11 Versatile Uses For Salt In Every Part Of Your House

July 28, 2015 by Rachel Gulmi
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Salt is an ingredient a lot of us take for granted. It has so many more uses than just adding flavor to food. Salt can be used in just about any part of your home from the kitchen to the bathroom to the laundry room. Check out 11 ways to use salt around the house.

1. Prevent fruit from browning. Instead of squeezing lemon juice on fruit to prevent browning, try dropping peeled fruit (or veggies) in lightly salted water.

2. Eliminate grease fires. Keeping a box of salt close to your stove might not be a bad idea. If a grease fire erupts, smother it with salt. Side note: never, ever use water on a grease fire.

3. Test rotten eggs. Test the freshness of eggs by adding a couple teaspoons of salt to water. Drop in an egg and if it floats, it’s most likely rotten. If it sinks, you’re good to go!

4. Remove lipstick, coffee and tea stains from glassware. Salt will remove pesky stains from glassware. Rub a little salt with some dish soap over the stain and it will lift up with no problem.

5. Eliminate red wine stains from carpets. The worst thing about red wine is that it stains. If you happen to spill red wine on a carpet, dilute the color with a clear liquid and blot any excess liquid with a sponge. Follow by sprinkling on some salt and wait about 10-15 minutes. Vacuum up the salt and that’s it!

6. Soothe poison ivy and bee stings. For poison ivy: soak in hot salt water. For bee stings: immediately wet the bee sting with water and cover with salt.

7. Brighten/set color. Add about a cup of salt to your wash to set in and brighten the color of towels and other items.

8. Keep flowers fresh. Don’t let your fresh-cut flowers droop. Add a little salt to the water and your flowers will last longer!

9. Relieve mouth sores. If you’ve ever had a canker sore, you know they are painful. Add a dash of salt to warm water and gently swish the solution around in your mouth. This should help ease the pain.

10. Remove dead skin cells. After you have taken a shower or bath, gently massage salt on your body (while wet) and rinse off. It will exfoliate your skin and improves circulation.

11. Eliminate odors from your hands. Rub your hands with either lemon and salt or vinegar and salt to get rid of nasty odors like fish, onion, etc.

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