination that won't leave you either really, really cold or really hot. And while retail stores are fully promoting their spring/summer collections, mother nature still occasionally flips the temperature dial to 20 degrees (thanks for that). You're so sick of coats, jackets and boots and have worn every sweater in your closet at least 5 times. When the weather is schizophrenic like this, we all look like idiots -- some of us under-dressed in flip-flops or bare legs (I'm looking at you, tights haters), while some of us show up sweating and panting everywhere we go from the unnecessary layers of scarves, sweaters or jackets. It's difficult. But it doesn't have to be. Some Do's and Don'ts for dressing for this in-between weather: Do wear shift dresses. Don't wear sundresses. Do wear bronzer. Don't get a spray tan (yet). Do wear platform or wedge sandals. Don't wear high-heeled Tevas. Ever. Do wear layers. Don't wear long underwear. Do put your fur in storage. Don't put your sweaters in storage. Do wear a lightweight, printed scarf. Don't wear a SNOOD. Do carry a cardigan in your purse. Don't carry a bikini in your purse. Do wear this. Don't wear this. Do keep an umbrella handy. Don't wear rain boots every single day. Do wear cropped skinny jeans. Don't wear capri's (for fashion's sake). Do wear smoking slippers or ballet flats. Don't wear any shoe that is lined in Shearling. Do invest in a waterproof trench. Don't invest in a bathing suit that can't get wet. Do keep vests, jean jackets and other transitional outwear around. Don't keep your fur, down or puffer coats around. Do check out our Spring 2012 Trend Report Do shop trends like polka dots, pastels and more.

8 Perfect Outfit Ideas To Copy, From Now Until New Year’s Day

We've got tons of street style inspired outfits for you to choose from, whether you're wondering what to wear for Christmas Day at home, out on the town on New Year's Eve at a club or black tie party, how to make sequins work well after the ball drops on 2012. (more…)

Here’s How To Wear Your Sequin Skirt After The Ball Drops In Times Square

AKA How to absolutely justify this purchase. I love the look of pairing something glam with something very typically grungy or casual. It looks so thrown-together in a really cool, very chic not-trying-so-hard way. How else can you justify a sequin skirt like this unless you can wear it with other stuff you already have in your closet, like that worn out sweatshirt that sometimes doubles as pajamas? (more…)

Start 2012 Off In Your Best Outfit Ever (Resolution: Sparkle More!)

New Year's Eve is as close as the fashion set gets to having their very own holiday (Fashion Week doesn't count). It's like a best dressed contest (without the raspy Joan Rivers commentary), where the creme de la creme pieces that have been sheepishly hiding in your closet get to come out and play for one mischievous night. Hopefully putting together a gorgeous outfit for that night will inspire a style resolution for the entire year. Reiss's Black Magic shop is THE place to get it--all at once, plus free shipping. Doesn't get better than this. (more…)

Gold Wedges + Tights = What To Wear With Your New Year’s Eve Dress

New Year's Eve: it's the night you can break out your most opulent dress (plus jewelry!) and you can literally dress head to toe in gilded treasures normally reserved for special occasions. But there's a dilemma: it's usually freezing outside, and you have to hoof it from party to party. Well, here's the best solution: throw on a pair of fleece lined tights and a pair of gold wedges (so easy to walk in) and you've got yourselves a slam dunk. (more…)

Got A Black Tie Invite? Here’s Your Perfect Stand-Out-Without-Standing-Out-Too-Much Look.

Decorate to taste. If you were invited to a black tie gala, holiday party or New Year's Eve bash, stop stressing about what to wear and relax: we've found your look. It's the perfect mix of fun and refinement all in one: with a flouncy pink skirt or gown, a scalloped evening top and piled-on matte gold jewelry with crystals and cocktail rings galore, you're guaranteed to be the belle of the ball drop. Here's what to wear on New Year's Eve and otherwise: (more…)

Who Needs An Ugly Christmas Sweater When You Can Party In One Of These Bad Boys

Steal the show this year. Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties often call for the requisite last-minute trip to Goodwill, only to result in a mediocre, ill-fitting, and definitely unwashed purchase. So why not buy your perfect party piece on Amazon this year? They offer rush shipping, and we found some items that will definitely put you in the running for "Ugliest" holiday garb. (more…)

I Want To Go To There: What To Wear On Christmas Morning

Cue the fireplace. What could be more festive than this perfect lounge wear outfit for opening presents, making breakfast and snapping holiday pics? About a million times better than those cheesy pajama bottoms (sorry, true!) this look is also more comfortable, and your little brother doesn't have the exact same pair. If you're visiting in-laws, this is the perfect combo, too, especially if the fam spends a lot of time in their PJs. Bonus: you won't be embarrassed if photos show up on Facebook, or if the UPS guy shows up at the door at the last minute, either. (more…)

This Bamboo Scoop Top Is So Sweet, I Bought It In 3 Colors – And I’m Wearing It On Turkey Day!

