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5 Ways To Step Up Your Instagram Game (And Get Those Likes Up!)

July 5, 2016 by Keren Leshem
shefinds | Style

We’re officially in the age of Instagram. Yeah, there’s Facebook and Twitter, but Instagram definitely takes the #1 spot as favorite social media… for now (lookin’ at you, Snapchat).

From following celebrities to our favorite food, pet, fashion, beauty and comedy accounts, there are endless amounts of posts to scroll through day-after-day. And don’t even get us started on the Discover page! We could probably spend our lives on Instagram. But how, exactly, can a person who is not Insta-famous (aka, all of us) step up their ‘gram game?

Here at SHEfinds, we want to make sure that you know how to get – and keep – loyal followers and likers. We came up some tips as to how you can keep your social media just as likable as you really are, and get a sh*t ton of likes.

1) Keep it neutral. We all know that Instagram is a great (?) place to share your daily adventures, personal achievements, and intimate moments. But c’mon, not everyone who follows you is going to like that birthday Instagram that you posted for your BFF, when they don’t even know her… People are more likely to throw a like at something that they can personally relate to; food, scenery, a picture of food in cool scenery – catch our drift? We’re not saying to only post these types of pics, but why not sprinkle a few in here and there? No one doesn’t like these things, so try them out…

2) Make your #hashtags interesting. No one wants to read a boring caption, tbh. Make your caption fun and witty, and throw in some unique hashtags to finish it off! Try to think of something that goes with the theme of your post and enhances what you’re trying to portray.

3) …but don’t overdo the hashtags. Also, no one wants to sit there, staring at their phone, trying to decipher the 10 different words that you decided to combine into one #hashtag. Keep it simple, but keep it funny. Maybe keep your hashtags to 3-5 words, and keep them relatable! People won’t like an inside joke between you and your girls if they don’t get it themselves.

4) Edit ’em. We know, we know… everyone and everything is naturally beautiful. But ladies, we all know that we’ve each got our own favorite editing app to use, our favorite filter on Instagram to apply, and our favorite method to our madness of creating the perfect post. There are very few Instagrams that aren’t edited these days – and we know that might be a crisis in terms of our society’s morals and values, but we’ll get to that another time. To get likes, make sure your pic rocks, and edit it! Try boosting the exposure or fading the pic a little. You never know what might get you those extra likes. It’s good to experiment.

5) Reciprocate the love. If you want people to like your pictures, then duh – you need to like theirs! Be active on Instagram, don’t just troll around the discover page and your news feed – get in there. Comment and like your followers’ pics and they will do the same to you! It’s all about sharing the love, ladies, and we know that a few likes and comments here and there can go a long way… #likeforlike #lb

We hope that these tips help your #InstaGame, but for more Instagram tips, check this out!

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