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Editors’ Closet: This site primarily sells upscale accessories such as pens and watches (for both men and women). SIGN UP NOW

Modnique: This site is one of the most comprehensive sample sale sites, set to appeal to all members of the family with its wide range of items. SIGN UP NOW

Rue La La: Rue La La features mid-range to high-end designers, as well as a “Local Picks” section with deals in the subscriber’s area. Users get a $10 bonus for each referral. SIGN UP NOW

Hautelook: Sample sale site which includes sales from all major designers. Like Rue La La, users also get a $10 bonus for each referral.  SIGN UP NOW

Gilt Groupe: One of the luxury bargain site pioneers specializing in flash sales, this site was founded by an ex eBay exec and a former Louis Vuitton merchandiser. SIGN UP NOW

Ivory Trunk: Ivory Trunk offers perhaps the most upscale merchandise of all the sites, and as a bonus, free shipping on all purchases. They also offer a $25 bonus on their 1st referral. SIGN UP NOW

ideeli: ideeli is much like the other online sample sale sites–but what sets them apart is the ability to pay for “1st row” membership, which grants you early access to sales. SIGN UP NOW

Swirl: This site, exclusive to the subscribers of DailyCandy, offers delas on plenty of deisgners, and gives subscribers a teaser on what’s to come later in the week. SIGN UP NOW

Billion Dollar Babes: What begun as a physical sample sale in NY and LA now has an online component. They offer a tiered membership, based on the subscriber’s needs. SIGN UP NOW

Beyond The Rack: This site features sales from 10 high-end designers (as well as luxury home lines) a day, 7 days a week. Facebook fans can get a sneak peek of the items. SIGN UP NOW
My Nines: This site compiles designer discounts from various sample sale sites at 40%-90% off. Sales last 2-3 days. SIGN UP NOW

eBay Fashion Vault: A subset of eBay, this site offers flash sample sales on designer items, which also usually includes free shipping. SIGN UP NOW.


One King’s Lane: This site is all about home and decor sample sales, including discounted items for entertainment and travel needs. SIGN UP NOW

Joss & Main: This site include discounts on various home décor items, as well as bath and kitchen wares. Many of their items have funk prints and cool design aesthetics.  SIGN UP NOW


Score Luxe: This site works by signing up for free, then buying a bid pack. Score Luxe sells designer brands, and awards members free big packs for recruiting their friends. SIGN UP NOW

Fashionbay: This penny auction site specializes in accessories, and bids start at $1. Here, bids cost $0.80 each, whereas at at Score Luxe, the bids are $0.99 each. SIGN UP NOW

Luxewin: This penny auction site tends to have a lot of purses, leather goods, and discounted gift cards from department stores and online retailers. SIGN UP NOW


Guiltless Purse: This site specializes in handbags. Unlike the other online sample sale sites, Guiltless Purse auctions don’t end in a matter of days–rather, they last until the item is sold out. SIGN UP NOW


Groupon: This site offers deals every day in various cities. In order to get the deal, a certain number of people must buy it, if not, the deal is canceled (however, this rarely ever happens). SIGN UP NOW

LivingSocial: This site e-mails members a group coupon a day from local businesses in different cities (and neighborhoods). LivingSocial works exactly like Groupon. SIGN UP NOW

Buy With Me: This site gives members a limited amount of time to purchase coupons from local businesses. It works exactly like LivingSocial or Groupon. SIGN UP NOW

Gilt City: This site posts discounts on food, salon packages, wine tastings, etc. that last for one week (as opposed to 24 hours, like some of the other sites). SIGN UP NOW

Signpost: is the community-powered local deal site that enables neighbors to find and share deals. There are a limited quantity of deals available, so once you buy, the voucher is immediately yours. SIGN UP NOW

KGB Deals: is a site which offers daily coupons on 50-90% off of things to do, eat, wear and enjoy in your city, and the deals last for a week (as opposed to 24 hours, like some of the other sites). SIGN UP NOW

My Daily Thread: is a site where you automatically get the deal no matter how many people buy it, but if a certain number of people do purchase the deal, it comes with a bonus. SIGN UP NOW

Dealinium: This site differentiates itself by giving members the opportunity to win prizes by using credits (which you receive with every deal you buy) to get the chance to win prizes. SIGN UP NOW

Tippr: This site provides the subscriber with 3 deals for their city, encouraging users to ‘share it,’ and the greater the number of people that buy the deals, the bigger the discount. SIGN UP NOW

Scoutmob: This site emails you a deal a day, and if you like it, you can send it directly to your phone to use at the business. What makes it different from the other sites, is that you rarely have to pay for deals–they tend to be free discounts. SIGN UP NOW

