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Boots For Skinny Calves

There’s nothing more frustrating than scoring a pair of tall boots that you love only to find that your legs swim in them because the opening is too big. Who said having thin legs didn’t come with its own disadvantages?

Fortunately, there’s an easy solution. Stretch-back boots are hands-down the best boots for skinny calves because the elastic panel in the back only stretches as much as you need it. Genius, right? Even better, tons of designers are now making great boots for skinny calves that include this convenient feature so you should have no problem finding a pair that fit your style and budget.

Our expert tip when shopping around? Look for a pair that feels a little snug when you first put them on. Initially it may be difficult to wiggle your foot and leg into the boot, but a firm fit will ensure your boot doesn’t stretch out and begin to sag.

Another great bonus of buying boots for skinny calves with the elastic panel on the back. They’re also much less likely to begin bunching around the ankle because the stretchiness helps the entire boot keep its shape.