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Everything You Need To Know About Ariana Grande And #Donutgate (Including The Latest!)

July 14, 2015 by Sara Alderman
shefinds | Celebrity

By now, you’ve probably seen at least one article in your Facebook feed about Ariana Grande‘s donut-licking incident. To catch you up to speed, here’s exactly what went down:


Last Saturday, on what was our great nation’s 239th birthday, Ariana Grande and her backup dancer/new boyfriend Ricky Alvarez waltzed into Wolfee Donuts in Lake Elsinore, CA. The new couple decided to play a well-known game called truth or dare…with donuts. Ariana, BAMF, chose dare and was challenged to lick the powdered jelly donuts sitting out on the counter.

Now, it’s not so obvious whether or not Ariana or Ricky’s tongues made contact with the food. However, a source tells TMZ “it was definitely too close for her liking.” But, like, maybe she’s just not an Ariana Grande fan?

It gets worse–the video ends with Ariana saying “I hate Americans. I hate America.” Mind you, this all took place on July 4th.

The evidence:



The surveillance video from the donut shop is leaked. The Internet loses it. Also happening at the same time but apparently has “no connection” (ya, okay, sure): Demi Lovato replaces Ariana as the headliner of this year’s MLB All-Star game.


Ariana releases an apology for hating on the USA and for fat-shaming. But not for contaminating the donuts with her salvia. She also explains why she dropped out of Saturday’s performance which, again, has ZERO connection to donutgate.

It’s not enough.

Oh, and because she can’t have one less problem (see what I did there??), The Los Angeles Times reveales that the Riverside County Department of Environmental Health is now investigating the donut shop in question for food tampering.


Celebrities take sides on #donutgate. Rob Lowe, proud American, tweets:

He follows up with another tweet:

Susan Sarandon, an unexpected Arianator, tweeted:

Laura Ingraham from Fox News rips Ariana a new one, “Another spoiled, entitled pop princess who’s benefited so lucratively from being in this country, being American,” the conservative host said. “Yet when she doesn’t think anyone is listening, she hates America. They’re all fat, stupid, don’t eat organic, they eat stuff like ramen noodles and mac n’ cheese.”

She continues to blast the pop star by saying, “Headline for Ariana Grande, maybe you should re-read the lyrics to ‘Problem,’ your big hit song last year that you recorded with Iggy Azalea, Australian pop princess, and maybe that should be your new theme, because last time I checked, those poor people that like to buy doughnuts also buy a lot of your stupid music.”

But wait, she’s not done yet.

“Maybe you should return the money to people who like jelly doughnuts who also like Ariana Grande Estupido—Estupida!” Ouch.

Ariana releases a second apology for what she calls “the donut fiasco”, this time in a video format. She said she’s “not here to make excuses” and reminds us all that she’s only 22 years old. Btw, for someone who’s recovering from wisdom tooth surgery, girl can talk a LOT!



The owner of Wolfee Donuts decides not to press charges against sweet (literally) Ariana. The sheriff’s department releases the following statement: “The owner of Wolfee donuts declined to press charges against Ms. Grande and this incident was documented to assist the Department of Environmental Health only. Any questions regarding this incident can be directed to the Department of Environmental Health.”

Ariana is legally in the clear for #donutgate. However, public opinion may not be so easy to turn around.

Lesson learned kids, always choose truth NOT dare.

[Photo: Splash News]

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