5 Reasons Why You Should (Wo)Man Up And Take A Cold Shower

July 20, 2015 by Rachel Gulmi
shefinds | Style

Most people would never even consider taking a cold shower voluntarily. I’ve taken a few cold showers in my life (thank you, Hurricane Sandy) and it wasn’t exactly enjoyable. My cold showers lasted no longer than 10 minutes and it was not at all relaxing. While the majority of the population takes hot showers, there are people who prefer cold showers. Believe it or not, cold showers are actually beneficial. If you aren’t sure whether or not to take a cold shower willingly, here are five reasons you should consider it.

1. Burns fat. There are two types of fat in the body: white fat and brown fat. White fat is what we as humans try to lose and brown fat generates heat to keep our bodies warm. If you take a cold shower, brown fat is “activated” and works to make your body warm, which burns calories as a result.

2. Improves hair and skin. Hot water strips your skin and hair of natural oils. Taking a cold shower will prevent this from happening. Also, cold water tightens your pores so it will keep dirt from entering on your face and scalp.

3. Improves circulation. In cold temperatures, your blood circulates around your organs to keep them warm, essentially. Not only does blood flow increase circulation, it also helps lower blood pressure, increase immunity and more.

4. Encourages deep breathing. Have you ever jumped into a cold pool or had cold water thrown on you? Chances are you took a deep breath once your body came in contact with the cold temperatures. Embrace the cold water and take deep breaths to calm your body down.

5. Aids in treating depression. According to Medical Dailycold water improves mood “due to the intense impact of cold receptors in the skin, which send an overwhelming amount of electrical impulses from the peripheral nerve endings to the brain. Thus, it produces an antidepressive effect, and boosts moods, making it a pick-me-up.”

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