2014 Already Has An 'It' Bag--And It Looks Like A Bag Of Chips

January 3, 2014 by Tracey Wallace
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Welcome to 2014, where the ties that bound you last year are officially off and we can all start anew. First things first? An “It” clutch that is already causing as much controversy as when Leandre Medine brought overalls back (or–you know–popularized them again).

Already featured in the January issues of ELLE and Marie Claire–which means all editors at Hearst will soon, if they do not already, own this bag–and seen on Lulu Kennedy, editor at large at LOVE Magazine, and Lucy Chadwick, a gallery director featured often on The Selby and in videos for brands including ZARA, this new “It” clutch best resembles a bag of chips (but with suede inner lining). And that bag of chips looks is something at which even Anya Hindmarch, the bag’s designer, pokes fun at with her team:

But why so much controversy? Because the bag isn’t what a lot of people would necessarily describe as “cute” (hint: the chip resemblance). Instead, the bag is winning fans in art circles, proving that its aesthetic is more artistic than perhaps functional. While the artistically inclined and bigger publishing houses are loving it, fashion bloggers (or as traditionally known, real people) aren’t so swept away.

“I see the intent–fun, splashy capriciousness–but the result is something that most resembles a Capri Sun juice pouch on a chain, and there’s nothing good about that” says Kelly Cook, Snob Essentials. “Especially when your fruit punch costs you over $1,500 and has no Vitamin C. It actually takes a moment to look at this and realize it’s a bag, not trash.”

Fair enough, and maybe this bag isn’t for everyone. But for those who like to mix their style with a little bit of modern art, the crisp clutch is It.

Just please, no one show it to Kim or Kanye. Seriously, we don’t want them getting any ideas.




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