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Buy Before You Die: Robert Goossens Onyx Clip-On Earrings (Yep, Clip-Ons)

What: Robert Goossens Onyx Bead Clip-On Earrings, $695Why: Because clip-ons are back in a big way. I thought I was alone in rocking oversized clip-ons as my latest statement accessory until I noticed the trend popping up elsewhere on fashionable ears. Although mine came from my grandmother's costume jewelry collection, I wouldn't mind owning a pair of true blues, like these Onyx Bead Hoops from Robert Goossens ($695). The sleek yet simple design of these earrings keeps them modern, while the hoop helps disguise the fact that they're clips. Although in my book, I don't know why you'd want to. If you'd rather take this trend for a test-drive, you can fake it til you make it with some more conservatively priced clip-on options. The Smoky Topaz Gemstones ($225) are simple enough for a daytime ensemble, while the Brown and Ivory Enamel pair ($199.50) would go perfectly with your evening out attire. If you're looking for a more capricious buy, these Dynasty-esque Square Clip-Ons are only $26.  Are you behind this new trend? Let us know in the comments section below.  

Buy Before You Die: Elizabeth And James Dagger Necklace

What: Elizabeth and James Dagger Necklace, $525 This Elizabeth and James Dagger Necklace is certainly not for the faint of heart, but for those forward-thinking fashionistas who aren't afraid of a little sharp object hanging from their necks (or twenty), this necklace is the ultimate statement piece. Finally available for pre-order at intermix, the highly anticipated Elizabeth and James jewelry line offers eclectic, unexpected pieces that will let onlookers know you mean business when it comes to your accessories.Get Yours: intermixonline.comCraving sharp objects but don't have the cash flow for the piece above? Fake it til you make it with Juicy Couture's Pave Link and Dagger Necklace ($88). It's a slightly less intimidating version, but quite dangerous nonetheless.   

On The Scene: A Book Party For Friends (And Frenemies)

Wednesday night I attended the book release party of Friend or Frenemy? A Guide to the Friends You Need and the Ones You Don’t by Cosmopolitan editor Andrea Lavinthal and co-author Jessica Rozler. Of course, the party was packed with a slew of NY fashionistas and their friends (or frenemies) sipping cocktails. Now, wouldn’t it be my luck that the digital camera died on the subway but I can report on the major headlines from the party: As you know, New York women are very into the gladiator sandal. If there was one pair of these lust-worthy Jimmy Choo Glenys Elaphe Snakeskin Sandals ($1,295) present, there must have been at least twenty. Ladies, scoff at the price but these shoes are GORGEOUS in person. Head's up for fall: there was a lot of red at the party. One guest, Sarah, admitted to us that she is a mad fanatic and recently picked up this gorgeous WAYF V-Strap Dress, which is currently on sale for $108.90, down from $363.00. Looking for something to heat up the night moving into winter?  Take it from Sarah, girls, this dress is smokin’ hot and a great purchase. The clutch was in full force that night – no huge designer bags like you’ve been seeing everywhere. I actually ran out after the party to pick up this J. Crew Satin Fleur Clutch ($98) for my own festivities after seeing it under many a champagne-flute-holding arm.Anyway, feel free to grab yourself the book and some of the items seen at this hot little soiree. I’m personally saving up for the shoes. 

Can You Speed Up Your Metabolism By Wearing The Right Necklace? Conscious Jewelry Thinks So

What if you could speed up your metabolism, relieve PMS, calm stress related conditions, detoxify your system of pollutants, and bolster health, happiness, and enthusiasm all by buying jewelry? Dana Weiss, founder and designer of Conscious Jewelry, created the first commercially sold designer line of its kind using metaphysical properties of crystals and gemstones to actually heal the body. All you have to do is put it on!   Dana says, "To metaphysically choose a stone is easy. Simply choose the stone you are most attracted to. Your subconscious will choose whatever is most metaphysically healing for you at that moment." Check out all the different stones she offers and find the one that draws you in. Then decide if you want it as a necklace, bracelet, or earrings. She even does pet charms. Heal Fido's arthritis with a Conscious Jewelry charm on his collar.The greenish colored stone necklace on the left is rutilated quartz on a 36" gold plated textured link chain for $624 and the black stone necklace on the right is a 22" inch long obsidian heart chakra necklace for $474.Looking for something a bit cheaper? Find this gorgeous tiger's eye necklace ($164, was $328) and charm bracelet ($74, was $148) on sale at Brooks Brothers. Tiger's eye is supposed to reduce the desire to overeat, help addictive habits, help one be aware of spending habits (if that's a problem of yours you're in the wrong place right now), and heal bruises. If you love this trend, check out our Celeb Jewelry Guide for bargain alternatives to the stars' designer gems.  

