8 Signs You're The Older Sibling

November 27, 2015 by Ella Cajayon
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The older sibling is essentially the lab rat of the family. They’re the first to set all the standards… and hopefully set them high! They instantly play the role of a mentor, whether they realize it or not while being a built-in babysitter, who will provide you with all the hand-me-downs you could imagine. While sometimes being the older sibling can come with a tiny bit of pressure to get things right all the time, it’s really cool to see your siblings take after you. These are the 8 signs you’re an older sibling.

1. You wish the best for your younger siblings, but…

If they are doing better than you are, that’s a huge problem. After all, you set the tone. They can’t top you. That’s not how this is going to work.

2. You’re instantly equipped for parenthood.

You don’t need those self-help books because being an older sibling is the most training you need to be a parent. You’re the built-in babysitter who got their license to drive the kids to soccer and piano class.

3. You always give the best advice.

Since you had to learn how to do everything yourself, you know the best teachers and classes to take, and the best life hacks. Oh, and your relationship advice saves the rest of your family from going through what you did.

4. You’re the family scapegoat.

Chances are when the going gets tough, it’s put on your plate. You’re probably the one who dropped all the dishes. After all, the younger kids couldn’t possibly have done anything wrong and if they have it’s not their fault… how could they know better? But you, you should have known much better.

5. You become the standard.

You are instantly the model that will be laid out for the rest of your siblings to follow. They will forever live through the nickname of being your younger sibling. But hey, no pressure.

6. You’re a natural born leader.

From delegating house chores to choosing what to watch on TV, you are automatically a leader. Your siblings taught you how to work in groups, but they also taught you how to speak up and take charge.

7. Your parents were the most strict on you.

Because you set the tone for your siblings to follow, your parents/guardians were the toughest on you. They did this because they wanted the best for you, but it’s tough watching your sibling do the things you did and get half the consequences, obligations, or expectations.

8. You’re destined to be an instant role model.

If you want to make an impact on your siblings, teach them everything you know and them some, and save them from the trouble and mistakes you made… they already know they can turn to you for that. And honestly? That’s a pretty powerful and cool thing to have. We know, we know, it’s corny, but also so true.

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