10 Things Every Couple Should Register For

December 6, 2012 by Pauline Millard
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The registry may be every engaged couple’s favorite part of getting married. You pick out presents, and people will buy them for you. America!

The wedding registry originates from a different era, an era when women got married when they were very young and were setting up a home for the first time, hence the need for all the kitchen and baking supplies. Now that men and women wait a little longer to get married, the registry needs are different. And while it is generally frowned up to overtly ask for cash, there are creative ways to register for it.

If you love the feel of a bar code gun in your hand, keep reading.  Today on the New Bride Guide we found 10 items that the modern couple should register for, especially if they already have all the muffin tins they could ever want. Remember: before you register for anything, take stock of what you have. If you are already experienced cooks, you may not need basics like rolling pins or sifters. It may, though, be a good time to register for a rotisserie or some great formal place settings.

1. Cuisinart mixer: This is your first major cooking appliance, they are expensive and there isn’t really another occasion to ask for one.

2. A vacuum: Cleaning becomes a joy when you have the right tools.  A vacuum such as a Dyson will not only keep the new homestead spotless, but will make it easier since a good vacuum is like driving a good car. They are really good at cleaning up pet hair and, if you have new carpets, will keep them looking that way for a long time. Somewhere in your guest list there is another vacuum enthusiast who will see the logic behind this purchase.

3. Organizing items, such as crates, shelves, etc.: When two people become one entity, so does all their junk. Some storage items will absolutely be in order. Better to register for them (and have them delivered to your house) than to lug them home from the store.

4. China, but way more than you think need: Unless you’re buying the home you’re going to live in for the rest of your life as soon as you get married, chances are you’re going to move. A few times.  During those moves, pieces of your beloved china will break. This is why you register for far more than you think you will ever need. In life, there are also clumsy relatives who will drop plates and party fouls where glasses of wine end up on the floor. Overstocking is the answer.

5. Flatware: Much like china, forks have a habit of walking off on their own. Stock up on as much as you can. A 20-piece set only covers five place settings, so add an extra set to your registry.

6. Quality Bedding: You’ll spend a lot of time in bed a newlywed, so make yourself comfortable. All jokes aside, the higher the thread count the longer the bedding will last, which will save you money in the long run. Go ahead and indulge in some serious sheets.

7. Mixing bowls: They may sound like a snooze of a gift but you’ll change your mind when you don’t have a bowl big enough to mix in — or to put the chips into when you’re watching television. Register for nesting bowls if your kitchen is the size of a hot pocket and space is limited.

8. Cutlery: A quality set of knives is designed to last a lifetime, and their prices reflect that. Luckily, you can let someone else invest in your future of slicing and dicing. Ideally you want high-carbon steel blades that stay shiny and sharp and well-balanced handles for control.

9. Grown up toys:  If a couple has lived together for a while, they may have a lot of traditional registry items already. It is perfectly okay to register for fun items, such as DVD players or cameras. Just don’t go overboard. If you’re going on a honeymoon that may involve camping gear,

10. Couch: Because one of you is probably going to be sleeping on it once you’re married. Har. Har.

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