Buy Before You Die: Classic Shades From Prada

What: Prada Classic Square Sunglasses, $245Why: This weekend was spent helping my friend shop for the perfect pair of sunglasses. She had left her old pair - which she had purchased on the street 3 years ago - in the back of a cab and was convinced she would never again find shades that looked good for every occasion. Until we came across Prada's classic squares. At first she was hesitant about the exaggerated shape - and price - but after glancing in the mirror, we both realized these glasses would last season to season, from jeans to chic black dress. Get Yours: Don't want to drop significant cash on something you could misplace as easily as your keys? (I know I have.) Fake it til you make it with Fossil's Margot glasses in Tortoise ($44). Shop our Celeb Sunglasses Guide to see what the stars are spending their riches on these days. 

Buy Before You Die: Botkier Patent Shasha Mini Duffel

What: Botkier Patent Sasha Mini Duffel ($525)Why: There’s something so happy and fun about this color blue, particularly in shiny patent leather. In addition to the color’s inherent mood-lifting qualities, you’ll be happy that it unexpectedly matches a ton of stuff in your closet – patterned dresses, work outfits built around kakhis or dark denim, anything black. The convertible handle and interior key ring are just icing on the smartly-styled cake.Get Yours: And if $525 doesn’t seem like it’s happening in this lifetime, fake it till you make it with the Latico Belted clutch ($95) below. Not quite as big a hit of happy blue patent, but for under $100, we’ll take it.

What To Work For: Louis Vuitton Farandole Bracelet

What: Louis Vuitton Farandole Bracelet, $400Why: So we might have gone a little jewelry happy lately, but when eLuxury debuted the Louis Vuitton Monogramouflage collection on their website, we couldn't help but go a wee bit nutzo over this funky Farandole bracelet from the line. To refresh everyone's memories, this eclectic camouflage collection was the result of a collaboration between Marc Jacobs and Takashi Murakami, and caused quite a frenzy among the fashion world. While the bags may be beyond the average fashionista's budget, the accessories - eLuxury also offers a camouflage hair clip - are (almost) within our grasp.Get Yours:  

What To Work For: Fetty Braille Jewelry

 What: Fetty Braille Bangle, $625 Why:  Sure, $625 is a hefty price tag to pay for a bangle bracelet, but this is no ordinary piece of jewelry. The concept is all in the name - the Fetty line features diamond braille words such as Yes, Forever, Try and Tomorrow. A favorite of Kate Moss, the Fetty Signature line is elegant and understated, but with an unexpected twist. Fetty also makes a more affordable Fame collection made of plated brass and Austrian crystal available at select boutiques nationwide. (check the website for a list of retailers.)  Get Yours:

What To Work For: Mike & Chris Dallas Leather Vest

What: Mike & Chris Dallas Leather Vest, $656 Why: It might be a challenge to even think about leather on the cusp of July (unless it's on your handbag), but when masters of the motorcycle jacket, Mike & Chris, come out with a sleek leather vest, you can't help but take notice. The buttery bark or rich cognac color is so versatile, you can potentially get away with wearing it on a cool summer night - hey, Shopbop styles it with a pair of oversized shorts and a casual tank. Sure, this trend du jour will set you back a pretty penny, but an authentic Mike & Chris will never really go out of style. Get Yours:,

What To Work For: Miriam Haskell’s Flower Beaded Bib Necklace

What: Flower Beaded Bib Necklace by Miriam Haskell, $850Why: With the summer invasion of the maxi dress, it's no shocker that other retro-fashion pieces would make their way back onto the scene as well - wedge heels, shift dresses, and bold, beaded bib necklaces like this flower piece from Miriam Haskell. Sure, your mom may have worn one just like it, although she probably got hers at a swap meet, but that just makes this necklace choc full of nostalgia and yesteryear - not to mention style. Paired with a simple summer dress, it's one statement piece your daughter will thank you for. If you can ever part with it, that is.  Get Yours: 

