5 People To Call When You Get Engaged

December 20, 2012 by Pauline Millard
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We know you’re going to call your parents and your brothers and sisters when you get engaged. The bigger issue is who to call next. Before you make your engagement Facebook official, here are a few people you absolutely must call.

1. Your very best girl friends: You guys have probably have an unofficial over/under on when he was going to do it anyway, so be sure to let them know asap. If anyone deserves a text of a gratuitous photo of the ring, it’s these gals. Be careful not to commit anyone to being a bridesmaid, though, until you know more about the big day, the date and your venue.

2. Your fabulous gay friend: No one is going to be more excited about this wedding than your gay boyfriend/work husband, so be sure to give him a call and let him know.  He may have even better insights for colors and decor than you do, so keep him close.

3. Your favorite aunt and other cool relatives:  You may not be besties with every member of your extended family, but everyone has that cool aunt or cousin that they love hanging out with, every chance they get. Even if you only see them on big holidays and at funerals, they will be tickled pink if you take the time to tell them your big news. If you can, work them into the ceremony some way with a reading or putting them in the bridal party.

4. Your chronically single girlfriend: We all have this friend, the one who makes it her life’s work to find a man and constantly fails in the process, most likely because she tries too hard. The point of this call is not to gloat. This will make her feel valued and may stop the shame spiral she would fall into if she heard it through the grapevine. Hey, maybe she’ll even meet a nice guy at your reception.

5. A wedding planner: Even if you don’t have the budget for a platinum-level wedding planner, you will most likely need someone, at least the day of, to coordinate details and vendors. Get a few recommendation and line one up. Like men, the good ones are snatched early.

Saying yes was easy, now it’s time to hunker down and make some real decisions. Check out 10 things to know before buying your wedding dress, how to throw the best engagement party ever and tips for picking your venue.





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