5 Lies I Refuse to Tell My Kid... Does This Make Me a Bad Mom??

November 11, 2011 by Mom Jeanine
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It’s no secret that I have a very close relationship with my 3-year-old daughter so it shouldn’t come as that big of a surprise that I’m typically very open and honest with her. Yes, of course, I do sometimes lie–but for the most part, I like to give it to her straight.

But that means when other kids spout off the lies their parents told them about Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy, my little girl is right there correcting them. Whoops.

I’ve never considered myself an active non-conformist, but I just can’t bring myself to tell my daughter these ridiculous lies.

1. Santa brings your Christmas presents. I go with the whole Santa thing up until a point. My daughter believes I have access to this mysterious man and I can tell him whether or not she’s been good. But she also believes that Santa just gives the okay and I’m the one who actually provides the gifts on Christmas morning.

2. You came out of my stomach. This kind of happened by accident when my daughter saw a picture from when I was in labor with her. Ever since then, she knows where babies come from–and doesn’t pass up the opportunity to share this information with anyone who’ll listen.

3. Your daddy is coming back home. Yes, it would be nice to give my daughter hope that maybe possibly one day she could live under the same roof with her mom and her dad, but given the current state of things it’s just not happening. And as cruel as it seems, I refuse to give her any false hope. Better she come to terms with it now, then go on believing the impossible could still happen.

4. You’re going to be a big sister one day. Because the honest truth is I’m not sure I will have more children. As nice as it would be for my daughter to have a playmate, I don’t think only children have it that bad. Plus, isn’t that what school is for? To make friends you can hang out with when you want to, but then come home and be the object of all your parents’ love and attention without any competition.

5. Needles don’t hurt. Gosh, I remember having a paralyzing fear of needles as a child because my parents would say, “Oh, it’s not going to hurt that much. It’s just like a little pinch.” Umm, no it’s not. And yes it does hurt that much. And that’s just what I tell my daughter whenever we have to go to the doc for a visit. “Yes, the shot will hurt, but it won’t hurt forever, just for a few minutes. And yes, after you get the shot, we can go have ice cream.” I said I don’t lie about it–I never said anything about bribes.

What about you? Are there any lies you just refuse to tell your kid? Share in the comments.

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