5 Things To Get Rid Of From Your Makeup Bag NOW

February 9, 2015 by Sara Steinfeld
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Anyone who’s ever had to pack up all of of their makeup when going away knows that holding on to an excessive amount of products is a serious problem. It’s easy to get caught up in beauty trends and purchase new products without realizing that it’s a duplicate of what you already have, or without fully understanding that you’re never going to use said product and it’ll just sit on your dresser collecting dust. Not only does over-buying make you forget what great products you already have, it adds unnecessary clutter to your life and makes closing your makeup bag an added form of unwanted exercise.

We’re all guilty of collecting makeup to the point of Hoarders: Buried Alive status, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. However, with spring cleaning season just around the corner (sort of—stupid groundhog), it’s time to take care of the mess that is your makeup bag. Here are 5 things you can get rid of that we promise you won’t miss:

1. Old brushes 

If anyone’s guilty of holding onto old makeup brushes, it’s me. I went through a pretty extensive phase (that hasn’t completely ended, if I’m being honest) during which I wanted to try out just about every brush that Sephora and Target had to offer. Sonia Kashuk was indeed a fickle friend. Anyway, you know which brushes you use and which ones you don’t, and you can tell from looking at them if they’re in need of an honorable burial. If the bristles are falling out, they don’t work like they should, or if you just straight-up never use them, get rid of them. They’ll understand.

2. Half-used products 

Now, obviously, if you genuinely intend to use these products, then by all means hold on to them. But that old $2 nude lipstick that you bought from CVS out of desperation and used twice, only to hide it in the depths of your lipcolor collection? You can get rid of it. Same goes for your off-color bronzer, dried-up liquid eyeliner and clumpy mascara.

3. Broken powders

Yes, there are Pinterest tutorials out there that strive to teach you how to restore broken powders, but let’s be real: are you actually ever going to fix them?

4. Duplicates

This one is going to be tough, and I feel for you. If you have seven different red lipsticks, a couple of matte black eyeshadows, or even a few different primers, you know you only use one or two of them on a frequent basis. Pick the ones you use most often, and if you’re not willing to part with the old ones entirely, pack them away in your closet for a rainy day or gift them to a friend in need. That way, if you ever relapse, the old products aren’t too far gone.

5. Anything cheap

I don’t necessarily mean “drugstore” cheap. I mean “cheap” as in the old Lip Smackers you’re keeping because your crush lent it to you during science class in 8th grade, or “cheap” as in something you got in goody bag at a friend’s 12th birthday party. You’re a big girl now. It’s time for big girl products.

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