5 Secrets Women With Great Brows Swear By

September 19, 2016 by Lisa Fogarty
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Our obsession with beautiful, thick brows rages on. Last year’s flawless, painted-on eyebrows which required pencils, stencils, and powders are officially over. Instead, it’s all about clean, natural-looking brows. And that’s good news for everyone because this au naturale look only requires a few products and no more than 5 simple steps to achieve.

Instead of looking to celebs for brow inspiration, Eyebrow Guru Elke Von Freudenberg says your best bet is to look in the mirror and commit to memory these secrets all women with great brows swear by.

1. The less you tweeze, the better. A modern brow doesn’t require that you live in front of your makeup mirror with a pair of tweezers in hand, carefully plucking each stray hair that pops up. Instead, care for your eyebrows the way you do your skin–a bit of maintenance each day keeps the heavy hand away. “Women with great brows know what needs to be done and are very minimal with it,” Von Freudenberg says. “They never go to extremes. They tend to only clean up where needed and do a little clean up every day, rather than waiting to once a week and then going overboard. ”

2. Find a brow expert. Unless you’ve been trained in the art of eyebrow shaping, you’ll want to find a great brow expert in your town and visit her/him about once every 4-6 weeks. “Women with great brows know that to have great brows, you need a great eyebrow specialist,” Von Freudenberg says. “If you need a great haircut, you go to a great hairstylist; a great body, a pro trainer. Same with eyebrows. Leave it to the pros to create the perfect brow that’s easier for you to stay on top of.”

3. Don’t be a slave to brow trends. As every woman who over-plucked her brows in the ’60s or ’90s will tell you: trends are best left to shoes and clothing, not eyebrows (which won’t grow back if you over-pluck them often enough). Your best brow isn’t the one you see on the runway, it’s the one you were born. “Women with great brows never go to extremes with the trends,” Von Freudenberg says. “So they never have that awkward growing out stage.”

4. Don’t force the issue. If you try to make your brows assume a shape that isn’t natural to them, they will only rebel and you’ll find yourself frustratingly applying brow wax and tending to them more often than necessary. “Women with great brows focus on what the brows they do have want to do,” Von Freudenberg says. “If you stay within the shape and feel of what your brow actually is, you are actually creating a statement and a look that is unique to you.”

5. Don’t overdo it with brow products. “Great brows usually look the best with the minimal of products,” Von Freudenberg says. “A brow that has five different products on it only looks artificial and fake. Stick to the one or two products that you really need and leave it at that.”

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