All Your Guests Have Smart Phones, So Skip The Wedding Website & Make An App Instead

May 8, 2012 by emilyanderson
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Wedding websites? Très passé. If you want to share info about your big event with your tech-savvy nearest and dearest, wedding apps like Appy Couple are the way to go! Appy Couple is so popular, the waiting list has surpassed 7K – even though the app is still in beta mode!

So what’s so great about Appy Couple, you ask? Appy Couple’s CEO Sharmeen Mitha-Sehgal weighs in: “Appy Couple is mobile, and gives you the wedding information you need right when you need it—directions while you’re on the way, registry shopping when you’re out and about, travel info, dress code and more.” Also, have we mentioned it’s currently FREE?

But how does Appy Couple totally best traditional wedding websites? “It’s mobile!” says CMO Susanne Dunlap. “We have a huge choice of beautiful designs. And it’s incredibly easy to set up. Everyone takes their smartphones everywhere, and with Appy Couple, they’ll have all the info they need with them, be able to map their way on the go, and share photos instantly in the app, and more.”

Now you and your guests can keep all pertinent wedding info at your fingertips, thanks to one super pretty, super practical smartphone app. Guests can access registry info, see wedding updates in real time, get directions to the venue, or give you a virtual champagne toast – they can even upload pics to your profile as your wedding takes place!

“Appy Couple helps brides by making it super simple to share all the information with guests and wedding party members, and giving her an easy way to communicate privately with those who are invited.” says Susanne. “Perhaps most importantly, it is a really convenient way to collect all the photos your guests have taken, and be able to see them right away instead of scrambling around on different picture sharing sites. It becomes a keepsake that you carry with you all the time.”

And not only is there a coordinating wedding website for non-smartphone owners, you can also use Appy Couple to send e-vites and collect RSVPs! Could it be any simpler?

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