5 Signs You're Scaring Your New Guy Away

July 16, 2015 by ashley kaylor
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You’ve finally found the perfect guy. Yet, there’s already a problem. You can’t seem to keep him around long enough to see anything develop!! Why? Because you’re scaring him away! Listen ladies, men scare easily at first; one wrong move and they’re gone before you can even store his last name.  Don’t make these mistakes when you’re first getting to know a guy and he’ll be more likely to stick around… at least for a few more months. Good luck!

1. You’re green with envy

We all get jealous sometimes, it’s natural. However, there has to be a fine line between acting curious and acting crass. Guys don’t like girls that bitch and moan every time they’re getting a little attention from someone else. Instead of assuming the worst, why not think for the best. Remember confidence is silent. Insecurities are loud.

2. You’re his number #1 fan

I will be the first one to admit, I LOVE getting attention on social media. Don’t we all?  All of the likes and comments, I feel like a celebrity! However, there’s no need to be overly aggressive with your online admiration. Always remember your bae’s Instagram pictures, Foursquare check ins and Facebook updates weren’t created just for you, so let’s take it easy with the kissy faces.  I know, this may seem inconsequential and juvenile, but I assure you this type of behavior is suffocating and a BIG turn off! Tip: Think Before You Click.

3. It’s too much, too soon

“What are we?”  Ughh, the notorious question that always find its way into every dating scenario. Unfortunately, this question is responsible for more breakups than makeups. Why? Because it’s asked way too soon!  By asking him to speak up, you’re only silencing him. Take a step back and let your relationship reveal itself.  Worst case scenario? Reactivate your tinder and start swiping.

4. “Let’s talk about sex, baby…”

Let’s not. Next time you feel the need to share your past sexcapades with your new beau, think again. Act like a lady and leave your pillow talk for your diary.

5. You’ve gone fishing.

Stop fishing for compliments already. There is nothing more unattractive to a guy then having a girl beg for compliments as she struts around in her new couture. This may fulfill your ego, but it’s only frustrating his. Real compliments come from the heart, not from the price tag. Reel it back in sista!


About the author: Ashley Kaylor is a professional matchmaker in New York City. Stay Connected On FB: Matchmaker of Love & Lifestyle or Follow her on Twitter @ashley_kaylor!

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