5 TV Shows You Probably Shouldn't Let Your Kid Watch...

February 1, 2012 by Peg Samuel
shefinds | Kids

I have always considered myself a reality television junkie. Yes, even though I know many of these shows are actually pretty far from “reality,” I’m still hooked.

But it needs to stop. After all, I have a 2-year-old son who sees what makes his mom happy and tries to imitate what the folks on TV do to make her laugh. Here’s a list of shows I should probably never watch around my son… but I sometimes slip up. Hey, I’m only human.

1. Bad Girls Club. As if the title isn’t obvious enough, there’s fighting, random sexual encounters and don’t even get me started on the language. Although it comes on late, I catch it On Demand when I’m off. Note to self: don’t indulge while the munchkin is in the room.

2. Ru Paul’s Drag Race. This one isn’t that vulgar. And there’s not much fighting either. However, the whole show is about men dressing as woman. I watch it for makeup tips and entertainment, but my hubby doesn’t want his son getting any ideas. After all, he has to grow up to be a football player. *Shoulder shrug*

3. Family Guy. Oh my son loves this one! Stewie is like an idol to him. I remember when the “Mom, mommy, ma…” commercial was in rotation, DJ would imitate it all the way to running out of the room and giggling. If he’s playing with my phone, he may go to Netflix to attempt to watch an episode. But as we all know, not all cartoons are meant for children.

4. Love and Hip-Hop, Basketball Wives, Mob Wives. VH1 pretty much created a trifecta of junk that will keep me on the sofa for hours. The fights, the flying B-words and the petty arguments all keep me on edge until the next episode. All I can say is, at least I don’t watch Baseball Wives.

5. Ridiculousness. No foul language. No fighting. Just a bunch of wanna-be daredevils trying tricks that land them with broken bones, bruised boy parts and bloody faces. Considering the fact that I truly believe my son feels no pain, I probably shouldn’t watch shows that give him more ideas on how to injure himself. But it makes us both laugh when see people fall. Is it really that bad?

What shows do you watch that aren’t necessarily meant for family time? Share in the comments.


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