11 New Uses For Ziploc Bags That Will Blow Your Mind

September 2, 2015 by Linda DiProperzio
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While we already know Ziploc bags are handy for storing food and snacks, there also happens to be a ton of other uses for this household staple. Check out these 11 new ways to use the Ziploc bag to your advantage.

1. Store tights/pantyhose. Instead, of tossing your panty hose into a drawer, store each pair in its own bag to keep them organized and prevent snags.

2. Replace bubble wrap. Rolls of bubble wrap can be costly, especially if you need a lot of it. Instead of spending money on it, you can simply stick a drinking straw into a Ziploc bag, close it up and then inflate. When you’re done, quickly slide out the straw and seal the bag the rest of the way.

3. Pack toiletries. You don’t want to risk your creams, lotions and other liquid toiletries leaking all over your clothing when traveling, so place them in Ziploc bags to keep them separate from everything else.

4. Keep toys organized. Parents know how annoying those smaller toys (we’re talking to you Legos) can be to organize. A Ziploc bag is the easiest place to neatly store them.

5. Assist with baking. Bakers can use the bag like a glove and knead dough, preventing hands from getting sticky. You can also use it as a pastry bag by filling it with frosting, sealing it and cutting off the tip of a corner.

6. Store makeup. Place powders or shadows in a bag so it doesn’t make a mess in your purse or makeup bag. This is especially helpful when you have one of your powder cosmetics breaks, but you still want to use it.

7. Craft a sachet bag. Fill a bag with potpourri or dried lavender, and then poke tiny holes into it with a pin. You can then place the bags in your dresser drawers or around the house to keep everything smelling fresh.

8. Make ice packs. Fill bags with water or gel and freeze for handy ice packs you can use when anyone in the family needs some pain relief.

9. Organize medications. When traveling, put individual daily doses into separate bags and then label them by day of the week.

10. Waterproof Electronics. Store your phone, camera or tablet in a bag while at the beach, by the pool or on a boat.

11. Clothes hamper. While on the road, you can use a large Ziploc bag to keep your dirty clothes separate from your clean ones. You can also place wet swimsuits in a bag when coming home from the beach.

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