7 Ways To Make Your iPhone Battery Last Longer

August 1, 2016 by Keren Leshem
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As weird as it sounds, your phone has basically become part of who you are. It sees everything you see, knows your appointments and events, and can even know your health stats. You take it everywhere, and feel lost without out it (even in the bathroom)… Scary, we know, and we might need a reality check about our priorities, but for now, our culture is hooked to our phones. So the worst feeling is when your partner in crime suddenly loses stamina… we all know the feeling when that battery icon turns red, and it’s a race against the clock to see how much you can do before your phone dies. So how can you prolong your phone’s battery life and hopefully avoid a dead phone? Here are some tips to help your iPhone battery last longer:

Notifications. Your phone allows you to see text messages, emails, and other important updates on your lock screen – but some of those notifications aren’t really that urgent, right? Check which apps are sending notifications to your lock screen, and change the settings of those that aren’t so important. Every time your lock screen lights up, it uses up your battery. So the fewer notifications, the more battery life for your phone!

Bluetooth and WiFi. When your Bluetooth and WiFi is on, your phone is always searching and scanning for possible connections. If you know you are in an area without WiFi or know that you’re not connecting to Bluetooth, turn those settings off to save some battery.

Frequent Location and Fitness Tracking. These two settings are the same as Bluetooth – they might be using your battery and you don’t even know it! Frequent Locations tracks your most recent locations to tailor your notifications, so if you don’t need that, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services and then Frequent Locations to turn this capability off. If you don’t use the Fitness Tracking capabilities of your phone, turn this off too! Go to Settings > Privacy > Motion & Fitness and then turn off the Fitness Tracking switch.

Brightness. This trick is an oldie, but goodie… Turning down the brightness on your phone is always a good way to save some extra battery!

App auto updates. Go into your settings, and turn off app auto-updates. This setting allows your apps to automatically update when they have the opportunity. Turn this setting off, and just manually update your apps in the App Store once you have a good WiFi connection and when your phone is plugged in to save your phone battery. Go to Settings > iTunes & App Store and then under Automatic Downloads turn off the “Updates” slider.

Still backgrounds. This one was new to me, but it totally makes sense! You know how your iPhone allows your backgrounds to “move” as you tilt and shift your phone around? Well if you make sure to not choose a dynamic moving image as your background, then you should save some phone battery!

Application overload. This is a no-brainer… go into Settings > General > Usage, and then into Battery Usage to see which applications use the most battery. Maybe do a quick self-evaluation, and see which applications you actually use, and delete some heavy battery users that you don’t really need!

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