6 Simple Ways To Get 8 Hours Of Sleep #WellnessWednesday

November 8, 2017 by Alaisha Key
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If there’s probably one thing we’re probably all guilty of, it’s not getting enough sleep. Yes, there’s so much to do and only so many hours in the day. Regardless of whether you’re pulling all-nighters for work or just can’t seem to fall asleep before 1:00am, being sleep deprived can have some serious side effects later on. So you need to kick the habit ASAP! And here are a few simple ways to help you unwind and finally get a good nights sleep.

1. Unplug from your electronics. We’re all attached to out smartphones, but the harsh LED lights from your iPhone, tablet, and laptop could be the thing that’s keeping you up at night. To make sure that the light doesn’t mess with your circadian rhythm, try powering them down about an hour before bedtime.

2.Don’t exercise super late. While it’s important to get in that cardio a few times a week, make sure that you aren’t getting in your exercise too late at night. You do get a boost of energy from working out, so hitting the gym later in the day could have you catching your second wind instead of sleeping.

3.Relax with some aroma therapy. If you’re having trouble catching some zzz’s, go ahead and use scents to help soothe you. There are tons of calming smell goods out there, but lavender has been proven to help lull and calm. Set a candle by your bedside to light at night when you’re unwinding, or if you have a diffuser, you could also add a few drops of lavender. Sprays, scent jars and even lotions can also help.

4.Cut down on the caffeine and alcohol. Coffee and wine drinkers beware! If you’re sipping a nice cup of java well into the afternoon, that caffeine is keeping you up later than you intended. And the same goes for wine, especially if you like a good glass of red before bedtime. Think about cutting down on the amount of caffeine that you consume in the afternoon and not drinking alcohol before bed at all, and you may see that you’re able to get a better night’s sleep.

5.Try a new pillow or sleeping position. Your pillow or your sleeping position could also be the culprit preventing you from getting enough rest, so switch out your current with a new option with your choice of firmness to see if that does the trick. If not, try sleeping in a new position to see if that helps.

6.Be consistent. One of the most important things that you can do is stick to a schedule. Don’t go a few days getting in your eight hours, then be all over the place the rest of the week. That’s a recipe for disaster. Get in the habit of getting ready for bed and falling asleep around the same times every day.

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