Best Gel Top Coats

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Let’s be honest: who doesn’t love the shiny, chip-resistant look of a gel manicure? Nail color that looks gorgeous and lasts more than a few days? Sign us up!

Sadly, despite all the advantages, some experts warn that exposing your hands to the UV light that cures gel nail polish could be dangerous. That’s where gel nail polish top coats come in! You get the look and long-lasting application of a gel manicure without having to put your hand under the UV light. Genius, right!

The best gel nail polish top coats turn any nail color into a shiny, chip-proof mani in no time. Yes, they’ll set you back a little more dough than your average drugstore top coat, but if you’re looking for a manicure that’s truly going to last, these gel top coats are totally worth the splurge.

And lucky for beauty-lovers, tons of brands now offer their own gel nail polish top coats. We’re talking everyone from Dior and Guerlain to Nails Inc. and Deborah Lippmann. So whether you’re looking to seriously invest or just want to experiment to find out whether a gel manicure is really for you, there’s an option for every budget.

Still on the fence about the best gel top coats? Just do the math! One gel manicure at a nail salon will probably cost you more than an entire bottle of gel nail polish top coat. When you think of it that way, treating yourself to a gel top coat is truly a no-brainer.