I interrupt your day to wax poetically about my favorite basic: the Bamboo Scoop Top from Nasty Gal. Not only is this top super affordable - $38 - it's literally the most versatile thing in my closet and it hides all sins. I love to wear it with leggings and a scarf for a comfy-cozy yet totally put together look. But, it also looks great with jeans and boots, jeans and heels, heck - it even looks great with cutoff shorts or tucked into your favorite bandage skirt. I kid you not when I say the possibilities are endless. I bought it in 3 colors and have my eye on the pretty lavender version as know what they say, "If the shoe top fits, buy it in every color." (more…)

What To Wear On Thanksgiving (Have Your Pumpkin Pie & Look Good, Too)

This Thanksgiving, we're devoting our gratitude to Spandex, Spanx, and all things stretchy---because whether you're celebrating with the fam, friends, or the in-laws, your food baby is the one guest who isn't invited to the festivities. Check out our guide to dressing comfortably in three very different Thanksgiving scenarios: (more…)

Wish This Existed In High School: Meet The Bloomingdale’s Homecoming Boutique

Justine just discovered this little gem hiding over at Bloomies--a Homecoming Boutique, edited specifically for the age-old tradition of attending homecoming dances and the like. Just thinking of the hours of torture (not to mention hundreds of stores) I put my mother through before settling on the dress for Homecoming, which, in hindsight... (more…)

Take Baby Steps Into Fall With 5 Easy Shirtdresses (They’re On Sale, Making It Less Painful)

From left: Sass & Bide, Edun & Rebecca Minkoff spring '11 (they're on sale now) While fall is awesome once it gets here--sweaters! boots! jackets!--the transition kind of sucks. That's where shirt dresses come in. Wear them with sandals, then ballet flats, then over the knee boots--see how easy that is? When it gets chillier, throw on a cardigan, leather jacket, and a pair of tights and you're still golden. All of these are on sale at Shopbop, making it even easier to start turning a new leaf. Plus, free shipping. Ready? Let's shop. (more…)

What To Pack For A Beach Vacation: 5 Pieces To Pack That Are On Sale

Packing for vacation should be fun, not stressful. Remember, you're going away to have fun!Here are our 10 recommendations for what to bring with you. Then, kick back, relax and enjoy your trashy beach read. (more…)

What To Wear To Fourth Of July Pool Parties, BBQs And Fireworks Displays: Stars, Stripes, And Everything Nice.

The Fourth of July is the perfect time to show your patriotism through fashion, which means red, white and blue, and lots of stripes and stars! Before you can gorge on hamburgers and hot dogs, jump in the pool without digesting, and crowd into open fields and rooftops to watch the sky light up in fireworks, you need some gear. Lady Liberty deserves a little respect, after all. Check out our finds after the jump--then you can sing God Bless America at the top of your lungs, because these duds are truly patriotic--without being insane-looking (see our post on that). PS: Shipping's free at Shopbop--order soon so you can get it before the 4th. (more…)

What To Wear On The 4th Of July If You’re Feeling Severely Patriotic

Well, this works. While I personally will be wearing one or both of the above two items this July 4th, you can achieve a similar effect with some nearly as patriotic pieces like flag-printed cut offs and Americana platforms. Luckily, not only is patriotism timely, but it's also trendy: Ke$ha and Kate Bosworth both sported USA tees at this year's Coachella festival, and now even Balmain has made a pair of stars-and-stripes cut-offs. And while we do love the Union Jack, stay true to Old Glory this July 4th with some of these key pieces: (more…)

Avoid A Wedding Guest Meltdown: Why Buy A Bunch Of Dresses When Rent The Runway Exists?

Our favorite Bridesmaids pose for Harper's Bazaar. Is it just me or are weddings getting a little out of hand lately? If you're close to the bride or groom, you could find yourself attending tons of events--from bridal showers and bachelorette parties, to rehearsal dinners and receptions...the list goes on. If you're like me and have been wearing the same dress to every wedding, this kind of thing can throw off your fashion game, especially when you throw Facebook's documentation into the mix. Save face by renting these $50 gems from Rent the Runway. Afterwards, just throw them in the prepaid package, and ship them back--no dry-cleaning required. (more…)

VIDEO: Designer Lulu Guinness Divulges How Not To Look Like A Tourist When Traveling Abroad

Last night at her adorable West Village NYC boutique, we got a chance to catch up with our favorite Transatlantic traveler and designer, Lulu Guinness. The chic Brit waxed poetic about how NOT to look like a tourist when traveling to Europe. If you've got a trip planned this summer, this video is for you. See above, and then click through to see some of our suggestions for what to pack. (Don't forget your Lulu Guinness city tote, which is under $100 and available online. (more…)

Memorial Day Is Coming: Here’s What To Wear

Memorial Day is next weekend: do you know what you're wearing? No matter what your plan is for the first weekend of SUMMER--Barbecues, picnics, pool parties, road trips--we've got you covered. New season, new clothes.  Ready? Let's go--here's what you need to pack for whatever your Memorial Day will entail. Let the fun begin. (more…)

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring: Stay Dry While Looking Chic

Sometimes there's nothing you can do when it starts to rain. Hold a newspaper over your head, duck into a building - people will do just about anything to stay dry. But now, with fashionable waterproof rain gear for adults, including stylish rain boots (no, those polka dot ones aren't cool) you can stomp through puddles in style. Take a peek at our favorite rain gear: Start off with a classic rainboot to keep your feet dry. The Tory Burch Classic Rainboot ($150) comes in 3 colors and the logo on top let's people know you have style, even in inclement weather. A khaki trench, like this one from Alloy ($64.90), is completely fuss-free. Just throw it on over a pair of skinny jeans and you're all set for rain or shine. The Gap Coated Canvas Hobo ($59.50) is completely water-resistant, so you can keep all of your personal things dry during your commute. It is possible to look cute while sloshing through the muddy streets with this Miss Sixty Ogin skirt ($20.21, down from $58.96). For that price, get the black one too. In case you need more coverage than just an umbrella, try on this J. Crew Waxed Cotton Canvas hat ($29.50) to keep from looking like a wet rat. See more of the best chic rain gear by checking out our guides to stylish rain boots, the best rain gear, the best trenches, and the best rain boots. Sign up for SheFinds' exclusive fashion e-mails.

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