Tenka: This site lets you get deals on your mobile phone, without paying anything out of pocket (like Scout Mob), however it lets you to have access to multiple deals, rather than just one. SIGN UP NOW

Scoop St: This site gives you one day to grab a deal, which requires a minimum number of people to purchase it before it goes live. After it’s live, you can purchase it with the “Get It” button. SIGN UP NOW

HomeRun: This sit is similar to Groupon or LivingSocial, where customers buy a deal bt must wait until a certain numbe rof people have bought the deal to ensure that the deal is in fact, on. SIGN UP NOW

The Dealist: This site sends a daily email telling their subscriber one great thing to do in their city as well as a coupon. The goal is to show the readers things fun things to do, while offering great deals. SIGN UP NOW

Plum District: is a group coupon site that deals specifically with the needs of a mom. They work with semi-volunteer groups of moms online to garner the best deals to make moms’ lives easier. SIGN UP NOW

DealOn: This site provides members with access to deals from local businesses, that last only for a limited time and are limited in quantity. SIGN UP NOW

SweetJack: This site is much like the other group coupon sites, however it only offers one deal per day as opposed to multiple. SIGN UP NOW

Thrillist Rewards: This faction of Thrillist gives subscribers discounts on experiences–i.e. food and beer festivals, concerts, etc, giving people ideas for fun things to do in their city. SIGN UP NOW


Village Vines: On this site, users pay $10 to reserve a table at a restaurant, and the 30% is automatically deducted from the bill. SIGN UP NOW This site offers discounted gift certificates for many restaurants in different cities. Often they will have promotions where $25 coupons can be purchased for $2. SIGN UP NOW

Blackboard Eats: This site provides you with a passcode for deals at different restaurants every week, such as 30% off the check or a free bottle of wine. SIGN UP NOW


Lifebooker Loot: This site has deals on more beauty, fitness, and lifestyle deals, and like the other sites, a certain amount of people need to buy the daily “loot” in order for the discount to be received. SIGN UP NOW

Bloomspot: Like Lifebooker, this site has more lifestyle deals, like discounts on salon services and gym memberships. However, a minimum number of people aren’t needed to buy the deal. SIGN UP NOW

bTreated: bTreated offers deals on luxury beauty and skin treatments at up to 80% off based on the premise that all of the deals are for last minute openings at salons and spas. SIGN UP NOW


Furryboo: This site offers daily deals for pet products and services at 50-80% off the standard price. SIGN UP NOW

Barking Deals: This group coupon site features pet products for 50-90% off, and doesn’t require a minimum amount of people to get the deal before it “tips.” SIGN UP NOW


Totsy: Totsy gives moms of children aged 0-7 access to sample sales for children’s wear. Totsy also has a commitment to selling eco-friendly merchandise. SIGN UP NOW

Zulily: This site offers deals for moms, babies, and kids at up to 90% off. SIGN UP NOW


off & away: This site works similarly to the penny auction sites, but it specializes in travel and accomodations and bids cost $1 each. SIGN UP NOW

Voyage Privé: This sites claims to be the leading invitation-only luxury travel site, which began in Europe and now is available in the US. Each sale lasts 5 days. SIGN UP NOW

Vacationist: This site is an invitation-only travel deals site where the deals last from 3 – 7 deals depending on the exclusivity. SIGN UP NOW

Jetsetter: This site is an invitation-only travel deals site where the deals last from 5 – 7 deals depending on the exclusivity. SIGN UP NOW


StyleTrek: StyleTrek is a hybrid between a social networking and an e-commerce site. The site featured discounted products from emerging designers. SIGN UP NOW

Offermatic: This site is different from the other group coupon sites in that you must register your credit card initially, so that they can select deals for you based on your credit card purchase history. SIGN UP NOW

CampusDibs: This site is dedicated to coupons and deals aimed towards college students. Every week, the site lets users know about one deal tailored toward their campus. SIGN UP NOW

SeenOn: This site is an invitation-only site bringing discounts and deals on all things based on celebrity and the entertainment industry. SIGN UP NOW

Exclusively.In: This site features Indian-inspired sample sales, as well as discounted travel and home decor. SIGN UP NOW.

JDeal: This site, the Jewish Daily Deal, is exactly like Groupon or LivingSocial, but with a focus on products and services that would appeal to people of the Jewish faith. SIGN UP NOW

Yip It: Yip it aggregates virtually all of the group coupon sites (480 of them!) and recommends the best deals of the day to each user based on interests that they’ve expressed. SIGN UP NOW