12 Signs You're Turning Into A Real Adult

April 23, 2014 by Jihan Forbes
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Screw what everyone else says about Millennials. Yes, we Tweet and text too much. Yes, we grew up thinking we were all special snowflakes, but you know what? There are plenty of us who can function like normal, well-adjusted adults in the real world. Some people think we suck, I say we’re misunderstood. Millennials are actually a resilient generation of kids who were sold a dream and didn’t get to cash in on it because the same folks calling us a mess now didn’t know how to live within their means. Oops.

We graduated college after the worst financial collapse since the Great Depression, but somehow, we’re making it in these streets, building our careers, and thriving where there is adversity. We might be young, but some of us are actually turning into real-life grown-ups, and guess what? It’s great. All that stuff our older family members did that we used to think was lame? Uh, yeah, turns out it’s actually really awesome.

Whether you like it or not, we’ve all got to grow up sometime. Here are 12 signs that say you might have already.

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