What To Work For: Quartz Belted Maillot by Lenny

What: Quartz Belted Maillot by Lenny, $235Why: The fact that Lenny calls it a maillot makes this utter gem of a swimsuit something worth working your fingers to the bone for this week. So what if you're stuck in a cubicle sans windows until well past quitting time every night this week slaving away over your office-issued, dinosaur of a PC. Won't it be worth it come the weekend when you can slip in this gorgeous quartz belted creation, don a pair of glamorous shades, and just do nothing by the pool (or on the roof of your apartment building) until Monday? We certainly think so. Get Yours:  

What To Work For: Dolce & Gabbana Oversized Sunglasses

What: Dolce & Gabbana Oversized Frame Sunglasses, $275Why: Quite possibly the most essential summer accessory, your choice in sunglasses speaks volumes about your personality. Which is why we are more than a little obsessed with these Dolce & Gabbana oversized sunglasses. They just exude Jackie shielding herself from the relentless paparazzi. And who wouldn't want to steal some of her timeless, iconic style? Normally, $275 might be a bit steep for something you could very easily leave in the back of a cab, but heck, we'll risk it for a chance to hide behind these ridiculously stylish shades. And be sure to check out our Guide to Celeb Sunglasses to see what the celebs are sporting this summer. 

What To Work For: Subversive Bracelets Are The Real Deal (And The Price Tag Proves It)

What: Subversive Cluster Bracelet and Brass Cuff ($1800, $1105)Why: I have become a tad obsessed with Justin Giunta's Subversive for Target line. Over the weekend, I snatched up two more pieces and plan to sneak in a little more online browsing later today. However, as I was admiring my treasure it got me thinking: if Subversive's Target line is this great, the regular collection must be out of this world.  And I was right. These two bracelets maintain that kind of jumbled, sunken treasure, antique gem vibe that the label is known for. Unfortunately at these prices, I'll have to work triple-time to even come close to owning one. But that's ok - for now I have my target finds, plus a little extra motivation to work my butt off for some disposable income.  

What to Work For: Fendi Denim Spy Bag Has Us Logging Extra Hours

What: Fendi Denim Spy Bag, $1,550 Why: Undercover spies blend in, but if you’re feeling more like a Bond girl or even Sydney Bristow… this is the bag you’ve been tailing. The Fendi Spy Bag has been a hot go-to accessory in leather all winter, but this denim version with woven leather accents is on a mission for summer. It’s lined with canvas, has the signature hidden coin purse, and is just the right size for all those non-spy essentials you carry along. And while the contrast stitching and metal accents are reminiscent of classic denim jeans, this bag isn’t going to get lost in the crowd… which is what made us start fantasizing about it in the first place.

What To Work For: YSL’s Tribute Sandal

 What: Yves Saint Laurent Tribute Sandal, $790 Why: No matter what the shoe trends of the season, (short stacked heels, flat gladiator sandals, bright and cheery colors), people in this town will always love dark, glam, killer stilettos -- it must be some kind of shoe metaphor for the New Yorker mentality. These YSL Tribute Sandals are not just something to work for, but almost a lifestyle to aspire to. I run around the city all day long, and I don't think I could make it five blocks in four-inch platforms. But for all of you fabulous ladies out there with drivers -- or at least cab money -- this french footwear will have you looking chic and stunning! Or, at least, towering... So save up those pennies-  at least this luxe item is a bit more attainable than last week's $6000 cuff that sparked quite a hot debate!   

Overtime Is Worth It When It Pays For A Kara Ross Maple Wood Cuff

What: Kara Ross Maple Wood Cuff, $6000Why: Slaving away hunched over your office computer can make any girl want to give up and run away with the hot mail guy. But what if you knew there was a light at the end of the tunnel? And if you just held out long enough, and kept saving up those paychecks, you'd be able to buy something that would distinquish you as the ultimate fashion plate? This maple wood and peridot cuff by Kara Ross is the epitome of a hip, fashion-forward accessory, hitting on every of-the-moment trend from tribal to chunky to bold. And when you're finally the envy of all of your friends, you'll barely remember all of those fun social events you missed because your boss kept you late making extra copies. Who needs a life when you look fabulous?

What To Work For: Oscar de la Renta Doheny Clutch

What: Oscar de la Renta Doheny Oversized Clutch, $1295Why: After endless nights of taking a backseat to look-at-me cocktail dresses, punchy party shoes, and dazzling statement jewelry, the evening clutch is finally demanding some attention of its own. No longer content with being small, quaint, complementary money and lipstick holders, the new clutches on the block are party animals, vying for our attention through the use of bold new colors and unusual sizes. A particular standout is this Oscar de la Renta oversized clutch in hot white. It will add a jolt to any outfit - plus give you ample room for toting more party-hopping essentials. Unfortunately, at the price, extra cash might not be something you'll have to stuff inside this gem. Ah, well. We covet nonetheless.  

