The Product That Changed My Life: Hidden Straps

April 11, 2007 by shefindskathleen
shefinds |

What: Camp Comfy Straps

Why: Nature had a few miscues on its way to creating the perfect bodies of Angelina Jolie and Christina Aguilera — and my shoulders are two of them. While the rest of you probably have shoulders that are parallel to the ground, mine slant downward at a not so slight angle. As a result, my bra straps slide down faster than an Olympic Alpine skier. No matter the brand, style or size, the straps find their way onto my arms. Shame it never caught on as a fashion statement. As a result, I was condemned to a life of long sleeves (although I have to own up to once using that old stand-by duct tape to keep my straps in place under a sleeveless dress). Then I found Camp Comfy Straps. These comfortable, reusable, silicone pads conform to my shape while holding my bra straps in place. I just slide them on and am done. No more hiking straps back up every few minutes. They are discreet, so they can be worn under almost any outfit. Thanks to them, the world of tank tops and short sleeves are mine.

Price: $8.00 per pair

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