Why I'm Scarred For Life: Who Knew Second Grade Unibrows Could Cause So Much Damage

August 8, 2008 by SheFindsChristine
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I don't think being a woman is ever easy. But I will say that being a woman outside of the tortures of middle school and high school is much easier – sometimes. Kids, especially little girls, are ruthless! I can remember situations just like Rebekah where I was teased for my hairiness.  

In second grade one of my girlfriends told me I had a unibrow. I went home from school that day and asked my mom if I could start plucking my eyebrows. She said no. And I did it anyway. Now I meticulously pluck at my stray hairs EVERY morning. Lucky for me there are always plenty of little guys to grab. This little black tweezer from Revlon ($6.50) is such a miracle that I've got my mom, sister, and boyfriend hooked on it.


It didn't stop at my eyebrows. Not only did I have caveman hair on my legs but my arms as well. High school was when I really started becoming self-conscious about my arm hair, and since then I've tried everything. Shaving was not good because it grew back soooooo fast I would have a 5 o'clock arm hair shadow. I also tried Nair but my hair is just too thick for that. I bleached it for quite sometime and my favorite of all the bleaches on the market is GiGi's Gentle Bleaching Cream ($4.46).

 gigi gentle bleach cream

Then for a few years I didn't just want it lighter – I wanted it gone. My best friend in high school started purring and petting my arms in class and I knew it was time to say bye-bye. But waxing was too expensive for my high school salary. After all those infomercials I had seen, I bought Nads. It’s definitely not as pain-free as they make it seem on TV but it does hurt way less than wax – keep in mind you're doing it to yourself. Get the whole Nad's Hair Removal Essentials kit for $29.99.

nads hair removal kit

As for the girls who used to tease me – the one who made fun of my unibrow definitely got one herself a few years later. And, my best friend who pets my arm hair while purring – she still does and I do it right back to her because her first name is Kitty.

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