What To Work For: Tooshie Sardaigne Metallic Bikini

What: Tooshie Sardaigne Metallic Bikini, $455 Why: A month ago, I wouldn't have been able to wrap my head around the concept of buying a swimsuit anytime in the near future. Especially with temperatures still in the 30s, and rain coming down on a daily basis. Yet, time flies, and here we are again gearing up for beach season and all that comes with it. Normally, due to my blatant disregard of care instructions coupled with the amount of time I spend in the water - either chlorinated or salt  - I wouldn't dare spend over $60 on a suit for the summer. However, once I laid eyes on this Tooshie Sardaigne Metallic Bikini, I knew there was no fighting back. The ultra-mod design, glamorous matte gold fabric, and edgy buckle detail make this suit well worth its asking price. And if you're stuck late at the office this week and you're not so happy about it, just fantasize about sitting by the pool in this sexy number with a mojito on one side, and a glistening, tan cabana boy on the other. 

What To Work For: Gianvito Rossi Yellow Patent Sandals

What: Gianvito Rossi Patent Sandals, $635Why: We're loving the bright color shoe craze as of late - a welcome change from the past five months of being bound in dark, depressing boots. So it's only natural that this sunny pair of Gianvito Rossi Patent Sandals would be something we'd want to work for this week. Yellow is the hot-to-trot color of the moment, and when we can find it in a demure yet flirty patent sandal, that's the best kind of motivation. So here it is - this week's reason to skip the $3.00 afternoon Starbucks fix and save those pennies for a sunny day. And to find out what else is hot for feet this spring, check out our Guide to Spring Shoe Trends.  

What To Work For: Anya Hindmarch Crackled Patent Satchel

What: Anya Hindmarch Crackled Mirror Satchel, $1100Why: When I first laid eyes on this Anya Hindmarch bag, I cried a little. Okay, that may be a bit melodramatic, but I've been so tired of seeing the same version of the same It bag over and over again that this fabulous metallic wonder was a breath of much needed fresh air. Its edgy material and generous size make it the perfect day to night tote - not to mention its pockets are lined with buttery soft suede. So there's no question I will dutifully work my little behind off all this week and survive off a diet of canned soup and tap water (and maybe the occasional General Tso lunch special) in order to save up the dough to one day be the proud owner of an Anya Hindmarch. Who's with me? 

What To Work For: Burberry Warrior Bracelet Reigns Supreme

What: Burberry Prorsum Warrior Bracelet, $995 Why: The chunky jewelry trend has transcended the seasons and is still going strong both on the runways and the red carpet. Burberry embraced the fad full force with its warrior theme for spring, and boy are we glad they did. This stunning hexagon bracelet, a part of their latest collection, is accessory royalty. It's rocker chic meets Celtic cool made from sexy steel-colored nickel. With this statement piece on your arm, you'll be needing no other adornments. It's the baddest, boldest, hippest bracelet on the block - and something definitely worth slaving away for. 

What To Work For: Studded Sandals To Replace Those Played Out Boots

What: Rupert Sanderson Xanadu Studded Sandals, $740 Why: As I was getting dressed to go out on Saturday night, the spring fever in me rose up and I had the overwhelming urge to throw on some sexy strappy heels instead of the same go-to pairs of boots I've been sporting all winter - which got me fantasizing about which strappies I'd love to wear if I had the choice. These studded gold sandals by Rupert Sanderson are a great mix of edgy and chic, and they automatically up your outfit's cool quotient, no matter what you wear. So since I didn't have these little darlings at my disposal this weekend, I'll have to keep them on the brain this week for some 'what to work for' motivation. Then maybe next Saturday, I'll be able to rock those studs like it's nobody's business.

What To Work For: The Stella Trench We Suddenly Can’t Live Without

What: Stella McCartney Trench, $1695 Why: I am on the hunt for the perfect spring trench, and of course with my luck, my prayers would be answered in the form of this impeccably chic (and ridiculously expensive) Stella McCartney version. Oh how the fashion gods love to taunt. But then again, what better motivator to keep on truckin' through the workweek. I can't think of a better way to spend my hard earned dollars than on this lightweight, double-breasted, gorgeously constructed, modern take on a wardrobe classic - other than maybe rent, or groceries, or the electric bill. But they certainly won't make a girl feel like a million dollars like this fashion treasure undoubtedly will.