Best Fingernail Rings

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Jewelry is constantly evolving and changing, and now there’s even jewelry for our fingernails. That’s right you can now buy something called fingernail rings, and we rounded up the best fingernail rings for you.

The way fingernail rings work is they cover the entirety of your nail and fit like a normal ring. Except instead of fitting at the bottom of your finger, you wear it right below where your nail starts.What we love about these rings is that they take an accent nail to a whole new level. This look is definitely on the edgier side.

These four picks for the best fingernail rings were chosen because they are perfectly edgy. They’re not too flashy, and they don’t call for too much attention. They simply add a nice detail to your nails.

For instance, we love that you can wear the Goldplated Leaf ring in the daytime and that it has a bohemian vibe to it. While the OgaVa ring seems like the perfect accessory to wear on a night out in the city. Some of the best fingernail rings, like the Black Cat ring and the Elegant Protecting ring, come in a set of two.

We recommend wearing these set of two fingernail rings on each hand, instead of on the same hand. Since the ring is supposed to be a statement piece, it comes off a little too loud when more than one fingernail ring is on the same hand. But with these fingernail rings, have fun with nail polish colors and layering regular rings too.

[Photo: Ali Express]