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The 2-Second Trick For Breaking In Your New Boots

September 14, 2017 by Lisa Fogarty
shefinds | Fashion

Are you ready for boot season? The most stylish time for rocking footwear is upon us and no one will blame you for running out and purchasing the first five pairs of amazing knee-high, ankle, and scrunchy boots you can find. There’s just something about boots that makes them the perfect foot choice to pair with everything from dresses and skirts to skinny jeans and trousers. They’re the perfect shoe choice — almost. Unlike most sneakers and flats, boots and high heels share a little something in common: they can be painful until you break them in.

In a pure and perfect shoe-wearing world, you’d wear your boots for a few days or even weeks before hitting the pavement in them. With a little wear, the material will generally stretch to accommodate your feet — almost as if they were tailor-made for you. But most of us lack the time and patience to break in our boots the traditional way. For us, this 2-second trick for breaking in new boots is pure gold.

1) Fill A Spray Bottle With Water And Alcohol

spray bottle

There’s an intriguing tip floating around the internet that suggests filling your boots with water or straight-up submerging them in a (gasp!) bathtub is one of the quickest ways to break in your boots. That’s actually one of the fastest ways to destroy your boots — but there is some logic to using a spritz or two of water to loosen up leather. Fill a spray bottle with 30-40 percent rubbing alcohol and about 60 percent water. Spray the insides of each boot a few times, but be careful to never spray this solution onto the outside of your boots. Now leave your boots to dry for a few hours or overnight. Once they’re dry you’ll find them to be a looser, more comfortable fit for your feet.

2) Stuff Boots With Towels


Stuffing your boots with a sturdy cloth like a towel will help stretch them just enough to feel comfy and roomy when you’re wearing them. If possible, begin this process a few days before you plan on debuting your new boots. Stuff clean hand towels inside of each boot, taking to fill every space. Leave the towels in your boots for as long as possible.

3) Walk Around In Your Boots As Much As Possible

woman wearing boots

It remains the number one way to break in your boots: actually wearing them. Taking your boots for a spin around your house a few hours a day gradually expands the insides and helps them fit better. Wear thick wool socks under your boots and if you have an extra few minutes try this hack: point a hot blow dryer at all of the tight spots in your boots to help loosen them up.

4) Take Them To A Shoe Cobbler

Let a shoe cobbler take your new, uncomfortable boots and transform them into a pair that feels cozy and perfect. It may take a little research to find a cobbler near your home, but these professional shoe magicians have expander tools that automatically loosen your boots.

And, if all else fails, never underestimate the power of blister dressers. Apply them to your feet before your first time wearing new boots, cover feet with comfortable socks, and try to focus on how gorgeous you look. After receiving a million compliments on your slick new boots you’ll forget all about the pain of breaking them in.

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